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Below is the full list of traits for Conspiracy. Do note that whilst playing the game, it's possible to get multiple copies of the same trait- for example, Unnatural Might (1) and Unnatural Might (2). In this situation, they do not stack, you take the highest, with one exception: if the trait is listed with a plus in its name, for example Unnatural Might (+1), then you add it to the highest rank of that trait that you have without a +. If you have 0 ranks in that trait then you gain 1, obviously.

Trait Name Subname Effect
Generic Traits
Berserker X Whenever you are Enraged, you gain Unnatural Might and Physique (X), and attacks against you no longer ignore AP or Unnatural Physique for being Enraged. You are counted as possessing the 'Frenzy' talent.
Alacrity - Exerting never costs more than 1 Stress.
Auto-Stabilised - You can fire Basic Weapons one-handed without penalty, and may now move before or after using the 'Heavy Weapon Attack' action.
Bestial - This creature tends to act instinctively, rather than rationally. It never needs to test Survival in its natural habitat. Unless starving or desperate, a threatened Bestial creature must test Will when frightened, startled or injured. On a failure, it acts in a way specific to its species, usually fleeing.
Blind - Blind creatures automatically fail tests based on vision, and automatically fail Ranged Skill tests. They take three Disadvantages to Melee Skill tests and other tests that involve vision. These penalties may be negated by being paired with other sensory traits.
Dark Sight - You have powerful night vision, and ignore penalties associates with low light or darkness. Your perception is just as good in darkness as it is in bright light.
Double Image - You count as two entities, not one, for obtaining the Outnumbering advantages. This means you will gain the 2-to-1 advantage when fighting alone against a single opponent, for example.
Fear X You have an aura of fear. You count as a Fear trigger for enemies who engage you in melee. They take X Disadvantages to the test. Pass or fail, until the start of the next Crisis, they are immune to this trait, unless triggered by a different entity with a higher X than you.
Fearless X You ignore a specific Fear trigger, outlined as X.
Fleet of Foot X You reduce Harmful Terrain values by 1 per rank in this trait.
Form of Will X You can use the Mental Ailment or Courage focuses as an Evasion focus against a number of attacks per turn equal to X.
Incorporeal - This creature can walk through solid objects. It gains the Hoverer (6) trait and two Advantages to Stealth tests. Incorporeal creatures are immune to normal weapons, which simply phase through its body. AT Field attacks can hit an Incorporeal creature, as can other Incorporeals. Incorporeal creatures cannot usually interact with the physical world, and thus may not attack opponents unless they possess a suitable ability or talent. Incorporeal creatures may harm enemies via AT Fields, however.
Invisibility - Invisible entities are almost impossible to perceive, as their smell and sound is muffled and they are completely invisible to the naked eye. Attack, Evasion and Senses tests aimed at you take two Disadvantages, and creatures are not aware of your presence unless you do something to alert them. Invisibility lasts for up to ten minutes, but if you take damage, perform an attack or use a power then the effects vanish until they are reapplied. If the entity is somehow inherently invisible, then this is at the start of their next turn.
Language X You speak a certain language. You may communicate fluently in the listed language.
Life Sense - You may see living entities- other people, animals, etc- around you as glowing lights, up to a distance equal to your Senses in metres. You may see these lights even through solid objects.
Natural Habitat X You are entirely at home in the listed habitat. You take an Advantage to all Survival tests in the habitat, reduce all Harmful Terrain amounts within it by X, and are automatically assumed to be able to find shelter and sustenance within it.
Regeneration X This creature regenerates or has a self-repair function. You may test Physique or Endurance (Injury) at the start of each turn, with X advantages to the test; if you succeed you regenerate 1 Wound.
Shrug Off X You can use the Injury or Physical Ailment focuses as an Evasion focus against a number of attacks per turn equal to X.
Sonar Sense - You have a special sonar sense, which lets you locate the position of any solid object within your Senses in metres. Others may test Awareness (Threat) or Survival (Navigation) to detect the sound.
Sturdy - Any attempts to grapple, knock you down, push you or otherwise move you against your will must reroll and take the worse result.
Toxic X This creature is poisonous. It transmits its poison either through its natural weapon, through contact or some other method, with the effect of fatiguing the target. All natural Weapons have the Tiring (x) Quality.
Unnatural Score X This creature is especially gifted in one or more of its abilities. It may be a powerful creation, or someone with incredible ability. Select one Score. It increases this Score's Bonus by X. You can spend a point of Unnatural Score to gain Advantage on a test of the same score, or reroll an already rolled test, with the Unnatural Score disappearing after the test; this recovers at the start of the next Short or Long Downtime. Note: Unnatural Physique will affect the Character's wounds.
Unnatural Perception - This creature has powerful senses, either highly advanced tech or something more esoteric and supernatural. It is completely and automatically aware of everything within SB squares.
Unnatural Skill X You are treated as possessing an extra Skill Focus, designated as X.
Unspeakably Ugly X This creature has a visibly disturbing visage. Against people who have not learned to overcome its horrific appearance, it takes X Disadvantages to Manipulate and X Advantages to Authority.
Locomotive Traits
Amorphous - You possess a strange, malleable shape. As a free action, you may increase or decrease its size category by 1, although your movement values are not changed by this action.
Amphibious X This creature is naturally suited to aquatic spaces as well as surface terrain and may be in or under water without suffering any penalties or needing to make Athletics swim tests. In the water, it treats its AB as though it were X.
Aquatic X You are practically native to the water, and whilst you may not leave it, suffer no penalties for being in water. In the water, you calculate your movement off X instead of GB.
