March 2016

7th of March

Aline's Uniques

  • Lance of Tears now permanently locked into Lance of Truth form.
  • The Lance of Truth is now Best, Sigilite, Balanced, Devastating (2), Amp (2), Foci (2), AT Surge and Projection (1).
  • Lance of Truth's amps have been changed to Dev (+1), Power Field (+20) and a special that gives it an explosive throwing attack.

Sera's Uniques

  • Lance of Cassius's Holy Shield now 2km in radius
  • Morningstar reduced to 1d10+4 damage
  • Morningstar altered to be a 3km Spray attack

Yanmei's Uniques

  • Excalibur's Penetration dropped to 5
  • Excalibur now gains Power Field (35)
  • Imperial Herald's Pen for Apoc/Redemption dropped to 4
  • Herald of Devastation now gains the Spray Quality at 4 ATP channel
  • Excalibur's Dark Fire is now a Free Action to turn on, and is a 3km spray now.
  • Eyes of Unmaking is now a Half.
  • Futility of Resistance is now a Half.
  • Unleashed Fury now is 5*atp km long, 4km wide and counts like a blast (4) attack.
  • Wraith Call now adds a single Horde to a linked Battlefront.

Go's updates

  • Philosopher's Stone passive field now 5km, and takes effect at the start of each ROUND
  • Might Points now increase damage and pen by 1
  • Astral Guidance now Free Action
  • Redirect Harm now reduces damage by your ATS.
  • Phase Aversion now grants Absolute Resilience.

Simonides' Updates

  • They too now have a Dual Plug (ho ho ho)

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8th of March

Ranged E-Scale

  • Removed Critical Strike, Heavy Missile Strike

Support E-Scale

  • Removed Missile Shield

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11th of March

Talents Overall

  • Horde Effects added.

Melee Talents, Horde

  • Brutality now 'As Normal'
  • Combat Master, instead of amping Coordinators' flat bonus, lets Coordinators spread their bonus to adjacent hordes. This can be stacked to a limited amount
  • Furious Assault now 'Weapon Specialist Only'
  • Hammer Blow now 'As Normal'
  • Heroic Assault now 'As Normal'
  • Whirlwind of Death now 'As Normal' and loses its Coordinator Bonus

Ranged Talents, Horde

  • Barrage now 'As Normal' and loses its Spotter bonus.

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13th of March

Battle of the Panama Canal

  • Victory/Defeat Conditions added.
  • Neutral Territory Special Circumstance added.

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14th of March

US Mobilises for War

  • Now added +1 A Type, +1 C Type and +1 G Type gear.

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15th of March

Ranged Talents

  • Crack Shot now As Normal.
  • Hip Shooting now As Normal.
  • Rapid Reload now spreads Spotter's bonuses.

Pointman Horde Talents

  • Guardian now applies a -5 penalty to hit adjacent Indies

Pointman Melee Talents

  • Maneuver Mastery now lets Coordinators improve their Hordes' Grapples, Takedowns and Knockdowns

Pointman Ranged Horde Talents

  • All talents now As Normal

Interpersonal Talents

  • Galvanising Presence is now Sergeant Only (to be used with the Sergeant's Command skill)
  • Into the Jaws of Hell now provides Battle-Hardened

Physical Talents

  • Lightning Reflexes now removes the bonus to hit the Horde due to magnitude.
  • Silent Hunter lets Spotters increase their Hordes' weapon ranges when making attacks from Stealth.

Support Talents

  • Hunker Down and Soak Fire is now Sergeant Only
  • Marker and Mass Marking are now Spotter Only and thus do not require the Horde to use up an attack

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16th of March


  • Layout updated.
  • 37,000 XP to 39,500 XP
  • Purchased Clues from the Crowd, Cold-Hearted, Beyond Reproach, Contact, Networking from Socialite kit; switching to Acrobat kit
  • Purchased Talented (Acrobatics and Athletics), Rapid Reaction, Burst of Speed and Step Side, thus wrapping up the Acrobat kit.

Asari Keita

  • Updated to new format.
  • Purchased Sharpshooter, Target Selection and Mighty Shot
  • Purchased Critical Strike
  • Respecced his E-Destroyer.

Edgar Chevalier

  • Updated to new format.
  • Purchased Vice Grip and Makeshift Murder.

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17th of March

Pham Thi Tien

  • Sheet layout updated.
  • Bought 4 WUP.
  • Updated E-Scale Weapons. Now has a Hyper Sword with sweet upgrades, and a Positron-tastic Daiglaive.

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22nd of March

Armour Qualities

  • Shadowline no longer incurs Run penalties on any move and only works if in cover
  • Shimmer now reduces Burst/flurry hits and is extra effective against Hordes

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25th of March


  • Formatted and updated.
  • Dorian Lachapelle's "Elite Abilities" retinue loadout changed from Mighty Shot talent to Fearless talent
  • Gains the Enflame Elan and Measured Response Formations.
  • Gains the Harbingers of Dread tactic.


  • Formatted and updated.
  • Gains Talented (Stealth+Parry)
  • Gains Champion (Protector, Sentinel, Warden), Disruption Pattern (Dissonance) and Disruption Master
  • Gains Thunder Charge

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26th of March


  • Sheet updated and formatted.
  • Gained "Heavenly Smite" and "Offensive Mastery (Focused Strike)"
  • Gained Peer (Japanese 1, Social Elite 1), Talented (Deceive), Nerves of steel
  • Gained Master Orator, Demagogue, Cold Hearted


  • Reformatted and updated.
  • Gained Killing Strike, Thunder Charge, Takedown, Maneuver Mastery, Vice Grip and Makeshift Murder
  • Gained Extreme Endurance and Extreme Resilience
  • Gained Talented (Athletics) and Last Man Standing

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