July 2016

10th of July


  • Gained Butts and Bayonets, Momentous Assault


  • Gained Anti-AT Field, Probability Field


  • Improved Perception to Expert

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12th of July


  • Angelic Senses changed.
  • Ayanami changed.
  • Fearless added; Fearless the talent now increases this trait by 1 (allowing people with Fearless Asset to stack to Fearless (2))


  • Fearless now increases Fearless trait by 1.
  • Scan field and Analyse Field now tied to AT Ping power.

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15th of July


  • Pointman accidentally offered Nerves of Steel twice. The class has been edited so that the 2nd slot has been changed to Light Sleeper.

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31st of July


  • Fast (now Poised), Balanced, Unbalanced and Unwieldy now sub-effects under the heading of 'Handling'. This is for ease of writing- for example if a weapon increases or decreases the weight of a weapon, one can just write 'increases handling by 1' instead of a list of clauses. Mechanically…
    • Fast now named Poised.
    • Unbalanced now -15 to Lightning instead of null.
    • Unwieldy now -30 to Lightning instead of null.
  • Fist Base removed; any weapons relying on this will now use Dread-Based instead.
  • F-Type removed; any weapons relying on this will now use Dread-based instead.
  • V-Shield removed.


  • Damaskite now penalises Horde attacks, and applies a penalty to attacks against you if you dodge.
  • Fieldblinder slightly improved, now shields against Pings and Passive Audience.
  • Shimmer now allows you to essentially 'teleport' should you dodge an attack.

Special Settings

  • Haven't done P-Scale yet.
  • Removed WUP references; characters can now take as much custom ammos etc as they want.
  • Added Smart Rounds to Custom Ammo; they allow all burst hits to hit the same location.
  • Disruptor Bolts no longer unreliable.
  • Iron Vengeance now makes weapons unreliable.

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