Iron Guard Restricted Equipment Section


The Restricted Equipment Section is home to special, rare equipment held by the Wizard Army. It is called as such because the equipment within is restricted access- using it requires permission from the commanders. The reasons for this vary- much of the equipment is of extremely high quality, but is also very rare and thus has to be used carefully. Some of it is even unique. Other pieces are too dangerous to use casually. And some of it simply has a value beyond the practical for the Iron Guard- it might be a reminder of better days, or a connection to their heritage as Azariah's Chosen, or attached to a fallen Guard who has long since passed on. Regardless, its use is highly monitored.

Restricted Equipment may be granted to any Iron Guard Lieutenant or Special Character, but each piece of equipment costs 1 Favour Point. Unless otherwise stated, a Restricted Item is always best quality manufacture. This will be represented in their profiles.

Most Restricted Equipment has, in conjunction with their stat lines, a special profile written about them discussing the history of the item and, most crucially, any special or unusual traits it has (which is highly likely).


Name Body Arm Leg Head Special
Captain Andrea's Helmet - - - 10 See Profile
Cerovite Exemplar Armour 10 9 (Weak Spot 2) 9 (Weak Spot 2) 9 (Weak Spot 2) Iron Guard; Cerovite; Ablative (3), Auto-Doc (1), Empowering (2), Fortified, Inspirational, Intimidating, Recoilless, Sealed, Sentinel, Stims; Powered.
Damaskari Cataphract Armour 15 13 (Weak Spot 2) 13 (Weak Spot 2) 13 (Weak Spot 2) Iron Guard; Ablative (5), Auto-Doc (1), Dreadnought, Empowering (3), Fortified, Inspirational, Intimidating, Invulnerable (30), Recoilless, Sealed, Sentinel, Stims; Awkward (20), Powered. See Profile
Damaskite Mantle 3 3 3 3 Damaskite; Shimmer (2)
Fieldblinder Underlay - - - - Fieldblinder
Gauntlets of the Toledori - 10 - - See Profile
Kojo's Helmet - - - 8 See Profile
Shadowline Armour 7 6 (Weak Spot 2) 6 (Weak Spot 2) 6 (Weak Spot 2) Iron Guard; Shadowline; Auto-Doc (1), Chameleon (3), Empowering (1), Light, Recoilless, Sealed, Sentinel, Shimmer (2), Stims; Powered.

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Captain Andrea's Helmet

Captain Andrea was an Iron Guard Prime like Euphemia One; grown from the DNA of Angels and Eugenia Ranvier. She was the commander of the Damaskari, and Azariah's most trusted bodyguard. Andrea fell during the fall of the Synfront, protecting the path to her master with her dying breath. This helmet belonged was part of a set of Mk3A Exemplar Armour that had been made for her. Its craftsmanship is incredible even for the standards of Exemplar Armour, and has been outfitted with specialised AIs and other modifications at her request, allowing her to coordinate a wealth of tactical data and respond appropriately. It was recovered from the body of a technician shortly after the battle; the rest of Captain Andrea's equipment has gone unaccounted for, although many Iron Guard dream of the way when the heroine's raiment can be reassembled.

Captain Andrea's Helmet is a Mk3A Exemplar Helmet, and can be worn with either Mk3 Armour or Mk3A Exemplar Armour. The wearer may reduce the Action required to activate a Tactic by one half; furthermore, it may sustain a single sustained Tactic as a free. Finally, it grants a +10 to Command and Scholastic Lore (Tactics) tests.

Cerovite Exemplar Armour

Cerovite is a material of similar make to surovite. However, its composition has been altered in order to make it much more heat resistant. Similar material compositions are used in specialised armour plating for Evangelions. This particular suit of MK3A Exemplar Armour is made of Cerovite, giving it unparalleled heat-resistant qualities. It was created as a proof-of-concept in response to LN demands for a suit of armour that would increase protection against the maser weaponry so widely used by the UN. However, battlefield testing suggested that even unaltered Mk3 Armour was perfectly capable of rendering most maser weapons useless in combat anyway, and plans to produce Cerovite armour en masse were dropped. This suit is thus unique, and furthermore it once again has a purpose: as fusion weaponry begins to percolate onto the battlefield, armour designed to counter heat-based weaponry is much more valuable.

