Managing Nerv

Managing Nerv

Nerv is the paramilitary multinational organisation in charge of the Evangelion Project. Nerv derives its authority from the United Nations, who created it shortly after the UN was empowered into its ad-hoc world government form after Second Impact. The UN has mandated Nerv with the creation and maintenance of the Evangelions, and to use these Evangelions to protect the world from the Angels in almost any way it sees fit. However, this mandate is merely the tip of the iceberg: Nerv is deliberately a secretive organisation, one that allows shadowy forces within the UN to use Nerv as an instrument for their own motives. However, this secrecy is a double edged sword: maintaining proper oversight over Nerv is incredibly difficult, whether it be by government or UN. In fact, Nerv itself can struggle to exert oversight over its own departments. Despite this, Nerv functions- its mandate is of the utmost importance, and any shady players understand that if Nerv cannot carry out its role as the defeater of Angels, then all of their plans are moot.

Nerv operates multiple branches around the world. Each major Nerv branch worthy of the name has a functioning Magi System as well as other facilities, and the most important branches possess Evangelion facilities, allowing these branches to protect the local area. For all its mandate, Nerv functions in the middle of a complex web of UN, national, political and private interests, and the locations of these bases often has as much to do with appealing to those interests as it does strategic value. A truly massive amount of resources flows into Nerv, enough to bankrupt dozens of countries. This cannot be avoided: Nerv, by its nature, functions at a level of power and technology decades or even centuries beyond what human technology otherwise would be. All of this is necessary to defeat the Angels.

All of the players start the game working for Nerv, either as an Eva pilot or as a Director. They are all assigned to the same base, which in this article is referred to as 'Nerv Headquarters'. It is assumed that this is the 'primary' Nerv branch, and the Commander of Nerv Headquarters is in charge of the entire organisation. However, it may not necessarily be the case. One way or the other, once the campaign starts, the Nerv base that the players are based in will be the one attacked the most by the Angels, and the reasons are mysterious- figuring out why they're attacking is one of the mysteries of the setting.

Mechanically, the task of managing Nerv and directing its resources falls to the Director's player. During each Long Downtime, they gather and spend Surplus and choose Research.
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Surplus represents the primary currency that Nerv uses. There's no real way to portray Surplus in 'real' terms, except that each point of Surplus is a truly astronomic amount.

Surplus is gathered at the end of a Crisis. If the Crisis was an Angel attack, then Nerv gathers 10 Surplus, plus 2 per Eva, subtracting Collateral Damage from that amount. If the Crisis wasn't an Angel attack, then Nerv gathers 2 per Eva.

Surplus may be spent either at the start or end of Long Downtime. The majority of Surplus will be spent on Eva upgrades and acquiring new weapons. Surplus can also be spent to acquire the following Facilities listed below.

Nerv Facilities

  • Recessive Terrain: (10 Surplus) A massive program is undertaken to allow the terrain above Nerv to recede into the ground, allowing valuable and vulnerable areas to be protected by the base's defenses. Every Supply Cache, Launch Port and Valuable Location in the Nerv Base battlescape now gains +10 AP and 3 Wounds.
  • Science Megalopolis: (15 Surplus) More than just a few buildings, this is a lavishly funded scientific complex, with components both above and beneath ground, armed with supercomputers and a great deal of materials allowing for everything from high-level particle physics experiments to the dissection of angel carcasses. Whenever an Angel battle ends with less than 4 Collateral Damage incurred, Nerv may reseach an extra technology during Long Downtime. Furthermore, when using Nerv computer systems, characters take +2 Advantages to Academics and Logic tests.
  • Automated Nerv Factory System: (15 Surplus) This is a large component factory beneath the ground, designed to revolve entirely around Nerv's interests. This complex, which is highly automated, is able to handle every part of the manufacturing process, from refining raw materials to assembly. You reduce the cost of all Evangelion weapons and upgrades by 1 Surplus, to a minimum of 1.
  • Nerv Project E Mass Arsenal: (15 Surplus) This is a great expansion to Nerv's existing facilities, designed to ease the burden of manufacturing and assembling weaponry for Nerv. It allows Nerv to assemble more weapons and maintain them on stock for longer. When deploying for Angel battles, pilots may request one extra readied weapon of any type and one extra readied upgrade.
  • Support Infrastructure Upgrade: (10 Surplus) This is an overhaul and upgrade to Nerv's surface infrastructure, designed to make it easier for Evas to deploy and be supported. Every Zone of the Nerv Base gains one extra Fortress, two extra Launch Ports and three extra Supply Caches.
  • Improved Medical Equipment: (5 Surplus) This improves Nerv's already-state of the art medical facilities by using a mix of both automation, AI networking and new biological techniques to improve health outcomes. Medicine tests done at Nerv Base take +2 Advantages, and when players Heal during Downtime, they gain +2 Advantages to that test as well.

