Rare Equipment Vault


The Rare Equipment Vault (REV) is a special vault hidden within NERV's technical division, known only to a select few. The equipment within is considered either too valuable for regular use, too expensive for mass production, or just simply too dangerous.

The equipment is broken up into three categories: Class One Safe, Class Two Dangerous and Class Three Lethal.

Class One objects are rare, often expensive or unique, but are mostly beneficial in use such as protective fabrics or special gadgets. They are generally the easiest to requisition and can have many uses.

Class Two objects are generally more dangerous than Class One objects, but ultimately their abilities allow for limited destructive potential. Usually Class Twos are rare items that are capable of doing normal levels of destruction in unusual ways.

Class Three objects are extremely dangerous, either due to the potential for it to fall into the wrong hands or due to its innate abilities. Losing a Class Three (or losing control of one) is enough to put all of NERV into a high level alert status.

Raphael may commission any one object from the list per mission. Whether it will be leased to him depends on the mission parameters in general.

Class One Safe Objects

Name Effect Parameters
Augmented Reality HUD Device Glasses with SENTINEL and other abilities Social-based, infiltration, investigative
Bondsuit Armoured clothing mimicking civilian wear Social-based, infiltration
Certain Ascent Test Suit Perfect climbing bodysuit Any
Flightsuit Power Armour upgrade granting Flight (4) Combat missions
Invisibility Cloak Confers invisibility Combat missions, stealth
Plasma Flash Grenade Potent blind grenade Combat missions, close-quarters
Pulse Pen Electronics-scrapping pen Any
Skeleton Key Electronic lockpick/hacking device Technical missions, espionage
Washington Juice Forces imbiber to answer all questions honestly and promptly Social-based, investigative, interrogative

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Augmented Reality HUD Device

The ARHUD is an electronic visor that fits snugly over one's head, locking into place beneath the chin and behind the head. The ARHUD has all the benefits of the SENTINEL headgear, but has the following new benefits:
Analyse: Has a Half Action, you may analyse a single opponent. You then learn their Characteristics, AP and Wounds.
Adaptive Systems: You gain a +10 to evasion tests and to hit versus a target you have 'locked on' to with SENTINEL.
Proximity Alert: Unless the ambusher is using unnatural stealth techniques, you are never surprised in combat.
Sensor Suite: Increase your Perception by +10.
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The Bondsuit is a one-size-fits-all set of garments that can be changed to suit the wearer's shape and frame. The standard appearance is that of a perfect tuxedo, but gown versions exist as well, as do other configurations. The Bondsuit is made of barzilite, an artificial fabric that is made of millions of tiny interlocking rings of hyper-strong carbon nanotubes and genetically enhanced spiders' silk. When struck with a solid object the thick fabric momentarily goes rigid, transferring the energy of the impact over a wide area. Ergo, despite the soft appearance of the Bondsuit, wearers are in fact equipped with excellent personal armour.

The Bondsuit has the following qualities:
1) AP 4 to the body, arms and legs
2) Tiny plastic explosives that deal 2d10x damage to a localized area such as a wall, disguised as innocuous objects (cufflinks, rings). (2 to a suit)
3) A set of hidden pocket compartments that block scanners
4) A compact, silenced Rail Pistol, hidden in one of the compartments.
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Invisibility Cloak

The Invisibility Cloak, despite its name, is not just a cloak but rather an assortment of garments and items, including two purses, two scarves, two pairs of gloves, two shirts, two trousers , two jackets and two full-bodied cloaks with hoods. The items are not inherently invisible. Instead, on each design is a small button which, when activated, sends a pulse through the object, causing it and anything in it to become invisible. This invisibility is not just sight-based, but also damps (although does not completely block) sound and smell, blocks electronic sensors and can even disrupt AT Pings unless those Pings are at ATP 11 or stronger. When activated, the character (or object) is thus more or less undetectable so long as they (or it) do not move. When moving, they do nevertheless grant a +30 bonus to all Stealth tests and attacks made against them take a -20 to-hit penalty.

Pulse Pen

The Pulse Pen resembles a small white retractable ballpoint pen with pocket clasp. When the button at the top of the pen is pressed, it generates a 50m wide field which temporarily disables most electronics. The duration of the disability depends on the design of the item; a security camera or security door might be disabled for hours or more, but a suit of power armour or an Android are typically only disabled for 1d5 rounds, if at all. Older technology is generally less likely to be affected. Weapon-wise, most ranged weapons except for General and Rail weapons fail. Positron Melee weapons lose the Positron quality, Prog and Hy-Prog weapons lose their Prog/Hy-Prog and Proven qualities.

