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Avenger Career

Prerequisites: Weapon Skill 50 or Ballistic Skill 50, a combined total of 25 or more 'Melee' or 'Ranged' weapon talents, have defeated the chosen enemy once in the past
Characteristic Gains: +5 Weapon Skill or Ballistic Skill
Characteristic Discounts: Weapon Skill or Ballistic Skill or Agility or Perception.
Skill Gains: -
Talent Gains: -
Trait Gains: -
Equipment Gains: -
Unique Career Assets
Name Subname Effect
Nemesis Chosen Enemy Select one enemy type (eg. Superheavies, Evangelions, Iron Guard). You gain the Favoured Enemy (chosen enemy) talent, and whenever you attack this enemy type your damage rolls gain +1 damage and Penetration.
Unique Talents
Name Subname XP Cost Prerequisites Effect
Tier 1 Talents
Assault Weakness - 300 XP Nemesis, WS or BS 50 You reduce the Called Shot penalty against this target by 10. Furthermore, you always treat Nemeses as having the Weak Spot (+3) Quality on all areas.
Lethal Knowledge - 300 XP Nemesis, WS or BS 50 Whenever you deal Critical Damage to a Nemesis, you deal +2 extra. Furthermore, whenever a Critical Damage result prompts them to roll a dice (for example, to gain fatigue) they roll twice and take the result you prefer. If your Nemesis is a Horde, then your attacks against them instead gain the Devastating (+3) Quality.
Tier 2 Talents
Frenetic Flurry - 600 XP Assault Weakness, WS or BS 55 Whenever you perform a Burst or Flurry attack against a Nemesis, for every 3 Degrees of Success on the attack roll, you may assign a single hit to a specific body location. If your Nemesis is a Horde, then you instead deal an extra attack against a Specialist per 3 DoS.
Vital Blow - 600 XP Lethal Knowledge, WS or BS 55 Attacks against Nemeses gain the Vengeful (-1) Quality.
Tier 3 Talents
Blaze of Glory - 900 XP Frenetic Flurry, Vital Blow, WS or BS 60 Attacks against your Nemesis gains the Felling (WSB/2 or BSB/2, depending on attack type) Quality, as well as the Devastating (WSB or BSB, depending) Quality.
Victory Cry - 900 XP Frenetic Flurry, Vital Blow, WS or BS 60 Once per round, whenever you successfully defeat a Nemesis (or, if a Horde, force it to break), you recover one spent Fate Point.

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