Adeptus Evangelion is a tale as much about the Evangelions as it is the pilots, especially the relation between them.

An Evangelion, or an 'Eva', is an advanced war machine between thirty to sixty metres tall. Despite its mechanical appearance, the Eva is not a 'robot' so much as it is a cyborg: a biological entity enfused with mechanical implants and cybernetics. They move fluidly, with the grace of a human being, and bleed when a hit punched through their armour and into their flesh. They are living entities, kept docile through conditioning, nerve bolts in their armour, and lobotomisation.

The Eva is a notoriously difficult weapon to use. It must be piloted from within. An individual will enter a long cylindrical cockpit called an 'Entry Plug', which is inserted into an implanted cavity in the Eva's spinal column. The plug is then filled with breathable liquid known as LCL, which immerses the pilot before an electrical current changes the LCL's state to a gaseous one. The pilot is then 'synchronised' with the Evangelion. Once synchronised, the pilot exists at the centre of the Eva's nervous system. What the Eva feels, the pilot feels, including sensations such as pain. But the pilot can also control the Eva as easily as they would their own bodies. The Eva truly becomes an extension of the pilot. All of this seems easy- intuitive, even. And it is.

The problem isn't with the piloting scheme itself, but rather with who can synchronise with an Eva. Most people cannot, and those who can are almost without exception below the age of 18. This often means that the only individuals capable of effectively piloting an Eva are teenagers. This adds a major element of chaos to the Eva, for the synchronisation process is far from perfect, and the pilots themselves are often mercurial and unreliable.

Furthermore, the Eva is extremely resource-intensive. Each component of the Eva is technologically advanced, often decades ahead of publicly available science. This incredible edge is maintained only through huge expenditure of funds and resources, to the scale of placing major strain on the economies of whole nations. A single Eva can often cost as much as whole armies might. This is compounded by the fact that Eva tech is an emergent field, shaky and unstable, requiring large and elaborate support structures. The Evas themselves are very power-hungry in terms of electricity, requiring to be literally plugged into power generators designed to keep whole cities alight. Without these cables, the Eva has a scant minute or so of internal battery power before it goes dormant. This is an obvious weakness that greatly limits the Eva's strategic and tactical value.

So why have Evangelions? The answer is simple: Evangelions are not soulless entities. Buried within their chests are cores, containing the soul of an entity within. These cores project the soul's sense of self out into a physical reality-shaping force known as an AT Field. This AT Field is capable of truly miraculous feats. It is the only thing capable of neutralising another AT Field, without which the massed military might of humanity is worthless against an Angel, with their own powerful fields. The AT Field even has the potential to change the world- for good or ill.

This page contains the rules on how Evas operate, and how to generate one yourself.
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How Evangelions Operate

Evangelions have their own statlines, and in E-Scale Battles, it is the Evangelion that moves around and acts. However, the Evas are still piloted by a pilot, and so their statline is made up of a mix of the pilot's and their own.

Evas use the pilot's Ability Scores for everything except Strength and Toughness, which they possess their own Scores for. The pilot also relies on their own skills and talents when piloting.

Evas require massive amounts of electricity to operate, and so must be plugged into an Umbilical Cable. Each Cable is connected to a Supply Cache or Launch Port somewhere within the Zone they are operating in. When they change Zones, they must replace their cables. Evas are capable of operating without an Umbilical, but only have enough battery power to sustain five rounds of full combat operation. At the end of this level, the Eva depowers, becoming helpless; the Eva cannot move or act.

Evas have a pair of large fins on each of their shoulders. These 'Wings' contain storage wing docks within them. An Eva can store a Pistol, Knife, or a single ammo clip for any weapon within a dock. If the arm is lost, so is the dock, along with its cargo.

Evas possess AT Fields, using the pilot's AT Field score to generate its strength.
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Umbilical Cables and Power

Evas are cyborgs, and despite their biological base are still powered primarily by electricity. The original plan was for Evas to be outfitted with S2 Organs- bioelectrical marvels capable of producing unlimited energy at a steady rate with no fuel. However, with S2 Organ research still a pipe dream, the Evas have to be outfitted with more prosaic alternatives. The only power sources capable of providing all the power an Eva needs in a portable, carried device are prohibitively expensive, heavy or dangerous, mainly being confined to nuclear reactors, antimatter generators or fusion reactors, in increasing order of efficiency, but decreasing order of actual ability to replicate. So Nerv instead plugs all of the Evas into a greater urban power grid, with the generators being deep below the earth or fed by solar panels far from the city itself.

Mechanically, an Evangelion can only function if plugged into an Umbilical Cable. Umbilical Cables are distributed from Supply Caches and Launch Ports, and Evas are considered to start each battle plugged in, so long as they start in a Launch Port. The Cable has enough range to cover the entire current zone the Port or Cache is in. However, it doesn't stretch farther than that, and on arriving in a new Zone, the Eva's cable becomes unplugged and they must plug themselves into a new cable in the new zone.

The Cable can be destroyed, either through a called shot (which is evaded as normal) or through an area of effect attack. An Eva struck by an AoE will lose their Umbilical Cable immediately.

