Character Creation

Creating a Character

Characters in AdEva are generated over a series of steps: firstly they choose one Origin and sub-Origin, followed by their Career and a sub-Career. Secondly, they generate their final ability line. Thirdly they generate their Vitals. Fourthly they design their Aspects and may take a Drawback. Fifthly, they generate an Evangelion. Finally, they pick their starting skills and spend their starting experience.

Setup: Starting Ability Scores

The Abilities are the core of a character, representing their base capability level. Each character has ten Abilities, outlined below.
Melee (Me) Determines your skill at hitting with melee weaponry, as well as parrying. The Ability and its bonus are abbreviated as Me and MB respectively.
Ballistic (Ba) Determined your skill with ranged weaponry. The Ability and its bonus are abbreviated as Ba and BB respectively.
Strength (Str) Determines your physical strength, carrying capacity, and adds Strength Bonus to melee damage. The Ability and its bonus are abbreviated as Str and SB respectively.
Toughness (Tou) Determines your resilience, carrying capacity, and Toughness Bonus reduces damage. The Ability and its bonus are abbreviated as Tou and TB respectively.
Agility (Ag) Determines your speed and grace, your initiative, and is used for many skills related to movement, carefulness and stealth. The Ability and its bonus are abbreviated as Ag and AB respectively.
Intelligence (Int) Determines your character's intellect and memory abilities, and is used for many skills related to knowledge and problem-solving. The Ability and its bonus are abbreviated as Int and IB respectively.
Perception (Per) Determines your character's awareness and their sensory acuity, and is used for many skills related to extracting information from the environment. The Ability and its bonus are abbreviated as Per and PB respectively.
Willpower (WP) Determines your character's ability to control their own actions and resist fear and compulsion. The Ability and its bonus are abbreviated as WP and WPB respectively.
Fellowship (Fel) Determines your character's ability to interact with others, either as a leader or as an equal, and is used for many social skills. The Ability and its bonus are abbreviated as Fel and FB respectively.
AT Field (AT) Determines your character's strength with the AT Field, mainly as a register of their synchronisation with their Evangelion; this makes their connection more powerful and their AT Field stronger. The Ability and its bonus are abbreviated as AT and ATB respectively.

Characters start with 25 in every Ability.
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Choosing an Origin

Origins are the first step in character creation and one of the most important. Origins are broad archetypes that reflect your character's upbringing and heritage. They suggest a certain lifestyle lived before the character joined Nerv, and informs how they react and act in situations.

There are three Origins in AdEva: the Civilian, the Ace and the Manufactured.

  • Civilians were relatively normal people once, before they joined Nerv either through force or ignorance of its true nature. Civilian's lives are the least shaped by Nerv, seemingly, although this can vary.
  • Aces are those whose lives are rooted in a militaristic history. For Evangelion pilots, this often means they were raised as child soldiers in special programs designed to breed the ultimate warrior, but it can also refer to career soldiers or those who've fought irregularly their whole lives.
  • Bio-Synthetics are artificial human beings who have either been heavily modified by surgery and genetic manipulation or indeed, designed and built from scratch. Bio-Synthetics are often quite unnatural-seeming, due to a highly atypical upbringing and extreme science.

Each Origin provides you with the following:

  • Four Aptitudes to choose from, from which you must choose two; Aptitudes determine the cost of talents, skills and ability increases.
  • Modifications to an Ability Score.
  • A special Trait that grants certain bonuses.
  • A Guaranteed Evangelion Feature, which is important in the Eva generation step.

Furthermore, each Origin has a selection of four Sub-Origins which adds distinctiveness and nuance to your Origin. At creation you choose one of these Sub-Origins. Each Sub-Origin provides the following:

  • Three Aptitudes to choose from, from which you must choose one.
  • A special Trait that grants certain bonuses.

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Origin: The Civilian

Civilians are what military folk call everyone who isn't military. This is an obvious observation, but it takes on a special connotation when we're talking about how Nerv views outsiders. The truth of the matter is that Nerv is an organisation defined by secrecy, mystery and outright lies; simply getting into Nerv on the ground floor requires an initiation into a whole new way of looking at the world.

Enter the civilian. The divide between Nerv and civilian life is wide and treacherous, and not everyone is suited for it. Nerv is fully aware of this; those who end up 'deciding' to join Nerv are known to the organisation far longer than Nerv is fully known to them, and their path to Nerv is one gently nudged and shaped over time.

Or, occasionally, bludgeoned into place with brutality. For when it comes to finding suitable Evangelion pilots, all bets are off. Finding candidates capable of synchronising with an Eva is a taxing job primarily because they're so rare. This is a major reason why Nerv puts so much of its energy into alternative piloting schemes such as training young children over years for the task, or genetically engineering human beings designed to pilot over everything else. But occasionally, there will be an individual from the general population identified as having the quality necessary to pilot (a quality only vaguely understood to most in Nerv and not at all to the pilot themselves). Nerv are usually aware of this individual for a great deal of time before they ever enter an Entry Plug. Depending on the situation, this prodigious civilian might end up having their life socially engineered by Nerv to funnel them 'naturally' toward piloting, or simply drafted one day, possibly at gunpoint.

Civilians often take some time to adjust to Nerv's culture, if indeed they ever do. This is only ever reinforced by their relative inexperience regarding practical combat skills, which they need to learn on the fly. However, Civilians often shine in other ways, having a more normal, socialised upbringing and a strange, some say fated connection with the Evangelions, one sometimes stronger than their more well-trained peers. Civilians may sometimes, through sheer stubbornness, benign foolishness or some greater, more powerful force, can perform incredible acts- acts that might very well decide the fate of humanity.

Aptitudes (Pick two) Intelligence, Willpower, Perception, Fellowship
Ability Bonus +5 to any two of the following, or +10 to one: Intelligence, Willpower, Perception, Fellowship
Guaranteed Eva Feature Civilians may always choose to take the Maternal or Self-Preservative Eva Soul Features during Evangelion generation.
Origin Trait
Destined for Greatness You begin play with one extra Fate Point, and whenever you spend Fate to boost a test or reroll a test, you add an extra +10 to the reroll or boosted test.

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The Normal

In some ways the Normal represents the epitome of the civilian idea. Normals are exactly that: they've lived most of their lives in relatively normal circumstances for their period and culture. For most of that time, Normals have focused on mundane things: making friends, thinking about the future, studying, training for a career, wondering what they even want to work in, thinking perhaps about love.

But now they work for Nerv, and all of that has changed. Whether or not you came to Nerv willingly is up to you, but you almost certainly weren't fully informed of what it is you were signing up for when you did.

The Normal is defined by their flexibility. As one might expect, they excel at non-combat skills. Above and beyond that, the Normal is flexible, made to be a dabbler, and can be built to fit almost any role well.

Aptitudes (Pick one) Fieldcraft, Knowledge, Social
Sub-Origin Trait
Diverse Gifts You count as possessing one extra Aptitude than you really do (maximum of two) when purchasing Tier 1 talents, Level 1 Skill Purchases and Simple Ability Advances.

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The Celebrity

Most of the people Nerv recruits tend to not be individuals who soak up the limelight. Which isn't to say Nerv is staffed with nobodies: Nerv recruits almost exclusively from the best and brightest, and many of its staff are rightly famous in their field. These fields tend to be relatively esoteric, however; most Nerv staff can go out in public and not be identified at all.

Not so much the Celebrity. The Celebrity was broadly famous and well-known before joining Nerv. The how and why varies- maybe you were an upcoming movie star with a promising career, or a teen idol, or royalty; or for the older individual, an established author, politician, sports star, religious figure or television personality. Simply put, you cannot go out in public without being identified.

This raises certain questions as to why Nerv is recruiting you. It's impossible to hide your association with Nerv without raising major questions and dramatically interfering in your (well-known) life. And recruiting you by force, whilst possible, is also risky. Nerv considers its Eva programme to important to prioritise celebrity influence over competent pilots or staff, which implies that they consider your celebrity a special bonus. This, of course, doesn't really help you, who has to balance been a reknowned figure with your duty of saving the world.

