P Scale Personal Equipment

Ranged Weapons

Name Class Range RoF Dam. Pen. Clip Rld. Special Avail.
Rail Pistol Pistol Medium (60m/6dm) S/2/3 1d10+4I 1 9 Full Compact, Custom Ammo; Reliable All
Basic Weapons
Rail Carbine Basic Medium (60m/6dm) S/3/6 1d10+4I 1 18 Full Carbine, Custom Ammo; Rapid Fire, Reliable All
Rail Assault Rifle Basic Long (100m/10dm) S/4/8 1d10+4I 1 24 Full Custom Ammo; Reliable All
Rail Battle Rifle Basic Very Long (150m/15dm) S/-/- 1d10+4I 1 6 Full Custom Ammo; Accurate, Reliable, Snapshot All
Heavy Weapons
Rail Autocannon Heavy Very Long (150m/15dm) S/2/- 2d10+1 6 4 2 Full Reliable; Bulky, Ungainly All
Rail Vulcan Heavy Long (100m/10dm) -/5/10 1d10+4I 1 60 2 Full Custom Ammo; Anti-Air (10), Reliable, Storm All

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Melee Weapons

Name Class Range Dam. Pen. Special Avail.
Combat Shield Melee - 1d5 I 0 Shield (2); Defensive All
Surovite Axe Melee - 1d10+2R 3 Devastating (1); Slow, Unbalanced All
Surovite Shortblade Melee - 1d10R 2 Compact; Balanced All
Surovite Knife Melee, Thrown Assault (10m/1dm) 1d5R 2 Compact; Balanced All
Surovite Spear Melee Close (30m/3dm) 1d10R 2 Devastating (2) All
Surovite Sword Melee - 1d10R 3 Balanced All
Tesla Baton Melee - 2d10+1E 0 Tesla; Disabling, Shock (0) All
Surovite Greatblade Melee - 2d10+0R 3 Devastating (2); Unwieldy All

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Name Body Leg Arm Head Special Avail.
Agent Suit 3 3, Weak Spot (2) 3, Weak Spot (2) - Nondescript All
Barzilite Coat 3 3, Weak Spot (2) 3, Weak Spot (2) - - All
Carapace Armour 4 4, Weak Spot (1) 4, Weak Spot (1) 4, Weak Spot (2) - All

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AC Suits

Adaptive Combat Battlesuits, more commonly known as AC Suits, are one of the most defining features of modern combat. Bipedal humanoid armoured war machines standing between 3 and 6 metres, AC Suits possess firepower comparable to a battletank, but with far greater maneuverability and only the need of a single pilot. They are fast, all-terrain, and extremely deadly when used properly. They also handle very differently to most vehicles, using a combination of manual controls, AI automation and monodirectional mind-machine helmet interfaces to operate the machine.

Mechanically, AC Suits are more than just suits of armour, but they're not quite vehicles. Instead, they more properly act sort of like a P-Scale Superheavy.

The Basics:

  • A character requires the Operate (Superheavy) skill to pilot an AC Suit. Pilots can mount or dismount an AC Suit using the Stand/Mount/Dismount action, making it a Half Action (Free w/Leap Up)
  • AC Suits mechanically act as a sort of hybrid between pilot and machine- just like Constructs.
  • AC Suits use their pilot's characteristics for everything except Strength, Toughness and Agility. The AC Suit uses its own Characteristics for these instead.
  • AC Suits possess their own wound pool and AP, separate to the pilot. Unlike Constructs, they only have the single wound pool. When this wound pool hits zero, further damage deals Critical Damage as normal.
  • AC Suits have a 'Movement modifier'. They add this to their AB for the purposes of calculating movement speed, ie. An AC Suit with an AB of 4 and a Movement Modifier of 2 calculates their speed as though they had 6 AB.
  • Piloting Talents may be used in conjunction w/AC Suits. Furthermore, Agility skill tests of any kind may be done with Operate (Superheavy).
  • Characters with AT Fields may still use AT Field Powers.
  • AC Suits reduce all DTV by 4 to a minimum of 0 due to their rugged designs.

