AdEva Glossary

The Adeptus Evangelion Glossary of Terms. Do note that this is not necessarily CHARACTER INFORMATION, although players may test relevant knowledge skills to figure out some of the information providing they run it by the GM first. This info is primarily here for OOC help and also to stop me from forgetting key terms.



Extremely effective, if fragile, types of armour developed by Thruster Corporation. Ablatives absorb energy over a wide area, sinking it into heat sinks and mesh links. The armour is designed to overload and break after a certain level of energy is absorbed. Ablative armour is remarkably effective, even capable of withstanding the heat of the sun for up to ten seconds.

Ablatives: Gel

A very effective, if difficult to produce and fiddly type of ablative that spreads from special components called 'glands' to spread over an area. Ablative gels are a mix of regular ablative methods and artificial Angelic flesh. To date, only

Absolute Territory

See: AT Fields


The NERV code-name for an incredibly potent being, the mother of the Angels. Adam arrived on Earth first, billions of years ago, but an accident in space sent Lilith to his world, causing a huge conflict that ended with both of them incapacitated. Adam slept under the ice of Antarctica, only to be discovered in 2001 and inadvertently awakened. Adam caused Second Impact, vaporizing the Antarctic continent and permanently shifting the Earth's orbit, dispatching the Angels in seed (core) form across the world. Adam was defeated by emergency use of the Lance of Longinus, which reduced it to a foetal form known as the Cradle of Adam. The location of both the Cradle and Adam's soul are unknown.


The NERV code-name for a powerful species of beings derived from Seeds of Life. Angels are identified by their highly morphic, adaptive nature and intensely powerful AT Fields that warp space around them, which apart from allowing themselves to exist, allows them to produce incredible supernatural effects. Angels are usually between thirty and one hundred metres tall and can possess any shape or number of limbs. Angels are nearly impervious to conventional human weaponry due to incredible regeneration rates and sheer resilience. Despite their monstrous appearance the Angels are in fact more closely related to human beings than humans are to chimpanzees. The Angels call themselves the 'Children'. Angels and humans are in fact highly related if not the same species, as they are both highly specialised forms of the same species, the First Ancestral Race. Angels are the children of the sixth seed, and are Children of Light.


The NERV code-name for the multitude of lesser entities Angels create in order to help their goals. Angelspawn are always far weaker than their parent and possess limited AT Field ability, but their numbers can easily make them dangerous. Angelspawn can be anywhere from 50 centimetres tall to 60 metres. Angelspawn seem to possess a limited intelligence of their own, but typically are destroyed when their parent is destroyed, since all Angelspawn require a stronger AT Field to draw strength from.

Anti AT Field

A little-understood expression of the AT Field. In essence it is the purest expression of 'destrudo', the soul's capacity for destruction and reduction, given form. As the AT Field is considered the 'ultimate defense', so is the Anti AT Field considered the ultimate weapon- it is unstoppable. Anti AT Fields suppress the AT Fields of entities such as Angels and Evangelions, and can collapse and absorb the AT Fields of lesser beings such as unshielded human beings.

Apostle, Iron Guard

A name given to select Iron Guard who have, through genetic manipulation involving Angelic DNA, powerful and tangible AT Fields. Although they are just as strong and powerful as their fellow Iron Guard, Apostles are nevertheless doubly powerful for their AT abilities.

AT Field

Absolute Territory Field, a strange force wielded by humans, Angels and Evangelions. The AT Field, also known as the Light of the Soul, is a metaphysical boundary emitted by a soul; within the AT Field is the soul's expressed identity and physical form. Like all boundaries it can be compromised by greater force, such as a hugely superior AT Field. Angels, Evangelions and other 'Children of Light' possess incredibly powerful AT Fields, which become the purest expression of 'libido', the soul's capacity for creation and formation. These AT Fields are the perfect example of 'mind over matter', since the soul emitting them is so potent that the physical body's appearance and shape is simply a tool to be shaped, as is the space around it. An AT Field can only be cancelled out by another AT Field 'negating' or 'neutralizing' its phase space. An AT Field can be collapsed, but the soul within can never be destroyed and is collected by its seed, to be reincarnated at a later date.
It is common within NERV and Metaphysical Biology fields to use the term 'AT Field' to informally refer to the soul.


All Terrain- Sea Land Air Space Craft. A name given to a futuristic class of vessel, similar to a ship, capable of submerging, hovering over land, flying at high altitudes, and entering space. The Independence was an AT-SLAS Battleship, as is the Dorian Lachapelle.

A-Type Equipment

A special suite of equipment that replaces an Evangelion's armor plating with a suit designed to facilitate flight. Early forms of the A-Type Harness were bulky, dangerous and shaky, for although they allowed flight they required reducing the Eva's actual armour density, strapping large thrusters to its back and hoping for the best. Over time the design was refined, becoming sleeker and less dangerous as it drew upon S2 Organ power, until eventually a form was made that allowed for no reduction in armour, and easy flight in the form of retractable morphic wings.