The Celebrity excels at dealing with other people. This makes them well-suited for the Captain position, but it also would help flesh out the out-of-combat ability of an Eva pilot, too.

Aptitudes (Pick one) Social, Resolution, Fellowship
Sub-Origin Trait
Hey, Aren't You…? You gain a +20 bonus to Fellowship tests made against characters whose Willpower Bonus is less than your Fellowship Bonus. You also gain a flat +10 bonus to all non-opposed Fellowship tests. However, it is almost impossible for you to go out in public without some form of disguise, and if undisguised will draw attention.

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The Chosen One

This sub-origin is the one civilian most directly influenced by Nerv. The 'Chosen One' is an individual of prodigious ability who possesses great potential with an Evangelion. Indeed, this ability seems to come naturally to the Chosen One, in ways that make them the envy of Bio-Synthetics and especially Aces, who struggle to match their compatibility despite years of training.

In truth, the Chosen One's abilities are far from random. There is some explanation for their incredible talent, an explanation that may be mysterious, sinister or even a major revelation. Commonly, the Chosen One is known to Nerv for years, even possibly over a decade. Similarly, it is common for Nerv to subtly shape the Chosen One's environment and even social connections to manipulate them into becoming 'pilot material'.

Of all the civilians, you are the one most likely to join Nerv willingly. Indeed, it often feels that something has been missing from most of your life, something that is filled when you witness the Eva- an Eva that suits you like a glove, or indeed like a twin you never knew you had. This isn't necessarily the rule, and Chosen Ones can be coerced just like anyone else, but even then you might find- even to your discomfort- how well Nerv suits what you thought was your individual, natural personality. Regardless, one thing remains true: your Evangelion has been built with you in mind, and suits your needs perfectly.

The Chosen One excels at the Adept role, but in truth they are decent at any Eva position. It is highly advised that GMs not permit Chosen Ones to be Captains, because the Chosen One's trait is built entirely around Evangelions.

Aptitudes (Pick one) AT Field, Willpower, Resolution
Sub-Origin Trait
Made for Each Other During Evangelion generation, you may freely pick and choose all of your Evangelion's Features and Quirks. This includes determining if a Quirk is positive or negative.

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The Survivor

The Survivor is somewhat anomalous in terms of the civilians. Whilst still having lived their lives ignorant of Nerv and that secret world, their lives have generally been far from normal. The Survivor has spent much of their life, short as it might be, in irregular, unstable and even highly dangerous circumstances. To an extent, a sense of normality and stability is an asset for the civilian candidates, yet this one flies in the face of that. Despite this, the Survivor's upbringing has made them especially resourceful and cunning. The Survivor is canny, and often capable of using guile and plots to overcome their problems.

Naturally, this is both an asset and a liability for Nerv. Ingenuity and cleverness are definitely useful in a fight against an Angel, but the Survivor also tends to be a little (or a lot) unconventional and even rebellious. To an extent they're often used to doing things their own way, and that way tends to clash with Nerv's strict guidelines. For younger characters, they may be homeless, orphaned, refugees or simply in bad situations. For older characters these all apply, but for them their history is often tied strongly to the trauma and violence of Second Impact.

How you came to be recruited by Nerv is up in the air. Many Survivors might join Nerv willingly for their own reasons, especially if Nerv is promising material security and protection, which is sure to be appreciated, at least at first. Others, however, might have to be coerced or tricked into joining Nerv, which is likely going to breed resentment- a bad mix with the skill set the Survivor brings. After all, the Survivor's life may have been difficult, but often (although not always) it was on their terms. It may take a lot of time for Survivors to adapt to that.

The Survivor is decent at most roles, but tend to do well in the Sentinel or Captain positions.

Aptitudes (Pick one) Toughness, Intelligence, Fieldcraft
Sub-Origin Trait
Resourceful Whenever you spend a Fate Point and do not like the result, you may declare the new result void and have your point refunded, with the action simply not having occurred. However, you cannot repeat that Fate action until the start of your next turn.

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Origin: The Ace

The Evangelion is a notoriously difficult weapon to operate. It is undoubtedly the most powerful thing made by human hands, but apart from the staggering costs, the Eva is extremely picky about who it'll let pilot it. This means that crewing Evas isn't like crewing, say, a tank- almost anyone can learn to drive a tank, meaning you can select only the very best. When it comes to the Eva, however, the pool of viable candidates is tiny. That means that sometimes Nerv has to settle for a pilot who would never be qualified to control an Eva except for the fact they, inexplicably, can.

All of this, put together, makes the Ace an invaluable asset to Nerv. An Ace, for our purposes, is an individual with great combat or military experience. They know how to shoot a gun and throw a punch well. They understand at least basic combat tactics and how to read a battlefield, and they keep their cool in a fight. Considering that the Evangelion's main piloting demographic sits between 13 and 17, these skills are rare and in extremely high demand. Any organisation that fields Evas would be lucky to have even one such pilot.

Which is why Nerv makes its own luck. Aces are rarely the result of happenstance. Aces are made, often in secret programs that take in the unwanted, the orphan and the forgotten- the ones no one will look for- and shapes them to be the perfect warrior for humanity's greatest weapon.

Aces, then, are often deeply indoctrinated into Nerv's structure, or at least the structure of their training organisation. They might have the full range of human passions and dreams, but those things have been shaped by the crucible in which they've been forged, meaning their lives have had little in common with others their age, including, often, their fellow pilots. This means that Aces can often butt heads and struggle with their comrades from other origins, who often expect entirely alien things of the Ace.

Regardless, the Aces excel in combat, meaning they tend to do well as Hunters or Sentinels. One of their great assets is their courage under fire- an Ace will remain steady and standing when other pilots might falter, and this example does a great deal to stiffen a battle line.

Aptitudes (Pick two) Melee, Ballistic, Agility, Strength
Ability Bonus +5 to any two of the following, or +10 to one: Melee, Ballistic, Agility, Strength
Guaranteed Eva Feature Aces may always choose to take the National Icon or UN Designed Eva History Feature during Evangelion generation.
Origin Trait
Bred for Discipline You gain a +30 bonus to resist Fear and Mind Control, although not other mental effects. As a free action any time during a round, so long as you are not stunned, panicked, mind controlled or otherwise not able to act, you can sacrifice your bonus to grant a +10 bonus to all allies (including yourself) against Fear and mind control for the rest of the battle.

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The New Spartan

The New Spartan is the classic Ace. Usually, they are children scouted by Nerv for Eva compatibility. For whatever reason, Nerv decided that these children were good candidates for a gruelling, unethical military program designed around turning innocent children into killing machines. Often they are orphans, but it isn't unknown for Aces to be taken for political reasons, prior connections to Nerv or for some other, darker ulterior motive.

The New Spartan has the 'benefit' of being in a program designed for compatibility with the Evangelion. Every firearm Nerv prototyped would be tested through the New Spartan, with the trainees familiarising themselves and giving feedback as needed. Eva paraphernalia such as the umbilical cable or the supply ports would've been scrutinised by New Spartans and trained heavily for its use to avoid simple but costly mistakes. Doctrines and tactics around the Eva would've been designed for these pilots in mind, and finally these pilots would've been subjected to tests within Eva simulators and virtual Entry Plugs before they started learning their times tables.

The question remains: why would Nerv ever use pilots besides the New Spartans? That's a good question- and the answer should be appropriately discomforting.

The New Spartan tends to lean toward the Hunter role.

Aptitudes (Pick one) Offense, Finesse, Strength
Sub-Origin Trait
Forged to Kill You gain Proven (4) with all Evangelion weapons, reloading an Eva weapon takes one half action less, and you treat your Fatigue Threshold as being +2 for the purposes of incurring Feedback. Furthermore, high synchronisation can never reduce your Fatigue Threshold below 2.