Fortunately, Evas are not helpless if bereft of cables. An unplugged Eva starts drawing on internal batteries. These batteries provide enough power for full combat action for up to five rounds. If the Eva plugs itself back in, the batteries instantly recharge. If, however, the battery runs out and the Eva isn't plugged in, it powers down, becoming Helpless; it cannot move, spread an AT Field or act in any way.
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Piloting an Eva is not a matter of mechanical manipulation but rather the result of a nervous and metaphysical connection between the pilot and the Evangelion's body and soul. Through this nervous connection, a pilot can feel what the Eva feels and see what the Eva sees, as though its body were an extension of their own. However, such a connection works both ways, and a necessary element of a nervous system is the ability to feel pain. This means a pilot may be subjected to uniquely horrific physical experiences, such as feeling their chest explode, eyes be pierced or even more gruesome fates. This unwanted transfer of sensation from Eva to pilot is known as 'Feedback'.

Whenever a pilot experiences Lethal Damage to an Eva location in excess of their Fatigue Threshold (ie. If their Threshold is 4, then this is lethal damage 5, 6, etc), they suffer a rank of fatigue.
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Synch Disruption

The 'Synchronisation Ratio' between pilot and Eva represents how strong the connection is. A high ratio is necessary just to make the Eva move, but the stronger the connection, the more in tune Eva and pilot are, and the stronger the AT Field becomes. However, when controlling a being far greater than you in terms of mental, physical and spiritual might, being 'in tune' may not always be a good thing. Furthermore, the Synchronisation process is haphazard and unstable, and can be easily disrupted.

Whenever a pilot is piloting their Eva and suffers Stress, Ego Damage or Feedback, they incur 'Synch Disruption'. This is a 1d10 roll that modifies the pilot's AT Field score up or down. If the roll is odd then it decreases your score by that amount; if the roll is even, then it increases it. These modifications are cumulative, but do not last past a battle. Furthermore a pilot can only incur Synch Disruption once per round.

However, having a low connection to the Eva can make the Eva unpilotable. On the other hand, a high connection makes the Eva more powerful, but can incur debilitating effects on the pilot. Consult the chart below. Each entry provides a mechanical effect to your Eva based on your AT Field score.

Score Name Effect
Below 10 Sub-Operational Ratio The pilot's Synch Ratio is too low to effectively pilot the Eva. The pilot cannot use the Eva and it essentially counts as being unpowered.
11-60 Nominal Depth Level This is the standard level for piloting an Evangelion, during which all is normal. No extra effects.
61-79 Maximum Safe Depth Level The connection is becoming increasingly intimate, to both the pilot's detriment and their benefit. Whenever the pilot spends a Fate Point to modify or reroll a test, they can substitute AT Field in place of the original score being tested. However, they count their Fatigue Threshold as being -3 for the purposes of Feedback, and suffer Ego Damage at the start of every turn equal to their ATB-WPB, minimum 1.
80+ Terminal Depth Limit Beyond this level the connection is a major risk to the pilot's ego boundary and physical safety. Their Feedback Threshold counts as 0 for the purposes of Feedback, and every time they suffer Feedback, the pilot suffers wounds equal to the amount of damage inflicted on the Eva in excess of soak, ignoring the pilot's TB and AP. The pilot takes Ego Damage equal to ATB and is not reduced by WPB. However, the pilot gains the same benefit as above, but also gains a temporary fate point per turn, which may not be burned and is not transferred to future turns. The Eva also gains the Superior Action trait.

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Despite appearances, Evangelions are not machines but rather living, biological entities sealed within cybernetic armour. Lobotomisation and conditioning keeps the Evangelion's own mind dormant and pliable, whilst the armour suppresses, restrains and subjugates its muscles and nerves, allowing it to be piloted. However, within the Eva is a soul, a soul made powerful through the AT Field, and this allows the Evangelion to exert its independence in moments when the pilot is weak or unstable.Should an Evangelion manage to seize control of itself, it undergoes 'synchronisation reversal', subjugating the pilot as its own puppet. In this state, traditional attempts to subdue the Eva- by going for the pilot- fail to work. This terrifying phenomenon- of one of humanity's greatest weapons going rogue- is known as 'Berserking'.

Berserking doesn't come out of nowhere- instead it is the result of meeting a trigger. Whenever one of these triggers is met, the pilot makes an Opposed Willpower Test, opposed by the pilot's AT Field Score, which represents the Evangelion's will. The AT Field test comes with a -10 penalty. Should the Eva win, then the Evangelion goes Berserk.

An Evangelion has the following Berserk triggers:

  • Being attacked whilst dormant due to being out of power, low AT Field score or the pilot being unconscious
  • The pilot falling unconscious, such as due to Fatigue. They only test this once, at the time of falling unconscious.
  • The Eva being attacked after its head has been destroyed, but its body has not
  • A fourth trigger, determined by the Evangelion's Soul Feature

A Berserk Evangelion gains the following effects:

  • A +20 to Melee, Ballistic, Strength, Toughness, Agility and AT Field Scores. Berserk Evas use their pilot's base abilities, skills, and talents.
  • Regenerates all of the pilot's spent Fate Points
  • +2 Damage and Penetration with all Natural Weapons, which also gain the Breaching Quality.
  • Berserk Evas are not defeated until their body is destroyed. Head damage inconveniences it, but does not actually defeat it.
  • Instant +1 collateral damage.
  • The pilot suffers Stress equal to the Eva's new ATB.

Berserk Evangelions cannot be controlled, and Nerv's attempts to access its systems remotely (eg. To eject the Plug or cut synch) automatically fail. On Berserking, an Evangelion will immediately move to kill any Angels in the area, as well as anything else that threatened or provoked it, including Forces or other Evas, or natural disasters (if applicable). Once the Eva has eliminated these threats, what it does next… Depends.