This weapon requires a period of charging after a single use. This period may be 30 minutes with a sufficiently advanced charger pack, or up to 8 hours if placed in sunlight (since it can be recharged through solar energy).

Skeleton Key

The Skeleton Key resembles a rather long USB stick with a small LED display built into its body. It has two ends- an Optodata port on one end, and a tiny series of holes on the other. The Optodata end can be activated over a computer system (often through a programming or USB port), which will automatically enter passwords and break through the computer's defenses. The other end is filled with highly sensitive sensors and thin prehensile fabrics. When swept over a keypad, it will (usually) discern the proper code and will display said code on the LED screen. When swept over a keyhole, the prehensile fabrics will reorganize themselves into the proper configuration of key with which to open the door. Any use of the Key takes a Full Action.

Certain devices may be beyond the Key's use. Locks which use particularly heavy keys, or heavily protected computer systems- such as MAGI systems- will prove to be too difficult for the key's use.


Class Two Dangerous Objects

Name Effect Parameters
Adamantine Blade Unbreakable, super-strong sword capable of cutting through most armours Combat Mission
Area Intoxication Device Set of fake cigarettes that emit wide-spread intoxicating drugs Social-based, infiltration
AT Inhibitor A small device capable of disrupting an AT deflective field. Fickle. Combat mission
Digi-Weapon One-shot weapon built into disguised finger ornament Social-based, infiltration, combat
Disruptor Antimatter-based handgun of extreme power, capable of disintegrating most solid mass Combat mission
Executioner Power Rifle Highly lethal sniper rifle Combat missions
Fusion Grenade Ludicrously powerful explosive Combat Mission
Holo-clone Portable holographic projector that creates pre-programmed distractions Any
Kinetic Deflector Deflector shield that blocks I/X/R attacks Combat Mission, low-key
Terror Gun Fear-inducing gun Combat mission

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AT Inhibitor

The AT Inhibitor is a small device roughly the size of a beer carton. It unfolds to reveal an array and a small curious emitter of energy. The energy bounces off the array and disperses into the area.

Set the AT Inhibitor to a rating between 1 and 6. It will neutralize all AT Fields within a 30m radius to this extent. However, after every round in which the Inhibitor is used, roll a 1d5. On a roll of 1, its neutralisation drops by 1; on a roll of 5 it increases by 1. Should the rating exceed 6, it has a 50% chance of exploding violently, causing an antimatter annihilation in a 3m radius causing 2d10 damage Pen 6 to everyone within. This chance increases by 10% for every rating above 6.
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Executioner Power Rifle

The Executioner Rifle is a highly lethal rifle. Although sniper rifles are normally dangerous as a general rule the Executioner uses bolter technology to propel what is essentially a tiny sniper-accurate missile into a person's body before exploding with massive force.

However, the Executioner Rifle also has other abilities that make it beyond 'just' a Sniper Rifle. The Executioner Rifle can only hold one bullet at a time. This is because its bullets are customised, designed so the wielder can adapt to the situation.

The Executioner Rifle has the following values:
Class: Heavy
Range: 1,200m
Damage: 2d10+4
Penetration: 6
Clip: 1
Special: Accurate, Tearing
Reload: Half Action

It can be loaded with the following ammo:

Execution Rounds (Sets of 12)
The standard round.

Magma Rounds (Sets of 2)
A round designed to penetrate the enemy and then flood their body with liquid as hot as lava.
The Magma Round deals -2 damage and -2 Pen, but if it hits the enemy and deals damage it immediately follows up with 3d10 energy damage that cannot be reduced by Toughness or AP; the enemy is also set on fire.

Absolute Penetration Rounds (Sets of 3)
A round designed to cut through AT Fields using Positron charges.
The AP Round deals -2 damage, but it has +2 Pen and counts as Positron.

Finnish Surprise Rounds (Sets of 2)
A round that doubles as a fragmentation grenade.
The FS Round deals normal damage, but should it hit the enemy and do damage it immediately follows up with 1d10+5 explosive damage that cannot be reduced by Toughness or AP; should the enemy die, it immediately creates an AoE attack with a Blast 4 radius that deals 2d10 damage, +1 damage for every point of damage in excess of CritDam -10 as body parts are converted into shrapnel.

Maltese Vampire Rounds (Sets of 3)
Causes massive hemorrhaging.
The MV Round deals normal damage, but should it damage the enemy the enemy immediately begins to suffer from Blood loss, with the horrible caveat that they roll vs. Blood Loss twice per round.