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The Captain Patriot

Nerv is far from the only organisation with an interest in creating elite soldiers. Nerv is a paramilitary organisation, and it has no real natural competition, but if any such body did emerge, it would probably be a country. Indeed, the nations of the world have always watched the Eva project closely, either through official channels or through espionage, for good reason: if the Evangelion is perfected, then no conventional military could possibly stand against it. To this end, many nations run their own supersoldier programmes, with the idea originally of creating an elite soldier, but over time tuning the concept to be more suited to the Evangelion, either hoping to build their own Evas or to at least make sure the nation is seen participating.

The Captain Patriot is trained to be more than a soldier. As the importance of Evangelions became more apparent, it became obvious to many states that the position of Eva pilot would inevitably be a high-visibility position. To this end, whilst Captain Patriots have had their latter training altered for Eva purposes, it also prepares them for the spotlight, where they are given the role of acting as a representative of their nation and as a walking propaganda poster. Captain Patriots are trained to embody all the values that nation claims to uphold, and candidates are selected based on personal prowess, resolve, national spirit, morality, conduct and beauty standards as appropriate.

When Nerv takes on a Captain Patriot, the reasoning is usually due to a push and pull between Nerv and whatever nation has loaned Nerv its pilot. For example, Nerv might accept having a Captain Patriot thrust upon them in exchange for promises that the nation will help fund Nerv and defray repair costs, whilst the nation itself sees value in having its living icon take centre stage in the fight for humanity.

Captain Patriots tend to lean toward the Sentinel role due to their focus on strength and the fact that they can take heavier beatings without worrying as much about the repair bill.

Aptitudes (Pick one) Defense, Toughness, Fellowship
Sub-Origin Trait
National Treasure Your Evangelion doesn't generate any collateral damage from lethal damage or limb death. It does, however, generate collateral when destroyed, and it generates a full three. Whenever you take Lethal Damage, you gain immunity to all mental effects including Fear and Mind Control for the rest of the battle; this effect remains even if the lethal damage is somehow healed.

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The Cadet Napoleon

The thing with supersoldier programmes such as the New Spartans is that ultimately they work, at least for a few candidates, working to produce a clutch of elite soldiers both in and out of the Eva. It doesn't take much imagination to consider applying the same principles to command positions.

Which brings us to the Cadet Napoleon. These programs are designed around creating elite commanders and generals as opposed to elite soldiers, although combat training is often part of the package. Cadets Napoleon are highly educated in the ways of war, and are expected to understand intimately what Evangelions can do and their role in the greater battlescape. Great focus is placed on seizing the momentum of the battle and capitalising on whatever gains and weaknesses they can. There is some question as to why Cadets Napoleon are children as well despite the focus not being on Eva piloting- reasoning might be to help them connect with their pilots, whilst some might suggest that starting 'em young helps them grow into the role more utterly.

The Cadet Napoleon sub-origin can also be used appropriately to represent a more conventional career officer of a more regular age.

Cadet Napoleons are suited for the Captain role, but they are functional as a kind of team leader in any position. As far as Evas go, they make decent Adepts.

Aptitudes (Pick one) Intelligence, Knowledge, Willpower. You can also pick a second, but must replace one of your Ace Aptitude picks in its place.
Sub-Origin Trait
Tactical Momentum Whenever you or an ally attacks a hostile and inflicts lethal damage on a limb for the first time in that combat, you generate an extra half action, which you can give to any ally. They may act on this half action immediately and may ignore action type limits. This trait fires per limb, but only one instance of it fires at once (ie. two Cadets Napoleon will only generate a single half action total).

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The Veteran

The Veteran is similar in ways to the other Aces, but they differ in one key aspect: their 'training' was wholly informal, ad-hoc and 'practical'. Whereas the other Aces were trained to a shine, the Veteran gained their knowledge by being on a battlefield, with live fire and death as their main teacher. Whilst they may have had some formal training, by and large it was likely limited and inevitably dwarfed by years of combat. Considering that the veteran is likely still a young individual, this suggests a fairly dark backstory indeed.

The Veteran lacks the polish of the other sub-origins, but is a redoubtable battlefield survivor: tough, durable and knowing how to use the environment to their own ends. This has an appeal all of its own to Nerv, and depending on their circumstances, the Veteran has much to gain from joining Nerv: they'll still be in danger, but arguably less danger, with better pay and food.

Whilst every Ace sub-origin is liable to have a dark or at least intense history, the Veteran is the most open-ended but also possibly the most violent. This may be an asset in Nerv's eyes, but it's likely to cause friction and wariness in the Veteran's companions.

The Veteran is good in the Hunter or Sentinel roles, but truthfully can flourish in any battlefield position.

Aptitudes (Pick one) Offense, Defense, Fieldcraft
Sub-Origin Trait
Battlefield Experience You double the AP contribution from cover (although cover's value remains unchanged and will be destroyed as normal), and gain a +30 bonus to difficult terrain tests. The Sound Constitution talent adds +3 wounds to you instead of +2.

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Origin: Bio-Synthetic

Every origin is informed in some way, large or small, by how Nerv tries to overcome the problem of Evangelion compatibility. The Bio-Synthetic is perhaps the most extreme attempt to solve the problem: instead of using training or distant raising techniques to shape a potential pilot, simply skip the middleman and directly make the pilot from scratch to suit the Evangelion. The Bio-Synthetic is an artificial human, designed from the ground up to exacting genetic templates, or a mix of donated genetical material, or at the very least a human who has been genetically modified on an intense scale.

Bio-Synthetics are the result of desperate (if extremelly well-resourced) science designed to build a pilot capable of piloting the Evas and doing it well. But once you unlock the forbidden fruit of genetic manipulation on this scale, it becomes hard to resist 'improving' on humanity in a myriad number of ways. This means that Bio-Synthetics are a highly diverse bunch, and their (often unusual) appearances can be deceiving. As technology advances, older Bio-Synthetics might be 'retired' or 'recycled', whilst improved techniques allow for greater efficiency. What efficiency looks like can vary, but it is common for Bio-Synthetics to have altered growth rates and learning ability. A Bio-Synthetic might appear to be a teenager, but really only be a few years old. If the designer was compassionate or idealistic enough to think past the war with the Angels, then the Bio-Synthetic's lifespan might flatten out into a normal one (or a much longer one!) after hitting 'puberty'. But if the designer was lacking in skill or consideration, then the rapid ageing might not stop, meaning a pilot that quickly grows old and dies once they're no longer needed- which some might consider an efficency all of its own. This of course does not need to be a rule, and it's possible for a Bio-Synthetic to be as old as they really look.

Unlike the other origins, the Bio-Synthetic has always been a part of Nerv or in some cases, a similar organisation. Thus there is no question as to how they came to join it- Nerv is mother and father both. Instead, the question is how the Bio-Synthetic views Nerv. It's possible, maybe even likely that the Bio-Synthetic is implanted with conditioning and other neurological tricks to instill artificial loyalty, but there is always room somewhere for personal feeling. Perhaps the Bio-Synthetic deep down really is happy with their situation, or perhaps they are intensely curious about the outside world. Perhaps they resent that curiosity going unfulfilled. A lot of this depends on how Nerv treats the Bio-Synthetic as well, even in little ways such as what types of food they're allowed to eat or entertainment (if indeed they're allowed any at all).

One of the things that defines the Bio-Synthetic experience is replaceability. When it comes to creating Bio-Synthetics, a lot of the work is in perfecting the technology and designing the individual; it's relatively cheap to actually create and grow the human once the foundations are complete. Considering Nerv's access to brainwave-copying personality and even the tech needed to quantify and transfer the soul, this means it's a simple matter to ensure that the Bio-Synthetic has a bevy of 'backup' selves in storage in case an accident kills the current corpus. It would be a shame to lose such an investment to a lucky hit, after all.

How Bio-Synthetics interact with their fellow pilots depends greatly on those pilots' feelings on the very nature of the Bio-Synthetic. A Civilian might find the Bio-Synthetic off-putting or unnerving, or alternatively may be fine with it. Aces may feel nettled by how the Bio-Synthetic is an attempt to mass-produce the skills Aces painstakingly earned, but they may also understand that the Bio-Synthetic isn't to blame, or view them as a friendly rival.