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Nerv is constantly throwing huge amounts of resources into making practical versions of wholly theoretical technology, with the hoping of enabling newer and more advanced weapons and upgrades for the Evangelions to use.

During the campaign, Nerv can improve its capabilities and unlock new upgrades by researching them. A list is provided below. Nerv can research a single Technology during each Long Downtime, which may be at the start or end. Most technologies have some kind of prerequisite that must be met before they can be researched.


  • Progressive Weapons: (No prerequisites). Progressive weapons use blades that vibrate at ultra-high frequencies to create an unparalleled cutting edge. Unlocks basic Progressive Weaponry.
  • Advanced Progressive Weapons: (Progressive Weapons). Early Prog weapons struggled with scaling up the technology, as longer blades would shake themselves apart. Improvements in the material and science element allows us to create longer and more lethal designs. Unlocks advanced Prog weaponry.
  • Voltaic Technology: (No prerequisites). By using compact power generators combined with a suite of electromagnetic and sonic generators, weapons can be outfitted that help distribute and manipulate electrical surfaces, allowing for both controlled EMP as well as blunt weapons that cause massive nerve shock. Unlocks Voltaic Weaponry.
  • Miniaturised Antimatter: (Voltaic Technology). Antimatter generation and containment relies on the use of electromagnetic fields to keep the antimatter suspended. Advances in EM technology allows for smaller antimatter batteries and generators, increasing its applicablity. Unlocks various mechanical and weapon upgrades.
  • Positron Engineering: (Miniaturised Antimatter). Antimatter generation is advanced enough to be able to sustain particle accelerators that are both small and rigorous enough to be used in weapons, allowing for ultra-high energy burst weapons. Unlocks Positron Weaponry and various mechanical upgrades.
  • Superior Materials: (No Prerequisites). By investing in practical versions of experimental materials, such as carbon nanotubes, buckyballs or other technologies, we can lead to more improved and efficient versions of existing technology. Unlocks various weapon and mechanical upgrades.
  • Practical Railguns: (No Prerequisites). Railguns use magnetic propulsion to accelerate munitions to ultra-high speeds, gifting them with incomparable kinetic force. Railgun science so far has been held back by the fact that the process shreds the barrels of such weapons in quick-time, but superior materials allows for more resilient weaponry. Unlocks railgun weaponry.
  • Nanotechnology: (Superior Materials, Voltaic Technology). Practical nanotechnology use relies on the ability to create extremely small machines that can interface and communicate seamlessly, allowing for nanomachine colonies that can recombine and reshape themselves on the molecular level. Unlocks the most advanced mechanical upgrades.
  • Superheavy Ordinance: (Superior Materials). Increasing demand for high-yield firepower brings increasingly intense material and logistical strain that can only be met by investment into structural technology. Or: bigger guns need better materials. Unlocks the heaviest guns.
  • High-Temperature Superconductivity: (No Prerequisites). The creation of materials capable of lossless conductivity of increasingly higher levels of heat enables for improved heat-dispersing armour and weapons that can gather and burst heat at extremely high levels. Unlocks Thermal Weaponry and various mechanical upgrades based on heat defense.
  • Metagenetics: (No Prerequisites). Nerv understanding of Metaphysical Biology is already the best in the world, but we have yet to scratch the surface. Greater understanding of Angelic genetics and the flexibility of its genome will allow more experimentation and progress with Evangelion forms. Unlocks basic biological upgrades.
  • Bio/Wave Shaping: (Metagenetics). Understanding of the interaction between the wave/matter state of Angelic bodies and its reactions to AT Field catalysts increases the range of Evangelion upgrades we can make available. Unlocks specialised biological upgrades.
  • Applied Metabiology: (Metagenetics). This strain of metaphysical biological research focuses on the AT Field, and the observations and links between it and the body that emits it. Unlocks AT Field-themed biological upgrades.
  • Forced Evolution: (Metagenetics). Angelic-scale lifeforms are 'near-perfect' lifeforms, entirely beyond most natural threats, and have been observed evolving to adapt to them in real-time, accomplishing in hours what takes millions of years for mundane lifeforms. This research reverse-engineers those processes for our own. Unlocks biological upgrades based around physical forms.
  • Programmable Matter: (Superior Materials, Applied Metabiology). Inorganic matter can react in novel ways to the presence of an AT Field, ways that defy or 'shortcut' natural science. By applying this principle on our own terms, we can 'program' matter, encoding information into inorganic materials that change based on pre-designed parameters. Unlocks the most superior mechanical upgrades.
  • Angel Warfare Tactics: (3 Angels killed, or 1 Angel killed with 0 Collateral Damage). The adaptation of conventional warfare tactics can only advance Nerv so far. The development of a new school of anti-Angelic strategy based around defeating the AT Field and overcoming its superior biology is necessary. Unlocks certain Roles.
  • 8th Generation AI: (Nanotechnology, Applied Metabiology). 8th Generation AI incorporates our advanced understanding of the AT Field as well as nanotechnology to allow for increasingly cybernetic versions of neuroanatomy, allowing for increased capabilities at no loss to the 'human' element. It also allows for greater freedom to manipulate memories within human beings, to the point where limited 'downloading' of learned skill is possible. Unlocks certain structural upgrades. Permanently increases Insight by 1, and allows all characters to unlock any 3 Skill Bonus Ranks.

