May 2016

2nd of May


  • Instabilities and Decoherencies erased
  • Loses Gun Drill and Storm Charge
  • Gains Blind Fighting, Resistances
  • Gains Independent Targeting
  • Gains Dual Strike
  • Gains Precision (Pistol)*2, Precision (Basic)*1 and Rapid Reload
  • Gains Precision (Melee)*2
  • Gains Heroic Assault
  • Gains Bulging Biceps


  • Loses Gun Drill
  • Loses Maser Overload and Positron Burrow
  • Loses Swift Shadow and Dark Execution
  • Gains Resistances
  • Gains Independent Targeting
  • Gains Dual Strike
  • Gains Bulging Biceps
  • Gains Precision (Melee)*2

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24th of May

Morale System

  • Losing an Eva is now -2 Morale.
  • Losing a Superheavy is now -1 Morale; before you had to lose an entire squad of Superheavies.
  • These changes have been made for two reasons: one, Superheavies are no longer organised into fixed 'squads'. Secondly, the Morale System was designed so that it would fluctuate a lot more because of a lot of Hordes being present. With most Hordes shifted to Battlefront mech, there are far fewer Hordes on the battlefield now. Thus the burden of Morale damage has been shifted to here.

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25th of May

Combat Talents

  • Commission now adds another Equip slot.

Interpersonal Talents

  • Removing Social Conflict-specific effects.
  • Demagogue now adds a +10 bonus to fellowship tests against crowds.
  • Eloquent now allows you to reroll Charm/Deceive tests.
  • Veiled Threats now lets you use Fellowship in place of Strength for Intimidate
  • Added the Inspire Emotion talents

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