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Bombardier Career

Characteristic Gains: +5 Ballistic Skill or Intelligence
Characteristic Discounts: Ballistic Skill or Intelligence
Skill Gains: Command, Scholastic Lore (Tactics)
Talent Gains: -
Trait Gains: -
Equipment Gains: Extra Commission slot
Unique Career Assets
Name Subname Effect
Heavy Legend - Whenever you are wielding a Heavy Weapon and possess the appropriate Mastery talents for it, that weapon gains +1 damage and penetration. By making a Half Action Command test on your turn you can pass this benefit onto all allies within communication wielding a Heavy Weapon of the same class.
Unique Talents
Name Subname XP Cost Prerequisites Effect
Tier 1 Talents
Firing Solution - 300 XP BS 50 As a Full Action, you may select one ally with a Heavy Weapon and make a Tactics test, +10 if you have Heavy Specialisation or Heavy Master (stacks). On a success, the target deals +1d10 damage on single shot, or +1 damage and penetration on burst shots.
Reload Trance - 300 XP BS 50, Rapid Reload Once per combat, you may reload a ranged weapon as a Free Action (if you are leading a Horde, you can instead have all specialists reload as a Free, and remove Recharge from any weapons). Your Horde Leader bonus now gains Fire Drill (+1).
Tier 2 Talents
Alpha Bomber - 600 XP Firing Solution, BS 55 You may, once per round, fire an Integrated Weapon or Weapon Dock without requiring an action. This does not count against your Attack action limit.
Precision Bombard - 600 XP Firing Solution, BS 55 When firing at targets you cannot see with Indirect weapons, it counts as a Half Action and not a Full. Furthermore, you may roll scatter rolls twice and take the preferred result, and if an attack with an Indirect weapon lands within your IB km of an enemy, they must make a +20 Pinning Test.
Tier 3 Talents
Final Argument - 900 XP Alpha Bomber, Precision Bombard, BS 60 Once per battle, after slaying an enemy with a Ranged attack, you may spend a Fate Point and make a Command test. On a success, for every Degree of Success, all of your Allies take a +5 bonus to their next attack test; all enemies take a -5 penalty to their next attack test.
Furious Guns - 900 XP Alpha Bomber, Precision Bombard, BS 60 Once per battle, on rolling damage with a Heavy Weapon, you may spend a Fate Point to replace any single damage die with a 10, which instantly triggers and confirms Righteous Fury. Furthermore, whenever you Fury with a Heavy Weapon, all allies add the Vengeful (-1) Quality to their next Ranged Attack.

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