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Other Resources

Each Nerv base has other resources not listed above, either not a main focus or too granular to be. They are, however, relevant in certain circumstances, such as if Nerv Headquarters comes under attack by P-Scale forces.

First and foremost: security. The military forces that Nerv commands in Angelic battles are not part of Nerv. Instead, they are UN forces temporarily subordinated to Nerv in specific circumstances. Outside of Angel battles, Nerv must rely on its internal security service, known as the Security Intelligence Division. Although competent, Security Intelligence is closer in behaviour to an intelligence agency than a fully-fledged security force, dedicated to protecting key individuals and keeping tabs on individuals, and cannot be counted on to defend Nerv Headquarters from a full-scale ground assault.

  • The profiles for Nerv Security Intelligence Division can be drawn from the 2nd Tier NPC profile, 'Intel Agent'.

Nerv has no 'fighting vehicles' in its motor pool: no tanks, no APCs, or anything with its own weapons, although it does have unarmed military vehicles of extremely high quality, including VTOLs. It does have armoured trucks and jeeps, however, plus various civilian vehicles such as cranes, excavation equipment and of course specialised Eva logistical vehicles, including the Eva Flying Carrier.

Nerv has a strong core of scientists and engineers, drawn from all around the world. Both work under the auspices of Nerv's Technology Division. Many are elite in their field, although such is the high standard (and need) of Nerv's tech that it's easy for such elites to blend together or be lost in the crowd.

  • The scientists of the Technology Division can be drawn from the 2nd Tier NPC Profile, 'Scientist', with the elite heads of department being drawn from the 3rd Tier NPC Profile, 'Elite Scientist'.
  • The engineers of the Technology Division can be drawn from the 2nd Tier NPC Profile, 'Engineer', with specialised, elite Engineers being drawn from the 3rd Tier NPC Profile, 'Elite Engineer'.

Nerv also has a well-supplied and trained corps of medical personnel, who are dedicated to the preservation of the pilots first and foremost. They have their own division, the Medical Division, and although it's the smallest, it nonetheless wields a level of resources rivalling the most elite of hospitals.

  • The nurses of the Medical Division can be drawn from the 2nd Tier NPC Profile 'Nurse', whilst the doctors are drawn from the 3rd Tier NPC Profile, 'Doctor'.

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Generating your Nerv Base

The Director character is unique, being the only character without an Evangelion. Instead, they manage Nerv's resources, including the base itself. This includes generating the base at the start of the campaign.

Nerv is an organisation with a singular purpose, but each of Nerv's branches is different, with different origins, purposes and circumstances. Each Nerv branch thus has its own culture and way of doing things, which can have all kinds of effects on the people who work there.

As part of this step, the Director chooses a Base History, Doctrines, and Equipment. The first is free, but each of the other ones has a list of options, some of which cost 'Base Points', which are only spent here. You start with four Base Points.

  • Base History determines the origins of your particular Nerv base.
  • Doctrines outlines the military and operational approach Nerv takes to Angel combat, and can provide extra Kit items, equipment options, or even Aptitudes.
  • Equipment allows you to add new items to the Kit for Evangelions and P-Scale characters.

Finally, you roll to determine the Base's Culture. Every Base starts has at least 3 Cultural traits. Roll a 1d100 for each trait- if the result is 1-65, it's a Good Cultural trait, if it's 66-100, it's a Bad Cultural Trait.
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Base History