Critical Damage:

  • AC Suits use P-Scale Critical Damage charts, just like human beings. By and large they suffer the same effects too, but with the following differences:
  • If a Critical Damage result inflicts Fatigue, it doesn't cause any fatigue; instead it deals the same amount of damage to the pilot, ignoring TB and AP.
  • AC Suits do not suffer any blood loss, and any results that damage characteristics damage the AC Suit's, not the pilot's.
  • If the result deals Stunning to the character, make it Dazed instead.
  • If the result would force the character to only take Half Actions for awhile, only apply that so long as they are in the AC Suit.
  • Finally, AC Suits may only be properly 'killed' if a death result is scored on the body. Any other result simply removes the limb in question, causing the usual effects and dealing 1d5 damage to the pilot, ignoring TB/AP. If a result reads as 'destroying the character's armour' or similar, ignore it.
  • When an AC Suit is killed, the pilot may make a free Dodge or Agility test to hurl themselves from the wreckage, appearing adjacent. Otherwise they take 1d10 damage, ignoring AP but not TB.


  • AC Suits do not use normal weapons, but instead use Vehicle-calibre weapons, specifically Secondary, Basic and Heavy. If you have the Operate (Superheavy) skill, you are treated as being trained in these weapons.
  • Every AC Suit possesses two hands. These hands can carry some weapons, but the size of those weapons varies from unit to unit. If a Hand is listed as "Hand Secondary", then it may carry a Secondary weapon in a single hand. If it is listed as "Hand Basic" then it may carry a Basic or smaller weapon in one hand. If an AC Suit uses two hands to carry a weapon then it may carry a weapon one weight class heavier than normal; two Secondary Hands can carry one Basic Weapon for example. These weapons can be dropped, picked up, stored away etc. as normal.
  • Many AC Suits also possess 'mounted' weapon slots, which are hard-bolted to the unit and cannot be safely removed easily. A weapon specified as '(location)-mounted' is mounted on that location and cannot be removed- losing control over the location disables the weapon. A weapon slot also lists its weight class (Secondary, Basic, Heavy). It may equip weapons smaller than that weight class; in this case, the weapon gains the Twin-Linked Quality, unless it has a Burst capacity, in which case it gains Storm instead.
  • As always, talents that work with Pistols work with Secondary weapons, talents that work with Basic work with Basic vehicle weapons, and talents that work with Heavy weapons work with Heavy vehicle weapons.
  • AC Suits may also take Melee Weapons. One-handed Vehicle Melee Weapons count as being Secondary in weight, whilst two-handed ones count as being Basic in weight.
  • AC Suits usually have one or more Cargo Slots. A Cargo slot will display its weight class (Ammo, Secondary, Basic, Heavy). It may hold one item of its weight class, but if it desires it can hold two items in the weight class lower than it, four items in the weight class two levels lower, and six items in the weight class three lower instead.
  • AC Suits usually come free with some AC Modules, for example: AC Suit Flightpack. However, characters taking AC Suits often have the opportunity to take a few upgrades of their own from the AC Suit Module list.

AC Suit List

Wounds Strength Toughness Agility
36 60 60 40
Body AP Leg AP Arm AP Head AP
14 14 (WS4) 14 (WS4) 14 (WS4)
Armour Qualities
Ablative (5), Intimidating, Sealed, Powered
Unnatural Strength (6), Unnatural Toughness (6), Movement Modifier (4), Size (6)
AC Modules
AI System (Basic), Flightpack
Hand: Secondary
One Chest-Mounted Secondary
1 Basic Cargo Slot

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AC Suit Modules

Below is a list of AC Suit Modules. Modules modify the qualities of the AC Suit in some way, and allow for a degree of customisation. You are only limited by the number of Modules you are permitted to equip on your AC Suit (which is determined by your Outfit and your Package). Some Modules may not be equipped with some others. If a Module possesses a 'location', then critical damage to that location will disable the Module.