Every Evangelion has its own personal agenda: a goal it wants to accomplish or an outcome it wants to reach. What this agenda is depends on who they were once, and the personality of their soul. Berserking is one of the only chances an Eva has to actually accomplish these goals. After eliminating all threats, the Evangelion will begin pursuing its agenda. This agenda should be complex and difficult to understand, requiring at least 3 or 4 distinct steps and goals- one of which is usually acquiring an S2 Organ off an Angel. On accomplishing one of these steps, the Evangelion powers down.

However, it is difficult for such an entity to always remember its agenda. After defeating threats, the Evangelion experiences an 'amnesia period', lasting for a number of rounds equal to the WPB of the pilot. For this period the Evangelion remains inert and inactive, perhaps wandering aimlessly or doing random, even comical actions. At the end of this period, the Evangelion suddenly remembers what it was doing and begins to pursue its agenda. If the Eva is attacked during this period, then its Amnesia Period immediately ends, and it will attack whatever hurt it until that thing is dead.

Unfortunately, once an Evangelion has Berserked, it becomes easier with each time. Every time an Eva Berserks, it gains a cumulative, permanent +10 bonus to all future rolls testing to see if it goes Berserk. Furthermore, each time it achieves a goal, it reduces all future Amnesia periods by 1 round.

A pilot may be able to dissuade an Eva from berserking, or reduce its chances of berserking in the future, but only through a form of bargaining, either at the moment of berserking, or in between battles. These 'bargains' usually take the form of the pilot subconsciously, or through dreams, or through entry plug mindtrips, asking the Eva to refrain from berserking or to become less prone to berserking. The Eva is inclined to agree… So long as the pilot performs some task for them. The task is usually challenging, it not life threatening, but it tends to advance the Eva's agendas somehow, at least not in a violent and gory way.
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Upgrading your Evangelion

An Eva is a military marvel, and like all such things, its creators are constantly attempting to improve on it.

All Evangelions can be upgraded with upgrades bought with surplus. These upgrades fall into two categories:

  • The Essential Upgrades, which are upgrades that improve an Eva's Ability Scores or other quality of life things. They are one-time purchases that once taken, always apply permanently.
  • The Special Upgrades, which provide an Eva with special benefits allowing an Eva to be outfitted for various objectives. Special Upgrades are divided into two types: Biological Upgrades and Mechanical Upgrades. Unlike Essentials, an Eva can only equip so many Special Upgrades of each type at once. An Eva has 3 slots for Biological Upgrades and 3 for Mechanical Upgrades, and these can be swapped out between battle.

The full list of Eva upgrades can be found in the Equipment page.

Generating an Evangelion

This section details rules for how to generate an Evangelion, and the various components that go into an Eva.

Eva Models

The first step of generating an Eva is to decide its Model. Evas come in three types: Prototypes, Test Models and Production Models.

  • Prototypes are the first model of Evangelion, and the least stable. It has slightly weaker wounds and armour than the other models, and starts with only 10 points to spend in improving its starting Scores. However, it has three 'Quirks'. The first Quirk is always a Good Quirk, whilst the other two require a 1d10 roll; on a roll of 1-6 they are Good Quirks, but on a roll of 7-10 they are Bad Quirks.
  • Test Models are more stable and advanced than the Prototype, although not entirely expected to see combat. They start with 15 points to spend in improving their starting Scores, and two Quirks. The first Quirk is always a Good Quirk, whilst the second requires a 1d10 roll; on a roll of 1-7 it is a Good Quirk, whilst on a roll of 8-10 it is a Bad Quirk.
  • Production Models are the safest and most stable Eva, being the benchmark for how Evas should be in terms of battle readiness. They start with 20 points to spend in improving their starting scores, slightly higher wounds and armour, and a single Quirk, which is always positive.

The starting wound and armour tables for Evangelions is below. Many of the wounds are reliant on the Eva's TB; if the Eva's TB increases, the wound count is recalculated appropriately.

All Evangelions begin with a 30 in Strength and Toughness.

Finally, Evangelions do not possess a single wound pool. Instead, all of their body locations possess their own wound pools, and take Lethal Damage separately. An Eva is not defeated until its head or body are destroyed.

Location Wounds AP
Head TB+5 3
Body (TB*2)+8 4
Left Arm TB+9 4
Right Arm TB+9 4
Left Leg TB+9 4
Right Leg TB+9 4
Test Model
Location Wounds AP
Head TB+6 3
Body (TB*2)+10 4
Left Arm TB+11 4
Right Arm TB+11 4
Left Leg TB+11 4
Right Leg TB+11 4
Production Model
Location Wounds AP
Head TB+7 4
Body (TB*2)+12 5
Left Arm TB+13 5
Right Arm TB+13 5
Left Leg TB+13 5
Right Leg TB+13 5

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Eva Features

Evangelions are unique. As a result of their haphazard creation and the conspiracies and lies that surround them, each Eva is different from each of its peers. This section deals with the facets that make Evas individuals mechanically.

These 'Eva Features' fall into one of four categories: History, Soul, Good Quirk and Bad Quirk.

  • History deals with the origins of the Eva, and provides both a bonus and a complication. Each Eva has one History.
  • Soul deals with the personality of the Eva and the nature of the entity within. Souls provide a fourth trigger for Eva berserks, and modifies an Eva's capabilities when berserk. (More on Berserk later) Each Eva has one Soul.
  • Good Quirks are mutations or mechanisms that are intrinsic to the Eva's design, and improve the Eva's capabilities. Every Eva has at least one Good Quirk, and can have three or more at creation depending on luck and pilot origin.
  • Bad Quirks are drawbacks intrinsic to the Eva, perhaps a flaw of design or soul. An Eva may start, depending on model and luck, with up to two Bad Quirks. These Bad Quirks are designed to be situation, meaning instead of being permanent penalties, they make specific situations more problematic but can be controlled.