Select one of the Histories below.
Name Description Effect
Fortress Base This base was designed from the ground up to be a battleground. The doors of the base are thicker, heavier and reinforced, the personnel armory is larger, and the 'civilian' staff are routinely bothered by the sound of marching, chanting soldiers running drills at 6 AM. The Base begins with the Recessive Terrain and Improved Medical Equipment Facilities, and you start with +3 Forces. The profiles for the Nerv Security Intelligence Division can also be drawn from the 2nd Tier NPC profile, 'Soldier' as well. You can replace any positive Cultural trait with the 'Disciplined' one. Finally, you start with the 'Combat Gear' Equipment option purchased for free.
Scientific Collective The base's origins lie in science, perhaps growing out of a university. The Technology Division's exaggerated sway manifests in the copious holographic emitters in every room, the wordy jokes written in bathroom stalls, and how often squabbles over incredibly esoteric terminology breaks out in the middle of lunch. The Base begins with the Science Megalopolis Facility, and you start with two technologies already researched. You can replace any positive Cultural trait with the 'Learned' one. Finally, you start with the 'Universal Technology Allotment' option purchased for free.
Eva Factory This base was designated to be an Evangelion factory, a legacy that shines through in the unusually broad hallways, excess of cargo elevators and faint smell of meat and blood that lingers over much of the lowers parts of the base. The Base begins with the Automated Nerv Factory System Facility, and all Evangelions begin with an extra Mechanical or Biological Upgrade slot, chosen at the time they fabricate their Evas. You can replace any positive Cultural trait with the 'Industrious' one.
Weapons Testing Facility This base was designed to be a testbed for Evangelion weaponry, testified by the oddly shaped debris on the outskirts of the base, the weird permanent burning smell in the lower depths of the base, and the ominous habit of staff to refer to wings by how many times they've been rebuilt. The Base begins with the Nerv Project E Mass Arsenal Facility, and all Eva Weaponry costs 1 less Surplus per Eva to buy, to a minimum of 1. You can replace any positive Cultural trait with the 'Adaptive' one.
Prototype Base This base was one of the earliest designed by Nerv. Renovations of old sections of the base routinely reveal old Gehirn-era branding and equipment, and some of the employees have been enmeshed in the base for over a decade. These bases were built to be everything at a very shaky and experimental part of Project E and thus have a much more ad hoc and entrenched culture than other branches- which extends to the Evangelions themselves. On the other hand, its age means that a surplus of surface-to-Base facilities have been constructed over time. The Base brgins with the Support Infrastructure Upgrade, and all other Facilities cost 2 Surplus less. All Evangelions begin with an extra Quirk, with a roll of 70 or lower on a 1d100 making the Quirk positive, and a roll of 71+ making it negative. The Base has one extra Cultural trait.

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The geographical and organisational differences between each Nerv base mean that each team has major differences in training and equipment priorities. An underwater base is inevitably going to fight differently to one in the middle of a desert. These options below reflect this by providing special equipment, starting abilities or even aptitudes to the Evangelion pilots and their Director. You may take between 0 and 3 Doctrines, and you can't gain more than two Aptitudes from these picks. If you do end up with picks of 3 or more Aptitudes, each character may select which two they'll take. The talents provided by these doctrines ignore prerequisites, as well.

Name Points Description Effect
Extreme Environment Training 1 The pilots of this branch are trained to handle a variety of extreme environments both in and out of the Eva, and given the equipment to complement this. All characters begin with a single Bonus Rank of the Survival Skill purchased. All team members take an extra advantage to all Grace and Survival tests when equipped with the C-Type, D-Type or E-Type Specialised Eva Gear, and start with the 'Element-Proof' talent.
Assault Doctrine 2 Aggressive assaults with CQC weaponry is a chief focus of this Branch- an unusual focus for any conventional military force, but not for Nerv. All characters permanently gain the 'Melee' Advanced Aptitude, and start with a single Bonus Rank of the Melee skill unlocked. All characters start with the Berserk Talent.
Command and Discipline Conditioning 2 A rigorous exorcise regime designed around mental training designed to imbue iron discipline in the pilots and prepare the Director for quick and decisive decision making, ensuring that the pilots do as they're told instead of All characters permanently gain the 'Resolve' Advanced Aptitude. The Director starts with both bonus ranks of Authority unlocked and the Galvanising Presence talent. All characters begin with the Litany Against Fear talent.
Defensive Conditioning 2 The pilots and their director are drilled heavily on maintaining defensive formations, resisting pain and harm, and using cover to their best ability. All characters permanently gain the 'Defense' Advanced Aptitude, and start with a single Bonus Rank of the Endurance skill unlocked. All characters start with the Iron Jaw talent.
Firepower Doctrine 2 Overwhelming Angels with immense displays of firepower is the preferred strategy of this Eva team. All characters permanently gain the 'Ranged' Advanced Aptitude, and start with a single Bonus Rank of the Ranged skill unlocked. All characters start with the Rapid Reload talent.
Interception Focus 2 Early detection and interception of the Angels is paramount to controlling the battlefield and thus the outcome of battle. The base is kept at maximum vigilance and pilots are expected to know how to get combat ready in record time. The Director may reroll the Nerv Interception test and take the preferred result. All characters permanently gain the 'Fieldcraft' Advanced Aptitude. All characters start with the Lightning Reflexes talent.
Strategic-Science Training 2 An emphasis on tactical and scientific training allows all members of the combat team to suggest corrections and ideas, improving the sophistication of battle plans. All characters permanently gain the 'Knowledge' Advanced Aptitude, and start with a single Bonus Rank of the Academics or Technology skill unlocked. The Director begins with one extra Insight point.
Wolf Packing and Ambushes 2 This doctrine focuses around coordinated teamwork attacks as well as swift ambush attacks, designed to give the impression of greater numbers than are really there, in the hope of overwhelming an Angel's ability to track danger. All characters permanently gain the 'Finesse' Advanced Aptitude, and start with a single Bonus Rank of the Acrobatics skill unlocked. All characters start with the Clank-Free talent.
AT Manipulation Doctrine 3 This Branch focuses on the unique strength of the Evangelion: the AT Field. From the very outset, pilots are expected to master it and proceed to its higher functions in quick time. All Evangelion pilots permanently gain the 'AT Field' Basic Aptitude, and start with a single Bonus Rank of the AT Control skill unlocked.

