Changelog, February 2016

24th of February

Part of the "Hybridisation" recalibration to 'strategic' E-Scale battlefields.

Page Notes

  • Merged Advanced AT Powers into AT Powers. The 'old' AT Powers are now referred to as the Original powers.

AT Spreads

  • Barrier Field now covers 1km radius per 50% (used to be per 100%).
  • Bunker Field now confers immunity to AoEs at 80% (used to be 40%).
  • Gravity Territory's range limit now SB/2 (down from SB).
  • Time Field's radius now 1km per 40% (down from 1km per 10%).

AT Powers

  • AT Beam and Positron Beam can now extend to Orbital range.
  • Cross Blast now has a blast effect at the target point.
  • Shackle's Augment penalty now increased to per 5 ATP (was 4)

AT Enhancements

  • Tweaked some range entries to remove tactical scale stuff

Dirac Sea Powers

  • Dirac Division has been cleaned up to be more simple; duplicates no longer have 'stat decay', but also vanish on a hit.
  • Dirac Jaunt's absorption ranges reduced to 1km, and references to collateral (lol) removed. The 'random distance' modifier is increased to 1d5km.

Utility Powers

  • AT Appendage given more utility, capable of granting certain useful traits like Multiple Arms, Quadruped, Flight, etc.
  • AT Ping now given the option for an Orbital Range.
  • AT Weapon now a Half Action and the weapon has the Force Bolt quality.
  • Kinetic Mastery now affects WPB/2 objects naturally.
  • Lock Zone Augments now applies a penalty to non-ATP using teleports
  • Mirror Images can now move, and apply Ganging Up Bonuses
  • Shroud changed from 'Affect Horde' to 'Affect Target'
  • Telepathy now has an achievable 'Orbital' range

Neutralisation Powers

  • Fixed the Augment entries for Neutralise and Destructive Interference.
  • Removed the faulty Augment entry for Reality Reinforcement.

AT Abilities

  • Shifted AT Abilites to the Traits section of the rulebook.

Advanced Kinetic Powers

  • Maelstrom's "Affects adjacent squares in Strat Mode" Augment bonus removed. Ability now has Blast (2) instead of Blast (5), but the Blast increases by 1 per 4 ATP.

Thermodynamic Powers

  • Added Thermodynamic Powers

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25th of February

E-Scale Weapons Overview

  • Changed Weapon ranges to be given in KM only
  • Added a special field for 'special' weapons, which are activated through SUP or BUP upgrades instead of straight WUP ones. Example: Dragon Burst Bombs
  • Horde Weapons are mostly obselete now. The ones that aren't are being merged into the other categories as "horde exclusive" weapons.

General Weapons

  • Tactical Bazooka's Blast cut to 3
  • Impact Cannon added. Blast cut to 4, and it now has a clip of 6 and no recharge.
  • LRMs added. Its damage is now 1d10+4X (Up from 1d10+2X) to make it more reliable at anti-Superheavy Horde fighting.
  • ASW (Anti Submarine Warfare) MIssile added. It now does 1d10+2X P2 (Up from 1d10X P1).

Bolt Weapons

  • Bolt Burstgun's Blast cut to 2
  • Earthshaker's Blast cut to 4
  • Bolt Turret added and damage increased to 2d10+6X.
  • Bolt Torpedoes added. They now do 3d10 damage but are Cumbersome.

Fusion Weapons

  • Fusion Strikers added.
  • Fusion Torpedoes added.

Maser Weapons

  • Hellgun Annihilator's Blast cut to 2
  • Created Hellfire Cannon, which is a Hellgun CSW; basically the equivalent of an Impact Cannon. It is probably the weakest of this class, but has no reload, no recharge, Proven (5) and sets shit on fire.
  • Turbomaser Turret created! A turret that is not as powerful as the other Turrets, but has Anti-Air (20) and Full Auto.

Positron Weapons

  • Positron Impact Cannons added. Their Recharge is gone and they now have a clip of 6; just enough for two uses of Maximal.
  • Positron Torpedoes added.

Ranged Specials

  • Blind Grenade added.
  • Dragon Burst Bombs added.
  • Bakelite Sprayer added.
  • Impact Bolt (single and double) added.
  • M-Vulcans added.
  • Needle Pod added.
  • Striker Missiles added.