The Cerovite Exemplar Armour counts as a suit of Mk3A Exemplar Armour with the Specialised Armour (E) upgrade. The bearer is immune to fire damage. Most importantly however, Fusion attacks against the bearer do not double their Penetration value.

Damaskari Cataphract Armour

The Damaskari were 20 elite Iron Guard dedicated to the protection of Azariah Caine personally. Each one was a Guard of legendary ability in their own right, possessing the strength and acumen of a Captain. If a Damaskari left Azariah's side, it was only on a matter of great importance that required Azariah's direst intervention.

The Damaskari were very distinctive due to their unique armour. Cataphract Armour is an ultra-heavy version of Iron Guard Power Armour, each suit weighing around 400 kilograms and offering unparalleled protection. An Iron Guard in a suit of Cataphract Armour stands almost three metres tall, and has their already prodigious strength greatly enhanced by miles of coiled synthetic muscle and machinery built into the suit itself. Such is the power of the armour that an Iron Guard has a very real chance of shrugging off an artillery barrage or an anti-tank weapon so long as he wears Cataphract Armour. However, the weapon is extremely bulky, and is incapable of moving with any real speed. Furthermore, simply equipping a suit of Cataphract Armour is a laborious process that requires at least three hours of work and a team of technicians. Finally, such is the bulk of the Cataphract Armour that it is unable to carry most normal weapons; only certain particularly large weapons may be mounted on its frame. For this reason and others, Cataphract Armour is very rare and very expensive to produce, and is hardly fit for all scenarios. It is as much a symbol of status as it is an exemplary form of personal defense.

The Damaskari often wore the suit in conjunction with a long positron glaive and a heavy ablative shield.

This particular suit bears the mark of Lieutenant Hisham of the Damaskari, who was slain during the fall of the Synfront. Hisham was found buried under the corpses of no less than six companies of UN infantry, and his armour bore the marks of between seven and nine direct hits from Mascannons. Despite this, the armour was salvageable. It was retrieved during an ambush on a UN convoy, and was lovingly repaired and restored to its former glory.

The Damaskari Cataphract Armour is a form of armour, granting its bearer the bonuses as shown. The Cataphract Armour comes default with a single Dread-Base melee weapon and a Guard Storm Bolter for free. The bearer may only equip certain other weapons, as shown below. Weapon RP costs are reduced by 2.

Bolt Weapons:G-Storm Bolter; G-Heavy Bolter
Flame Weapons: G-Heavy Assault Flamethrower
Maser Weapons: G-Maser Cannon, G-Multi Maser
Positron Weapons: G-Positron Cannon
Melee Weapons: G-Force Staff; G-Demolisher; G-Annihilation Weapon; Executioner; Damaskari Heavy Shield, Damaskari Power Glaive

Damaskite Mantle

Barzilai Surov is famous for his advanced materials with useful, defensive properties. Fabrics such as Barzilite are very resilient to basic ballistics, whilst Surovite is ubiquitous in Superheavy construction and Power Armour due to its light weight and great durability. Damaskite is another material of his creation. It is a strong fabric, shimmery in make which catches the light in dazzling, beautiful ways. It also possesses limited self-repairing qualities. Damaskite is a notoriously difficult material to create and work with, however, and producing it in massive quantities is nothing less than a fantasy at this point.

Enter the Damaskite Mantle. These mantles are large cloaks made of Damaskite, designed to be worn over or with Iron Guard armour. The fabric's qualities dull the impact from incoming blows, whilst the wondrous patterns and shimmery effect dazzle the eye and baffle sensors, causing the target to become much harder to hit.