Name Subname Effect Location Restrictions
Actuator Enhancements - Your AC Suit gains +10 Strength. May be taken twice. - -
Advanced Comm Suite - Your AC Suit gains a set of powerful Comm technology: Head -
- Comm Interceptor You select a signal or transmission within 1km and make a Tech Use test, which may be modified by weather or the nature of the signal; on a success, you receive the signal for 1 minute, plus another per Degree of Success on the test. If you fail by 3 degrees or more, then those on the channel become aware that someone is trying to listen in. - -
- Comm Relay Allied channels routed through this comm relay now have a range of 500km. - -
- Signal Jammer The Signal Jammer blocks all unauthorised signals within 1km. - -
AI System - The AC Suit possesses one of the following basic AI systems. Thee AI system allows for the suit to operate autonomously (or if the pilot is knocked unconscious). Furthermore, the pilot may use the AI's Characteristics if they are higher. - -
- Basic Possesses 40 WS and BS, 30 Perception. Has the Athletics, Awareness, Parry, and Operate (Superheavy+10) skills. - -
- Enhanced Possesses 45 WS and BS, 40 Perception. Has the Athletics, Awareness, Parry+10, and Operate (Superheavy+10) skills. - -
- Fencer Possesses 50 WS and 40 BS, 40 Perception. Has the Swift Attack and Battlemaster talents. Gains Athletics, Awareness, Parry+20, and Operate (Superheavy+10) skills. - -
- Ballistic Possesses 40 WS and 50 BS, 40 Perception. Has the Deadeye Shot and Sharpshooter talents. Gains Athletics, Awareness, Dodge+20, and Operate (Superheavy+10) skills. - -
Armour Thickening - You gain +1 AP. You may take this multiple times, but each time you take it, reduce your MM by 1. - -
Combat Optimisers - You gain a +10 to WS or BS within the AC Suit. May by taken twice. - -
Deflective Armour - You gain +4 AP against Blast attacks, unless you are in the epicentre of the blast. - -
Electro-Camo - You gain a +10 to stealth tests in all terrains, so long as you are not moving. - -
Electronic Hardening - Your AC Suit gains a +20 bonus to tests to resist anti-electronic attacks such as EMPs or hacking. - -
Emergency Ejector - If your Suit is destroyed, you gain a +20 to your Dodge test, and may land up to 5dm away safely. - -
Enhanced Suite - You are treated as having the Magnoptic, Sentinel Headset, Tactical Network and Vision Protectors helmet upgrades so long as you are within the AC Suit. Head -
- Magnoptic A modular targeter that, on command, covers the user's eyes providing enhanced targeting data. Magnoptics may be deployed as a half action; once deployed, Magnoptics increase the range of single-shot attacks by one step, to a max of Very Long. However, they also provide a -10 penalty to attacks made at Short or closer range, and a -20 penalty to parries or dodges. - -
- Sentinel Headset A sophisticated special forces helmet system. The headset provides the Sentinel Quality and also double as binoculars and compass. Sentinels are either worn on the head or incorporated into a helmet. - -
- Tactical Network A special tactical grid system that provides advanced corrective targeting data. Whenever you make a ranged attack at a target, until the target moves, all other allies with a Tactical Network take a +10 bonus to hit against that target, which does not stack. Note that Markerlight deployments count as an attack for the purposes of a Tactical Network (and so stack). - -
- Vision Protectors Reflexive systems designed to damp the impact of sudden light flashes and the like. Vision Protectors give a +20 bonus to resist Flashbangs or similar. - -
Extra Cargo - Your AC Suit gains an extra Cargo slot of your choice (Basic, Secondary, 4-Ammo). May be taken multiple times. - -
Fine Manipulators - Your AC Suit is outfitted with a set of fine mechadendrite manipulators the size of a human arm. This allows you to freely manipulate objects of normal size without damaging them. Body -
Fire Suppressor Foam - Your AC Suit is outfitted with a special gun that sprays foam. This foam has a range of 3dm and has the Spray quality. The foam instantly snuffs out most fire, including on people. The gun's pressure can also be increased, giving the foam a thick, resistant texture, which uses up 2 shots; anyone hit by it takes a -10 penalty to agility tests until the foam is removed, and furthermore the area hit now counts as DTV (2). The gun has 10 shots. One Arm (choose) -
Flightpack - Provides the Flight (AB+MM), Hoverer (AB+MM) and Brutal Charge (2) traits; you do not need to expect a reaction to maintain flight with a Flightpack. Flightpacks may be used as a reaction to slow a fall to near-harmless speed (landing safely on your feet), or to make a Boosted Jump. Body -
Groundcover System - As a Half Action, you may entrench yourself in one location, your AC Suit lowering itself and expanding extra armour sheets. You count as Auto-Stabilised, and allies may now use you as cover, following the normal rules except that attacks that strike cover strike you instead. You may not move. May untrench as a half action. Body -
Gunslave - Whenever you fire a Basic or Heavy weapon, you may also fire a single Secondary of your choice as well, using a different attack test. - -
