Evangelion Upgrades


Basic Biological Upgrades

Upgrade Prerequisite Effect Cost Unlocked?
Accelerated Mitosis Toughness 40 Evangelions gains the Regeneration trait (does not affect critdam) 2 BUP Yes
Adrenal Implants Dermal Armour When an Eva takes Critical damage as to be defeated, test Toughness. On a success, the Eva continues to operate for a number of rounds equal to its TB. If the Eva is dealt another lethal blow during this period it must test Toughness again with a penalty equal to the combined amount of wounds inflicted to both head and body- on a success it continues to fight until the time limit expires. The experience is especially traumatic for the pilot, who takes 1 Insanity per round this implant is in use. 4 BUP Yes
Bulging Biceps - As per the talent. 1 BUP Yes
Chameleomimesis - You may activate Chameleon Mode as a half action. You gain a +30 to Stealth tests, and attacks against you take a -20 penalty. If you engage in energetic action (Running, attacking) the Stealth bonus drops to +10 and the attack penalty drops to -10. You may sustain Chameleon Mode for a number of rounds equal to half your Toughness Bonus, and it cannot be used if you've taken Critical Damage to the body. It does not protect you from AT Ping or Angelic Senses. 2 BUP No
Contraterial Lobe Toughness 40 Whenever you are inflicted with the Stun status with a duration of more than one turn (for example, 'stunned for 6 rounds'), you instead recover after a single turn. 2 BUP No
Core Array - You may partially (or fully w/Quick Spread)spread your AT Field and make a half-move action as part of the same half action. 1 BUP Yes
Core Membrane - Reduce ego damage from high SR by 1 (min zero) 2 BUP Yes
Dense Field (Defensive)(-) SR 60 +2 ATS for Deflection Purposes 2 BUP Yes
Dense Field (Offensive)(-) SR 60 +4 ATP for Neutralisation or offensive powers 2 BUP Yes
Dense Field (Utility)(-) SR 60 +2 ATP (but not ATS) 2 BUP Yes
Dermal Armour - Reduce Critical Damage taken by 1 (minimum 1) 2 BUP Yes
Loric Biorenewal Accelerated Mitosis You may make a Regeneration test (as per Accel Mitosis) once per turn as a free to regenerate 1 point of Armour damage. You may also spend a Full+Reaction to regenerate an Ablative. 2 BUP No
Redundant Organs 1 - +1 wounds to all areas 1 BUP Yes
Redundant Organs 2 Redundant Organs 1 +1 wounds to all areas 1 BUP Yes
Redundant Organs 3 Redundant Organs 2 +1 wounds to all areas 1 BUP Yes
Redundant Organs 4 Redundant Organs 3 +1 wounds to all areas 1 BUP Yes
Redundant Organs 5 Redundant Organs 4 +1 wounds to all areas 1 BUP Yes
Redundant Organs 6 Redundant Organs 5 +1 wounds to all areas 1 BUP Yes
Redundant Sensory Organs Redundant Organs 1 You ignore the first case of Blindness and Deafness per battle. 1 BUP No
S2 Organ - You gain unlimited operational time. 4 BUP Yes
Solenoid Organelles S2 Organ All AT Powers are treated as though augmented by 2 ATP, increase Augment cap for all powers by +2 3 BUP Yes
Sprint - As the DH talent 1 BUP Yes
Strength 1 - +5 to Eva's Strength characteristic 1 BUP Yes
Strength 2 - +5 to Eva's Strength characteristic 1 BUP Yes
Strength 3 - +5 to Eva's Strength characteristic 2 BUP Yes
Strength 4 - +5 to Eva's Strength characteristic 2 BUP Yes
Sturdy - As the DH talent 1 BUP Yes
Subdermal Absorber Dermal Armour You ignore the first Critical Damage you take per battle. 2 BUP No
Toughness 1 - +5 to Eva's Toughness characteristic 1 BUP Yes
Toughness 2 - +5 to Eva's Toughness characteristic 1 BUP Yes
Toughness 3 - +5 to Eva's Toughness characteristic 2 BUP Yes
Toughness 4 - +5 to Eva's Toughness characteristic 2 BUP Yes
Twitch Fiber Grafts I - +1 to Eva AB 1 BUP Yes
Twitch Fiber Grafts II Twitch Fiber Grafts I +1 to Eva AB 1 BUP Yes
Unlimited S2 Organ S2 Organ You gain Unnatural Toughness (x2), and whenever you are part of a Synchronized field, you always provide your full ATS. 5 BUP No
Unnatural Eye (Clarity)(-) - Test Awareness twice 1 BUP Yes
Unnatural Eye (Farsight)(-) - Range of all ranged weapons +10 1 BUP Yes
Unnatural Eye (Spectrum)(-) - Never treated as being in darkness, can see other spectra 1 BUP Yes