Only 21 Mantles were ever made- one for Azariah himself, and the other 20 for the Damaskari, his elite honour guard. This particular mantle belonged to Lieutenant Bolivar, who was slain during the fall of the Synfront. It was recovered by fleeing technicians, and now serves proudly in the Wizard Army's armoury, where it is valued both for its beneficial defensive qualities, and also because of its esteemed connection to the heroes of better days.

The Damaskite Mantle may be worn with any form of armour and has the qualities shown.

Fieldblinder Underlay

A Fieldblinder Underlay is a highly rare and advanced material underlay bodysuit, made of a glossy black material. The makeup of the material is unknown, but it has stretchy, rubbery properties and is quite tough. The true value of the material, however, is that whatever goes into its makeup, it damps the AT Field signatures of the individual wearing it. This allows the wearer to go undetected by AT Field senses, making it one of the only reliable ways to sneak up on AT Field-empowered bioexotics and Angels.

The Fieldblinder Underlay may be worn with any form of armour and has the qualities shown.

Gauntlets of the Toledori

The Toledori, or Angel Hunters, were an elite squad of Iron Guard dedicated to hunting Angelspawn, Ayanamis and/or any other forces that might sport active AT Fields or exotic abilities. They didn't see much action in that role, although their training and ability carried over into other areas. Every Toledori was outfitted with a special suite of equipment designed to facilitate their role. As the war progressed, this equipment often ended up being used to fight more mundane targets.

These gauntlets once belonged to a suit of Toledori Armour. They are silver Mk3A Exemplar gauntlets, with dense circuitry within. The gauntlets are outfitted with specific AI designed to assist in hitting and putting down their targets. Because Angels are known to be mutable and highly adaptable, the gauntlets were, too, designed to be programmed and altered easily to keep up with their foes. To this end, the gauntlet can adapt to any combat situation. Furthermore, it can be programmed with detailed tactical data about a target, enhancing its bearer's skill in combat as the AI corrects minor errors. Most impressively however, the gauntlets' AI is able to sense near-imperceptible fluctuations in an AT Field; through perfect timing and other more technical effects, it can allow its target to breach an AT Field's defenses where otherwise it might not.

The Gauntlets of the Toledori are a pair of Mk3A Exemplar gauntlets covering the arms, and can be worn with either Mk3 Armour or Mk3A Exemplar Armour. They increase the bearer's WS and BS by +10. Finally, when attacking targets with AT Fields, the weapon ignores 10% of Deflection for every 2 Degrees of Success on the attack roll.

Kojo's Helmet

Scout Lieutenant Kojo was a legend in his own time. Iron Guard Scouts, trained in subterfuge and stealth warfare, would head behind enemy lines, laying traps and ambushes for their foes, assassinating key leaders, and demolishing bases or supplies. Of all of these, Kojo was considered amongst the very best, capable of causing a truly staggering level of destruction by himself. His kill list reads like War and Peace, including targets as impressive as a tank column, a UN aircraft carrier and even two Chinese Dreadnoughts.

After every battle, Kojo would spend his time trying to find new and improved ways of accomplishing his goals. He would collate his combat data and analyse it, go over his battle logs with the utmost care and finally, he would petition the LN's scientists to modify his gear, sometimes incorporating minor modifications to the design itself, or otherwise altering AI behaviours. Occasionally he'd request more major changes that changed how the equipment worked in more fundamental ways. Although his changes were irregular, his reputation made them happen.

This scout helmet is the product of his requests. According to LN Logs, it has received no less than 149 modifications. These include specific modifications to its lenses, cameras, AI programs and HUD. The end result is a sublime device that grants astounding levels of accuracy to the wearer with ranged weaponry.

