Rare Equipment Vault

The Rare Equipment Vault (REV) is a special vault hidden within NERV's technical division, known only to a select few. The equipment within is considered either too valuable for regular use, too expensive for mass production, or just simply too dangerous.

The equipment is broken up into three categories: Class One Safe, Class Two Dangerous and Class Three Lethal.

Class One objects are rare, often expensive or unique, but are mostly beneficial in use such as protective fabrics or special gadgets. They are generally the easiest to requisition and can have many uses.

Class Two objects are generally more dangerous than Class One objects, but ultimately their abilities allow for limited destructive potential. Usually Class Twos are rare items that are capable of doing normal levels of destruction in unusual ways.

Class Three objects are extremely dangerous, either due to the potential for it to fall into the wrong hands or due to its innate abilities. Losing a Class Three (or losing control of one) is enough to put all of NERV into a high level alert status.

Rare Armour

Name Body Leg Arm Head Special Class
Bondsuit 4 4 4 - Shadowline; Inconspicuous; See Profile Class One
Spider Suit 2 2 2 - Chameleon (Unlimited), Fieldblinder; See Profile Class One
Firewing Armour 7 7 (Weak Spot 2) 7 (Weak Spot 2) 7 (Weak Spot 2) Ablative (2), Auto-Doc (1), Empowering (2), Sealed, Sentinel; Powered; See Profile Class One
Mk2 Iron Dreadnought Armour 12 12 (Weak Spot 2) 12 (Weak Spot 2) 12 (Weak Spot 3) Ablative (4), Auto-Doc (2), Dreadnought, Empowering (3), Intimidating, Invulnerable (35), Sealed, Sentinel; Awkward (40), Powered. See Profile Class Three

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"The Bondsuit is a one-size-fits-all set of garments that can be changed to suit the wearer's shape and frame. The standard appearance is that of a perfect tuxedo, but gown versions exist as well, as do other configurations. The Bondsuit is made of barzilite, an artificial fabric that is made of millions of tiny interlocking rings of hyper-strong carbon nanotubes and genetically enhanced spiders' silk. When struck with a solid object the thick fabric momentarily goes rigid, transferring the energy of the impact over a wide area. Ergo, despite the soft appearance of the Bondsuit, wearers are in fact equipped with excellent personal armour.

The Bondsuit has the following special qualities:
1) Tiny plastic explosives that deal 2d10x damage to a localized area such as a wall, disguised as innocuous objects (cufflinks, rings). (2 to a suit)
2) A set of hidden pocket compartments that block scanners
3) A compact, silenced Rail Pistol, hidden in one of the compartments."

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Rare Weapons

Name Class Range RoF Dam. Pen. Clip Rld. Special Class
Fusion Grenade Grenade SB*3 dm S/-/- 2d10E 10 - - Blast (4); Fusion; See Profile Class Two
Plasma Flash Grenade Grenade SB*3 dm S/-/- - - - - Blast (10); See Profile Class One
Ranged Weapons (Pistol)
Disruptor Pistol, Positron Close (3dm) S/-/- 1d10 20 4 2 Full Line; Antimatter, Positron; Acid (4), Brutal, Disrupt (5), Proven (4), Vengeful (-1); Overheats, Recharge; See Profile Class Three
Ranged Weapons (Basic)
Executioner Power Rifle Basic, General Longshot S/-/- As ammo As Ammo 1 Half Best; As Ammo; See Profile Class Two
Execution Rounds - - - 2d10X 6 - - Accurate, Tearing -
Magma Rounds - - - 1d10+6E 4 - - Accurate, Brutal, Tearing; Overheats -
Finnish Surprise Rounds - - - 2d10X 6 - - Accurate; Devastating (6), See Profile -
Maltese Vampire Rounds - - - 2d10X 6 - - Accurate, Crippling; See Profile -
Guard Stopper Rounds - - - 2d10X 6 - - Accurate; See Profile -
Ichor of Voriel Rounds - - - 2d10X 6 - - Accurate, Disabling, Hallucinogenic; See Profile -
Terror Gun Basic, General Long (10dm) S/-/- - - 6 Half See Profile Class Two
Ranged Weapons (Heavy)
Conversion Beam Heavy, Positron Very Long (15dm) S/-/- See Profile See Profile 4 2 Full Overheats, Recharge, Ungainly; See Profile Class Three
Iron Dreadnought Weapons
Storm Bolter Basic, Bolt Long (10dm) S/-/6 1d10+6X 4 24 Full Dread Base, Special Bolts; Tearing, Storm -
Assault Cannon Heavy, General Long (10dm) -/-/10 1d10+5I 3 200 2 Full Dread Base; Tearing, Storm; Inaccurate, Overheats -
Burst Flamer Heavy, Flame Medium (6dm) S/-/- 2d10E 6 6 2 Full Spray; Dread Base; Flame -
D-Class Positron Cannon Heavy, Positron Long (10dm) S/-/- 2d10+8E 12 6 2 Full Line; Maximal, Positron; Overheats, Ungainly -
Dual Pulse Cannon Heavy, Positron Very Long (15dm) S/-/- 2d10+3E 8 12 4 Full Modal (5), Positron, Twin Linked; Accurate; Ungainly -
Hellstorm Annihilator Heavy, Maser Long (10dm) S/-/- 2d10+6E 10 10 2 Full Hellgun; Proven (5); Overheats -
Melee Weapons
Adamantine Power Sword Melee - - 1d10+3R 6 - - Best; Positron; Cleaving, Power Field (25), Razor Sharp Class Two