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The following options change the base's access to equipment in various ways. Some improve kits, either for P-Scale or E-Scale, whilst others might add new options or provide discounts to purchasing certain weapons.

Name Points Description Effect
Mandated Combat Gear 1 All staff personnel, regardless of discipline, are provided with combat equipment in case of the worst. All Base personnel gain the following items in their P-Scale kit: Battle Armour, Assault Rifle, Handgun, Knife, Sword Bayonet, 2 Smoke Grenades, 1 Frag Grenade and four clips for each gun. Characters with a Senses score of 55 or higher also are given a Sniper Rifle. Grenade Launchers and Machine Guns are also available at the Nerv Armoury, providing a +1 bonus to source them during Downtime acquisitions.
Universal Technology Allotment 1 A basic suite tools and tech is given to every employee- whether as part of an attempt to woo new employees with generous benefits, or the hope of imbuing everyone with a base minimum degree of computer and tool literacy, who can say…? All Base personnel gain the following items in their P-Scale kit: Climbing Harness, Superior First Aid Kit, Computer, Superior Toolkit. Demolitions Kits and Lockpicking Kits are available at the Technology Division, providing a +2 bonus to tests to source them during Downtime acquisitions.
All-Terrain Capabilities 1 The Base ensures the Evas have full access to equipment that improves their terrain capabilities. All Evas begin with the 'A-Type' and 'E-Type' Specialised Eva Gear already purchased.
Modular Weapon Design 1 Weapons prepared here have an easy modular design allowing for upgrades to be done in half the time it takes for other Bases to do the same work. All Evas may ready two extra Weapon Upgrades of their choice during a Crisis.
PR-Mandated Socialisation Garb 1 At the behest, either pleadingly or sternly, of the Public Relations Division, all staff are outfitted with various dress uniforms and the like to improve the likelihood of Nerv leaving a good impression on other organisations. That this budget is also spent on more questionable items is tacitly ignored. All Base Personnel gain the following items in their P-Scale kit: Expensive Dress Uniform (counts as Superior Fashionable Wear), Superior Cosmetics Kit. The PR Division as well as Medical also has access to Amibiotics and Stabilisers, providing a +2 bonus to tests to source them during Downtime acquisitions.
Bionics Suite 2 A specialisation in bionics at this Base has given the Tech Division the best idea of how to both expand the Evas' mechanical capabilities and also adapt those to its staff. All Evas begin with an extra Mechanical Upgrade slot. The base is also able to, as part of a 'Rest' Long Downtime action, replace lost body parts or eyes with bionic prosthetics, which are identical to a normal limb, but possess +2 AP, but are weak to Voltaic attacks.
Cloning Specialisation 2 The Base has access to personnel and equipment that specialise in cloning, which has obvious benefits for Project E, and somewhat less obvious ones for the staff. All Evas begin with an extra Biological Upgrade slot. The base is also able to, as part of a 'Rest' Long Downtime action, replace lost or damaged internal organs with hand-grown copies.
Specialised Weapons Team 2 A specific type of weapon technology is emphasised by this Base, with teams designed to improve the output of those weapons as best they can. Select one of the following weapons categories. All weapons of this type gain Superior Quality: All Starting Weapons; Progressive Weapons; Voltaic Weapons; Thermic Weapons; Rail Weapons; Electric Weapons; Positron Weapons.
Weapon Readiness Prep 2 The Base keeps the Technology Division on a permanently higher level of combat readiness. This takes up extra resources, but improves weapon logistics, giving the Evas more freedom and flexibility. When selecting weapons, the Evangelions may ready one extra weapon or upgrade of their choice.

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Good Cultural Traits

Below is a list of Good Cultural Traits, which reflect the base's ethos, or the ethos of its commanders, in ways that largely benefit the base. When rolling for a good Cultural Trait, you can choose to nudge the trait up or down one category if you like. The bottom category can be nudged down into the top one, and vice versa. Good Cultural Traits have concrete mechanical effects, but also have softer roleplay effects that might provide bonuses in specific contexts.

