April 2016

2nd of April

AT Tactician

  • Class reformatted and updated
  • Class now gets 13 discounted BUP and 16 discounted SUP/WUP instead of 12/14

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4th of April


  • Updated and Reformatted
  • Gained Precise Blow
  • Gained AT Focus, Scan Field, Synch Group
  • Gained Logic and Logic+10
  • Gained Talented (Logic)
  • Gained Assault Pattern (Murderstroke, Shieldbreaker), Assault Adept
  • Gained Crippling Strike
  • Gained Talented (Parry), Advanced Disarm and Wall of Steel

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13th of April


  • Reformatted and updated.

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14th of April

Body Upgrades

  • Distortion Fields are now 1km range, and apply a -10 penalty to BS attacks instead of -15.

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16th of April

N2 Strikes

  • The N2 Strike talent is being removed. Instead, the UEF will be given a pool of N2 Warheads as a resource, which must be expended to be used in combat; they can be increased with Reserves or gained as rewards. They can be launched from Supply Ports, Fortresses, Eva Bases and Capital Ships.

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21st of April

Elene Simonides

  • Updated and Reformatted.
  • Instabilities removed.
  • Perception trained up to Trained (+15).
  • Gained Muffled Armament, Talented (Stealth), Silent Hunter, Stalking Predator, Specialist (Stealth), Swift Shadow, Dark Execution
  • Gained Deadeye Shot, Marksman, Precision (Basic); Sharpshooter, Target Selection; Mighty Shot

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30th of April

Sophia Simonides

  • Sophia updated and reformatted. Sniper secondary retconned to Berserker.
  • Instabilities Removed.
  • Gained Basic Berserker talents (Beyond Your Means, Cannibalize, Disturbing Anatomy, Ghost in the Machine, Loose Control, Restraint, Self Preservation, The Beast Within, Unleash the Beast)
  • Declares Engineer Kit.
  • Gained Engineer Kit talents: Percussive Maintenance, Careful that's Dangerous, Applied Engineering; Jury-Rig, Specialist (Tech Use), Temporary Reinforcement; Master Engineer, Overclocking
  • Declares Socialite Kit.

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