Kojo eventually met his fate in April 2017 whilst on a mission to Sudan. He had embarked on a highly dangerous mission, and a highly audacious one too: to sabotage and destroy no lesser a target than EVA-02. He came perilously close to success, too; unfortunately, he was discovered by an Ayanami, who raised the alarm. In the ensuing battle, Kojo fought his way to freedom, but realised he'd never escape the determined pursuit from UN forces. Not wanting his scouts to suffer his fate, he bade them flee, giving his helmet to his protege before leading UN forces on a five-day goose chase throughout Sudan. He was eventually found, downed and executed, but his legacy lives on in his brilliant helmet: a legacy of loyalty, comradeship and cutting-edge competence.

Kojo's Helmet is a Mk3 Scout Armour helmet, and is worn with a suit of Mk3 Scout Armour. So long as it is worn, the bearer treats any ranged attacks it makes as though it benefited from all of the 'Scope' ranged weapon upgrades in the P-Scale Equipment Upgrade list. Furthermore, the bearer treats all weapons as having the Snapshot Quality.

Shadowline Armour

Shadowline is a special material developed by Barzilai Surov. A fairly strong material, its main purpose is in ability to baffle visual perception. Through a blend of chameleonic properties, optical illusions, sensor-deflecting materials and a dozen other techniques, it makes spotting Shadowline outfits hard and, more notably, even upon being spotted, the target remains visually disorientating, the qualities of the material distorting the bearer's image and making drawing a bead on the target difficult.

Shadowline Armour was designed and produced in late April as an upgrade to the scout armour used by Iron Guard Scout forces. Unfortunately, it entered the war too late to be of use and only a dozen or so suits were ever developed. One such suit is now in the possession of the Wizard Army.

Shadowline Armour is a suit of Mk3b Scout Armour. It has the extra qualities shown (Shadowline, Chameleon).


Name Class Range RoF Dam. Pen. Clip Rld. Special
Ranged Weapons (Pistol)
General Silas's Pistol Positron Close (30m/3dm) S/-/- 1d10+7E 7 6 Full Best; Compact, Guard, Maximal, Positron; Vengeful (-2).
Ranged Weapons (Basic)
Bolt-Glove of Atticus Bolt Long (100m/10dm) S/3/- 1d10+8X 4 24 Full Best; Guard, Special Bolts; Tearing, Proven (5). See Profile
Furious First Fusion Close (30m/3dm) S/-/- 1d10+2E 10 6 Full Best; Fusion, Guard; Inaccurate, Overheats. See Profile
Nadia's Last Kiss General Longshot S/-/- 1d10+5I 4 8 Full Best; Guard; Accurate, Toxic (20), Guard. See Profile.
Toledori Flamethrower Flame Close (30m/3dm) S/-/- 1d10+6E 4 12 Full Best; Guard; Devastating (2), Flame, Spray. See Profile
Ranged Weapons (Heavy)
Murder Bolt Long (100m/10dm) -/3/6 1d10+8X 4 60 2 Full Best; Guard, Special Bolts; Anti-Air (10), Devastating (4), Tearing; Inaccurate. See Profile
Melee Weapons
Damaskari Power Glaive Melee 2m - 2d10+2E 6 - - Best; Guard, Positron; Devastating (3), Power Field (40). See Profile
Damaskari Heavy Shield Melee - - 1d5+1R 0 - - Best; Guard, Shield (4); Ablative (5), Defensive

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General Silas's Pistol

This Positron Pistol once belonged to Silas Caine, Azariah's son and the general of the 1st Superheavy Regiment. Silas ultimately had supreme command of the LN's military forces, and it was he who planned the invasion of the UN-aligned states. On the eve of his invasion of Europe, Silas was presented with this beautiful Positron Rifle- a flawless weapon, with state-of-the-art supercooling systems preventing some of the worst problems of portable positron weaponry, and cutting-edge fuses, accelerators and magnetic chambers giving it a kick far beyond the norm. A distinctive decorative golden casing in the shape of a lion sits over its frame, the barrel emerging from the lion's mouth. On the butt of the weapon is engraved in silver 'To the Warmth of my Heart'.