Roll Name Description Effect
1-5 Disciplined Discipline is paramount! Staff should be on time, systems should run smoothly, issues should be dealt with quickly, and training should be adhered to! Sure, it can be a little much sometimes, but everyone knows where they're supposed to be and what they should be doing. All Base personnel gain an advantage to resist and shake off mental ailments as well as Fear.
6-10 Efficient To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven', a biblical passage that obviously means that Nerv should be as reliable as the seasons- and they are! Inventories are checked, shipments arrive on time and not a second later, and everything, refreshingly, is where it should be. Acquisitions of equipment in the base, or its associated civilian areas, takes a +2 bonus. This rises to +3 for acquiring equipment the base is supposed to have on hand.
11-15 Relaxed Being the last line of defense against the end of the world doesn't mean that everything has to be serious all the time. The Nerv workplace is a relaxed and companiable, people are comfortable with each other, and entertainment can be found without impacting on actual productivity. All characters lose an extra point of stress when using the Relax action to reduce stress.
16-20 Tolerant Nerv is the last hope for the human species, and so all human beings must have a stake in it, regardless of ideology, creed or origin. The personnel of the base believe in merit and outcomes more than anything else, and this harmonious atmosphere allows for an 'alloy strength' atmosphere at base. All characters unlock a bonus rank of the Peer skill. As a bonus, if each of the three pilot Origins (Prodigy, Neospartan, Biosynthetic) are represented in the party, then Nerv as a whole gains a shared fate point which can be spent by any character, including branch NPCs.
21-25 Reformers An introspective, clinical approach to its own nature is embedded in this Nerv base. Its history does not define it, and it is willing to expand beyond its boundaries in the name of greater outcomes. All Facilities cost 2 Surplus less.
26-30 Learned This is a smart base. There's a lot of education around, and a lot of people open to both learning and sharing that learning. Almost like an Academy of old, those with knowledge at this base are both respected and expected to enlighten others. All characters unlock a bonus rank of any Intelligence skill of their choice. As a bonus, any characters with the Intellect Basic Aptitude gain the Unnatural Skill (Peer (Nerv Base)) trait.
31-35 Respectful No room for inter-branch rivalry here, or if there is, it's respectful and honourable. Working with the other branches is part of Nerv's duty, and this base ensures to keep the other branches notified and involved as best they can. In situations where the base is working with other Nerv Eva squads, then your branch as a whole gains a shared fate point which can be spent by any character, including branch NPCs and the allies from the other branch. Other branch staff are more willing to help out.
36-40 Trusting Just because the pilots are (probably) temperamental, dangerous teenagers doesn't mean that treating them as such is a good idea. Nerv maintains security on their team, but doesn't go overboard with the surveillance, trusting the team to do good. There is less surveillance on the pilots, meaning that interference from Nerv during Investigations is less of an issue.
41-45 Supportive The base has made mental health a high priority! Counsellors, psychologists and the drawing back of the more onerous and intrusive aspects of Nerv is all a part of this, designed to improve outcomes for all. All characters lose an extra point of trauma when using the Relax action to reduce trauma.
46-50 Safety First This base is safer to work at than others. Entry plug ejector systems are triple and quadruple checked, equipment is safety tested, recessive platforms have railings… Evangelion pilots may reroll ejection tests and take the preferred result. Furthermore, should they eject within a Nerv base, they, or their director, can spend a fate point to be immediately recovered from the battlefield.
51-55 Industrious This is a base that knows how to work. Their job is putting Evas together, and they do it with aplomb. Should a battle be interrupted, the crews rush to repair any damage, even in the field if necessary. Short Downtimes during E-Scale Combats repair all wounds and remove all injuries from an Eva, even on destroyed locations.
56-60 Rugged They're a durable lot, the ones at this Base, whether due to environmental pressures or a cultural thing. That carries through to the Evas, who are treated with an eye for ruggedness and proof against the elements. All characters gain an advantage to resist the elements as well as physical ailments.
61-65 Humanitarian All Nerv bases are 'concerned with humanity' in a general abstract way, but this one is actually worried about human beings, and does their best to ensure the protection of their local human charges during battle. The preservation of human life raises morale in a measurable way. So long as you don't suffer more than 2 points of Collateral Damage due to valuable locations or military force loss, you gain +1 Surplus per Eva at the end of an Angel battle.
66-70 Miracle Workers The staff of this base have a wide reputation as miracle workers, able to do an hour's work in ten minutes, and a week's worth in a day. Although some of this is inflating their estimations, they genuinely can do incredible feats in shorts amount of time, restoring power, systems and components in quick-time. Short Downtimes during E-Scale Combat restore all lost Military Forces and destroyed support structures. Unique or difficult-to-replace equipment that was damaged is also repaired during this time.
71-75 Adaptive A staff that knows how to roll with the punches is one thing, but this base can change its tactics and approaches on the fly, going with the best possible solution to a problem. Every battle is a race between the biological adaptation of the Angel and the cognitive adaptation of the great Nerv organism on how to destroy their enemy. Should a Short Downtime occur during E-Scale Combat, the pilots all gain Unnatural Might and Senses (+1) at the recommencement of battle.
76-80 Decisive Know when to take advantage of a good opportunity! This branch lives and breathes that idea, and when they feel they have the chance to put an Angel on the ropes, they take it with both hands. Whenever a Director wins an Interception by 2 DoS or more, they gain extra Forces for the rest of the Crisis equal to their Insight+1. All Evangelions may also modify their Initiative by an amount equal to Insight.
81-85 Humanising There is a fondness for the Evas at this base. It's strange, perhaps inexplicable, but the staff who work on them are kind to the great war machines, with some even trying to give praise or leave rewards for them. Some speculate this might actually be influencing Eva behaviour… The Evas all take a penalty to Berserk tests, and when they do Berserk, cause -1 less Collateral Damage.
86-90 Familial We're all in this together. The staff of this base might have their differences and their problems, but they take a real interest in each other, and when needs be, band together to protect and support one another. All characters start with a Rank 1 Group Bond, representing their connection with the other Nerv staff as a whole. This can be focused to represent a specific base Division if you wish.
91-95 Conscientious Doing the best job one can is the priority of this base, and that means keeping a vigilant eye out for possible threats to Nerv, in the forms of Angels or agitators both. The Director takes an advantage to Interception tests, and it is generally harder for threats from the outside, such as spies or agitators, to do their work, with subterfuge tests generally taking 1 penalty.
96-100 Determined Nerv is going to win this. Everyone knows this, believes this, even if they don't know how, they know it's a when. The determination keeps the fear away, and helps keep people literally together. All base personnel gain an extra round of grace period after an Ego fracture, and take an advantage against Fear tests.