Heavy Duty Repair Tools - Your AC Suit is outfitted with a set of heavy tools designed to manipulate and repair heavy objects. Generically, they provide a +20 bonus to Tech Use tests providing the object being manipulated is quite large; however there are also specific tools of use. Body -
- Fusion Torch A bulky mechadendrite-based fusion cutter, capable of welding or cutting through metal with great efficiency. It counts as having the following weapon profile: 1d10E, P20, Fusion, Faulty, Slow, Ungainly. Attacks with this object against a non-stationary target take a -30 penalty. - -
- Servo-Crane A heavy Servo-Crane that extends 4m away. The Servo-Crane counts as being Strength 80, Toughness 80, with Unnatural Strength (12), for a total carrying capacity of 28. It may be used to lift heavy objects or tether the user to an appropriately sturdy object as a free action. In combat, you may make an attack with the Servo-Crane; it has the following basic attack profile: 1d10I, P0, Slow, Unwieldy. - -
Holofields - All attacks against you take a -10 penalty; this increases to -30 if you move for any reason. Body No Kinetic Barriers
Impact Absorber - So long as you are within the AC Suit, you take 2 less damage from all physical sources. Furthermore, if the AC Suit incurs 'fatigue' (which wounds you), you may reroll the result and take the prefered. - -
Internal Stabiliser - You are no longer Dazed due to AC Suit critical damage. - -
Kinetic Barriers - You gain a Deflection Rating of 50%, which may deflect any type of attack except for Blast attacks; you may test Deflection without sacrificing your opportunity to dodge or parry. As a Full Action, you may increase the Rating to 100%, or expand it to create a bubble with a 1dm radius; in either case, the Barrier now works against Blast attacks. Disruption, AT Penetration, Positron, Neutralisation and other effects which negate or affect Deflection work as normal on Kinetic Barriers. Body No Holofields
Magnetic Joint Coating - Your AC Suit gains +10 extra agility. May be taken twice. - -
Medical Frame - Your AC Suit gains a suite of equipment allowing it to conduct a medical role: Body -
- Ambulatory System Your Suit contains a sealable booth capable of holding a single character no larger than Hulking. The booth stabilises itself to counter sudden jerks and shocks, keeping the patient stable and thus not being jostled around. - -
- Hypostatic Mist Your suit may, as a Half Action, emit a spray of hypostatic mist. All characters within 3dm lose the Blood Loss and Crippling status effects. - -
- Medical Cargo Equips your suit with an internal supply of medical equipment equal to six Medikits' worth, plus four shots of Biogel. - -
- Remote Uplink You can use the Remote Care sub-talent action on allies within 3dm, so long as they are wearing armour with the Auto-Doc Quality. - -
Noncombatant Markings - A distinct set of markings, eg. The Red Cross, etc. that mark a character as being a non-combatant, such as a medic. So long as you are not wielding any weapons, you count as having the Low Profile talent. NOTE: attacking someone whilst wearing this overlay is a war crime unless in self defense. - -
Overseer Module - Your AC Suit counts as possessing the 'C&C Interface' Helmet System and the MAGI Uplink Heavy Equipment. Head -
- C&C Interface Whilst wearing it, all subordinates count as being in audio and visual range for the purposes of talents. May interface with a MAGI Uplink, allowing you to use the MAGI Command talent as a Free Action once per round. - -
- MAGI Uplink A portable MAGI uplink that remote-links to a nearby (500km) MAGI system. Once activated, pilots with skills and talents that rely on the MAGI may use those abilities on subordinates. - -
Shadow Field - Your AC Suit gains the Chameleon (unl.) Quality. - Phantom/Knight AC Suits only
Specialised Armour - Your AC Suit gains one of the following Armour qualities. - Requires armour to be available to your faction technologically.
- Angelic Silk You are immune to electronic methods of detection, and the Graviton Quality only adds half your AP to its damage, not all of it. You add half your AP to falling damage, and take no penalty to Stealth tests due to wearing this armour. - -
- Cerovite You can never catch fire, and Fusion attacks against you never double their Penetration against you. - -
- Fieldblinder You are invisible to AT Pings and Passive Psychaudience, and may test Stealth to conceal yourself from more powerful AT Field detection abilities. - -
- Shadowline Unless they're at Point Blank Distance, so long as you are in cover, ranged attacks against you always treat you as being at Extreme Distance and called shots on you take an extra -10 penalty. - -
- Sigilite Whenever you take damage, test Willpower-30. On a success, you reduce the amount of damage taken by your Willpower Bonus, to a minimum of zero. If the result of your roll is lower than your Willpower Bonus entirely, then you negate the attack completely. - AT Field
- Suzanium Attacks against you reroll damage and take the worse result (negates Tearing instead; removes 1 reroll from Hy-Prog). Awareness tests to locate you using indirect (out of LoS) electronic methods take a -20 penalty. - -
Tracker Sensors - As a Half Action, you may select one visible object and make an Awareness test. You are now fully aware of this target, even if they are out of sight, up to a range of 500dm (5 kilometres). - -