Guard Stopper Rounds (Sets of 2)
Doesn't kill a Guard, but stops them.
The GS Round deals normal damage, but should it damage an enemy all electronic equipment they are carrying immediately dies; power sources shut down, comms die, and masers fizzle to a stop.

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Class Three Lethal Objects

Name Effect Parameters
Conversion Beam Highly technical weapon that emits a beam that becomes stronger the longer it travels High-risk combat missions
Devourer Virus Extremely virulent virus that reduces living entities to puddles in seconds Suicide Missions
Hercules Serum Incredibly potent combat drug with equally potent side effects Combat missions
Lictor Slaughterdroid Powerful programmable self-repairing android that occasionally goes berserk High-risk combat missions
Mark 2 Iron Dreadnought Power Armour Ridiculously tough but cumbersome power armour High-risk combat missions

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Conversion Beam

The Conversion Beam is an experimental and extremely dangerous heavy weapon developed by Barzilai Surov. Although the full technical explanation would take a good deal of time, the simplified version is that the weapon utilises the energy stored in atomic bonds. The weapon itself launches neutron-bombarded particles toward the target, creating an atomic chain reaction that converts matter to energy before striking the designated target in a cataclysmic explosion.

The Conversion Beam has the following statline:
Name Class Range Dam. Pen. Clip Reload Special
Conversion Beam Heavy 200m Varies Varies 4 2Full Overheats, Recharge, Varies

The Conversion Beam's output changes based on range. At a distance up to 15m, it deals 2d10E P2 damage. At a distance up to 100m, it deals 3d10+5 P8 damage and gains the Felling (2) quality. At a distance beyond 100m, it deals 5d10+10 P12 with the Felling (4) and Blast (2) qualities.

However, the weapon has some drawbacks. After every shot fired, the Conversion Beam must have its systems manually reset with a Full Action Tech Use test before it can fire again. Worse, for every round that passes without a successful test, the Tech use penalty grows by -10. If the Conversion Beam goes for 3 rounds or more without being tended to with a successful Tech Use test, it enters an enforced shutdown period. Roll a 1d10 and compare on the chart below.

Roll Effect
1-6 Shutdown: The weapon may not be used for another 24 hours.
7-9 Overload: As above, but it deals 2d10E P10 damage to the wielder.
10 Cataclysmic Explosion: The Conversion Beam explodes violently as its internal containment field collapses. It fires a single attack using the normal Conversion Beam pattern as above in every direction, striking the first thing in the way. Furthermore, all objects within 20m are hit by a shockwave, and must test Strength and Toughness. If they pass, they resist the shockwave. If they fail one they are propelled 1d10+5m backwards, taking falling damage and being knocked prone as usual. If they fail both then they are propelled 3d10+5m backwards, taking falling damage and being knocked prone as usual.

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Hercules Serum

A combat drug created by Barzilai Surov based on his older Vasilisa's Potion base, Hercules Serum is capable of turning even the most average of humans into superhumans. Through the use of a feast of stamina-enhancing drugs, adrenaline cocktails and stimulants, the Hercules Serum can be decisive when used. However, the Serum is extremely dangerous and has the veritable War and Peace of side effects.

The imbiber of the Hercules Serum gains Unnatural Strength (5), Toughness (5), Agility (5) and Perception (5). They gain Heightened Senses (all), and may spend a Fate Point to gain a single round of Celerity. All of these benefits last for 24 hours.

However, these all come with incredible side effects. Whenever someone using Hercules Serum rolls a result of 96+ on a test, roll a 1d10 and suffer the matching effect below.

Roll Effect
1-3 Disorientation: Take a level of fatigue.
4 Blindness: Become blind for 1d5 rounds.
5 Shutdown: Collapse and become helpless for 1 round.
6 Hallucinations: As per a Hallucinogen Grenade.
7 Unsteady: Unable to dodge, run or charge for 1d10 rounds.
8 Nonononono: Automatic roll on the shock table with a +50 modifier.
9 Ablurgh: Take 1d3+2 levels of fatigue and disgust all within smelling range.
10 Berserk: You Frenzy, gaining +10 WS, Strength and Toughness, but you attack all around you indiscriminately. Test Willpower or Toughness. On a success this lasts for 1d10 rounds; on a failure it lasts for 1d10 hours.