Bounder - When leaping, you do not count as Hindered.
Flight X This creature is capable of flying. Its flight speed is calculated off X instead of GB.
Hopper X Whenever you make a Leap or a Jump Action, you add 1 DoS per rank in this trait, or reduce DoF by the same.
Hover X This creature is capable of hovering a few metres above the air. Its Hover speed is calculated off X instead of GB.
Teleporter X When moving, you can choose to teleport, calculating your distance off X instead of GB. Teleporting moves you instantly to the chosen location, ignoring obstacles. It ignores Grapples and does not provoke chance attacks.
Physical Form Traits
Artificial - You are an artificial inorganic entity, such as a machine. You do not suffer from the effects of a vacuum or extreme cold, do not need to breathe and don't suffer from blood loss.
Chameleon - You blend in with your surroundings. Whenever you only move your Basic Move or less in squares during a turn, you gain advantage on dodge, anticipate and stealth tests, and attacks against you lose the close range and point blank advantages.
Multiple Arms X You have multiple arms, with X representing each extra pair of arms (ie. 2 = 3 pairs of arms total). When attacking with multiple weapons, these hands all count as offhands. You and gain advantage to grapple tests against targets with fewer arms than you and may make X extra Chance Attacks per turn, and gain an advantage to Climbing tests for each extra pair of arms you possess.
Multiple Legs X This creature have multiple legs, making it faster. X represents each pair of legs (ie. 2 = 3 pairs of legs total). Creatures with multiple legs add X*2 to their GB to determine movement, and add an Advantage to Running, Climbing or Leaping tests for each extra pair of legs.
Natural Weapons X You possess natural weapons, with the list of weapons being in the trait (eg. 'Claw, Bite') with each weapon profile being listed in the Equipment section.
Size 0 to 3 This trait measures how big you or a creature is, with the number measuring how many square metres or em it takes up. 1 is the standard size, between the size of a grown human and a horse, 2 is the size of a vehicle such as a car up to a small truck, and 3 is anything larger than that. The effects of each size are below, but generally speaking, sizes above 1 are easier to hit but are tougher, whilst sizes below 1 are harder to hit but are weaker.
- 0 This size is the smallest size, and means that the entity is so small it takes up negligible space on the board. Whenever it moves, it moves only a single square, a single hit will kill it, and in most circumstances they're unable to hurt anything else. However it is so small that attempts to attack or spot them take 3 disadvantages. A single human being in an E-scale battle counts as size 0.
- 0.5 This is the smallest size of any entity on the board that can still play a meaningful role. Attacks against 0.5 entities from a larger entity take a disadvantage, unless they're knockdowns, grapples or pushes, in which case they take an advantage instead. However, 0.5 entities cannot wield Two handed melee weapons or Heavy ranged weapons.
- 1 This is the default size. Everything is assumed to be Size 1 unless otherwise stated.
- 2 This is a particularly large entity, between twice to four times as large as a Size 1. Size 2 creatures can carry heavy and two handed weapons in one hand and use them as normal, although each weapon still requires their usual skill focus. They ignore Harmful Terrain with a value of 0, gain Unnatural Might and Physique (+1), and when they move, they multiply their GB by *3 to determine distance, not *2. Attacks against Size 2 entities take +1 advantage, and they gain no benefit from Partial Cover.
- 3 This is a colossal entity, at least nine times the size of a size 1 entity. Size 3 entities can't carry one handed or pistol weapons at all, and treat two-handed melee weapons as one-handed, and heavy and stationary weapons as being pistols or basic respectively, although each weapon still requires their usual skill focus. They ignore all harmful Terrain that isn't value 3, and gain Unnatural Might and Physique (+2), and when they move, they calculate distance by GB *4, not 2, to see how far they move. Attacks against Size 3 entities take +2 advantages, and they gain no benefit from Cover at all.
Metaphysical Biology Traits
Angel - This creature is an Angel. It has the Regeneration (0) trait, and instead of suffering the usual effects of Mental Ailments, it takes a Disadvantage to all actions. It begins with the Touched by the Fates (1) trait. All Angels are categorised as belonging to a 'Kingdom', which is the broad domain that Angel occupies; each Kingdom also has several 'Orders' within it that determine its niche. Angels can get special uses for their Fate Points based on their Kingdom and Order. However, all Angels gain extra benefits depending on the strength of their AT Field Bonus, as seen below:
- ATB 4+ For every 4 ATB the Angel gains another Fate Point.
- ATB 6+ The Angel gains the Unnatural Score (ATB/2) trait in a chosen Score of their choice and takes an Advantage to all AT Field tests.
- ATB 8+ The Angel gains another copy of Unnatural Score (as above) in a different Score, as well as the Superior Action (action of their choice) trait.
- ATB 10+ The Angel gains another copy of Unnatural Score (as above) in a different Score, as well as the Celerity (+1) trait.
Celerity X This unnaturally active creature gains X extra turns per round, with each extra turn having an initiative 2 points less than the last. These turns follow all the usual rules for taking turns, and each turn has a full complement of moves and actions. Furthermore, restrictions in one turn do not carry over to the next, so each may make attack actions for example. Ailments and affect durations only tick down during the first turn, however, and it loses one turn for each body part that is destroyed.
Light of the Soul - Surges no longer drop your Pattern's effects.
Superior Action X This creature is unnaturally efficient at one specific action, listed as X; once per turn, it can perform this action as a Free Action.
Stuff of Nightmares - You ignore effects of Injury that aren't the kind that destroy a body part or worse.

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