The Bio-Synthetic does well in most roles.

Aptitudes (Pick two) Agility, Toughness, Perception, Intelligence
Ability Bonus +5 to any two of the following, or +10 to one: Agility, Toughness, Perception, Intelligence
Guaranteed Eva Feature Bio-Synthetics may always choose to take the Secret Nerv Project Eva History Feature or the Vengeful Eva Soul Feature during Evangelion generation.
Origin Trait
Bulk Order You begin play with five backup bodies. If you are ever killed, dissolved or suffer major physical or mental damage, you can (so long as your soul is recoverable) be transferred to a new backup body, allowing you to 'survive' death without burning Fate.

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The Transhuman

The Transhuman is a culmination of both ambitious genetic technology and the ever-present desire to improve on the fundamentals of the human template. The Transhuman is genetically modified but to an exceptional degree. Thousands of hours of labour went into the Transhuman, finding the perfect genes from donors or compiling new sequences from scratch in order to match whatever the creators thought would be 'perfect'. Even then, however, the Transhuman is more than 'good genes'. Their organs are improved versions of the sort used by others- more efficient heart, more rugged lungs, quicker muscle growth… The entire physical human experience, optimised. They may even have brand new, customised organs within their bodies.

As time goes on and the Transhuman develops, their 'gifts' shine through, and the edge they have other the rest of humanity quickly widens. Although cognitive functioning is about normal for a human being, physically they end up superior in almost every way, to the point where some might question why the Transhuman needs so many qualities when all it was designed to do was pilot an Eva. Indeed, what use is prodigious strength if the Transhuman has the Eva's power to rely on? The obvious answer is that the Transhuman is meant for more than mere piloting…

The Transhuman's qualities are intrinsic enough that they do well in any role.

Aptitudes (Pick one) Offense, Defense, Fieldcraft
Sub-Origin Trait
Homo Superior Whenever you purchase the level 2 , level 4 and level 5 Ability Improvements for Melee, Ballistic, Strength, Toughness, Agility or Perception, you gain Unnatural Ability (+1) in the associated Ability.

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The Hybrid

The Hybrid, much like the Transhuman, is a representation of the bleeding edge of genetics technology. The difference, however, is that whilst the Transhuman is made with designed or donated human genetics, the Hybrid's makeup is far more alien. Simply put, samples of Angel DNA- perhaps taken from Adam or Lilith or some other source- have been mixed in with a basic human template. The result is an extreme form of human life, to say the least. The Hybrid has no problems synchronising with the Evangelion- in fact they probably synchronise a little too well. However, they also possess strange quirks: their biology is a little (or a lot, in some cases) 'off', their reactions to medicine or food can be unexpected or extreme, and almost everyone finds the hybrid subtly off-putting in some small way- at least until they get to know them.

The Hybrid's most overt difference is that as partly Angelic beings, they can 'sense' Angels. This is an incredible asset for Nerv, as it removes an element of randomness from when the Angels will appear. Hybrids are beset by powerful, vivid dreams, sometimes nightmares, in which they see glimpses of the Angels. When these visionary dreams take on a sharp clarity and focus on one Angel in particular, the Hybrid knows that the Angel is near.

Sometimes, it feels like the Angel can sense the hybrid, too.

Angelic DNA is extremely malleable and tolerant, meaning that the Hybrid can be further modified with harvested Angelic DNA from slain Angels. This gives the Hybrid immense flexibility and personal power, but it also sharpens the sense of wrongness strangers feel about the Hybrid, especially if the changes are notable.

Hybrids excel at the Adept position.

Aptitudes (Pick one) Willpower, AT Field, Knowledge
Sub-Origin Trait
Less/More Than Human Between five to ten days before an Angel attacks or appears, you have a vivid dream of the next Angel, in which you learn, at the GM's discretion, something about its strengths, its weaknesses or how it fights. Each time you gain 1d5 stress. You take a -10 penalty to interaction tests with those who don't know you too well due to an intangible, unsettling aura. Finally, whenever an Angel is killed without the core exploding and its body is recoverable, you can choose to have elements of its DNA incorporated into you by Nerv. This grants you a trait based on the Angel's traits (watered down) at the GM's discretion; if the GM doesn't feel it appropriate, then you gain a random positive Eva Quirk in P-Scale instead. Each time you do this, however, your unsettling aura strengthens, worsening its penalty by an extra -10. You can only absorb up to four Angels' DNA.

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The Homunculus

In renaissance alchemy, a 'homunculus' is a term for artificially created humans. In fact, some theories of alchemy state that the ideal of alchemy was not to transmute gold, but to create artificial life. By this definition, then, all of the Bio-Synthetics would count as homunculi. The term, however, has a different meaning, referring to the idea of a tiny, perfectly formed human- a 'little human' living inside a fully-sized human, watching and controlling all their actions. It's this facet that gives the Homunculus its name: a Homunculus is a Bio-Synthetic utterly optimised for piloting an Evangelion.

Typically, the Homunculus is designed in close proximity with the Evangelion, with all care taken to maximise compatibility between the two. This is the philosophy of the Bio-Synthetic taken to extremes: the Homunculus is designed not as a pilot, but merely a component- albeit a critical one- of the greater whole Evangelion. And this shows: the Homunculus shows incredible proficiency within the Evangelion, as you'd expect from someone literally born ready to pilot. Unfortunately, this overspecialisation has an entirely expected, if sad outcome: outside of the Eva, the Homunculus is awkward, coming off as flat footed, tactless, even somewhat befuddled. They may develop unfortunate disorders bordering on separation anxiety from their Evangelion, fuelling a dependent relationship that suits Nerv just fine.

At the end of the day, the Homunculus is the entire approach to Bio-Synthetics writ large: a young child designed to maximise the potential of its war machine with their personal human needs a secondary concern, if indeed it was a concern at all.

The Homunculus excels at any Eva career, and should for obvious reasons avoid the Captain career.

Aptitudes (Pick one) Melee, Ballistic, Agility
Sub-Origin Trait
The Sum of Its Parts You take a +10 bonus to all tests within your Evangelion, may decide whether Synch Disruptions are positive or negative at will, and during Eva generation, may reroll rolls to determine if a quirk is negative or positive. However, you take a flat -10 penalty to all tests outside of your Eva and always count as having 1 rank of fatigue when not inside your Evangelion.

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The Mentat

All of the Bio-Synthetic sub-origins shown have shown alterations to the human physical structure in terms of strength or speed, or psychic alterations designed to complement their Evangelions or their role within Nerv. The Mentat then is something of an outlier, for their alterations are centered around their cognitive functioning. Through selective development and experimentation, Mentats have developed powerful mental prowess, capable of vast and powerful mental processing, memory and calculation in a small amount of time.

All told, being a 'living supercomputer' has some benefit for an Eva pilot, but as a trait it sees more use in a tactical command role. Indeed, Mentats seem to have been developed as something of a mix between a neurological experiment, an attempt to develop a new form of Magi and as a way to apply the genetic technology used to make other Bio-Synthetics to as many problems Nerv has as they can. The Mentat, then, makes for a devastatingly effective tactician, but can sometimes struggle to interact with others on an appropriate level. Furthermore, as their physical body has not been altered to match, Mentats can sometimes exhibit issues born from conflict within their nervous system, not to mention headaches, migraines and nosebleeds.

The Mentat excels at the Captain Class.

Aptitudes (Pick one) Intelligence, Knowledge, Fieldcraft
Sub-Origin Trait
Tactical Prescience Whenever you purchase the level 3 and level 5 Intelligence Ability Improvements, you gain Unnatural Intelligence (+1). Furthermore, you gain a number of 'slots' equal to your IB/2 rounded up. You roll a 1d100 for each slot and store it. At any time, once per round, you can replace any roll made by anyone with one from your slot. The replaced roll now takes up the slot.

