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Centurion Career

Characteristic Gains: +5 Intelligence or Fellowship
Characteristic Discounts: +5 Intelligence or Fellowship
Skill Gains: Command, Scholastic Lore (Tactics)
Talent Gains: -
Trait Gains: -
Unique Career Assets
Name Subname Effect
Centurion Directive - Some of Centurion's talents refer to 'Out of Turn Actions'. These talents affect only those in Squad Mode; the actions can be made whenever the talent says they are triggered (which is on the Centurion's turn if no other time is specified), and ignore restrictions on actions (eg. if an Out of Turn Action permits a Squadmate to attack, they are not restricted from making attacks on their own turn).
Rolemaster - Before the battle, you may assign Roles to all members of the Squad under your command. These roles are only active during Squad Mode. You do not have to give everyone the same role, but a Squadmate may only have one Role at any given time. For free, you begin with a single Role: Team Player.
- Team Player All Squadmates with this Role treat Formation Range as being double for their own purposes.
Unique Talents
Name Subname XP Cost Prerequisites Effect
Tier 1 Talents
Offensive Role - 300 XP Rolemaster, Command+20 Whenever you purchase this talent, select one of the Roles below. This talent may be purchased up to three times. Note that Role effects are written from the perspective of the Squadmate bearing the Role.
- Devastator - - Whenever you make an attack with a grenade, mine, missile, or any weapon with both the Blast Quality and Explosive damage, you gain a reroll to the BS test with it and +1 Penetration. Alternatively, you can forego the reroll to add 1d3 blast to the attack.
- Heroslayer - - Whenever you hit and deal damage to an enemy leader (i.e a Squad Leader or one in charge of a Horde) with an attack, any of their attached subordinates within your BSB km must make a Pinning test. If the attack kills the leader, the test is replaced with a Fear test against Fear (2), plus any Fear ranks you possess normally.
- Linebreaker - - Whenever you use the War Cry special use of the Intimidate Skill, your opponent takes a -20 penalty to their Willpower test. If the War Cry succeeds, the enemy takes an extra penalty to Dodge and Parry equal to your DoS*5, up to an amount equal to your Strength. Hordes engaged in melee combat with you take a -10 penalty to all tests.
Support Role - 300 XP Rolemaster, Command+20 Whenever you purchase this talent, select one of the Roles below. This talent may be purchased twice. Note that Role effects are written from the perspective of the Squadmate bearing the Role.
- Coverteam - - You may make a Full Auto attack on your turn; this attack automatically misses, but all attacks against your Squadmates take a -20 penalty until the start of your next turn.
- Fireguard - - You may make the Overwatch and Suppressive Fire actions as Half Actions. Furthermore, once per round you may make an out-of-turn Overwatch attack against any enemy who moves within 2km of a Squadmate that always goes before the enemy can make any attacks against your Squadmate.
- Fortmaster - - You gain a +10 bonus to skill tests to set up or destroy defensive structures, including to Demolitions tests; it now takes one half action less to execute such actions. When attacking cover, you may make an Awareness-20 or Scholastic Lore (Fortifications)+10 test; on a success, if your attack depletes cover, you deplete it by an extra point plus 1 per 2 DoS.
Tier 2 Talents
Overrun - 600 XP Offensive Role, support Role As a Half Action, make either a Tactics or Command test with a -10 penalty; on a success, designate one enemy plus another per DoS. All Squadmates may then make an out-of-turn charge attack against one of the enemies, so long as they are in charge range (otherwise they do nothing). Any enemies confirmed hit from these attacks must make a -20 Agility or Toughness test or be knocked prone. Any Hordes that are hit and take damage from these attacks must make a single Break test at the start of its turn.
Reorient Team - 600 XP Offensive Role, support Role You may, as a Full Action, reassign all Squadmates to different roles.
Tier 3 Talents
Feigned Flight Step One 900 XP Overrun, Reorient Team As a Full Action on your turn, select a number of enemies equal to your IB/2, then designate three things: Forward Elements, Ambush Position and an Ambush Element. The Forward Elements are any Squadmates within 2km of the enemies. Ambush Position is a square at least 6km away from the Forward Elements. Ambush Elements are any Squadmates within 4km of the Ambush Position who are also in cover. Then go to Step Two.
- Step Two - - Firstly, the Forward Elements make an out-of-turn Disengage Action, then make a move action toward the Ambush Position, moving a distance equal to their Charge move; if they are unable to end their move within 2km of the Ambush Position, then they may not move at all. Go to Step Three.
- Step Three - - The Target Foe with the highest Scrutiny skill level makes a -30 Scrutiny Test. If they fail, then all affected targets capable of moving at all move an amount toward the Ambush Position equal to the greatest distance moved by any one of the Forward Elements. Go to Step Four.
- Step Four - - All Ambush Elements may make one of the following out-of-turn actions against any target within 3km of the Ambush Position: Called Shot, Charge, Burst, Standard Attack. The Ambush Elements gain a +20 bonus to their attack rolls, and the enemy take a -30 penalty to any evasion tests.

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