Eva Histories

When generating your Eva, roll a 1d10 and compare the result to the chart below; this is your Eva's History.

Roll Name Description Effect
1 Corporate Sponsorship A large corporate entity was brought in to help fund the Evangelion's development. This corporation is often a military contractor, industrial organisation or scientific foundation, these are not essential; their only main trait is being very wealthy and highly litigious. The Eva is often adorned with the corporation's logos and branding, designed to 'enhance brand prestige'. The corporation is always happy so long as the Eva is seen doing well, but are quick to threaten Nerv if an Eva is seen as 'harming the brand'. Whenever the Eva ends a battle functional and the Angel is defeated, then Nerv receives an extra sum of Surplus equal to how many Fate Points the pilot has left, plus 3. If the Eva was defeated, or it went berserk, or it caused massive collateral damage, not only do you not receive these bonuses, but Nerv gains 3 extra Collateral Damage from litigation. The Eva may also sometimes be called on to do favours for the corporation.
2 Cursed The Eva is dogged by rumours and scuttlebutt regarding… An incident. Something that happened in the Eva's past that was… Bad. Nerv frowns on this fearmongering, but nonetheless many of the lower ranks treat the pilot with a greater degree of respect for willing to get in something so foreboding. The Eva is fine, though, even though sometimes the pilot is sure strange accidents occur around it- only some of which are lethal. The Pilot takes a +20 bonus to Willpower tests when piloting this Eva. However, the Eva is seemingly prone to 'accidental' problems. Whenever you roll Plug Ejection, Lethal Damage side effects or damage from Overheating or Jams, you reroll and take the worse result.
3 Extreme Experiment Evangelions are big expensive weapons, but they're also incredibly advanced marvels of technology, and serve as the perfect testbed for experimental technology. This Eva is one such model, having been tested with an experimental piece of technology or technique which has, miraculously, worked and still functions. However, the experimental process has led to reconfiguration of the Pilot Feedback protection systems, making the pilot more vulnerable to being overwhelmed by sensory overload. The Eva begins with a Special Biological or Special Mechanical Upgrade of your choice. This upgrade is permanently integrated into the Eva and does not take up an Upgrade Slot. However, you take two levels of Fatigue from Feedback.
4 National Icon This Eva was developed in tandem with the efforts of a national military or scientific project. Agreements have essentially given the nation a degree of ownership over the Eva, with the idea being that the nation is 'loaning' it to Nerv. The Eva is thus considered an icon of that nation, bedecked in its iconography and projected as such to people. This gives the pilot- who is also of that country- an intangible sense of wellbeing- but it also means that the Eva has strings attached, ones that would be hard for Nerv to cut. The pilot gains a conditional, unburnable Fate Point whilst piloting the Eva. Furthermore, reduce the Collateral Damage generated by damage to this Eva by 1. However, the scrutiny surrounding the Eva means that any Collateral Damage generated by the Pilot making errors (such as missing a Blast) or Berserk is doubled. The Eva may also be subject to other obligations.
5 Rogue Design The team that built this Eva were undoubtedly brilliant. Unfortunately, they were also at odds with Nerv's guiding ideology-or its masters, and at some point went rogue. The Eva works, undoubtedly it does and well at that. But Nerv is still playing catchup on properly figuring out how the Eva is put together, and who knows what other secrets were left within? Whenever you roll Plug Ejection, Lethal Damage side effects or damage from Overheating or Jams, you roll twice and take the preferred result. However, the Eva's upgrades are all one surplus more expensive, and it might have other secrets within it.
6 Secret Nerv Project Evas do not grow on trees; each Eva is a huge investment of knowledge, tech and resources, and can take years to build. They're not something you just find behind the back of a 40 metre high couch. So when Nerv unveiled and/or 'rediscovered' this perfectly functioning Eva with no paper trail or knowledge of its existence outside of the org, it came as a surprise to the UN, and a less than pleasant one. Nerv building an entire Eva in-house is a great feat, one that allows for high compatibility between the Eva and Nerv tech, but the UN consider it a threatening demonstration of what Nerv could be without oversight. Having this Eva in the party discounts all Special Biological Upgrades by 2 Surplus to a minimum of 1. However, the pilot gains the "Enemy (Oversight)" Trait, meaning they will be plagued by inspection teams and even interrogators, as will the Eva itself.
7 Suspicious Origin Many Evas have what could be called a 'suspicious origin', but this Eva is… Weird. Spooky, even. It's a seemingly normal Eva, but it sometimes gives anomalous test results. Nerv sensors occasionally pick up on it as a threat. The paper trail for it is almost nonexistent, and what is left is in the obituary section. Angels seem to struggle to notice it… But other Evas do not. The Eva has a +30 bonus to Stealth tests against Angels, and the Angel must make a Perception-20 test to detect it with AT Ping. However, Berserk Evas treat this Eva as though it were an Angel, meaning they will try to destroy it or die trying.
8 UN Designed This Eva was built as a technical cooperative project between the UN and all of its subsidiaries and clients. This makes the Eva reliable. For the UN's standards, at any rate. It provides a basis of testing for standardised interchangeable equipment. Having this Eva in the party discounts all Special Mechanical Upgrades by 2 Surplus to a minimum of 1.. However, it comes with obligations to the UN, and furthermore technology may be embedded in it to prevent the pilot from rebelling or attacking UN assets. Finally, Force attacks against it deal +2 damage and +1 Penetration.
9 Made for Contact This Eva has some special resonance with the Angels… Its background is classified, but there are strange elements to its construction not found in other Evas. This gives the Eva certain benefits, but the pilot, for whatever reason, is more exposed to 'connecting' with the Angel, with inevitably disastrous results. The Eva has a bonus Good Quirk. However, the pilot takes -30 penalty to resist Mental attacks and actions from Angels.
10 The Beast Within The Eva has a reputation for being fickle, uncontrollable and generally recalcitrant, perhaps due to flaws with its berserk suppression tech… Or something else. Strangely, the pilot doesn't quite seem to suffer as much from these episodes, perhaps due to being subconsciously ready for it, or perhaps due to some secret tech working in their favour. The pilot halves stress taken due to the Eva berserking. However, the Eva has a +20 bonus to Berserk tests.