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Name Effect
Demo Charge 1 kg explosive. Deals 3d10X damage, Pen 10, Blast 5. Deals +1 damage, Pen and Blast per extra KG of explosive. Demolitions test to deploy/disarm.
Fusion Charge Unwieldy portable explosive that adheres to a flat surface. Deals 6d10E damage Pen 15, Blast 2. Demolitions -10 test to deploy/disarm.

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During a P-Scale mission, every Independent Character is assigned a standard selection of equipment, which is expected to fulfill nearly all of their combat needs. These standardised selections are known as 'Outfits'. Each IC receives their own set of everything on the list, except when an Outfit specifies a limit (eg 'Two ICs' mean that only two of the deployed ICs may be equipped with this gear, not everyone)

However, whilst these Outfits are capable of performing most field tasks well, they may not always fit the needs of the mission at hand. To that end, before a Mission is launched, the Outfit may be customised to fit the mission. This is done through a point-buy system: the SupCom is given 10 points to spend on the 'Additional Equipment' chart below. These upgrade the Outfits for that mission- you spend the points once, and all ICs with that Outfit gain the benefits.

Finally, each Independent Character may be assigned a single 'Package', which grants them specific equipment with which to perform their duties. Furthermore, Independent Characters with their own unique equipment may still take that equipment.

Usage note: Outfits make good basic outlines for equipping characters for Investigations as well. In missions, much of this equipment (mess kits etc) doesn't need to be recorded or written down, but the character can be assumed to have it if for whatever reason it comes up.

Outfit List

The standard worn by Federation officers.