(-) This ability is a subtype of a parent ability. Only one subtype may be chosen.
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S2 Biological Upgrades

Name Prerequisites Effect Cost Unlocked?
Advanced Biology Berserker, S2 Organ You gain +10 Strength and Toughness. 3 BUP Yes
Angelic Weapon Unlimited S2 Organ You may grant your Eva a single unique special attack. This follows its own special rules; to create your weapon, go here: Angelic Weapons Creation 6 BUP No
Bioweapon S2 Organ You may purchase this Upgrade multiple times. Before a Mission, you may select a number of weapons and upgrades from the standard E-Scale Weapons List; the total cost of these purchases may not exceed the amount of BUP invested into Bioweapons. You may then apply each weapon to a single arm, where it replaces the hand (thus preventing your ability to handle things with that hand). The weapon may not be lost, dropped or disarmed, and is only destroyed if the arm is destroyed. The weapon only ever takes up one arm, unless it is a Mounted weapon, in which it takes up two arms (but does not inflict the Agility penalty). The weapon doubles its ammo clip, and may reload as normal, although you do not need to hold any spare ammo on you (your Eva's body generates new ammo!). Energy weapons instead are treated as having unlimited ammo. If your chosen weapon has special ammo options (Custom Ammo, Special Bolts etc) it may swap to any of these with a standard reload and you do not have to expend BUP on buying them. Furthermore, you gain access to special Bioweapon entries in each special ammo option set. Finally, if you have more weapons than arms, you may replace an existing bioweapon with a different chosen one as a half action- this includes swapping to normal hands. 1 BUP No
Fleshwarper S2 Organ, Accelerated Mitosis Evangelion can spend Full Action and a Reaction to heal 1d5+TB wounds divided amongst any number of locations of choice. Cannot heal destroyed areas, can heal Critical Damage 2 BUP Yes
Glial Mutation S2 Organ When Evangelion takes more than 1 Critical Damage from any source, roll for Berserk. 2 BUP Yes
Solenoid Furnace S2 Organ Full Action to activate this upgrade. The Eva automatically fully spreads any one known spread pattern and gains +1 ATS. It gains another +1 per turn, but takes 1 point of Impact Critical Damage to the body, ignoring wounds, which cannot be recovered or reduced. This damage does not trigger Critical Damage results save those that destroy the Eva. Once the Solenoid Furnace is engaged, there is no way to shut it off, save for shutting down the Evangelion itself. 2 BUP Yes
Winged Form S2 Organ, SR 70 You gain Flight (AB), and increase the range of all AT Field Powers by 20dm. By spending a Fate Point, you may increase your ATS by 4 until the start of your round. 2 BUP Yes
Winged Spine S2 Organ Grants the user Flight (10) and the ability to make A-Type Jumps. Cannot be used with any equipment but B-Type. 4 BUP Yes

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Adaptive Morphologies

Adaptive Morphologies are drastic upgrades to an Eva's form, adapting it to specific specifications. Every Adaptive Morphology grants the Eva a great deal of bonuses related to that specification. However, an Eva may only ever purchase a single Morphology. All Morphologies cost 6 BUP.