The gun was never fired by Silas, however, and was presumed lost when the Independence was destroyed. Through sheer luck, however, Silas's cabin on the vessel managed to partially survive its cataclysmic destruction, and among the items within was this gun, safe in a decorative silver box. The weapon was retrieved and brought back to the LN. It was nearly lost during the fall of the Synfront, and it was only through the bravery of a few soldiers that this token of their revered General survived the depredations of the UN Army.

The rifle ultimately ended up in the hands of the Wizard Army. The rifle was too awkward for a Guard to use, however, and so was extensively remodeled for their physiology. The result is that the rifle has actually become a pistol by the scale of the Guard and is used as such.

General Silas's Pistol is a Guard Positron Pistol. Unlike other Positron Pistols, it lacks the Overheat quality and has the Maximal and Vengeful (-2) Qualities.

Basic Weapons

Bolt-Glove of Atticus

Atticus Nelson, also known as the Iron Angel, was the one and only Mark 2 Iron Guard. Brutally injured and maimed by Zhang Yanmei and left for dead in the Sahara, he was retrieved by LN agents and taken to the Synfront. There, he was healed and implanted with Iron Guard prototype technology- much of which would later go on to define the Mark 3 Iron Guard. Although strictly weaker than a Mark 3, Atticus was a powerful warrior in his own right, and his role as a 'pioneer' made him a respected figure amongst the Iron Guard. He was defined by his unique abilities and equipment, one such device was the Bolt-Glove.

The Bolt-Glove was a bolter designed with a specialised attachment that could be integrated into a Power Armour suit's gauntlet. It would sit on the back of the bearer's arm, its barrel running down to the wrist. With but a thought, the bolter fires, leaving the wielder's hand free to hold other weapons. The weapon is praised for its versatility, and also honoured due to its connection with a figure as esteemed as Atticus the Iron Angel.

The Bolt-Glove of Atticus is a Guard Bolter that comes with the Fire-Selector upgrade. Special Bolts can be taken with the gun for free. It is attached to an arm, and so firing the weapon does not require the bearer to use any hands. However, in the turn in which the bearer fires, he may not use the hand or arm mounting the weapon to perform any other attacks.

Furious First

The Furious First is a fusion gun; in fact, it is the first ever miniaturized infantry fusion gun ever made that is also fit for combat. It was created by Barzilai Surov in an attempt to see how plausible it would be to begin mass-producing fusion guns. The data he received suggested he would need at least another year to make it plausible, and so for over eight months this gun remained the only one of its kind. Hence, it is called the First. The 'Furious' part of its name comes from the nature of its creation.

Surov's haste to produce the weapon meant that many of the components were essentially prototypes that had not been created before the gun itself was commissioned. As a result they differ from standard fusion weapon schematics. Most notably, the actual fusion power pack is somewhat oversized and its fuel siphon chamber is simpler and faster than standard designs. This means the weapon unleashes a much larger burst of energy than standard fusion guns when fired. The downside is that the weapon lacks many of the safeties that go into standard fusion weaponry. The result: a highly powerful, dangerous weapon, but one quite capable of turning on its user in a second.

Furious First is a Guard Fusion Gun. When fired at Point Blank Range, it triples its Penetration instead of doubling it, and deals +2 damage at Point Blank range. However, the weapon will overheat on any attack roll that is a miss; furthermore when it overheats it uses its full Penetration on the bearer, not 0.

Nadia's Last Kiss

As a young man in Libya, Scout Lieutenant Qusay fought against the Libyan Caliphate as part of a large militia movement. He fought for a free state, one where he and his family- and especially his wife, Nadia- would be happy and healthy. When the UN intervened in Libya, Qusay was at first overjoyed to be assisted by such a powerful ally. But the joy turned to ash once the UN decided that such a movement as Qusay's would pose too much of a risk in post-war Libya. The movement's stronghold city was attacked, the movement dispersed and, in the chaos, Qusay's family was caught in a UN ambush directed by a young Italian captain named Bassani. Qusay's grief washed away his resolve to fight for a long time, but the Liberated Nations would give him anger- anger to fight and to take vengeance. When the LN offered the chance for Qusay to ascend and become a living legend, he accepted; and became an Iron Guard.