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Bad Cultural Traits

Below is a list of Bad Cultural Traits, which reflect what makes the base a poor place to work or live in, and how that deleteriously affects everyone there. If you roll a bad Cultural Trait that seems exclusive with a Good one, then reroll until you find one that isn't. Like good ones, Bad Cultural Traits have concrete mechanical effects, but also have softer roleplay effects that might provide bonuses in specific contexts- but can also be taken advantage of by clever characters.

Roll Name Description Effect
1-5 Lackadaisical No need to be overly careful! Things will take care of themselves. You call it lack of discipline, we call it a laissez-faire approach. All base staff reroll their first mental ailment resistance test of each crisis and take the worst outcome.
6-10 Draconian "Hold it right there, soldier! That pin doesn't look like it's regulation! Neither are those shoes! Or those cufflinks!" … And other such diatribes are common in this base, where an overly rigid and officious set of codes and quartermasters monitor the staff, even in off-duty periods, to ensure they aren't getting their hands on 'unregulated' items. All base staff take a penalty to acquiring new items through Investigations so long as they're doing it in the Nerv Base or the surrounding areas. Staffers who were 'not to code' items or clothing whilst on duty can expect a dressing down, even when it's harmless or at a bad time.
11-15 Cutthroat Trust nobody at Nerv. Not even yourself. Literally, if you're a biosynthetic. This base is a pit of competitive, backstabbing vipers scheming and conspiring against one another. Not even the pilots are safe. All characters start with a single Rank 1 Foe Bond, either a division of Nerv or a single Nerv staffer.
16-20 Gossipy Did you talk to someone of the opposite sex at work? Congratulations, now everyone thinks you're a thing. Even if you're obviously not, or can't be. This base gossips. Constantly. About anything and everything. It's obviously a form of stress relief, except that it makes everyone spikier and on edge when they're worried about being seen in public by their peers… Constant rumourmongering makes spreading rumours take a bonus at this Base, but tracing the origins of rumours take three penalties. Furthermore, characters heal one less stress during Long Downtimes.
21-25 Cuts Corners This base is… 'Efficient'. Maybe it's cash strapped, or merely used to being cash strapped. But either way, corners are cut. This is especially bad when the cut corner is a very large weapon capable of flattening a city block. At the start of each Crisis, each pilot rolls a 1d100; if they roll a 10 or lower, then one of their weapons is of unexpectedly poor quality. The first time they fumble with a weapon during the combat reveals it as being of Poor Quality instead of normal, with all the ramifications of that happening with the fumble.
26-30 Repressive Who would trust the miserable penguin people of Nerv? They're a dangerous mix of intelligent, influential, arrogant, scheming and, in the case of the Eva pilots, teenagers. No, they need a very firm and watchful hand… Nerv is distrustful of all staff, and surveillance is much heavier; escaping Nerv surveillance is harder than usual, with such tests ranging between 1 to 2 penalties based on how much the particular staffer warrants it.
31-35 No Therapists The title says it all. There are no therapists. If there are, they're bad at the job, enormously overworked, or in dire need of supervision. Why this is, who can say? Maybe the budget ran out, maybe backlash against mandatory psych evaluations went too far, maybe the brighter minds of Nerv know they'd fail if they had to do them… You no longer heal Trauma for free during Long Downtimes.
36-40 Inflexible If you do a job right the first time, you don't have to do it again! … Except this base has proven to be very good at drills and set-piece action but not so much on improv, meaning they're a lot more inflexible than they should be. Evas have fewer options during Short Downtime breaks during E-Scale Combat. During such times, each pilot must select one option: keep all Biological Upgrades the same; keep all Mechanical Upgrades the same; only change one selected weapon in the loadout.
41-45 Unimaginative Situations change. What worked five or ten years ago might not work right now. Unfortunately, the designers of this base didn't account for that, and the design has roadblocks in it that make expansion difficult and costly. All facilities cost +1 Surplus per Evangelion. Reroll if you chose the Prototype Base history.
46-50 Uncoordinated Nerv is for Evangelions! The staff of the base don't really know how to work with conventional forces. Comments to the tune of 'here come the tax wasters' are common when the army rolls in, even though the army would do a lot better if Nerv actually worked with them. Whenever military forces are depleted due to enemy damage, the Director makes an Authority (Command) or Academics (Strategy) test with 2 penalties; on a failure, the force loses an extra point.