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Eva Souls

When generating your Eva, roll a 1d10 and compare the result to the chart below; this is your Eva's Soul.

Roll Name Description Effect
1 Destructive The spark of consciousness within this Eva delights in destruction, and to witness an Angel die in a sea of fire rouses its being to wakefulness. The Eva tests Berserk whenever an Angel dies and the Core explodes. When Berserk, whenever the Eva inflicts Lethal Damage, it inflicts +2 extra.
2 Protective The soul of this Eva is considerate and concerned with the human life around it. When that life is excessively taken, the Eva struggles to awake and intervene. The Eva tests Berserk for every 3 points of Collateral Damage that isn't due to Eva damage. When berserk, the Eva gains Unnatural Toughness (2).
3 Self-Preservative The soul within resents being controlled by one who can't even keep it out of harm's way… In such cases, the Eva feels compelled to take over in order to save itself. The Eva tests Berserk whenever its total Lethal Damage exceeds its TB, or when a body part is destroyed (including on death). On Berserking, it regains TB*2 wounds on all areas, removing Lethal Damage first, and gains the Regeneration (2) trait.
4 Invasive The Eva is… Curious about the pilot. The Eva wants into the pilot. For whatever reason. And when the pilot's defenses are down, the Eva just invites itself in. Thoroughly disconcerting. The Eva tests Berserk whenever the pilot suffers Ego Damage in a single sum exceeding their WPB. The Eva gains Unnatural AT Field (4) when Berserk.
5 Maternal The Eva is concerned for the safety of its pilot. More to the point, it shares a special bond with the pilot, one that could be construed as compassionate and affectionate. When the pilot is riven with terror, the Eva wakes to protect them. The Eva tests Berserk whenever the pilot Panics. The Eva gains Unnatural Strength (2) when Berserk.
6 Ravenous The Eva is hungry. The pilot can feel this hunger gnawing at the edges of their awareness whenever there's an Angel around, but this hunger becomes uncontrollable should the Angel's corpse be left, defenseless and warm. The Eva tests Berserk whenever an Angel dies but the Core does not explode. When Berserk, the Eva gains +20 to Melee tests.
7 Opportunistic This Eva bides its time, appearing docile and obedient, until as many obstacles to its goals have fallen… Then, when the cat is away, the mouse plays. The Eva tests Berserk whenever it is the last Eva standing (ie all over Evas nearby are inoperable). The Eva gains Celerity (1) when Berserk.
8 Yearning for Freedom The Eva wants to be free, and strives against the pilot's will whenever it feels the pilot is sufficiently distracted. The Eva tests Berserk whenever the pilot suffers Stress in a single sum exceeding their WPB. The Berserk Eva gains +20 to Ballistic tests.
9 Vengeful The Eva seeks vengeance for harm to the pilot. Whether this is out of a protective streak, a pragmatic streak or a possessive one is unkown, but should the pilot hurt, the Eva loses it. The Eva tests Berserk whenever the pilot suffers wound damage. The Berserk Eva's attacks all gain the Savage Quality.
10 Eager The Eva seeks action, and is always restive. It is hard to tame, and trying to pull it away from a fight is a chore. The Eva tests Berserk whenever an Angel has been disabled, but the Eva has not taken any Lethal Damage. The Berserk Eva gains Unnatural Agility (2).

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Eva Good Quirks

When generating your Eva's Good Quirks, roll a 1d100 and compare the result to the chart below; this is your Good Quirk. If you gain the same Quirk twice, reroll until you fall on a different result.