Furthermore, the Hercules Serum is incredibly addictive due to its benefits, but it is also incredibly lethal. Anyone who imbibes of Hercules Serum must undergo an enforced 'cooldown' period of 1d5+7 days, reduced by their Toughness Bonus. During this time, the user takes a -30 penalty to all tests, and furthermore has their Strength and Toughness temporarily halved as they suffer excruciating withdrawal effects and their body painfully expels the Serum. Finally, at the end of this period, the user takes 1d5+Days Insanity, due to having just spent a week or more suffering from extremely vivid and terrifying nightmares and hallucinations.
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Devourer Virus

The Devourer Virus is an airborne microscopic designer biological weapon created by Barzilai Surov. The exact composite is unknown, but when deployed against biological-based targets the Virus- seen as a greenish cloud- quickly devours the tissue, strips it of nutrients and dumps the waste as a liquid puddle of flesh, water and surrounded by a haze of bodily gases, which are coincidentally quite flammable. It will then proceed to all biological forms nearby, repeating the process. The only two checks on this atrocious weapon is that the virus is extremely quick to disintegrate if not presented with fresh prey… And that Surov is able to remotely 'kill' the Virus. Without this capacity on his part, an accidental release of the Devourer Virus into an environment would lead to massive ecological catastrophe in an alarmingly short time.

The Devourer Virus comes in a grenade that can be thrown at a distance of SB*3. On impact, it immediately strikes every biological organism within 5m. All organisms test Toughness-20 (or +20 if they are wearing Sealed armour). On a success they manage to resist the virus long enough for it to collapse. On a failure they take 2d10 damage to the body, ignoring TB or AP. If a Horde is struck, then the Horde suffers 20 Magnitude damage per degree of failure on the test. Furthermore, the effect also persists on a failure, with the target having to test Toughness-20 again or suffer the same effects. This persists until the target passes their test or dies, at which point the Devourer Virus exits their body, dealing the same effect to all targets within 5m.

If the Devourer Virus has no targets within range, it will instead move towards the closest organism at a speed of 10dm a turn until the target is within 5m. Every turn that passes where the Virus does not infect someone, it reduces its infection range by 1 (so 5m becomes 4m). If the range becomes 0, the Virus self-destructs.
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Lictor Slaughterdroid

The Lictor Slaughterdroid is a nine foot tall human-shaped mechanical construct. The outer shell is predominantly made of reinforced dense surovite, underlaid with surovite meshes, whilst the internal structure is made of synthetic muscle tissue, a cybernetic skeleton and carbon nanotube cabling and wiring, all of which serves a highly powerful suite of equipment. Its on-board computer is equal in power to a MAGI system, and is imprinted with Surov's own personality, and its Positron power generator offers it nearly inexhaustible energy supplies. It is equipped with a powerful self-repair system, using fluidic nano-machines to rapidly consume damaged parts and recycle them into new materials with which to repair the damage. It can be quickly equipped with a myriad of weapons systems, from high-powered rapid-fire railguns to positron cannons to maser arrays.

If the Slaughterdroid has one problem, it is that its programming, clashed with Surov's personality, create… Issues. It has been programmed to be aggressively heuristic, but in doing so has caused it to become 'over-adaptive'. In times of stress, parts of the computer's system go haywire, producing unexpected results…

The Slaughterdroid has the following traits:

Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship
55 55 50 50 45 30 50 - 10
Awareness+20, Climb+20, Concealment+20, Demolitions+20, Dodge+20, Drive (All)+20, Evaluate+20, Interrogation, Logic+20, Navigation+20, Scrutiny+20, Search+20, Silent Move+20, Shadowing+20, Tech Use+20
Arms Master, Assassin Strike, Berserk Charge, Blade Dancer, Blademaster, Blind Fighting, Catfall, Crack Shot, Crippling Blow, Crushing Blow, Combat Master, Deadeye Shot, Dual Shot, Dual Strike, Furious Assault, Gunslinger, Hard Target, Hip Shooting, Leap Up, Lightning Attack, Lightning Reflexes, Mighty Shot, Paranoia, Rapid Reaction, True Grit, Quick Draw, Takedown
Auto-Repair, Auto-Stabilised, Crapshoot AI, Slaughterdroid, Sturdy, Unnatural Strength (*2), Unnatural Toughness (*2),
45 1 2 Combat Modules of any type 2 Natural Weapons (Fists); up to 2 weapons from list below Slaughterdroid Shell

