June 2016

25th of June


  • Described Magnitude Modifier in basic mech. Magnitude Modifier is just 5 per Squad, and can be applied as a bonus or penalty to a test. This is an existing mechanic (+5 per Squad to attacks for example), just being rewritten in such a way as to make it a little less unwieldy to use.


  • Removed positive modifiers. Only way to get these now is special events.

Horde Attacks

  • Rescinded the "Don't gain hit bonuses from higher ground, PBR or short range" because we don't use little infantry hordes anymore so this is fine.
  • Dual Wielding now permits a penalised reroll on attacks.

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26th of June

Talents have been ordered into a three-tier structure that is essentially arbitrary based on how 'powerful' they are. THere is no mechanical thing tied to this, but it makes it easier for me to mech it up.

Pointman Talents

  • Spotter now Half Action

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27th of June

Skills page now reformatted

Skill changes

  • Charm now gains the Taunt Special Use.
  • Stealth now gains the Conceal Ojbect special use.
  • Scrutiny now gains the Anticipate special use.
  • Tech Use now gains the Tech Support special use.
  • Navigate now gains the Secret Paths special use.
  • Deceive now gains the Distract special use.

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29th of June


  • Gained 'Monstrous Charge' and 'Tooth and Nail' formations.


  • Updates have started on Minerva; she has new starting characteristics, skills, assets, drawbacks, traits and OD Assets.

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