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Choosing a Career

Choosing a career is the second step in character creation, and is highly important: careers define your character's mechanical role within the game. They inform what it is your character can do. Careers reflect a mix of talent and extensive training, as opposed to being the sum of your character's intrinsic traits and upbringing as per origins.

There are four Careers in AdEva: the Adept, the Hunter, the Sentinel and the Captain.

  • Adepts are specialists in the use of the Evangelion's AT Field. Capable of devastating, godlike feats in the Evangelion, on the ground they must rely on smarts and wits to make do.
  • Hunters are offensive combatants who excel at pushing the attack and dealing damage. Their reliance on conventional tactics makes them dangerous at any scale.
  • Sentinels are defensive support combatants who bring teams together by setting up plays, defending their allies and blocking the Angel's ability to act unhindered.
  • Captains are commanders who don't use Evangelions, but instead direct the action from within a safe bunker. They orchestrate local defenses and support the pilots in combat, whilst outside of combat they use their considerable influence and abilities to unravel conspiracies and protect the pilots from the enemy within.

Each Career provides you with the following:

  • Three Aptitudes.
  • Modifications to an Ability Score.
  • A Guaranteed Eva Quirk or, in the case of the Captain, a Unique Trait.
  • A List of Unique Talents available only to the Career, which must be bought like other talents.

Furthermore, each Career has a selection of three Sub-Careers to choose from, which help define your Career's role further. Each Sub-Career offers the following:

  • Three Aptitudes to choose from, from which you must choose one.
  • A List of Unique Talents available only to the Sub-Career, which must be bought like other talents.

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Career: Adept

The Evangelion is an incredible weapon: fast, agile, possessing fluid human-like flexibility, extreme durability and massive strength. It also has an incredible price tag, and in truth for the cost of building and maintaining an Evangelion, one could pay for a large, very well equipped army. In fact, the munitions possessed by a national army are typically more than enough to kill an unprotected Evangelion. What differentiates the Eva from other weapons is the AT Field: an esotetic field projected around the Evangelion that not only sustains its borderline-impossible physical properties, but can also shape reality and the laws of physics on a whim. Even a pilot with barely any understanding of the Evangelion's Field can spread a plane of force around itself capable of repelling any conventional firearm outside of things designed to level cities or entire armies- and even then it might survive. This unfathomable power gives the Eva the edge it needs to crush just about any military force on the planet.

The Adept is a pilot who specialises in the AT Field, striving to unleash the limits of its awesome power and expand humanity's understanding of this whole new world.

The Adept's three Sub-Careers are as follows:

  • Magnifiers, who focus on supporting and enhancing allies.
  • Annihilators, who focus on destructive powers.
  • Negators, who focus on shutting down the Angel's abilities and weakening them.
Aptitudes Perception, AT Field, Resolution
Ability Bonus +10 to AT Field
Guaranteed Eva Quirk Adepts may always choose to take the Sensitive Quirk in place of any positive Quirk roll during Evangelion generation.
Talent Name Cost Effect
Field Modulation 200 XP Whenever you experience Synch Distortion, you may roll an additional 1d5. Whatever you roll, you can modify your AT Field score in any direction up to that amount. This stacks with the regular roll from Synch Disruption.
Focus Field 400 XP Select a single AT Field Power and make an AT Field ability test as a half action. Should you pass, so long as your next action (or reaction) is that power, you can use that power at Surge Strength without having to spend the extra action or losing your Passive Field bonuses.
Combine Fields 800 XP You select a number of willing allies no more than your WPB within 10 metres and make an AT Field ability test as a full action. On a success, you gain Unnatural AT Field with a score equal to the highest ATB in the group besides your own, plus 1 per participant, not including yourself. Combine Fields remains in play until you stop sustaining it; each time you take damage, stress, fatigue or ego you must re-test AT Field or lose the combined field effect. All other members count their ATB as zero during this time, and cannot activate AT Powers.

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The Magnifier is a team player, using their AT Field to enhance and embolden themselves and their allies. Although not often seen doing direct damage to an Angel, the Magnifier is a fearsome force multiplier that excels at adapting the party to whatever it needs to be.

Aptitudes (Pick one) Defense, Knowledge, Social
Talent Name Cost Effect
Group Harmonics 200 XP AT Powers with the 'Augment' keyword can now be used on allies within a range of 100dm. These allies must be Evangelions (or other AT Field users) harmonised to your field, which takes an hour, but is assumed to be easily maintained between battles.
Remote Channelling 400 XP Allies who are benefitting from an Augment Power from you may use your ATB score in place of their own so long as the Augment Power is in effect.
Cascade Augmentation 800 XP Whenever you use an Augment-type AT Power at Surge Strength, you can now apply the benefit to all allies (including yourself) within range.

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The Annihilator uses the incredible, miraculous power of the AT Field primarily to turn Angels into little pieces. The Annihilator maximises its offensive output whilst still allowing for supporting allies.

Aptitudes (Pick one) Melee, Ballistic, Offense
Talent Name Cost Effect
Diffusion Effect 200 XP Whenever you successfully hit a target with an AT Power marked 'attack', they also count as being hit by a Base Strength Neutralise power from you.
Metafield Recycling 400 XP Whenever you use an AT Attack Power, you can activate a single Augment Power as part of the action. This Augment Power can be on you or an ally as normal, and can be applied to yourself before you execute the Attack Power (meaning it might affect that power).
Ambient Charge 800 XP Whenever you use an AT Attack Power at Surge Strength, any allies within 10dm of either you or the target gain the Proven Quality to their next attack, with a value equal to the damage you dealt to the Angel after soaking.

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The only thing that can beat an AT Field is another AT Field… The Negator takes this to the logical extreme, seeking to restrict the Angel's ability to operate and turning its own AT Field against itself.

Aptitudes (Pick one) Toughness, Willpower, Fieldcraft
Talent Name Cost Effect
Territorial Countering 200 XP You gain an extra reaction per round, which may only be used on the 'Negate Power' AT Field Power. You may also spend a Fate Point to automatically pass a Negate Power test.
Aggressive Dissonance 400 XP Whenever an Angel currently affected by a Sapper Power from you uses an AT Power at Surge Strength, it takes a -10 penalty to all tests until the start of its first turn next round. Furthermore, check the tier level of the Power the Angel used; your next AT Field Power gains 1 ATB per tier.
Reality Reinforcement 800 XP Whenever you use a Sapper Power at Surge Strength on an Angel and your ATB equals or surpasses the Angel's Toughness Bonus, you can select a trait of theirs. So long as the Sapper Power's effects are in play, the trait is nullified and has no effect. This trait cannot be one intrinsic to its being, and it cannot forcibly change its shape. Traits such as 'Heavenly' or 'Bringer of Hosts' are viable targets, whilst Celerity, if targeted, is reduced by one.

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Career: Hunter

The Hunter is an aggressive, offensive-orientated position, designed to bring the Evangelion's superior speed and strength against the Angels. Hunters are damage dealers, specialising in the myriad weapons of war that Nerv and its allied organisations develop for the Eva's use. One of the great strengths of the Evangelion is how easily the pilot can transfer their learned, personal technique and knowledge to piloting the Eva: they are, after all, designed to mimic the human form, and they truly excel in that regard. This separates the Eva from most war machines in human history: the battle tank, for example, requires a whole new set of skills designed to use it. The Eva, however, fights like a human, which means that Hunters can draw on thousands of years of perfected martial arts and philosophy in their quest to turn their Evas into the perfect killing machine. As a trend, Hunters tend to be fast, relying on momentum and offensive technique to damage an Angel, hopefully crippling it before it can strike back. They stay in the fight by avoiding attacks, not by soaking up damage.