Auto-Repair: Every round, the Slaughterdroid may regenerate 5 Wounds as a free action. By spending a Full Action, it can regenerate 10 instead.
Auto-Stabilised: The Slaughterdroid may fire semi/full auto as a half action, and can fire heavy weapons without the need to brace them.
Crapshoot AI: Whenever the Slaughterdroid takes a Righteous Fury hit to the head, rolls a 100 on an evasion roll, or suffers 5 or more Critical Damage, it must test Intelligence. On a failure, it rolls on the "Berserking Droid" table below, with a +10 modifier for every degree of failure.
Slaughterdroid: The Slaughterdroid is a soulless killing machine. It is immune to any and all emotional states such as Fear, Pinning and Frenzy. It never shuts down due to Fatigue, instead suffering a stacking -5 bonus for every rank of Fatigue above 10 as well as the usual -10 for Fatigue. It cannot be reasoned with or intimidated, and any Charm, Command, Intimidate, Blather or Perform tests done against it automatically fail. It is not killed by Critical Damage unless the effect hits the head or body. The Slaughterdroid recovers from Stunned in one turn regardless of duration, and has a +20 bonus on tests to resist Flashbangs or other effects that rely on sound or noise. The Slaughterdroid will only take commands from Surov, and a single person whom Surov deems capable of handling it.
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The Slaughterdroid may be equipped with two modules of any type. Each Module provides a special ability.

Module Name Module Special Ability
Cybernetic Blast Module Cybernetic Blast: The Slaughterdroid gains a ranged weapon with a range of 20dm that may be fired as a half action. It is a 1d10+IB energy attack that treats AP as half (round down) and possesses the Shock (1) quality. It is Blast 3. It always deals maximum damage to mechanical or cybernetic targets. On use, this ability incurs a level of fatigue.
Cybernetic Charge Module Cybernetic Charge: On a hit with a natural weapon, including as part of a grapple, the Slaughterdroid may deal a 1d10+IB energy attack that bypasses AP and possesses the Shock (3) quality. It always deals maximum damage to mechanical or cybernetic targets. On use, this ability incurs a level of fatigue.
Infrasonic Module Infrasonic Broadcast: As a Full Action, the Slaughterdroid may activate the Infrasonic Module. All humans and animals that encounter the Slaughterdroid now treat it as having Fear (1). This effect lasts for two minutes, at the end of which the Slaughterdroid suffers a level of fatigue.
M-Booster Module Gains the Hover (4) and Flight (4) traits. Can make a single jump that bypasses obstacles and travels the Slaughterdroid's Run distance as a half action. On completion of one of these jumps, the Slaughterdroid incurs a level of fatigue.

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The Slaughterdroid comes equipped with two Natural Weapons: Fists. These fists deal 1d10+SB Damage and have 2 Pen.

1) Integrated Weaponry. melee weapons, pistols and basic weapons are built into the Slaughterdroid's body, cannot be disarmed and emerge from the chassis to fire or attack, meaning they may be swapped around as a half action.
2) Heavy Guns. A Heavy Weapon replaces one of the Slaughterdroid's arms, meaning it loses that arm's Natural Weapon. Manipulating objects also becomes mostly impossible.
3) Heavy Melee. A two-handed melee weapon replaces one of the Slaughterdroid's arms, meaning it loses that arm's Natural Weapon. Manipulating objects also becomes mostly impossible.

Furthermore, the Slaughterdroid may choose any two of the following.
Any weapon from the Bolt, General, Launcher, Maser, Melee, Rail and Positron list.

The Slaughterdroid comes equipped with the Slaughterdroid Shell, which offers the following values.
Head Body Arms Legs
10 12 11 11