A-Type AT Field

A special type of AT Field found within humans. A-Type humans are humans who, before Impact, were capable of minor AT manipulation of their surroundings, such as telekinesis or pyrokinesis. After Impact, humanity lost these abilities. A-Type humans are the only type who can pilot Evangelions, and 99% of adult A-Type humans died during Impact, requiring the use of child pilots. A-Type humans are in fact the reincarnations of First Ancestral Race individuals, who dissolved and joined the Seeds' ships billions of years ago. When the Seeds colonise a world, the A-Types are always the first to be born; the Seeds are designed to try to ensure that as many A-Types are alive as possible, meaning they usually do not have to wait very long for reincarnation. Note that A-Types are different to A-Type Adam Fields. There are an estimated 5,000 A-Type souls tied to Lilith.

A-Type Adam AT Field

A special type of AT Field found within only seven human beings at any given time. A-Type Adam Humans are the reincarnations of First Ancestral Race individuals, who dissolved and joined the Seeds' ships billions of years ago. A-Type Adams are one half of a pair of AT Fields, the other half being E-Type Eves. These souls were both lovers and partners in their FAR incarnations; that bond is everlasting, since it is intrinsic to the soul. When an A-Type Adam and E-Type Eve meet they are often drawn to each other as their souls react to the others' presence. Should the AT Fields of the two be merged, whether artificially (eg. by specific AT effects) or naturally (ie. by conceptual sex or being born as twins), a permanent bond is formed between the two AT Fields called a Libido Effect. The A-Type Adams are designed to be the bodyguards and protectors of the E-Type Eves and thus are highly protective, aggressive towards threats and, over time, can be compelled to follow their E-Type Eve's orders to the letter. The Angels also have seven A-Type Adams.
The Human A-Type Adams are Adrian Bellamy (Isabelle Bellamy), Atticus Nelson (Eugenia Ranvier), Elene Simonides (Sophia Simonides), William Weiss-Xylander (Aline Blanc), Ginevre Fontaine (Elisha Caine), Vasily Volkov (Tsubaki Akagi) and Zhang Yanmei (Isaiah Gabriel-Wei).
The Angel A-Type Adams were Azrael (Metatron), Elemiah (Ramliel), Ireul (Melchediel), Shoftiel (???), Omniel (Raphael), Qaphsiel (Uriel) and Voriel (Gabriel).

Ayanami (Codename)

A rare codename that is used to refer to powerful 'full-type' souls that are derived from Seeds of Knowledge, including Lilith and her twelve 'Disciples'. As few of these beings both exist and are known to NERV, the codename is most typically used to refer to human beings who possess souls or fragments of souls of full 'Ayanami-class' entities.

Ayanami (Pilots)

A Japanese name translating roughly to "Wave Patterns", referring originally to silk-like ocean waves; the name is a discrete pun referring to particle-wave patterns inherent in Angelic entities. The Ayanamis are twelve clones of Ikari Rei, the daughter of Ikari Gendo and Ikari Yui, who died in a terrorist attack in Paris-2. The Ayanami clones (numbering zero - 'Rei' to eleven - 'Juuichi') were produced by taking Ikari Rei's biological data- already enhanced beyond human limits- and improving it yet further with rudimentary processes similar to that of the Iron Guard. The Ayanamis possess tangible AT Fields, but unlike Iron Guards or Apostles do not truly count as Angelic hybrids, as they have no cores, and correspondingly, no supernatural regenerative ability. Their AT Fields stem from their souls, which are the souls of Disciples- twelve potent Children of Lilith that were formed from the power of Lilith and Adam both during the ancient war between Adam and Lilith. On a scale of power they surpass normal humans, but are inferior to Angelspawn and Third Generation Iron Guard. Their most valuable ability is their capacity to synchronize with their Master Model Evangelions, removing NERV's dependence on fickle untrained children and headstrong NeoSpartans.
Biologically, Ayanamis are resistant to disease, pathogens and viruses; they heal much faster than humans, although slower than Angels; despite their universally pale complexions they resist sunlight and cold; they are expected to live to at least 150 years old, and are fully capable of having children who, due to the Ayanamis' design, will share a great deal of their mother's traits.

Ayanami-1 (Project)

The Ayanami-1 Project, abbreviated to Project A-1, was an early classified Gehirn project. Officially, it was intended to locate A-Type genes within pilots and activate them in order to allow the pilots to use active AT Fields. In reality, the project was designed around controlling and manipulating the soul of Lilith. Initially Project A dealt almost exclusively with Eugenia Ranvier, who became the host of Lilith, but after a near-catastrophic event in which Lilith tried to take control of EVA-00 via Ranvier, the soul was removed from Ranvier, divided and placed into other hosts. One of these hosts was Aline Blanc, who was near death due to the chaos of Second Impact. Blanc was cloned, her soul placed into the new body, with the old one used for testing. The new body was granted minor genetic enhancements and implanted with one half of Lilith's soul.
Due to this, Aline Blanc was given the code name of 'Ayanami A0', which was used amongst high-echelon Gehirn and NERV scientists and commanders. After the advent of the Ayanami-2 Project her code name was changed to 'Ayanami A-1-0'.