The Hunter's three Sub-Careers are as follows:

  • Duelists, who focus on melee combat and destroying an enemy through speed and skill.
  • Snipers, who specialise in guns and destroying the enemy from afar.
  • Skirmishers, who are flexible combatants capable of fitting many offensive roles, that work to help coordinate the team offensively.
Aptitudes Agility, Offense, Finesse
Ability Bonus +10 to Agility
Guaranteed Eva Quirk Hunters may always choose to take the Danger Sense Quirk in place of any positive Quirk roll during Evangelion generation.
Talent Name Cost Effect
Fleet of Foot 200 XP You gain +4 to Initiative.
Artist of War 400 XP You may modify Attack or Evasion tests by an amount equal to your AB. Rolls of 1, or 100, cannot be modified.
Customised Weaponry 800 XP Your weapons are improved based on their damage type. Impact weapons gain Rapid; Rending weapons gain Keen; Explosive weapons gain Anti-Armour; Energy Weapons gain Breaching. If a weapon already has one of the listed Qualities, then it gains +2 Penetration instead.

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The Duelist focuses on getting in close and dumping damage on the enemy with melee attacks. Their skillset encourages them to take the initiative and try to out-speed their opponents.

Aptitudes (Pick one) Melee, Strength, Toughness
Talent Name Cost Effect
Way of the Sword 200 XP You add 2 DoS to all successful melee attack tests.
Martial Expertise 400 XP You reroll melee Attack Tests against enemies whose initiative is lower than your own.
Whirlwind of Death 800 XP When charging an opponent, you may now choose to use a Burst attack in place of a regular Charge attack. This works like a regular Burst, except that your Hit score is reduced by 2 and you add Charge bonuses to the test.

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The Sniper is most comfortable at a distance, shooting foes with ranged weapons. Typically accurate and devastating, despite their name the Sniper is good with anything from a rifle to a heavy cannon.

Aptitudes (Pick one) Ballistic, Defense, Fieldcraft
Talent Name Cost Effect
Gun Drill 200 XP Ranged Weapons wielded by you increase their Hit score by 1. Whenever you perform a Burst ranged attack, missed hits do not deplete ammo.
Double Tap 400 XP When making a standard ranged attack with a Ranged Weapon, you can choose to 'Double Tap'. This adds an extra +10 to hit, uses up an extra round of ammo, and if you score 3 or more DoS, you hit twice. Otherwise it behaves like a regular standard attack. Cannot be used with Recharge weapons or weapons with 1 round of ammo left.
Eye of Vengeance 800 XP You may spend a Fate Point before rolling a ranged attack to automatically pass, treating the test as though you'd rolled a 1.

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The Skirmisher is a flexible, generalist combatant who usually finds themselves fighting at medium range, where they can shoot at the Angel or engage it in close combat as needed. This flexibility lends themselves to coordinating team attacks on the Angel, using organisation to bring it down.

Aptitudes (Pick One) Melee, Ballistic, Fellowship
Talent Name Cost Effect
Bait the Charge 200 XP Whenever you are charged, and you successfully evade all hits, you can immediately make a free Disengage action.
Wolfpack Tactics 400 XP Whenever you are within 20dm of a target, that target suffers a -10 penalty to non-opposed Evasion and Deflection tests for every ally, including yourself, within 20dm of it. Furthermore, your attacks gain Proven (3), plus 2 per ally within 20dm of the target, including yourself.
With Me 800 XP Whenever an ally charges, bursts, or makes a standard attack at an enemy, and you are within 10dm of either you or the target, you can also decide to perform a charge, burst or standard attack at the same time. You skip your next turn. Finally, if you perform one of these actions on your turn, you can nominate one ally within 10dm of you who has the option of also performing a standard, charge or burst attack. They lose their next turn.

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Career: Sentinel

The Sentinel is a defensive support role. The Evas are powerful weapons, but a single Angel is greater still, and even a team of Evas may struggle to defeat one. The Sentinel, then, focuses on keeping the team alive and more importantly, coherent, using their superior defenses to shield allies whilst also frustrating the Angel's intentions at any opportunity. The position of Sentinel is not for the faint-hearted: it involves a great deal of throwing oneself into dangerous situations involving the greatest threat humanity has ever faced. Here, a Sentinel must trust not only in the ability of their Eva to soak up massive damage, but also in the ability of their comrades to make use of the precious time a Sentinel wins for them. This focus means it is not uncommon for Sentinels to act as a form of in-field squad leader or sergeant, although this is far from guaranteed.

The Sentinel's three Sub-Careers are as follows:

  • Blockers, who emphasise the defensive facet of the Sentinel. Practically walking cover, they seek to protect allies first and foremost.
  • Interdictors, who focus on frustrating the enemy, locking them down and taking away some of their tools and defenses.
  • Playmakers, who empower their allies offensively and supportively through coordination and assistance.
Aptitudes Toughness, Finesse, Resolution
Ability Bonus +5 to Toughness and Willpower
Guaranteed Eva Quirk Adepts may always choose to take the Juggernaut Quirk in place of any positive Quirk roll during Evangelion generation.
Talent Name Cost Effect
Armour Master 200 XP Your Eva's AP on all areas increases by 1. In P-Scale, you treat all worn armour as having +1 AP.
Grin and Bear It 400 XP After rolling, and failing, a test to resist Fear or Mind Control, you can choose to gain a point of Stress per Degree of Failure (minimum 2) to force a pass instead. You gain Fearless (Stress spent) for the rest of the battle.
Defensive Formation 800 XP So long as you are within 5dm of another ally, you and all allies within 5dm of you gain a +10 to all Evasion tests, a +20 bonus to Counter Attacks and Attacks of Opportunity, and reroll failed Toughness and Willpower tests and take the preferred result.

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Blockers are Sentinels who try to turn their Evas into giant slabs of meaty wall with which to protect their allies. They are also generally the most melee-oriented form of Sentinel, and so benefit from using some kind of shield.

Aptitudes (Pick One) Melee, Strength, Defense
Talent Name Cost Effect
Walking Cover 200 XP All allies adjacent to you gain a Cover Bonus of 1, which applies even in Melee. If you have a shield that provides AP, then the Cover Bonus is increased by the shield's AP.
Defiant Defender 400 XP Whenever you parry an enemy attack you may make any standard half action, including attack, move etc. This counts as using up your Counter Attack, so you can only do it once between turns.
Tactical Spacing 800 XP Attacks aimed at allies adjacent to you take a -20 penalty. Furthermore, you gain an extra reaction, which may only be spent on the Guardian, Sacrifice or Protect Ally actions. Finally, the Guard Mode action is now a Half Action.

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Interdictors are Sentinels who weaken and wear the Angel down, making it less able to attack others and defend itself. The Interdictor is the most range-oriented form of Sentinel, and so often benefits from being at close to medium range.

Aptitudes (Pick One) Ballistic, Agility, Perception
Talent Name Cost Effect
Obscuring Barrage 200 XP Whenever an enemy is about to make a Melee, Ballistic, Agility or Perception test, you can expend a reaction to hit them with a Burst ranged attack. This attack does no damage. However, for every successful hit, the target suffers a -5 penalty to their upcoming test.
Fire Lock 400 XP You take a +20 bonus to Overwatch and Suppressive Fire attack tests. Furthermore, whenever you hit with an Overwatch attack, the target must pass a Toughness or Willpower test; on a failure, their current Move Action is cancelled, leaving their movement ended at the location they were when you struck them with Overwatch.
Shell Shock 800 XP Whenever you hit a target with an attack, you can apply a penalty based on your weapon type. If your weapon is Energy or Rending, then you can negate all damage dealt and instead reduce the target's Deflection by 10% per DoS. If your weapon is Impact or Explosive, then you can negate all damage dealt and instead reduce the target's Toughness Bonus by 1, +1 per 2 DoS. This lasts until the end of your next turn.

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Playmakers are Sentinels who occupy a utility and support role, working to create opportunities for their allies through manipulating movement, managing coordination and allowing allies to do their thing better.

Aptitudes (Pick One) Fellowship, Offense, Social
Talent Name Cost Effect
Forced Positioning 200 XP On successfully hitting a target and dealing damage, you can choose to move the target a number of dm equal to the wounds dealt, to a max of 5. This triggers attacks of opportunities as normal. Furthermore, if this attack inflicts lethal damage, you or any other ally may instantly make a free Half Action of the Move subtype.
Spotter 400 XP Allies may calculate ranged bonuses against targets based on your location instead of their own.
Distract and Annoy 800 XP You can test Charm or Deceive in place of Melee when using the Feint action. Furthermore, your Feints gain a range of 10dm, and you can transfer the benefits of Feint to any ally.