Name Effect 1 Effect 2 Effect 3 Unlocked?
Abyssal Abyssal Grace: You gain the Amorphous, Amphibious (AB+2) and Void (AB+2) traits. Furthermore, you ignore the effects of the Water Pressure table and from space exposure. Abyssal Form: You gain Unnatural Strength, Toughness and Agility (2) underwater and in space. Abyssal Predator: You gain an extra Reaction which may only be used underwater or in space. You gain a +20 to Stealth tests underwater or in space, and attacks against you when underwater or in space must roll twice and take the worse result. No
Celestial Celestial Creation: You gain two Models of Evaspawn. Rules on creating Evaspawn Models can be found here: Evaspawn Creation Rules. You may purchase more Models, 2 BUP per model, with a maximum equal to your Intelligence Bonus. Celestial Generation: As a Full Action, may generate a single Evaspawn copy of a single Model. You may never command more Evaspawn units than your FB. - No
Divine Divine Form: You gain the Multiple Arms (4) trait. Divine Inspiration: You gain the Baneful Presence (20) trait. Any allies within that range also gain a +10 to all tests. Divine Above the Circles of the World: You gain the Angel and Stuff of Nightmares trait. No
Draconic Draconic Implacability: You gain +4 AP to all areas and the Forceful Regeneration trait. Draconic Flexibility: You gain a 1 BUP discount to the following upgrades: all Natural Weapons, Winged Spine. You may also gain 1 free Natural Weapon upgrade per Natural Weapon, which stacks with Natural Weapon Upgrades from other sources. Draconic Redundancy: You gain the Evangelion Biological Feature 'Extreme Redundancy'. If you already possess this Feature, you increase its bonus to +4 wounds and Regeneration (2). No
Pantheric Pantheric Alacrity: You gain a +20 bonus to Acrobatics tests, and the Evangelion Biological Feature 'Danger Sense'. If you already possess this Feature, you instead gain a +10 bonus to all Dodge tests. Pantheric Fleetness: So long as your hands are free, you gain the Quadruped trait. Pounce: Whenever you perform a charge attack benefitting from Pantheric Fleetness, you may test Acrobatics. On a success, you may also engage the enemy in a Grapple or use the Knockdown action on them for free. No
Supernatural Supernatural Mastery: You gain the Light of the Soul AT Field Ability. Supernatural Presence: You gain the Phase trait. Supernatural Form: So long as you are not incorporeal, you gain the Perfect Resilience AT Field Ability. No
Ursic Ursic Might: You gain the Unnatural Strength and Toughness (2) traits. Ursic Hulk: You gain the Size: Hulking trait and the Evangelion Biological Feature 'Mighty Form'. If you already possess this Feature, you instead gain the Brutal Charge trait. Ursic Predator: You gain the Evangelion Biological Feature 'Predator'. If you already possess this Feature, you increase its WS and Strength bonuses to +10 and increase its BUP bonus to 6 BUP. No

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Natural Weapon Upgrades

Evangelions can be granted Natural Weapons, chosen from the chart below. You can purchase as many Natural Weapons as you want, although you can only purchase one of each type.
Natural Weapons such as Arm-Blades and Claws are considered to apply to both hands with the single purchase.
There is no limit to the amount of Bestial/Feral/Monstrous/Terrifying Weapon upgrades you can buy- but they only apply to one weapon each. So you can buy Bestial Weapon several times, but you have to apply the purchase to a different weapon every time.
The chart below notes that you can buy Bestial/Feral/Monstrous/Terrifying with WUP. This is permitted, but in this case the WUP is permanently converted to BUP just for the weaponry and cannot be recycled.
Finally: The Bestial talent for Berserkers works as though it's a 5th Bestial/Feral/Monstrous/Weapon upgrade.

Natural Weapons

Upgrade Prerequisite Effect Cost
Natural Weapon - Gains a Natural Weapon, choose from the Natural Weapons list below 2 BUP
Bestial Weapon Natural Weapon Upgrades Natural Weapon with a Bestial Weapon upgrade, choose from the list below 1 BUP or WUP
Feral Weapon Bestial Weapon Upgrades Natural Weapon with a 2nd Bestial Weapon upgrade (of a different type). 1 BUP or WUP
Monstrous Weapon Feral Weapon Upgrades Natural Weapon with a 3rd Bestial Weapon upgrade (of a different type). 1 BUP or WUP
Terrifying Weapon Monstrous Weapon Upgrades Natural Weapon with a 4th Bestial Weapon upgrade (of a different type). 1 BUP or WUP

Melee Natural Weapons

Name Damage Pen Special Location
Arm-Blade 1d10R 0 Balanced Quality. Arms
Bite 1d10R 0 After successful attack, can initiate a grapple immediately with a -20 penalty to the test. Slow, Unwieldy, no benefit from Disturbing Anatomy Head
Claws 1d10R 0 Tearing Quality. Hands
Horn 1d10+1 I 0 If horn used as part of a charge attack it deals +3 damage. Unwieldy Head
Spines 1d5R 0 Whenever a damage action is used in a Grapple on either side, Spines automatically attack the enemy with spines- once per round. Unwieldy Body
Tail 1d10-2R 0 Flexible Body
Talons 1d10R 0 Unbalanced, Climb speed equal to speed on foot Legs