51-55 Jingoistic A specific ideology, origin or heritage is over-representated at this base, not just in terms of makeup but also in opinion. This opinion often proves harmful and unwelcoming to those who don't fit in the approved mold. Determine a specific ideology or origin espoused by this base; NPC base staff are more likely to be of this origin, and those who aren't take a penalty to will tests during crises and investigations. As a bonus, choose a single Character Origin, such as Prodigy, Neospartan or Biosynthetic- and it has to be one that at least one player belongs to. Characters of this origin must pass a Fortitude (Resist Manipulation) test with two penalties at the end of each non-combat Crisis, or take a rank of stress.
56-60 Contrarian Who, exactly, are you to know what's best for everyone? Are you sure that's the right idea? Everyone at base thinks they know much, much better than you do… On interceptions that roll 2 DoF or worse, all Director actions cost 2 actions instead of 1 for the first 3 rounds.
61-65 Superstitious They say B-Wing is haunted. They say if you go to the Pribnow Box at midnight, you'll see the ghost of a man who was eaten by the Evangelion during prototype testing. They say if you sleep on base every Sunday night for a month, you'll dream about a beautiful blue-haired girl… Tests to resist Hallucination take a penalty when in the Nerv Base or around it. Furthermore, unexplained phenomena, or rumours of such, can randomly plague the base…
66-70 Inattentive These bastards are just straight up bad at spotting things. Watches get sloppy. Tech doesn't get maintained. People assume a 40 metre tall monster will be easy to find… All Interception tests suffer a disadvantage.
71-75 Wasteful Wasteful. Wasteful of time, wasteful of material. Tech Division says it's the pilots' fault for being so reckless with their units. The pilots feel that Tech should do their job. Short Downtimes during E-Scale Combat heal less wounds. Specifically, if an Eva has suffered an injury on a body part, that body part only recovers PB/2 wounds instead of all of them.
76-80 Elitist We're superior to other branches. Their eva pilots don't know their prog knives from their pallet rifles. This here is the greatest, most powerful bastion of Nerv there is, and the rest wish they were as good as us. Using Director actions on Evas from other bases always cost 2 actions. Staff from other bases will generally be more hostile toward your own.
81-85 Exploitative Overworked. Under-respected. Maybe, in some cases, despite a budget in the ridiculous, underpaid. The base burns through the goodwill of its staff, and the local settlements, in quicktime. NPC Staff of the base take a penalty to Will tests, except when resisting an order or manipulation from the chain of command. Furthermore, in battles where the Director rolled 2 DoF or more on Interception, local zones don't add their Development to Forces at all.
86-90 Careless The Evas are big and tough. The entry plugs are hardened. The pilots will be fine! They shouldn't be so selfish. Think of the poor soldier on the street! You reroll ejections and take the one that the GM decides is the worst result.
91-95 Libertine The people here do not care if you are underage. Drinking ages are all arbitrary anyway. Inappropriate relationships? Company ink? Dude, we're fighting against the end of the world, come on. Give us a break. Tests to resist addiction take a penalty. Furthermore, access to narcotics, alcohols and such things take a bonus. An element of shadiness or sleaziness might also pose a security risk to Nerv, or at least make people uncomfortable.
96-100 Fatalist All it really takes is seeing an Angel rip through an army division, then punch a hole through an Eva's skull, to decide: oh, we're doomed. Even if the Eva then wakes up and tears the Angel apart, that's bad in its own way! At the start of each E-Scale Combat, the GM chooses a single Fear trigger. This trigger can fire twice during this Crisis, instead of once.
98-100 Cultish "Look, then, on the face of the God we have made, the Deus from the Machina, and know your role in the world, and in the world to come…" There's a trend in the staff towards being 'kinda weird' towards the metaphysical stuff. Mystic, cryptic comments about the Eva are expected from command, but when the janitor does it, that's when shit starts getting proper spooky. You kind of suspect some are enthralled at the idea of things going Metaphysical… The Evangelions all take a bonus to Berserking tests. Furthermore, all Ego fracture grace periods are reduced by 1 round, to a minimum of 1.

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