September 2016

5th of September


  • Force and Sigilite no longer have the "Test SR to deal extra damage" mechanic.
  • ASW removed.

E-Scale Weapons

  • Torpedoes and Turrets of all kinds have been erased and replaced with a single weapon called a Macrobattery. Macrobatteries ICly count as the myriad mid-sized weapons a capital ship possesses- turrets, missiles, torpedoes, etc. They possess qualities drawing from LRMs and both Positron and Bolt turrets.
  • CSW (Capital Ship Weapons) have been remodelled slightly. Capital Ships will only ever be able to pack one of each type:
    • Impact Cannons and Positron Impact Cannons have been merged.
    • Hellfire Cannons have been remodelled, they now do 2d10+4 damage P10 instead of 3d10+2 P6, and they have a Semi Auto (3) quality. Hellfire Cannons are designed to be able to prioritise killing Superheavy units. They do less damage than Impact Cannons and lack Positron, making them less useful for destroying Evas, but their Semi Auto capacity should make them competitive.
    • Fusion Strikers now Spray.
    • Notes: this means that Impact Cannons are the most versatile and broad-utility, due to their high damage, high Blast radius and the Positron quality. The fact that any unit wanting to take the powerful Fusion Striker has to -not- take Impact Cannons is something of a tradeoff.

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6th of September

Added the SupCom page, w/Advantages, Morale and MAGI rules.

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7th of September

Director Talents

  • The Plan has been removed. Directors with it are refunded their 300 XP.

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Director Styles Preview

Style Subname Effect
Celestial Snare - All of Kourosh's Subordinates gain a +10 bonus to Stealth and Awareness tests. Once per Round, Kourosh may select one enemy within 6km of an allied unit, spend a Morale Point and make a Deceive test opposed by their Awareness or Scrutiny. If Kourosh wins, the target suffers one of the following effects based on the terrain they are on. All may be dodged, parried or deflected with a -30 penalty.
- Forest Byzankelite Trap: target instantly suffers 1d10 energy damage that ignores AP and has the Acid (1) quality; they also catch on fire on all areas, with a -20 penalty to putting the fire out; the fire is not affected by water.
- Water+Shallows Cryolite Trap: the water in and adjacent to the target turns to ice.
- Rough Rockslide Trap: target is pushed toward the nearest non-Rough terrain to a maximum of 5km. They suffer falling damage counting the distance moved as the distance fallen; they are knocked prone.
- Urban+Debris Eva Trap: The target is immobilised.
Know your Enemy - At the start of each round, you may as a Half Action test Scrutiny-20 opposed by Deceive or Tactics against a single enemy Director. On a success, you may reveal one action the Director or their subordinates will be doing this turn. For every 2 DoS on the test, you reveal another action.
Voice of Zarathustra - Once per round, when a subordinate has performed an action, you may activate Voice of Zarathustra as a Free Action. The ally instantly discards the action, any consequences of the action and any associated rolls, including damage rolls and opposed or reaction rolls from an enemy target; they may then perform a different action, essentially allowing them to 'mulligan' their action. Note: The action must be different, but making (for example) an attack with a different weapon counts.
+20th of September

Biology Upgrades

  • All Upgrades requiring Op-Ap Morphology or Angelic Morphology now unlocked.
  • Celestial tweaked slightly (now gains 4 Spawn Slots a campaign turn)
  • Draconic no longer refers to BUP discounts. Now offers 2 upgrades per natural weapon.
  • Pantheric now provides Assault Jump talent. (People w/Assault Jump now gain Proven (4) on Assault Jump attacks.)
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