Ranged Natural Weapons

Name Range RoF Damage Special
Spit 10dm S/-/- 2d10E -

Natural Weapon Upgrades

Name Prerequisites Effect
Acid Bite, Spit Gains the Acid (1) quality.
Breath Spit +10dm, Has the Flame and Spray qualities
Breath II Spit +10dm, +2 Damage, +2 Pen
Breath III Spit +10dm, +2 Damage, +2 Pen
Carapace Arm-Blade, Horn, Spines Permanent +2 AP to Body Part
Corrosive Bite, Claws If attack deals damage after AP and TB, deals extra +1d5. Damage type becomes E
Energy Field Arm-Blade, Claws, Horn, Tail Attack now gains the Power Field quality, with a +2 to Pen, and damage type becomes E
Flensing I Arm-Blade, Claws, Spines, Bite, Tail, Talons Devastating (+2)
Flensing II Arm-Blade, Claws, Spines, Bite, Tail, Talons Devastating (+2)
Hardened Claws, Horn, Spines, Talons +4 to Damage
Necrotoxin Bite, Spines, Spit, Tail If attack hits, enemy's TB is reduced by 1 until Eva's next turn
Ossified Plate Arm-Blade, Spines +2 AP to part, Defensive Quality
Pistons Talons All move actions count as disengage, add SB*2 damage to Gravity Kicks (instead of one)
Pneumatic Talons As per the weapon quality
Serrated Bite, Arm-Blade, Tail +2 to Damage, +2 to Pen
Serrated II Bite, Arm-Blade, Tail +2 to Damage, +2 to Pen
Serrated III Bite, Arm-Blade, Tail +2 to Damage, +2 to Pen
Sharpened Claws, Horn, Spines, Talons +4 to Penetration
Sharpened II Claws, Horn, Spines, Talons +4 to Penetration
Toxic Tail, Spit As per the weapon quality

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Basic Structural Upgrades

Upgrade Prerequisite Effect Cost Unlocked?
Active Camo System - +10 to Stealth 1 SUP Yes
Angelic Silk Weave - +3 AP, gain extra dodge reaction. Replaces Dense Surovite Plating and Mesh Plating. Replaces Heavy Armour and Lightweight Chassis so long as it is equipped (Heavy Armour retains the armour discount). 5 SUP No
Armor Enhancement 1 - +1 AP to all Areas 2 SUP Yes
Armor Enhancement 2 Armor Enhancement 1 +1 AP to all Areas 2 SUP Yes
Armor Enhancement 3 Armor Enhancement 2 +1 AP to all Areas 2 SUP Yes
Armor Enhancement 4 Armor Enhancement 3 +1 AP to all Areas 2 SUP Yes
Armor Enhancement 5 Armor Enhancement 4 +1 AP to all Areas 2 SUP Yes
Armor Enhancement 6 Armor Enhancement 5 +1 AP to all Areas 2 SUP No
Arm Re-modelling Armor Enhancement 3 Gain 1 extra Storage Wing Loadout slots on each arm. 2 SUP Yes
Autobalancer - +10 to Acrobatics 1 SUP Yes
Corrective Refit - Removes drawbacks of 'Clinker', 'Single Winged' and 'Prototype' features. Weapon Racks converted into Assault Docks, Markerlight Arrays converted into Markerlight Wing Dock (Weapon Rack/Markerlight Array change costs no SUP). 2 SUP Yes
Dense Surovite Plating Incompatible w/Mesh Plating +2 AP, -5 Agility. Heavy Armor Evas only spend 1 SUP, do not gain Agility penalty, but reduce +AP to 1. Replaces Lightweight Chassis so long as it is equipped. 3 SUP Yes
Features - Customize Entry Plug with convenient features 1 SUP Yes
Heavy Chassis - You may wield Mounted weapons. Furthermore, you gain 1 wound to the body. 1 SUP Yes
Mesh Plating Incompatible w/Dense Surovite -2 AP, gain extra Dodge reaction. Lightweight Chassis Evas only spend 1 SUP, do not gain AP penalty, but gain +10 Agility instead. Replaces Heavy Armor so long as it is equipped (Heavy Armour retains the armour discount). 3 SUP Yes
Rescue Charges - If an arm or leg becomes infected by an Ego-reducing attack or a subversion attack, then you may null subversion, but instead deal 6X Critdam to limb, which cannot be reduced or healed. 1 SUP Yes
White Noise System - Reduces the Stealth Penalty due to AP over 7 by -10. 1 SUP Yes