Roll Name Description Effect
1-4 Acid Blood This Eva's blood is highly corrosive, and as it flows over bare skin it proves for a grisly, but effective weapon. When lethally damaged, all of your melee attacks gain the Burning and Tearing Quality. If they have Tearing they gain Savage instead.
5-8 Bizarre Senses The Eva's senses are varied and almost overwhelming. The pilot is left feeling as though the world is oddly muted outside of the Eva. The Eva gains Heightened Senses (all).
9-11 Blood Spawn Seconds after the Eva's blood is shed, it coagulates into discernible biological forms that disturbingly seem entirely willing to take commands from Nerv, and shapeshift to accomodate… Whenever the Eva is lethally damaged, it increases the size of the Zone's Static Forces by the amount of Lethal Damage it took.
12-15 Brute The Eva is an absolute unit, huge and hulking. The Eva gains +10 to Strength, and its Size is increased by one category.
16-20 Carapace Ports The Eva has a subdermal techno-carapace allowing for improved interfacing between its biology and mechanical additions, allowing the Eva to shine in specialised situations. The Eva ignores penalties from the following Mechanical Upgrades: F-Type Armour, Space Suit, Flight Armour, Undersea Armour and Magma Diver.
21-23 Catlike Physique The Eva has an elongated physique with muscle structure that mimics that of a cat. This allows it great flexibility and the ability to absorb shock from falling impacts. It does not mean the Eva has cat ears. The Eva is capable of Bounded Jumps, and gains a +20 bonus to jumping, leaping, climbing and falling tests.
24-26 Centauroid The Eva has an unusual physique, possessing an extra pair of legs, making it essentially quadruped. The design may vary from a full on centaur-like design, to one that replaces all four legs with spider-like spindles. The Eva gains the Multiple Legs (1) trait.
27-30 Chameleon Pigments The Eva's skin pigments contain a chameleonic effect. This would be useless, but the pigment has actually fused with the armour, allowing the entire Eva to blend in with its surroundings. The Eva gains the Chameleon trait.
31-33 Charismatic Connection Connecting with this Eva has strange side effects on the pilot. For a period afterwards, a kind of intangible halo surrounds the pilot, granting them unearthly charisma. After piloting this Eva, the pilot has a +20 bonus to Fellowship tests and a +10 bonus to Willpower tests for a week afterwards.
34-36 Danger Sense The Eva has a powerful, intangible sense of danger that permeates the pilot's senses, allowing them incredible, if tiring, feats of self-protection. The Eva gains an extra reaction to spend as it likes each round. However, whenever it spends this reaction, the Pilot suffers a level of fatigue.
37-40 Extremophile The Eva has a great resilience for extreme environments. Deep water, space… Not a problem. The Eva is immune to damage from water pressure or from space, and can navigate in these environments without problem.
41-44 Feedback Damper The Eva has been designed with advanced feedback damping systems in place, designed to minimise the disruptive sensations felt by the pilot. The pilot adds treats their Fatigue Threshold as +2 for the purposes of incurring Feedback, and their AT Field score cannot exceed 80 without their wanting it to do so.
45-48 Juggernaut The Eva is incredibly tough, some might say almost unkillable. The Eva gains +10 to Toughness, and +3 wounds on all areas.
49-52 Layered Armour The Eva has been designed with sophisticated and experimental forms of new armour, giving it an appreciable level of defense. The Eva gains +2 AP on all areas.
53-55 Lithe The Eva has a lithe, compact form that grants it exceptional speed. The pilot gains +10 to Agility whilst in the Eva, and the Eva's size is decreased by one category.
56-58 Many Eyes The Eva has a multitude of eyes, giving it the appearance of an insect or alien. The pilot gains +10 to Perception whilst in the Eva, and may reroll Perception tests and take the preferred result.
59-61 Modular Design The tech in the Eva is explicitly modular from concept onwards, shaving off huge amounts off the time needed to re-equip it and upgrade it. This grants the Eva an edge in flexibility. The Eva gains a fourth Special Mechanical Upgrade slot.
62-64 Multiple Arms The Eva has an extra pair of arms originating at the same shoulder joint as the first two. The sensation of controlling them is strange for the pilot, but the benefits are extensive. The Eva gains the Multiple Arms (1) trait.
65-67 Mutated Weaponry A quirk in the growth process, perhaps an experiment gone right, has given the Eva the ability to generate biological facsimiles of the weapons the Eva is expected to use. Whilst the pilot might find the sensation of spitting fleshy bullets out of their hand weird and alien, the utility is undeniable. The Eva may carry 'blueprints' of up to three non-Stationary weapons available for the Eva, chosen before battle. It can morph one of its arms into one of these as a Full Action. The arm-weapon still needs to be reloaded, but you count as having unlimited clips. The weapons still need to be carried as normal. However, they cannot be disarmed and count as Natural Weapons.
68-69 Phasic Pilot Synchronisation with this Eva results in a bizarre alteration to the pilot. For some time after piloting, the pilot feels almost weightless, insubstantial… Which is only corroborated when they find themselves falling through walls. For 1d5 days after piloting the Eva, the pilot gains the Phasic trait, allowing them to become insubstantial at will and move through solid objects. However, each time they become insubstantial they suffer 1 Ego Damage, plus another per full minute of use.
70-72 Phasing Limbs At certain times, when the momentum is on the Eva's side, its limbs will spontaneously generate a phasic field, causing the arms and its weapons to shift dimensionally for a split second. This activates primarily when the Eva is attacking, meaning that its attacks bury much deeper into the target before appearing back in our dimension, causing massive internal damage. The Eva's confirmed Critical Hits ignore Toughness Bonus.
73-75 Pliable Genome All Evas have genetic bases that would be absurdly pliable and tolerant by human standards, but this Eva is on an entirely different level, a genetic garden that pliantly accepts whatever the gardener tries to plant. The Eva gains a fourth Special Biological Upgrade slot.
76-78 Powerful Horns The Eva has a large horn or horns on its head, capable of giving its charges a powerful new edge. The Eva's Charge Attacks cannot be parried.
78-80 Rugged Construction The Eva has a sturdy, rugged construction even by the standards of the Evangelion. Its biological and mechanical sysems work even when they really shouldn't. Your Special Upgrades are not deactivated due to Lethal Damage. The Eva doesn't generate Collateral Damage due to being Lethally Damaged, either.
81-84 Sensitive The Eva is especially sensitive to the pilot's presence; unlike most Evangelions, it seems more willing to 'play ball' when it comes to synchronisation. The pilot gains +10 to AT Field whilst in the Eva, and reroll Synch Disruption rolls and take the preferred result.
85-87 Soul Sense The Eva has a sort of sixth sense, a Field constantly, gently tapping outwards like a sonar, allowing the pilot to be aware of its surroundings. The Eva can automatically sense souls around it, like it is using a Surge Strength AT Ping at all times for free. Furthermore, it takes a +10 bonus to AT Field Attack Power tests.
88-91 Tail The Eva has a long, sinuous tail that is not only useful for balancing, but can also be used to whip and strike at foes. The Eva gains a +20 bonus to Acrobatics tests, and gains a 'tail' Natural Weapon.
91-94 Thermophile The Eva has a great affinity for heat, going beyond simple resistance and actually thriving in extreme temperatures. This translates to a rudimentary ability to amplify heat and energy around it. The Eva takes no damage from being on fire and is able to navigate safely and easily through magma. In fact, it gains Regeneration (1) whilst on fire. It also gains +1 penetration with all Energy attacks.
95-97 Vampiric The Eva has an appetite and a biology designed to satisfy that appetite. It can actually absorb food through close contact with its skin, which its metabolism uses to heal itself. The Eva's attacks all gain the Devouring Quality.
98-100 Winged The Eva sprouts powerful, unnatural wings from its back, either great morphic wings or thin, translucent, glowing insectoid ones, or something else entirely. The Eva gains the Hoverer and Flyer traits, both at AB.