Qusay was a Scout Lieutenant, but he fought with a murderous coldness that took joy in every UN oppressor he slew. He quickly became a figure of terror for many UN forces for his seeming invincibility and shocking brutality. His chosen weapon was a high-powered sniper rifle, eschewing the stalker bolters often used by scout lieutenants.

In early 2017, Qusay learned that Bassani, now a Colonel, was leading a brigade in Libya. Qusay intended to make good on his debt of vengeance, and so petitioned his commanders to allow him to hunt Bassani down. They agreed, although he would be required to go alone. As a final blessing, however, his weapon was remodeled, giving it greater stopping power- and, if that wasn't enough, the rounds were embedded with toxic cores that would quickly dissipate and turn a glancing wound into a lethal one. Finally, he was informed that by designating his target with the scope of the the gun, the bullets' toxins could be sequenced to have a much greater effect on that specific quarry. It was the perfect weapon of vengeance.

Qusay's mission was successful, and Bassani died in excruciating pain, the toxic round sending him into cardiac arrest and ensuring he choked on his own blood filling his windpipe. Nadia's final kiss of vengeance had been given, and now her spirit could sleep.

Qusay himself would perish in a later battle, his sniper rifle being taken as a trophy by UN forces before a counter-attack by the LN saw the weapon recaptured. It was taken back to the Synfront as a memoir of Qusay, where it would eventually be smuggled out by technicians destined to join the Wizard Army.

Qusay's tale is intertwined with the very nature of Nadia's Last Kiss, and any Guard who requests the weapon must be solemnly aware of the weapon's story as well as the grave purpose embedded in the weapon- a purpose of grief and bloody vengeance.

Nadia's Last Kiss is a Guard High Powered Sniper Rifle. It possesses the Toxic (20) Quality. At the start of a mission, the bearer of the Sniper Rifle may designate one specific Character (not a Horde or Vehicle). When attacking this target, the attack gains the Toxic (50) quality instead as well as the Crippling quality.

Toledori Flamethrower

The Toledori, or Angel Hunters, made sure to view every record regarding Angelspawn they could. One of the largest troves of data came from Malchediel's attack on Paris-2, considering the large number of Angelspawn released on the city. The Toledori acquired many banshee and reaper corpses left over by the battle, along with battle reports regarding the spawns' behaviour. With that in mind, they began designing a weapon that would excel in the same sort of situation- close quarters combat against a fast, swarming foe.

The result was the Toledori Flamethrower. Apart from all of the many natural benefits of flame-based weapons, the flamethrower's chemical munitions are a cocktail of hostile agents designed to tear Angelspawn apart. In rigorous testing with the weapon on Angelspawn corpses, it was found that the weapon's chemicals quickly burned their way through most natural defenses- ossified plate, chitinous carapaces and the like- in less than a second. After that, the Angelspawn's flesh was quickly flash-fried and would quickly collapse.

The weapon was not used before the fall of the LN War, however. It found its way into the hands of the Wizard Army shortly after the fall of the Synfront. Its chemical properties were discovered and successfully synthesized. Since then it has been used numerous times to destroy large swarms of Angelspawn- since they now invest large parts of Africa- and to the Wizard Army's delight the weapon is as every bit an effective angel killer as was promised- and just as effective on many of the mutated Impact Ferals that now pass as wildlife in the post-Metatron world.

The Toledori Flamethrower is a Guard Flamethrower. It ignores any AP granted to a target from the Natural Armour trait. When used against Angelspawn, it gains the Felling (1) quality and increases its Devastating to (5).