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Ablative Upgrades

Name Prerequisites Effect Cost Unlocked?
Ablative Absorbers Heavy Chassis You negate the first falling damage or area of effect damage you take. Cannot be equipped with a Mounted weapon. 2 SUP Yes
Ablative Carapace - You negate the first damage-dealing hit to your body location. 2 SUP Yes
Ablative Gauntlet - Equips to one arm. You negate the first damage-dealing hit to the chosen arm. 1 SUP Yes
Ablative Heavy Shield Heavy Chassis You equip a massive shield large enough for an Eva to hide behind. It counts as a normal shield with the Shield (4) quality that covers all locations, but requires both arms to use. The shield cannot be used to parry unless you have Strength 50 and even then, you take a -10 penalty. Any attacks made with the shield count as a Knockdown attempt with a +10 bonus. As a half action, you may set the shield to face a specific direction. Any ranged attack from that direction that requires a BS test hits the shield instead. Auto-hitting ranged attacks or blast attacks ignore the shield. Melee attacks from that direction from a foe of equal or smaller size than you also hit the shield. Any attack with a Penetration of 5 or less that hits the shield is negated, but does not expend Ablative layers. An attack with Pen 6 or higher that hits the shield is negated as normal, but expends the Ablative layer. Even then, the shield still provides Cover (8) if set in a specific direction. 2 SUP Yes
ESV Unit - Acts like a normal Eva Shield with three Ablatives and the Shield (3) quality. 4 SUP Yes
Reactive Charges - The first time you take critical damage to a body location in a battle, you halve the damage and make it the Explosive type instead. 2 SUP Yes

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Special Armour Upgrades

Cerovite Shell Specialised Armour E You are immune to fire damage, and Fusion attacks against you never double their Penetration against you. 2 SUP Yes
Damaskite Mantle - Attacks against you reduce their Penetration by -2. You gain the Shimmer (2) quality. 3 SUP Yes
Electrified Armour Armor Enhancement 2 Enemies take -20 penalty to grapple tests against you 2 SUP Yes
Fieldblinder Fitting Armor Enhancement 5 You are invisible to AT Pings. Furthermore, Angelic Senses are treated as being half of what they are for the purposes of detecting you. 3 SUP No
Fortified Armour Ablative Carapace, Armor Enhancement 3 Eva is immune to Righteous Furies 3 SUP Yes
Shadowline Weave Armor Enhancement 5 Unless they're at Point Blank Range, attacks against you always treat you as being at Extreme Range, unless they have the Marksman talent (in which case they treat you as being at Long Range, and take that penalty even with their talent). Called shots on you take an extra -10 penalty. You always incur Run penalties if you move, even if it's a half move. 3 SUP Yes
Sigilite Armour Armor Enhancement 5, SR 70 Whenever you take damage, test Willpower-30. On a success, you reduce the amount of damage taken by your Willpower Bonus, to a minimum of zero. If the result of your roll is lower than your Willpower Bonus entirely, then you negate the attack completely. 5 SUP No
Specialized Armor 1 Armor Enhancement 2 Eva gains a +4 AP bonus versus 1 attack quality (Explosive, Energy, Impact, Rending) 2 SUP Yes
Specialised Armor 2 Armor Enhancement 2, Specialised Armor 1 Eva gains a +4 AP bonus versus 1 -other- attack quality 2 SUP Yes
Specialised Armor 3 Armor Enhancement 2, Specialised Armor 2 Eva gains a +4 AP bonus versus 1 -other- attack quality 2 SUP Yes
Stealth Field Hard-suit Armor Enhancement 2, Specialised Armor 3 -2 AP. Activate as Half, deactivate as Free. +30 to Stealth, -30 WS/BS penalty vs all incoming attacks. Attacking reduces the bonus/penalty to +10/-10. ATS counts as zero whilst spread. May not be used with F-Type. 4 SUP Yes
Suzanium Alloy Plating Armor Enhancement 5 Attacks against you reroll damage and take the worse result (negates Tearing instead; removes 1 reroll from Hy-Prog). Awareness tests to locate you using indirect (out of LoS) electronic methods take a -20 penalty. 3 SUP No
Variable Type Generator Armor Enhancement 5 As a Half Action, you may generate a covering around yourself that exactly mimicks one type of Letter-Type Equipment. This equipment may be removed as a Free Action, and may be changed to another type as a Half. 4 SUP No