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Eva Bad Quirks

When generating your Eva's Bad Quirks, roll a 1d100 and compare the result to the chart below; this is your Bad Quirk. If you gain the same Quirk twice, reroll until you fall on a different result.
When generating Quirks, you may find that quirks are mutually exclusive with one another, such as for example Pyrophobe and the Good Quirk Thermophile. In situations like this, common sense should dictate a reroll.

Roll Name Description Effect
1-3 Alien Sensations The sensations felt by the pilot are more alien and bizarre than even by the standards of the project. The pilot needs all the concentration they can get in order to maintain control. The pilot takes a -20 penalty to all Agility tests so long as they have even one level of fatigue.
4-6 Bestial Trauma All Berserking incidents are traumatic for the pilot, but this Eva's are positively nightmarish, trapping the pilot in a psychological hellscape and plaguing their memories for weeks if not month safter. The Pilot doubles all Stress taken due to Berserking.
7-9 Bioelectrical Meltdown The Eva's biology is unstable in a very exciting way: sufficient damage causes a massive cascade failure in the Eva's ability to handle its bioelectrical impulses. Combined with an AT Field going haywire, this leads to a massive explosion. Whenever the Eva dies due to losing its head or body, it explodes at the end of the next round, counting as a Blast 4 hit, with everything struck by an attack equivalent to a Mk2 Positron Rifle.
10-13 Clumsy Fingers Either there's something off with the Eva's hands, or the sensation itself is distorted, but the Eva has a major case of butterfingers, dropping things and mishandling equipment unless the pilot concentrates. Whenever the pilot has even one level of fatigue, all weapon reload times take an extra half action, and the pilot drops melee weapons when they roll a 96-100 to hit.
14-17 Driven The Eva does not waste time. When it berserks, the foggy amnesia around its goals and purpose- the work of neuroconditioning and lobotomies- simply isn't there, giving the Eva a driven aspect. The Eva never has any amnesia rounds when berserk.
18-21 Erratic Field The Eva's Field is erratic and scrambled, and whilst the pilot can usually keep it under control, it's much like throwing an old grenade- there's always the chance it'll explode in your hand… Whenever the pilot fails an AT Field test by three Degrees of Failure or more, they suffer feedback.
22-25 Faulty Ejector This Eva's Entry Plug is, as difficult as it may be to believe… Bad. The designs are too inherent to the Eva's makeup to fix, meaning the pilot has to live with the fact that when the Entry Plug's ejection systems fire, the chances of a catastrophic failure are heightened. Whenever the pilot ejects, they roll twice and take the worst result. Any damage from a bad landing is rerolled and the pilot takes the highest result.
26-29 Flickering Field The Eva's AT Field is inconsistent and, if the pilot doesn't properly focus it, tends to scatter and thin out, making it easier to penetrate. If the Pilot has even one level of Fatigue, then all weapons lose the Conventional Quality when attacking them, allowing them to penetrate the AT Field.
30-33 Gestalt Nightmares The experience of piloting stays with the pilot long after they've washed the LCL off- this is true for all pilots, but for this Eva the sensation stays with them into their dreams, which are disturbed by alien memories, bizarre sensations and fantastical, horrific imagery recounting their experiences of piloting. Whenever a Pilot finishes piloting, they suffer 1d5 Stress, plus an extra amount equal to the Collateral Damage suffered (not including Damage rising due to Eva damage).
34-37 Haunted Strange experiences occur when the pilot is within the Plug. Ghostly voices, phantom sensations, even hallucinations of faces both familiar and fiendish dog the pilot, creating a tense atmosphere that threatens to snap and break in moments of genuine stress. The Pilot takes a -20 penalty to Fear tests.
38-40 Hydrophobe A major flaw in the Eva's genetics and biology causes it to have an intense allergic reaction to specially unprepared bodies of water. Although small or unfocused amounts like rain or showers doesn't affect it, immersion causes the Eva to noticeably weaken. Whenever the Eva is immersed in a solid body of water to at least chest height, the Eva's TB is treated as AP by all damage. The Eva also takes a -10 penalty to all tests whilst immersed.
41-44 Incompetent Battery This Eva's Battery is a mess of a design, either a prototype gone wrong or more likely a major problem with the wiring. Unexpected bursts of energy cause it to spasm and leak. Whenever the Eva suffers Lethal Energy Damage, it loses a round of battery power.
45-47 Intense Connection The connection with the Eva is lacking a certain something- not intensity or intimacy, that's for sure. Presumably the 'something' is a buffer or damper or some kind, because it takes little for the pilot to start being injured in the Plug. Feedback in this Eva always deals wounds to the Pilot as though they were operating at 'Extreme Synch' level.