Heavy Weapons


This heavy bolter is one with a savage, infamous reputation. In fact, amongst conventional military forces who fought in the LN War, it is possibly one of the most famous weapons to emerge from that conflict.

Murder gained its reputation and its grim name from a single battle. After the LN invasion of Greece collapses, UN forced launched a counter-offensive against north Africa, focused on Libya, the Barbary Coast, and Egypt. Attacking Egypt would involve a heavy all-out assault on the fortress city of Alexandria. The attack would involve naval bombardment, amphibious attack and heavy air assault, along with whatever Evangelions could be brought to bear. Alexandria on the other hand was protected by heavy fortifications, powerful turret clusters and a large contingent of LN Superheavies. And so, on one morning at dawn, the UN attacked.

Amphibious forces moved to assault the city from the sea, taking over port facilities and securing them so heavy reinforcements could be shipped in- and to prevent the LN from destroying them and retreating. The UN's first introduction to the hell that was Alexandria began here. Iron Guard, fortified in towers and buildings along the coast, began opening fire. A single salvo from this heavy bolter pulped the entire crew of a single landing craft. But it wasn't the violence that caught the UN's attention. The heavy bolter had an insignificant production flaw, a million-to-one accident. The flaw meant that bolts fired from this gun fired their propellant prematurely- whilst it was still in the barrel, amplifying and distorting the already loud roar of the gun's firing. Although it didn't cause any damage to the bolter itself, it reduced the weapon's range slightly- but it also gave the weapon a very distinctive, terrifying, bestial sound. Every time the weapon fired, everything in the bay of Alexandria could hear it, and every time it fired it cut down scores of UN infantry or tore the bottoms and engines out of ships, condemning their crew and payload to a grisly death- either by drowning, or by being torn apart by the gun as they floated helplessly in the water.

It would take a full seven days for the attack on Alexandria to finally gain ground, and for every one of those days, UN soldiers were forced to endure the demoralizing sound of the heavy bolter as it tore the life out of another group of young men and women. Survivors of the attack would return to their ships, telling dark, haunted stories of the monstrous weapon… Tales that the new soldiers would soon experience in person all too soon. By the end of the week, the bolter had by itself claimed anywhere between four thousand and eight thousand human lives. That battle alone ensured that the image of the weapon would always be soaked in a torrent of blood. The evocative image soon spread throughout both sides of the war, and began feeding into the public consciousness.

After Alexandria, the weapon's flaws were corrected, but such was its fame that the technicians deliberately went out of its way to duplicate its distinctive roar, adding special propellants to its rounds and altering the barrel slightly. Murder would go on to claim another 24-27,000 lives during the LN War, fighting in countless key battles. By the time the war had ended, the weapon's fame was such that many who had only heard of the weapon would routinely ask their more experienced colleagues if the sound of a firing heavy bolter was 'Murder'. And those same colleagues would look at the new blood with haunted, gaunt eyes, and simply shake their head.

Murder survived the LN War, and ended up in the Wizard Army's armoury. Its new owners treat the weapon with the reverence it deserves, and make sure that the legend of Murder remains in the UN's conscience, fed as it is by routine deaths at its hands.

Murder is a Guard Heavy Bolter. The bearer of Murder counts as having the Baneful Presence quality, with a range equal to the audible distance of the gun's discharge (effectively, between 5-15km). If this weapon fires on a human target, until the start of the bearer's next turn that target takes a -10 penalty to Willpower tests, stacking with Baneful Presence. Finally, the weapon gains Devastating (8) against human Hordes, replacing Devastating (4).

Melee Weapons

Damaskari Power Glaive

The Damaskari, Azariah's twenty elite honour guard, often wielded these mighty power glaives whilst on duty. Although beautiful and heavily decorated, dismissing these weapons as mere ceremonial pieces would be a gigantic mistake. Beneath the burnished gold inlay and silver filigree is a brutally efficient killer.