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Career: Captain

The Captain is a distinctive career, one that plays differently to the rest of the cast. Captains do not pilot Evangelions; instead they take up the role of commanding all of Nerv's military assets during Angel incursions, including the Evangelions themselves. They do this from within Nerv's Centre of Operations, presumably safe and sound. Here they, along with a team of highly qualified experts, provide the technical support and leadership needed to win the battle.

Because of this, the Captain has an advantage over the other characters- they're in a position of command and influence, able to go where the pilots cannot and draw on resources beyond the pilots' reach. In battle, they are commanders, but out of battle they use these resources to uncover information, protect the pilots from threats without and within, and unravel the conspiracies surrounding the war with the Angels.

Captains operate differently from the rest of the careers. They have special rules because of this, listed below:

There may only be one Captain, period.

Captains do not pilot Evas. Instead they are within Nerv's bunker and so do not necessarily appear on the map.

Captains are in command of all of Nerv's military assets. They control the Forces during battles, and can command the Evas with the expectation that their commands be met (although the pilots may not actually carry these out). Out of battle, Captains decide the flow of surplus and research.

In E-Scale Battles, Captains do not have normal Turns like everyone else does. They gain actions like everyone else, but may spend these actions however they like at any time, even during someone else's turn. They have access to a series of unique actions, known as Captain Actions. These Actions are all a Full Action each (meaning a Captain can usually only use one of these a turn) and are listed below:

  • Advise Corrections: Select one pilot who has just made a test. They reroll the test and take their preferred result.
  • Cut Synch: Select one pilot and cut their AT Field score by 1d10 (resets at the end of the battle).
  • Tactical Assist: Select one pilot. They may add a +10 bonus to a test they are about to make.
  • Remote Care: The pilot removes 1 level of normal fatigue, or removes Stunning from themselves.
  • Shock: If done during an event that is inflicting stress and/or ego damage on a pilot, the pilot reduces the amount taken by the Captain's Intelligence Bonus, but takes 2 levels of fatigue.
  • Analyse Angel: The Captain makes an Intelligence test, opposed by the Angel's intelligence. On a success, the Captain reveals the Angel's Wound scores, AP, and Ability Scores permanently, or until a major metamorphosis changes the Angel completely.
  • Precision Targeting: Select an Eva. It gains +2 Penetration to its next attack.

The Captain has Sub-Careers as follows:

  • Directors, who are the 'Captain Classic' option. They are devoted to improving the Pilots' performance in combat, and are appropriately Eva-centric.
  • Generals, who are built around emphasising the base's Forces and other conventional defenses.
  • Politicians, who are focused on the logistical and non-combat elements of the Captain career.
Aptitudes Intelligence, Perception, Social
Ability Bonus +5 to Intelligence, +5 to Fellowship
Guaranteed Eva Quirk Captains have no Evas, and so do not have an Eva Quirk. Instead, they gain the 'Delegate' trait.
Career Trait
Delegate You have three assistants who handle certain tactical actions for you. At the start of a round, you can select three Captain Actions, and targets for them. These actions may be executed at any time not on your current round, but during the next round (and if not used by the end of the round, are wasted). You may cue up Delegate actions even if some are still waiting to resolve.
Talent Name Cost Effect
Tactical Genius 200 XP You may at any time spend a Fate Point to immediately activate a Captain Action.
Loyal Posse 400 XP You gain the services of loyal and skilled personnel, who you can use in investigations and other non-Angel battle actions. During investigations, you may select a number of NPCs equal to your Fellowship Bonus from the Rank One NPC List, and use them as you would your own character during the investigations. You do not have to stick with the same picks for every investigation, as it's assumed that you have a larger posse than is seen, just not all at once.
Advanced Training 800 XP Select an Aptitude. You and all the Pilots permanently gain that Aptitude. If it is an Aptitude you or they already have, they may swap it out for any of the Ability Score Aptitudes as normal.

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The Director understands that the best (and only) way to defeat the Angels is through the Evangelions, and so focuses on making sure the Evas focus at their best. This means providing cohesion and direction for the Evas and improving the Director's ability to deliver support actions.

Aptitudes (Pick One) Agility, Finesse, Knowledge
Talent Name Cost Effect
Regroup 200 XP You may spend a Fate Point at any time to grant all the Evas an immediate half action of the Movement subtype. They may also instantly reload any Pistol or Basic weapon at the same time.
Specialised Command 400 XP You gain a second Full Action each turn, which may only be spent on activating Captain Actions.
Synchronised Action 800 XP Once per battle, at the start of a round, you can declare a Synchronised Action, which will take place at the start of the next round. Next round, all pilots act on the same initiative and in any order at the very start of the round, gaining +10 to all tests and the Proven (Your IB) to all damage rolls.

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The General understands the importance of the Eva, but also understands that human warfare for centuries has improved through a combined arms approach. Perhaps this stems from traditionalism, or an understanding of how underutilised existing military resources are. Regardless, the General tries to amplify and play up the utility of ground forces as ways to support the Evas.

Aptitudes (Pick One) Willpower, Offense, Resolution
Talent Name Cost Effect
Heroic Leadership 200 XP You add your Willpower Bonus and Intelligence Bonus together when determining the max size of your Mobile Forces.
Extra-Mobile Forces 400 XP Your Forces only take one turn to transit between zones, and furthermore can do both Force Moves and Force Attacks in the same round.
Experimental Weaponry 800 XP Your Forces' basic attack is now equivalent to a Pallet Rifle Variant-R, Variant-M or Variant-RM, assuming the technology for those has been researched.

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The Politician's focus is less on the specific battles- although they remain skilful tacticians. Rather, the Politician believes that the true weapon to overcome the Angels is bringing the full sum of human society to bear- weapon, tool, resource, all of it pooled together in the most streamlined way possible. Essentially, the Politician works to improve logistics and Nerv's supply chain, whilst also having an edge in non-combat scenarios.

Aptitudes (Pick One) Fellowship, Finesse, Defense
Talent Name Cost Effect
Streamlined Logistics 200 XP Nerv gains +1 Surplus at the start of each month. After every battle, make a Fellowship test. You gain +1 Surplus even if you fail, but if you pass you gain another +1, plus another per 2 Degrees of Success.
Elite Agent 400 XP You gain the services of one, extremely skilled individual. On taking this talent, you generate an NPC, whose profile is based on a Rank Three NPC profile of your choice, but with an extra 4 skill ranks and +10 to two Ability Scores. This elite agent can be used during investigations as you would yourself. If they die, you may gain another, but only by purchasing this talent again.
Network of Favours 800 XP All Surplus costs are reduced by 1 to a minimum of 1. Furthermore, once per month you can ask a favour of a powerful entity, who may be political, cultural, military, scientific or economic. You and the GM discuss the form this favour may take, which may be for example adding a sum of surplus (maybe around 10~) to the pool, or temporarily increasing all Static Forces for a single battle, or adding a single sum (again, around ~10) to the research pool.

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Generating Ability Scores

After choosing your Origin and Career and applying their Ability Score benefits, you may now generate your final starting Ability Score lineup.

  • You gain 60 points to spend across your ten Scores. You may not increase a Score above 50 at this stage.
  • Once all your points are spent, you finalise your Score line; this will be the starting line you use at the start of the game.
    • A note on Scores: over the course of the game you will be able to gain a maximum of +25 permanent growth in lots of 5 to each of the ten core Ability Scores. Furthermore, your Evangelion uses its own Strength and Toughness scores, which means you may be incentivised to prioritise other Scores unless you intend to use them a good deal in P-Scale.
    • Throughout the game, you will see terminology that refers to an Ability's 'natural' attributes. This means the character's Ability Scores before any modifiers from, for example, equipment or traits.

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Generating Vitals

Every character has a set of important stats known as Vitals. These are their Wounds, Fate Points, Fatigue Threshold, Stress and Ego Damage.

