October 2016

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22nd of October

Instead of tracking vertical movement with dm/km, we now use multiple broad bands of altitude- Ground, Low, Medium, High, Orbit- so we don't have to track elevation so granularly.

  • The regular 'flight' penalty now has been erased, and is now dependent on how much higher the target is than the attacker. This makes the penalty useful without making it too difficult to overcome (you can just match altitude in most cases).
    • One of the things I like about this system is that it means flying 1km over a target no longer means they take a flat -20 penalty to hit you whilst you get sweet point blank bonuses. If you want the penalty to hit you have to be really high, but if you want to be accurate you need to swoop down and get them.
    • It also means that some weapons (Fusion weapons) now require the target to swoop right in, just like an old CAS bomber. I like it.

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