Ayanami-2 (Project)

The Ayanami-2 Project, abbreviated to Project A-2, was a NERV project designed to create a breed of manufactured pilots. These pilots would be tougher, stronger and more capable of piloting an Evangelion than other pilots. The project was a complete success, producing twelve identical pilots, each possessing the soul of one of Lilith's twelve Disciples. Each pilot is superior physically and mentally to humans and can pilot and control their Evas flawlessly.



A NERV term used to refer to an Evangelion that is no longer under the control of its pilot and is now fully aware of its surroundings and capable of acting independently. Although a terrifying and dangerous event, Berserk Evangelions are routinely more powerful and devastating than a shackled Eva, and capable of turning a defeat into a sudden victory. To this end, NERV keeps a pair of dedicated 'Berserker' Evangelions, who excel at causing havoc upon berserking: EVA-05 and EVA-08.


A highly advanced medical material invented by famous Chinese scientist, biologist and doctor Wei Liyi- the mother of Boston Pilot Isaiah Gabriel-Wei- Biogel is a godsend for injuries, surgeries, scarring and illnesses, capable of acting as an antibacterial, antibiotic, antivenin, and healing accelerator. Working by using a highly adaptable biological 'gel' that adapts to a person's cellular tissue and replicates it quickly and healthily, Biogel isn't capable of bringing a person back from the dead, but anything but the most grievous wounds will be healed by it.

Black Moon

The 'natural' name given to the Geofront. It was Lilith's spacecraft and 'egg' during the exodus period of the Great Reincarnation. It suffered some unknown calamity during transit, and without the Great Chantry of Light to navigate by it redirected itself towards the nearest and brightest AT signature- Adam, on Earth. The impact it caused created the Pacific Ocean, with the debris floating into the sky to become Earth's satellite, Luna. During the impact, Lilith's Lance of Longinus was destroyed, and after the war with Adam, the Black Moon was buried beneath the Earth's crust, which, due to tectonic shift, pushed it into Europe over the next four billion years. Apart from Lilith, the Black Moon carried the 5,000 souls assigned to it from the FAR's population, as well as what would end up becoming the Dead Sea Scrolls.


An Evangelion 'small arm' that uses rail technology to propel 'bolt rounds' at a target. Bolt rounds are, once launched, self-propelling, like a small rocket or missile. The core of a bolt round is liquid explosive around an antimatter shell, causing horrendous damage. Newer and heavier models are capable of full-auto capacity. Personal-Scale models are also made, but lack the antimatter shells.


A term given to human beings who have been placed in a special type of charged LCL that transforms them instantly into a powerful Iron Guard-esque clone of Silas Caine. The method behind this process is unknown.

B-Type Equipment

The regular armour an Evangelion unit uses. B-Type Equipment consists of heavy Restraining Plates that both protect the Eva and allow it to be piloted.



A powerful family originating in Germany, possessing great political and economic influence. Possess many cadet families and ties with other great families, including many royal families.

Chantry of Light (Angel)

A psychic connection made between two or more Angels, allowing for immediate transfer of information- words, thoughts, images, plans. It also allows powerful Angels to control or influence lesser ones. Angels with Angelspawn use their Chantries to control their 'offspring'. The first perceived Chantry of Light was Melchediel's, formed to direct his Banshees during the attack on Paris-2. It was sensed by Zhang Yanmei during her battle trance, which she perceived as an ethereally beautiful choir of heavenly angels and a bright, silver light.

Chantry of Light (FAR)

The incredible store of knowledge and communication hub that was central to the lives of the First Ancestral Race. The Chantry of Light was a techno-psychic 'library' that could be accessed mentally and physically. The entire pool of knowledge available to the FAR was stored within the Chantry. All the FAR could communicate with others of their kind via the Chantry, as it operated as a psychic hub, allowing two voices to seek each other out, or for one to seek out many. In this the Chantry resembles an incredibly powerful and flawless internet. The Chantry was stored on great living computer-like systems, the greatest of which was Chantry Memory Primus. Finally, to the FAR's supernatural senses the Chantry of Light could appear as a great beacon of light that was brighter than the galaxy, allowing them to navigate instinctively throughout space. Its deactivation meant that the Black Moon of Lilith was not able to correct its course when it suffered its calamity.

Conception Weapon

A name given to the most powerful weapons created by the FAR, which were so powerful that they possessed their own sentience and could even communicate with others. Examples include Excalibur and the Lance of Longinus.


The defining characteristic of an Angel. A perfect red sphere, its defeat is essential to permanently destroy an Angel. Its properties are not fully understood, but it allows for the Angel to take astonishing levels of damage to its body, yet retain its soul. Essentially, it is a receptacle of the Angel's soul. Angel Cores were also placed into humans, such as the Iron Guard, which allows them to also take incredible damage and not lose their souls, gives them resistance against ego degradation, as well as allowing some Guard to wield their own AT Fields.

C-Type Equipment

Specialised Evangelion armour designed for underwater action. It covers the Eva with a protective pressure suit equipped with turbines, buoyancy tanks and emergency floatation devices.
























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