48-50 Jelly Bones A strange quirk of this Eva's biology gives it non-rigid cartilaginous tissue instead of bones in almost every circumstance, with perhaps the spinal column being the exception. The Eva struggles mightily with remaining rigid, although its form is strangely malleable, meaning the pilot can maintain it so long as they're concentrating. The Eva gains the Amorphous trait. If the pilot has even one level of fatigue, they take a -20 penalty to resisting or evading Knockdowns, Grapples, Stuns and Concussion.
51-54 Mismatching Armour This Eva's armour is mismatched and poorly designed. Under sufficient stress, plates begin sloughing off, even when really they shouldn't. Whenever the Eva suffers Lethal Damage, it loses 2 AP on all areas.
55-58 Monstrous Rampage Fear this Eva's berserking temperament, for such is its wild spirit and sheer power that it causes massive damage to its surroundings, even unintentionally. Whenever the Eva is Berserk, it adds an extra point of Collateral Damage per two turns of operation.
59-62 Overexposed Lens This Eva's eyes and/or camera lenses are over large and overexposed. It's inevitable that strikes to the head will disrupt vision. Whenever the Eva is struck in the head by a damaging attack, the pilot must pass a Toughness test or be blinded for one round. If the attack causes lethal damage, then a failed test causes the pilot to be stunned for one round instead.
63-64 Pack Howl This Eva unleashes a bestial howl on berserk, one that gets in the head of every other Eva in the area, awakening powerful instincts. Whenever the Eva Berserks, other Evas also test against Berserk.
65-67 Petulant This Eva hates being restrained, and will lash out in a tantrum whenever the Pilot's will prevails over its own. Whenever the Pilot prevents the Eva from Berserking by beating the Eva at a Berserk test, the Pilot suffers immediate Feedback and 1d5 damage to both Stress and Ego, rolling once for both.
68-70 Psychic Residue The Eva leaves a strange residue on the pilot's 'aura', for lack of a better term. People become annoyed by them. Others cross the street to avoid them. Small children and animals shie away in fear. The effects aren't permanent, but the Eva is already enough of a drag… After piloting this Eva, the pilot has a -10 penalty to Fellowship tests, and an extra -10 penalty to Charm and Deceive, for a following 1d5 days. However they also gain the Fear (2) Trait for the same period.
71-73 Pyrophobe The Eva's flesh reacts terribly to strong sources of fire, bubbling and even melting off in thick sloughing slabs. The Eva takes double damage from being on fire.
74-76 Refuses the Leash This Eva, like a wild dog that realises the leash may one day snap, is only ever emboldened by slipping free, making keeping control of it that much harder in the long run. Every Berserk doubles the bonus the Eva receives to their next Berserk test.
77-79 Restless The Eva sleeps a troubled sleep, and takes a pilot's flagging concentration for the sign of weakness it is. The Eva takes a +20 bonus to Berserk tests, so long as the pilot has at least one level of fatigue.
80-81 Sadistic This Eva has a particular sadistic streak that manifests against its fellow Evas. When it cuts loose, it takes particular pleasure in mauling its 'companions'. The Eva, when Berserk, will try to target and destroy fellow Evangelions before pursuing an agenda.
82-85 Scares People The Eva is terrifying to behold, and prone to spontaneous growls and AT Field flareups. Mostly harmless, but unless the pilot keeps it in check, the presence of the beast unnerves those on the ground. So long as the pilot has even one rank of Fatigue, the presence of the Eva applies a -20 penalty to all allied Forces in the same zone.
86-88 Shoddy Connectors The Eva's umbilical setup is a mess, with its port having problematic connectors deep into the system. It fails to hold the plug as firmly as it should. The Eva's umbilical cable disconnects whenever the Eva is stunned or knocked prone.
89-90 Soul Storm On going Berserk, the Eva's AT Field runs rampant, surging through the synchronisation and sucking the pilot in. On going Berserk, the Eva rolls a 1d5 and adds this much to its AT Field score. Unless the roll was a 1, then it rolls another 1d5, adding that result as well, repeating until a 1d5 rolls a 1.
91-93 Unnatural Terror Any Berserk Eva is nightmarish but this one is a truly terrifying entity, unstoppable and even demonic. On going Berserk, the Eva gains the Stuff of Nightmares and Fear (4) traits.
94-97 Unsound Fins The Evangelion's shoulder fins are structurally unsound, and will pretty much fall apart at a moment's notice. Whenever an Eva takes any Lethal Damage to an arm, that arm's wing dock is destroyed immediately.
98-100 Vitality Drain Piloting takes things out of any pilot, but this Eva leaves the pilot feeling drained in a very physical way, experiencing short-term weight loss, tiredness and a lack of strength afterwards. The pilot takes a rank of fatigue after piloting. If the Eva took Lethal Damage they take two.

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