Melee General

  • Dreadnought Fist added.

Melee Specials

  • Harken Blades added.
  • Revolver Stake added.

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26th of February

Overall Changes

  • Technology list in general has been updated, references to Land and Air Hordes removed or replaced
  • Tech has been tabbed

Engineering Cybernetics

  • Antigrav now gives +10 agility to all starships
  • Reliable Antigrav gives +10 agility and +1 Hover/Flight/Void to Starships
  • Surov's Mass Production Slaughterdroid hordes reduced to 2

Weapons Engineering

  • Teleforce Weapons replaced with Shuriken Weapons

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27th of February

Horde Actions

  • Charge minimum reduced to 2km
  • Grapple (Push) changed to km
  • Grapple Horde (Capture) removed
  • Suppressive Fire changed to incorporate firing arcs and all that good stuff. Horde suppressive fire still may not hit shit.
  • PLAYER INPUT WANTED: should Hordes have Overwatch?

Attacking Hordes

  • The bonus for Indies attacking Hordes has been reduced to +10 per squad to +5 per squad, for a maximum of +25. The reason for this is both simple and stupid: did you know Hordes add +5 per Squad to their attack tests? It's right there in the rules. Everyone got together and agreed to do it. And then I forgot about them, so for the last 2 or 3 turns Hordes have been attacking at +10 to hit per squad, which makes them super messy. I realised I was getting confused with the +10 bonus to hit, so I've changed it, because I think having that mechanical consistency is appropriate.

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28th of February

Horde Qualities

  • Removed the 'Air Cover' and 'Conventional' qualities (horde unique, no longer needed)

Type Qualities

  • Blind changed to 1d5+5 rounds (down from 1d10+10).
  • Changed references to Range in the sense of how far away from the enemy you are to 'Distance' so people don't get confused
  • Progressive is identical to Tearing, has been erased. 'Progressive' weapons will now just be made Tearing.

Attack Pattern Qualities

  • Created, includes all the special attack pattern qualities like Blast or Line

Positive Qualities

  • Changed 'Vortex's radius to be equivalent to the Blast radius of the attack
  • AT Surge's DoS requirements dropped to 3
  • Cleaving's DoS requirement increased to 3 (was 2)
  • Devouring's wording changed to "Once per round"
  • Fast's bonuses do not stack with Balanced.
  • Indirect is now 1d5km on a hit and xd5km on a miss
  • Lash is now SB*2 km.
  • Added a roof to Proven (die's maximum result)
  • Razor Sharp's DoS increased to 3
  • Storm has been rewritten so that it now doubles DoS for the purposes of extra attacks. This is the same thing, but it's much cleaner as an entry!
  • Tearing has been revered to the basically identical description of "Rerolls damage once and take the highest result".

Negative Qualities

  • Mounted now incurs a penalty to agility tests instead of agility itself, so it does not affect movement speed.
  • Slow Quality removed.

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29th of February

All Superheavy Upgrades

  • References to dm removed

Tertiary Weapons

  • Harken Blades now just act as Snare (0) when fired at legs.
  • Since the 'Special Weapons' category in E-Scale Weapons now exists, the Smoke Launcher, M-Vulcans and Striker Missiles entries are rewritten to be less cluttered.

Conventional Defenses

  • Angelic Silk Weave now gives the Angelic Silk quality as it should

Esoteric Defenses

  • Cerovite Shell, Damaskite Mantle, Fieldblinder Fitting, Shadowline Weave and Suzanium Alloy now just say they give their matching Armour Quality, no need to clutter shit up.
  • Distortion Field now is 2km
  • Kinetic Barriers now increased to 50%, with 100% on a full use

Shoulder Slot

  • Ammo Backpack now incurs an Agility test penalty instead of a penalty to agility itself
  • Impact Bolts now refer to the E-Scale entry
  • Integrated Weapon now has a note specifically noting that Compact Weapons count as pistols, not as basics
  • Needle Pod+Striker Missile entry edited to be less cluttered

Base Arms

  • Retractable Arms now grant arms +1km of extra reach (allowing for attacks on targets up to 2km away)

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