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Wing Loadouts

Name Prerequisites Effect Cost
Assault Dock - Holds 1-handed Melee Weapon, or 1 Basic weapon, or 2 Clips of Ammo. 2 SUP
Gunframe - Attaches to a basic weapon as a half. The weapon is now treated as having the Burst and Pistol Grip qualities; it cannot be lost, dropped or disarmed; readied as a free action; ammo can be loaded into the Gunframe- if the clip is compatible with the gun to which it is attached the gun acts as though it has twice the usual ammo capacity 1 SUP
Impact Bolt - Full Action to charge, fire with a Reaction. Fires 5dm wide, 100dm long 2d10E P6 Positron attack. If equipped with a pair of Impact Bolts, may charge and fire both with the same Full/Reaction, and attack is 10dm wide, 4d10E P10 Positron. Any targets hit by an Impact Bolt must test Toughness+10 (or -10 if hit by a pair) or be Stunned for 1 round. 4 SUP
Integrated Weapon - Build a Pistol or Compact weapon into wing dock. Weapon may be fired on a reaction, and may be aimed without needing to use the Aim action (although it takes the same amount of time). Auto-capable weapons become Burst. 2 SUP
MAGI-RMD - +20 to MAGI rolls (does not stack). May spend a Full Action to roll on the MAGI table against 1 enemy. 1 SUP
Markerlight System - As the upgrade Markerlight, but affects all allies in range. 1 SUP
Striker Missile Rack - Gives the Eva a 1d10+3x Pen 2 attack with range 80dm and -/-/10 RoF. Can be fired as a half action, but cannot be fired in melee and only has five uses. If user has 2 or more uses left, user may perform a Missile Dump, which gives the attack the Storm quality as well as +1 damage per use remaining, and the Blast (X) quality, where X is equal to uses remaining, but all uses are immediately expended. 2 SUP
Needle Pod - Fire 10dm Scatter bladed spikes as a Reaction, dealing 1d10+6 Pen 4 damage- all extra Scatter hits strike the same location. Can be used in a Grapple (counts as Point Blank). 1 use only. 2 SUP
Smoke Launcher - Fire a smoke canister with range 100dm that creates a Blind Grenade effect in an area that can also negate Unnatural Senses. Can be reloaded as a 1 Round Action with a Smoke Launcher ammo clip. 1 SUP
Storage Dock - Holds 1 Compact melee weapon, or 1 Pistol, or 1 Clip of Ammo. Replaces all Knife/Ammo/Pistol docks. Free

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Entry Plugs

Name Prerequisites Effect Cost Unlocked?
Armored Plug Armor Enhancement I Halves Plug breach damage 1 SUP Yes
Basic Plug - - 0 SUP Yes
HarOS Plug - +10 BS 1 SUP Yes
Improved Plug - +5 BS, +5 WS 1 SUP Yes
Organic Plug - As a half action, pilot can trigger a Synch Disruption with the result always adding to SR. 2 SUP Yes
Psycho Dreamer EVA-01 Only, requires Psycho Dreamer Plugsuit Sets SR to 100 - Yes
Spiritual AI Plug Spiritual AI Talent May benefit from Spiritual AI whilst in the plug. At the start of your turn, may select one bonus as a free: +5 BS/WS, +10 WS, +10 BS. 2 SUP No
Trace Plug - +10 WS 1 SUP Yes

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Plugsuits can be purchased for 100 XP. Only one Plugsuit can be used at a time. All pilots are hereby upgraded to the Standard Mk2 Plugsuit.