  • One Suit of Fed. Light Power Armour
  • One Main Weapon (Masgun, Pulse Autorifle or Rail Assault Rifle)
  • One Sidearm (Maspistol, Pulse Pistol or Railpistol)
  • One CQC Sidearm (Surovite Knife)
  • Two standard ammo clips for the Sidearm and Main Weapon each
  • Two Frag Grenades
  • One Blind Grenade
  • One Mess Kit and Water Canteen
  • One Blanket and Sleeping Bag
  • One Glow Lamp
  • One Grooming Kit
  • One Watch
  • One Comm Bead
  • One Gas Mask
  • One set of Low Light Lenses
  • One Rebreather
  • One Set of Identity Tags
  • Two Weeks' Supply of Combat Rations

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Additional Equipment

Here, Outfits may be modified through spending points. The SupCom gains 10 points at this stage to spend.
Item or Upgrade Cost Limitations
Improve a single non-Weapon or Armour item from Common to Good Craftsmanship. 2 -
Improve a single non-Weapon or Armour item from Common to Best Craftsmanship. 4 -
Replace Main Weapon with a Mas Carbine, Pulse Carbine or Rail Carbine 2 -
Replace Main Weapon with a Bolter, Hellgun or Positron Gun 4 -
Replace Sidearm with a Bolt Pistol, Hellpistol or Positron Pistol 2 -
Replace CQC Sidearm with a Surovite Axe, Surovite Spear, Surovite Shortblade, Surovite Sword, Hyper Knife, Tesla Baton or Positron Sting 2 -
Replace CQC Sidearm with any One-Handed Melee Weapon 4 -
Add two standard or non-standard (eg. Custom or Special bolts) ammo clips to the Sidearm 1 May only be taken once
Add two standard or non-standard ammo clips to the Main Weapon 1 May only be taken once
Replace Fed. Light Power Armour with Fed. Heavy Power Armour 4 -
Make available a suit of Fed. Cerovite Armour for two ICs 2 -
Make available a suit of Fed. Shadowline Armour for two ICs 2 -
Make available a suit of Fed. Shimmer Armour for two ICs 2 -
Make available a suit of Fed. Fortress Armour for one IC 2 -
Add an additional CQC Sidearm 1 -
Add a Combat Shield 1 -
Add an additional Sidearm (w/2 ammo clips) 2 May only be taken once
Add an additional Frag Grenade to the Outfit 1 May only be taken once
Add an additional Blind Grenade to the Outfit 1 May only be taken once
Add two Flashbangs to the Outfit 1 May only be taken once
Add an additional Death Blossom Grenade to the Outfit 1 May only be taken once
Add an additional Incendiary Grenade to the Outfit 1 May only be taken once
Add an additional Crack Grenade to the Outfit 2 May only be taken once
Add an additional Positron Grenade to the Outfit 3 May only be taken once
Add a single Demo Charge to the Outfit 2 May only be taken once
Outfit all Power Armour with two Helmet Systems of the wearer's choice 2 May only be taken once
Outfit all Armour with one Overlay of the wearer's choice 1 May only be taken once
Make available a single piece of Heavy Equipment for one IC 1 -
Add a single 'Basic Tool' from the Tools list to the Outfit 1 -
Add a single 'Advanced Tool' from the Tools list to the Outfit 2 -
All weapons (Main, Sidearm, CQC) gain a single upgrade each of the user's choice 2 -
All Vehicles gain a single extra piece of Special Equipment of their choice 2 -
Iron Guard Only
Replace Main Weapon with a G-Positron Gun 4 -
Make available a G-Storm Bolter for two ICs 2 -
Make available a suit of Mk3b Exemplar Armour for two ICs 2 -

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Designed for primary fighters, especially those who specialise in a specific weapon. It offers the following:

  • Replaces the Main Weapon with any weapon of the IC's choice, including Heavy Weapons or Two-Handed Melee. This weapon comes with two upgrades.
  • Alternatively, the IC may take the standard Outfit weapon, but it is now Best Quality and has as many upgrades as possible.
  • Adds 2 extra standard or nonstandard clips to the Main Weapon if it is a weapon that uses ammo. If the weapon is a Launcher, eg. Grenade or Missile, instead take… (Replaces all Main Weapon ammo clips)
    • Grenade Launcher: 12 Grenades of their choice
    • RPG Launcher: 6 Grenades of their choice
    • Missile Launcher: 6 Missiles of their choice
  • Replaces the standard Armour with Fed. Light or Fed. Heavy

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