Abeni Hamilton Elemide
Name: Abeni Hamilton Elemide
Position: Tactician of Walpurgis Night
Sex: Female
Age: 18 (Born 2000)
Nationality: Yoruba Nigerian
Place of Residence: Synfront

Physical Details
Hair colour: Dark brown
Eye colour: light brown
Height: 5'3"
Build: Thin

Personal Details
"I was pretty happy with the results. His intranet files said he'd be doing an artillery inspection that morning, so I just snuck in and fouled that barrel up with thermate-TH3. You ever seen explosive artillery shells get jammed inside the firing chamber? Hee-larious. You should've seen the looks on their faces."
Abeni's Theme

Abeni Hamilton Elemide serves as Fatima's unofficial second-in-command with regards to Walpurgis Night. Short, thin and slight, Abeni is the physically weakest of the four Witches, but also the fastest, both mentally and physically. Indeed, her main contribution to the group is acting as its coordinator, fixer, strategist, broker and informant; with a prodigious talent with computers, an excellent memory, and a wide network of contacts, just about the only problem when it comes to her planning ability is a complete and utter lack of common sense. Her plans reliably lean towards the outrageous and audacious, and occasionally into the incredibly risky, even when prudence would dictate a far safer path. Furthermore, her superior intellect and ability lends to her a swaggering confidence that typically results in her not so much speaking truth to power, but running one's mouth off without a hint of self-control to power. For obvious reasons, this too-clever-by-half operator leaves negotiation and actual leadership to Fatima, whilst she handles the details.

The daughter of Nigerian grocers living in Abuja, Abeni's parents perished shortly after Second Impact, and Abeni herself was fostered by the orphanage along with her three 'sisters'. Even from a young age her intelligence was apparent, learning to read and write at a speed that surpassed that of her companions. As the years passed, the orphanage head 'apprenticed' Abeni out to various local businesses and groups, most notably at the UN mission in Abuja, where she first encountered and was taught to use computers, a passion that has stuck with her ever since.

Abeni played a key role in the foundations of what would become Walpurgis Night, floating the ridiculous idea that they- a group of eight or nine year olds- should equip themselves with stolen firearms and try to clean Abuja's besieged city up, collecting the weapons of armed gangs and selling them for profit. The idea was modified and accepted, and it was the plan's spectacular failure that led to them being trained by Mr. Blue- then Jesiah- in the ways of fighting.

Apart from her planning and computer skills, Abeni is a skilled mechanic and technician with a solid education in the practical sciences. She is also the team's requisite demolitions expert, and often makes her own from personally-sourced materials.

Unlike her sisters, Abeni is merely competent in conventional combat, being a poor hand to hand combatant and average with a gun. When she is forced to take to the battlefield, however, her preference is in traps- mines, tripwires, ambushes, delaying tactics and the like. She relies on explosive grenades, smoke grenades and flashbangs to disorientate her enemies and give her Sisters the edge.

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