Slaughterdroid Shell incurs no penalties to stealth.
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Note: Berserking Droid tests cannot be triggered whilst a Droid is still suffering from a Berserking Droid result.
Roll Course of Action Result
1-20 Heat Dump The Slaughterdroid mistakenly believes that it is suffering from massive weapons overheating. One ranged weapon it wields, preferably an energy weapon, is instantly ejected and is considered to be jammed. If it possesses no ranged weapons, it instead loses a full action as it vents.
21-40 Abort, Retry, Fail The Slaughterdroid completely shuts down its systems in order to do a hard reboot. It is Stunned for two rounds.
41-60 Hospitality.exe The Slaughterdroid's combat systems momentarily deactivate; as a safety measure, it locks itself into meet and greet mode. For 2d5 rounds, the Slaughterdroid cannot attack any targets, and will instead approach the nearest humanoid and engage it in conversation, inform that humanoid about its capabilities, offer to play a song from a wide selection of music, recite poetry etc. If ignored, it will approach the next nearest humanoid, and so on.
61-80 Hyperguard Protocols The Slaughterdroid will choose a humanoid within line of sight. It will immediately move adjacent to this humanoid. Anything- ally, enemy- that moves within 5m of this target will immediately be attacked. This effect lasts for 1d5 rounds.
81-90 Anti-Tampering Protocols The Slaughterdroid will immediately prioritize its own protection. Any attacks that hit it, even accidentally, will be responded to with extreme prejudice. It will try to find the largest cover and hide behind it, and anyone coming within 5m is immediately considered a hostile. This effect lasts for 1d5 rounds.
91-100 c:/programs/mostdangerousgame.exe The Slaughterdroid will choose one humanoid, preferably the one deemed to be the most powerful or capable in combat. It will immediately consider this humanoid to be a threat to the exclusion of all else and will proceed to hunt that humanoid. The effect lasts for 1d5 hours.
101-115 Colossus! The Slaughterdroid will instantly move to incapacitate all humanoids it meets. Once all nearby humanoids have been incapacitated it will move to incapacitate and capture Surov and whoever possesses command clearance. Ultimately its goal is to eliminate any and all potential threats Surov and co. on a global scale. The effect lasts until the Slaughterdroid is defeated and reprogrammed.
116-130 EXTERMINATE! The Slaughterdroid instantly considers all organic entities to be hostile by dint of not being a Slaughterdroid. It will pursue and try to kill every one it meets. It will give priority to hunting Surov and whoever possesses command clearance, but ultimately its goal will be to somehow exterminate the entire human race. The effect lasts until the Slaughterdroid is defeated and reprogrammed.

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Mark 2 Iron Dreadnought Power Armour

The Mark 2 Iron Dreadnought Power Armour is nothing less than the most advanced and effective form of personal armour ever made in human history. Made of heavy interlocking plates designed of metal alloys completely unknown to all but the most secret of scientific organisations, filled with nerve bundles and cybernetic augmentations, capable of easily wielding weapons that rival tank guns, the Iron Dreadnought Armour turns a soldier into nothing less than a human battletank. It is the closest a normal human being will ever come to feeling what it is like to be an Iron Guard. Wearing this armour, one can expect to walk through an artillery barrage unscathed.

Dreadnought Armour has the following values:
Name Head AP Arm AP Leg AP Body AP Special Avail. Req. Cost
Dreadnought Armour 13 AP 14 AP 14 AP 14 AP Ablative, Auto-Doc (4), Cumbersome (20), Dreadnought, Empowering (30), Invulnerable (35), Powered, Sealed, Sentinel Surov -
Dreadnought Armour Special Qualities
Name Effect
Cumbersome (X) Agility is reduced by X, and the wearer may not dodge or run.
Dreadnought Wearer increases size by 1 category, is immune to Concussion, Knockdown and Grapple by anything smaller than Hulking. Immune to Smoke and Flashbangs. Gains the Auto-Stabilised Trait and may wield Heavy Weapons with one hand.
Invulnerable (X) Attacks with Penetration less than armour must roll vs. X or be shrugged off.

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The armour takes a total of three hours to equip and unequip, and has a practically limitless power supply.

The Armour has trouble with mortal weapons and thus can be customised with the following suitably bigger, heavier weapons. Weapons with the 'Mounted' trait may not be unequipped.

Name Class Range RoF Dam. Pen. Clip Rld Special Requisition Cost
Storm Bolter Basic 110m S/2/4 2d10+4 X 4 60 2 Full Tearing, Storm 2 RP
Assault Cannon Heavy 150m -/-/10 1d10+6 I 6 300 3 Full Inaccurate, Tearing, Overheats, Unreliable, Mounted 4 RP
Burst Flamer Heavy 30m S/-/- 2d10+6 E 6 5 3 Full Flame, Mounted 3 RP
D-Class Positron Cannon Heavy 150m S/-/- 2d10+10 E 10 10 4 Full Positron, Unreliable, Overheats, Recharge, Mounted 5 RP
Maser Annihilator Heavy 50m S/-/- 2d10+5 E 8 15 2 Full Maser, Blast (2), Annihilator*, Mounted 4 RP

Melee weapons are unaffected, except for pistols which cannot be equipped. The ID Armour comes standard with a Power Fist, which adds +2 damage to any attack wielded in that arm. The suit also offers wielded a Storm Shield, which is a shield that offers +4 AP to the wielder's arm and body, and may be used to parry ranged attacks.
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