  • Wounds represent your character's general health, and act as a buffer for damage. Once they run out of wounds, damage inflicts dangerous Lethal Damage effects. All characters begin with 8+TB wounds, and if their TB increases, this is recalculated appropriately. Wounds can be increased with the 'Sound Constitution' talent.
  • Fate Points are an intangible resource that are spent to activate special actions, such as rerolls or sudden wound heals. Everyone begins with 2 Fate Points, and whilst these can be increased through starting traits, the usual way to increase Fate Points is at the GM's whim, often as a reward for excellent roleplaying or major achievements. Fate Points that are spent refresh at the start of a week, and unspent fate points do not carry over to the next week; you always have the same starting pool. They can also be burned, which allows you to avoid a terrible fate or certain death, but this permanently reduces your Fate Pool by one.
  • Fatigue Threshold measures how much Fatigue a character can take before they start to collapse. If Fatigue is higher than the Threshold, the character suffers a -20 penalty to all tests; if their Fatigue is twice as high as the Threshold, they collapse for 10-TB minutes. Fatigue is usually removed after a full eight hours' sleep.
  • Stress is a type of special damage, representing long-term accumulation of physical and mental weariness. It is increased primarily through Personal Time Actions, and reduced through other Personal Time Actions. For each 10 points of stress you have, you gain a level of fatigue that cannot be removed until Stress is decreased. If Stress becomes so high that it forces you to fall unconscious due to fatigue, you suffer a Breakdown.
  • Ego Damage reflects the erosion of the boundaries around your soul and its sense of individuality and cohesion, often as a result of being exposed to the potent AT Fields of Angels, or oversynchronisation with an Evangelion. Ego Damage begins at 0, and accumulates with that exposure. Once Ego Damage surpasses your Willpower score, you experience Ego Collapse.

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Aspects are a special element to a character that strongly reflects their personality, background, a belief, relationship or something similar to those. They are defined by you, the player, via working out with the GM (and other players!) what they are and what they mean.

All PCs begin with two Aspects and may gain more as time goes on. They may also change over time.

Aspects are more than character traits: they also inform a mechanic. During gameplay, a character may spend a Fate Point and invoke an aspect to gain a benefit from it, one stronger than a usual Fate Point spend use.

Aspects can also be used to complicate a situation. For example, an aspect may lead a character into doing an action they might not want to do. This is called a 'compel'. Any players- including the GM, who has the last say- can call for a compel when a situation arises for a specific character. If the GM (and the player) agree, then a consequence falls on that character. In return, however, the character regains a Fate Point, or removes Ego Damage or Stress.

Aspects work best, then, when they have both positive and detrimental elements to them.
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PCs may choose to take a Drawback at creation. Drawbacks are major traits that have notable mechanical drawbacks. For example, an allergy, or possessing a feature that permanently penalises all of your social interactions.

PCs may only take a single Drawback at creation, and determine its nature with the GM. A player who takes on a Drawback may request a boon from the GM in return. Some examples are:

  • An extra starting 1,000 XP.
  • Another Aspect, perhaps one tied to their Drawback, or alternatively one with less of a downside
  • A positive Quirk for their Evangelion.

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Aptitudes, Experience, Advancements and Starting Skills

At this point the character is all but finished. All that's left is to determine their starting skills and spending their starting experience.

Characters start the game with the following skills: Literacy, Linguist (English, one other) and Lore (Home Country). On top of this, they may gain five free different skills of their choice, which may only be chosen from skills with which they share at least one aptitude.

Once this is done, the character is given 1,000 starting XP to spend on advances. All Evangelion pilots begin with the 'AT Innate Basic' talent.

Advances in AdEva refer primarily to one of three things: Skill Advances, Talent Advances and Ability Score Advances. Every aptitude has an XP cost, but it also has two Aptitudes. If your character shares an Aptitude with that Advance, then the cost is discounted; if they share both Aptitudes then they get a larger discount.

Here is a list of Aptitudes, with a small description of what they do.
Aptitude Name Description
General Advances with this Aptitude are simple or easy to learn, accessible to just about everyone. For this reason, everyone is treated as having the General Aptitude.
Ability Aptitudes These represent the ten Characteristics each Character possesses: Melee, Ballistic, Strength, Toughness, Agility, Intelligence, Perception, Willpower, Fellowship and AT Field.
Offense This aptitude represents a focus on the attack and is often tied with brute force and superior force of arms. Characters with this aptitude often excel at dealing damage, particularly in melee.
Finesse This aptitude represents careful planning, use of sophisticated skills and precision. These kinds of characters excel with precision weaponry and agility.
Defense This aptitude represents a knowledge of how to keep oneself alive whilst in the swirling storm of brutal combat.
Knowledge This aptitude represents an ability to acquire knowledge, whether it be through the written word, through the stories of orators and storytellers, or through ancient fragments of lost civilizations.
Fieldcraft This aptitude represents the ability to survive in many types of environments or to perform behaviours that would assist in that.
Resolution This aptitude represents the ability to manifest resolve and 'inner character'. It is key in mental defense as well as leadership.
Social This aptitude represents one's ability to understand and use the dangerous and subtle arts of social grace and knowledge to further their own gains.

Skill Advances represent one of the many skills characters can use. Skills represent a character's expertise and capability within a certain area. Every skill has four levels, each representing a greater level of expertise within that skill.

  • Level 1, 'Trained', allows you to use the skill without the -20 penalty for not knowing it. (Specialist Skills may not be attempted at all without at least Trained proficiency in the Skill's specialisation.)
  • Level 2, 'Experienced', allows you to use the skill with a +10 bonus.
  • Level 3, 'Master', increases the bonus with this skill to +20.
  • Level 4, 'Legendary', increases the bonus with this skill to +30.
  • Each level of a skill has the previous level as a prerequisite, so you must progress through each level one after the other.
  • Some skills are Specialist Skills; when you purchase them, you actually purchase a specialisation within them- for example, the Operate skill has the specialisations "Wheeled" and "Fixed Wing". Purchasing Operate (Wheeled) allows you to operate wheeled vehicles, but not fixed wing aircraft. You may purchase Specialist skills more than once, each time choosing a different specialisation. These specialisations are treated as separate skills and must be advanced separately.
    • A note on Skills: it is possible that in the course of character generation, you end up gaining a skill multiple times. In this case, you 'stack' the skill, increasing its level of advancement by one per duplicate.

Talent Advances enhance your character, proividing them with special bonuses in certain circumstances- they're powerful and form an important core of character experience. Every talent is divided into one of three tiers, with each tier being more expensive and more powerful. Talents often have prerequisites that you must meet before you can purchase it.

Ability Score Advances increase one of your character's ten Abilities. Each Ability has five Advances, and each time you purchase an Advance for that Ability you permanently increase it by +5.

  • Ability Score Advances must be purchased in order, going: Simple, Intermediate, Trained, Proficient and Expert. Each advancement is more expensive than the last.

Skills come in four ranks- Trained (1), Experienced (2), Master (3) and Legendary (4).

  • Level 1, 'Trained', allows you to use the skill without the -20 penalty for not knowing it. (Specialist Skills may not be attempted at all without at least Trained proficiency in the Skill's specialisation.)
  • Level 2, 'Experienced', allows you to use the skill with a +10 bonus.
  • Level 3, 'Master', increases the bonus with this skill to +20.
  • Level 4, 'Legendary', increases the bonus with this skill to +30.
Matching Aptitudes Known Trained Experienced Master
Two 100 XP 200 XP 300 XP 400 XP
One 200 XP 400 XP 600 XP 800 XP
Zero 300 XP 600 XP 900 XP 1200 XP

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Personal Details

In this section, you work out the character's personal details: their family, their background, what food they like, their favourite colour, so on and so forth. Realistically, this step will be performed throughout the entirety of the character creation process.
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Generate an Evangelion

At this point, your character is complete; all that is left is generating an Evangelion, the rules of which may be found here: Evangelions.
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