Every Power Glaive is about four metres long, and each terminates in a metre-long curved blade. The blade's surface area is covered in circuitry hubs and shields which, when activated, project a lethal positron field around the blade. This gives the weapon a ruthlessly efficient edge capable of slicing through armour and many other inferior weapons as well. The great length of the weapon also permits it to keep enemies at bay, impaling charging foes on the blade's tip before they even have time to attack the wielder itself.

This Power Glaive bears the seal of Damaskari Lieutenant Pyotr, who was slain defending the Synfront during its tragic fall. The weapon's power field had failed during the battle, probably costing his life, but not before slaying hundreds of foes. The Glaive was taken to safety by Euphemia One and repaired by the Wizard Army's technicians. It now stands ready to fulfill its mighty destiny once again, paying the UN back ten thousand fold for the death of its gallant owner.

The Damaskari Power Glaive uses the profile as listed. If the bearer is charged whilst using the Defensive Stance action, they may spend their Defensive Stance reaction to perform an attack on the attacker before the target has a chance to attack the bearer. The weapon may be wielded one-handed if the bearer is using Damaskari Cataphract Armour; otherwise, it counts as a two-handed weapon. The weapon is able to attack targets 2m away from the bearer; the bearer does not count as being in melee combat (unless the wielder has a weapon of similar reach), although the target does. If the bearer is wielding Damaskari Cataphract Armour, then they may take the Power Glaive and Damaskari Heavy Shield as part of the same 1 Favour purchase.

Damaskari Heavy Shield

The Damaskari Heavy Shield is as much a work of art as it is a weapon. Only twenty of these were made, one for each of Azariah's Damaskari, his elite honour guard. Each Heavy Shield is unique and heavily decorated, the outward edge graced with frescoes, golden engravings and symbols of honour relevant to the wielder. Despite these decorations, the shield remains very effective at its intended task.

The shield itself is large, convex and round like a hoplon, with a radius of one and a half metres, large enough to cover the bearer's torso. It is made of surovite, and is about twenty to forty centimetres thick. The grip sits along the rightmost edge of the shield, whilst the rest of the shield is fastened to the wielder's arm by a strong clamp. The weapon is light enough to be wielded with some alacrity, but heavy enough to be used as a brutal bludgeon if necessary, and no doubt its gorgeous surface has shattered a few hapless bodies in its time. The outer layer is made up of reliable ablative components. All in all, an excellent construct.

This shield belonged to Lieutenant Conall, who was slain in the fall of the Synfront. This shield- cracked, battered and worn- was recovered from his body and taken into hiding. It eventually found its way to the Wizard Army, where it was repaired and put back into use. Bearers of the shield are advised to remember its legacy and symbolism on the battlefield, and to honour it with newer deeds.

The Damaskari Heavy Shield is an Iron Guard Shield with higher defensive properties and a layer of ablative. If the bearer is wielding Damaskari Cataphract Armour, then they may take the Power Glaive and Damaskari Heavy Shield as part of the same 1 Favour purchase.


Name Effect
Battle Records
Casablanca Gain the Ambuscade, Coordinate Volleys and Harass tactics, and a +10 bonus to activating these tactics.
Geofront Gain the Fanatical Fury, Momentous Assault and Rip and Tear tactics, and a +10 bonus to activating these tactics.
Second Khartoum Gain the Defensive Stance, Repel Attackers and Sternguard tactics, and a +10 bonus to activating these tactics.
Third Austin Gain the Baiting Feint, Black Propaganda and Isolation Tactics tactics, and a +10 bonus to activating these tactics.
Heavy Equipment
Draco-Model Jump Pack A modified Jump Pack; it requires the Operate (Personal) skill. It has unlimited fuel, allowing the user to do the following: as a reaction to slow a fall of any height to a harmless speed; to deal +2 damage as part of a Charge attack; to make a Boosted Jump; to gain the Flight (6) trait for 10 Minutes. Jump Packs may only be worn with armour possessing the Powered trait.

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