Adeva Timeline

Ancestral Epoch (3-10b. Yrs Ago)

The First Ancestral Race is formed. From its roots on a single planet divided between seven tribes, it reaches unimaginable levels of spiritual power, becoming a species of living gods.

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Great Reincarnation Epoch (1m-3b. Yrs Ago)

The First Ancestral Race faces a seemingly inexorable decline. The leadership of the FAR knows that untold catastrophe might befall reality should they fade away without their legacy being carried on. As a result, they undertake the Great Reincarnation- the species as a whole is dissolved into LCL and spread between seven 'Seeds'. The Seeds are designated FAR who undergo extensive modification in spirit and form, turning them into entities with enough power to reshape worlds and create life. However, these Seeds are do not possess unlimited capacities. They have been deliberately limited in order to ensure diversity- a Seed is driven to create life, but the forms it can create are limited and so, to create other forms, it must 'multiply', creating other Seeds and dispatching them into the cosmos. Each Seed travels with a Security Device, a powerful sentient construct that can monitor its Seed and intervene if unintended problems occur. Three of the Seeds, including Adam, are Seeds of Life, and create life forms that represent the superiority of form and spirit, highly resilient, malleable beings with extremely powerful AT Fields, capable of shaping natural laws to suit their needs. The other four Seeds, including Lilith, are Seeds of Knowledge, and create life forms that represent the superiority of intellect and curiosity, natural thinkers, inventors and explorers that discover natural laws and adapt to them rather than the other way round. The Seeds are then dispersed throughout the galaxy on the Moons, massive seedships holding the Seed, their Security Device and all of the souls of the FAR, ready to be reincarnated into new forms.

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Early 20th Century (1901-1960)

Jeremiah Caine is born as the youngest son of Priam Caine. The Caines are a wealthy and influential semi-religious Jewish family based in Germany. Their twisted and labyrinthine family tree is spread across Europe, and Jeremiah has many cousins. The Caines are even related to the Hohenzollern Dynasty.

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The Sixties (1960-69)

Mary Caine is born, the first child of Jeremiah Caine. A naturally intelligent and strong-willed child, she is given a world class education in everything they could get away with- languages, STEM subjects, history, combat, socializing, psychology… And of course, in the secrets of Seele, such as metaphysical biology. Her true passion, perhaps due to Seele's nature, is archaeology, however.

She is an A-Type, a fact that intrigues Jeremiah Caine.

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The Seventies (1970-1979)

As time passes, the Caine children begin really displaying their A-Type heritage through the manifestation of unique supernatural abilities. Mary is the first, developing her ability after her tenth birthday- powerful empathy, the sort that can not only sense the emotions of those around her, but actually take feel those emotions personally. The experience is highly confronting for the young Mary, who now finds herself overloaded with information about others' emotional states. Mary's abilities grow stronger with time, and by the time she's fifteen she's able to sense emotions for kilometres around, even being able to read the 'moods' of entire cities.

Azariah Caine manifests his abilities next, at the age of twelve.

Elisha is the last to manifest his abilities, which emerge at the age of thirteen. His ability is simple but alarming- on touch, he finds himself able to not only disable his siblings' abilities, but steal them and make them his own for a short period of time. One of the curious side effects of this is that he, unlike his siblings or most other human beings, is able to interact with the obelisks of the Dead Sea Scrolls, not only completely avoiding their deleterious side effects, but also able to record the data with near-perfect accuracy. It was as though he were an antenna designed to translate the obelisks' information accurately.

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The Eighties (1980-1989)

Ginevre Fontaine begins attending university, and before long manages to encounter Elisha Caine. Standing at an impressive 6'3, used to being singled out for her height, this shy, sweet girl who used to adopt stray cats was completely not prepared to meet Elisha. The two were drawn to each other, and he utterly swept her off of her feet with his intelligence, his charm and his grand, lofty ideals. Within a few years, her entire personality had changed. She became firmer, harder, and believed in more practical solutions to problems.

It was around this time that Elisha discovered the 'Libido Effect'. Every E-Type had a single specific A-Type 'partner', known as an Adam-Type. Adam-Types were bonded to their E-Type, to act as companions and guards. Furthermore, certain acts could reignite this bond, creating a permanent empathic and telepathic connection between the two. Ginevre was Elisha's Adam-Type.

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The Nineties (1990-1999)

Elisha's experiments and research, as well as that of the rest of Seele, led to the discovery of a specific 'zone' or 'field' that A-Types and E-Types produced. This field was what permitted the Ancestor-Types to perform their supernatural abilities. More notably, however, his research revealed that everyone, even 'New-Types' (people whose souls were created by Lilith instead of being reincarnations of Ancestors) had these fields, albeit in much weaker forms. Experiments led Elisha to conclude that these fields were 'boundaries' that demarcated the field of the soul itself, with the body being the form defined by this field. This phenomenon was dubbed the 'Absolute Territory' or AT Field.

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Prelude to Apocalypse (2000)

Aline Blanc, the future pilot of EVA-00, is born to Lucien and Celine Blanc. She is an E-Type child.

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The Chinese Civil War (Oct. 2000-Feb. 2001)

Shortly after Second Impact, geological damage as well as timed revolts saw the Chinese central government lose contact with most of the country. In fact, its authority was more or less reduced to Beijing and the immediate environs. It was this confusion that led to a nuclear strike on Japan- the central government had apparently been led to falsely believe that Japan was mobilizing to invade China in its hour of weakness. However, with catastrophes and lawlessness now the norm over most of China, and local governments buckling under the strain, it fell to local military forces to assert control over their regions. Whatever their long-term intentions (whether to reunify with the central government or not), the most successful and powerful of these forces came to be known as the 'Warlord States'.

China played host to six major Warlord States in this era.

The south saw the formation of Sun Manzheng's Shanghai Clique, centered around Shanghai, and Li Zangran's Guangxi Clique, centered around Guangxi and Guangzhou. The Shanghai Clique, with the help of Manzheng's brilliant mistress Cao Linmei, expand to control most of Jiangsu, whilst Zangran controlled Liangguang.

In the north, a Manchurian independence movement- the Manchu Republic, led by Jurgen Ma Shao- took root, and quickly expanded to control Dongbei. Meanwhile, Inner Mongolia became the domain of the Mengjiang State, ruled by the aggressive Zhu Luang.

In the southwest, the Chengdu District, led by Wu Zhangyuan, quickly took over the Sichuan province.

Finally, the country's centre saw the Jinan Military District, led by Liu Lin, take control of Shandong and, shortly thereafter, all of Zhongyuan south of the Yellow River.

The countries of Mongolia and Korea would also play a part in the coming struggle.

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