Name AP (Head) AP (Body) AP (Arms) AP (Legs) Effect Description Description
Armored Plugsuit 4 4 4 4 +10 SR, halves damage taken inside the Plug, is environmentally sealed, can breathe in space or underwater for 24 hours Armored with hundreds of interlocking ceramic plates over a tough insulatory underlay, designed to enhance pilot safety. Furthermore, the suit can be environmentally sealed and allows for a pilot to survive, breathe and maneuver in various extremes- such as underwater or in space. Comes with a helmet. Yes
Biorelay Suit 0 0 0 0 +10 SR, reduces Ego damage by 1 to a minimum of 1 Lacks the normal equipment of a Plugsuit- has no vacuum seal, yet conforms to the wearer's body- circuit lines glow with a faint light. Designed to increase the strength of the human AT Field- not enough to be noticeable, but enough to reinforce the strength of the field. Yes
Dive Plugsuit 0 1 1 1 +10 SR, pilot is treated as being 1 Synch Category higher than usual except for Ego Damage Equipped with shoulder-mounted devices that fan out into dual 'wings' when exposed to electrically charged LCL. The A-10 headband uses a similar mechanism, creating a free-floating 'halo' of the same material. Yes
Limiter Plugsuit 0 1 1 1 +10 SR, +20 to Feedback Tests More akin to the usual Plugsuit, although the A-10 headband is now more properly like a headset as it incorporates a feedback limiter. Yes
Monitor Plugsuit 0 2 2 2 +10 SR, can benefit from Remote Care without the OD spending fate Mostly identical to the usual plugsuit, but outfitted with more advanced medical monitors, painkillers, stimulants, antibiotics, cardio-rhythmic monitors, healing pads, vacuum tourniquets and the like. Yes
Nerve Plugsuit 0 0 0 0 +10 SR, reduces all penalties by 10. Pilot can spend a Fate to remove all penalties to tests for 1 round Semi-translucent, with spider-web like bio-electrical circuitry visible beneath the surface of the plugsuit. The suit can read the exact timing and position of the pilots' nerve impulses and correct them accordingly. Yes
Psycho Dreamer Plugsuit 0 0 0 0 Sets SR to 100. The pilot does not suffer Synch Disruption, even from Synch Tests, but every round, the pilot must test Willpower or their SR increases by +20 (they may voluntarily fail this test). The pilot may spend a half action to test WP+20 to reduce their SR by 20, +5 per degree of success (voluntary), or they may spend a full action to test WP+50. They may spend a fate point to reset SR to 100. The pilot may reduce all Ego damage by their Willpower Bonus, excepting damage from high SR. They may use Evangelion stats for all tests (strength, toughness etc). After every battle the pilot must take 2d5 insanity which cannot be reduced or nulled, and rolls on the Trauma chart with a bonus equal to their SR above 100. Finally, in the event that a pilot's Ego hits 0, the Psycho Dreamer suit gives them a conditional fate point to burn on their test to reincorporise. The Psycho Dreamer Suit is barely a 'suit' at all, instead being a type of strange, viscous liquid. Applying the suit requires a process known as the Dreamer Baptism Process, in which a pilot completely immerses themselves in the liquid, through which an electric current is applied, which forces the liquid into a state not unlike a biological membrane, adhering to the pilot like a second skin. The resulting suit is dark orange or red and transparent. The main purpose of the Psycho Dreamer suit is to trap and collect the LCL of the pilot as their body dissolves, allowing (theoretically) for the pilot to reincorporise easier. Yes
Silksuit 6 6 6 6 +10 SR, +20 to Feedback Tests, halves damage taken inside the Plug, is environmentally sealed, can breathe in space or underwater for 24 hours Made of Angelic silk, this plugsuit is snug and form-fitting despite not having a vacuum seal. Despite its seemingly flimsy construction, it offers a level of protection superior to standard armoured plugsuits. The plugsuit's strands also act as a superior, more sensitive conductor of sensation than the standard plugsuit. This permits us to increase the level of feedback suppressors whilst maintaining an average level of performance. No
Sigilsuit 0 2 2 2 +20 SR, reduces Ego damage by WPB/2 to a minimum of 1. Pilot is treated as being 2 Synch Categories higher than usual except for Ego Damage. This suit has traces of sigilite circuitry running through the rubber-like skin of the suit. When active, the circuits light up in a coruscant orange-white pattern. The circuitry heavily increases a pilot's synchronization level with the Eva, whilst reinforcing their own ego barrier against erosion. No
Standard Mk2 Plugsuit 0 2 2 2 +10 SR The standard Plugsuit. Yes
Test Plugsuit 0 0 0 0 +10 SR. If their SR goes over 100 they are treated for all intents and purposes of having an SR of 100, and not over. Limiter can be removed as a free. Developed with an experimental polymer that undergoes chemical change when stimulated by the electrical currents of LCL whilst transmitting nervous signals, the Test Suit dynamically resists the pilot's signal at a scaling rate past the safe synchronization threshold. The electrical stimulation is achieved via a collar unit with an extendable cord that connects into the seat of the plug, which can simply be pulled out to disable the limiter effect. Unfortunately, the suit is also too tight to fit the usual plugsuit system suite into. Yes

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