Adrian Franco Franco

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Posthuman Studios/Daniel Clarke

Full Name: Adrian Franco Franco
Position: Executive Officer (XO), FSS Valletta
Gender: Male
Date of Birth/Age: 2008; 40
Place of Residence: Anushirawan, Zoroaster/FSS Valletta

Physical Details
Hair Colour: Dark brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Height: 5'11
Handedness: Right

Personal Notes

Notes from Starfleet Dossier
Adrian Franco Franco. Born 2008 in Gran Colombia. Joined Starfleet as a cadet in 2030, graduated from Melbourne Starfleet Academy in 2034, was assigned to the FSS Rama as first posting. Other postings include the Paris, Berlin, Brisbane, Mercy and Misato Katsuragi. Promoted to Commander in 2044.

Was on board the Berlin when an emergency damaged the vessel during a routine survey mission. Disobeyed direct orders to save lives, but his plan was risky and endangered the entire ship. Was subject to court-martial and found guilty of insubordination and endangerment of vessel. Had his rank frozen for five years, and was reassigned to a Celestial Waygate Station in Luyten's Star.

Psychological profile outlines steady nerves under pressure and decisive decision-making, but has some long-term ongoing issues with authority he does not personally respect.

Notes from Rora Mist
He strikes me as a dour sort of man, with the tone of voice to match; but also, respectable. I imagine him to be the sort who makes for good company once one becomes acquainted with them…though I do not foresee myself having the patience or persistence to confirm this firsthand. gazing upon an iron sea

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