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The Fusion Grenade is an extremely potent handheld explosive with a fusion core. Ultimately it functions like a normal, albeit highly powerful, grenade. However, the grenade is designed to be adhesive, so if thrown at a wall for example, it will stick to the wall instead of bouncing off.

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Rare Gear

Name Effect Class
Drugs, Medicines and Poisons
Area Intoxicators Area Intoxicators come disguised as an innocuous set of items: depending on the user's preference, they can be configured to look like a bundle of cigarettes, cigars, joss sticks, a makeup kit, a stick of lipstick, or a liquid (within a sealed bottle). However this is just a disguise, and should the disguise be pierced, opened or exposed to flame, the Intoxicator is deployed; it is a rapidly expanding gas that filters thinly through a space of up to 3dm. Anyone inhaling this gas must make a Toughness-10 test; on a failure, they take a level of fatigue and begin acting as though they had become drunken, with each degree of failure exacerbating the effects; should the DoF exceed the target's WPB, they instead must roll on the hallucination table. Outside of hallucination effects, the Intoxicators generally relax and pacify those who are affected. The intoxicator kit also comes with up to five injections of a counter-agent, which can be used to completely cleanse the effects from someone, or to protect someone from the effects of the Intoxicator for up to a week. Two
Devourer Virus The Devourer Virus is an airborne microscopic designer biological weapon created by Barzilai Surov. The exact composite is unknown, but when deployed against biological-based targets the Virus- seen as a greenish cloud- quickly devours the tissue, strips it of nutrients and dumps the waste as a liquid puddle of flesh, water and surrounded by a haze of bodily gases, which are coincidentally quite flammable. It will then proceed to all biological forms nearby, repeating the process. The only two checks on this atrocious weapon is that the virus is extremely quick to disintegrate if not presented with fresh prey… And that Surov is able to remotely 'kill' the Virus. Without this capacity on his part, an accidental release of the Devourer Virus into an environment would lead to massive ecological catastrophe in an alarmingly short time. The Devourer Virus comes in a grenade that can be thrown at a distance of SB*3. On impact, it creates an attack with a Blast (1) radius. All organisms test Toughness-20 (or +10 if they are wearing Sealed armour). On a success they manage to resist the virus long enough for it to collapse. On a failure they take 2d10 damage to the body, ignoring TB or AP. If a Horde is struck, then the Horde suffers 20 Magnitude damage per degree of failure on the test. Furthermore, the effect also persists on a failure, with the target having to test Toughness-20 again or suffer the same effects. This persists until the target passes their test or dies, at which point the Devourer Virus exits their body, dealing the same effect to all targets within 1dm. If the Devourer Virus has no targets within range, it will instead move towards the closest organism at a speed of 3dm per turn until it makes contact. For every turn in which it fails to make contact, its speed drops by 1; should its speed drop to 0, the virus self-destructs. Three
Hercules Serum A combat drug created by Barzilai Surov based on his older Vasilisa's Potion base, Hercules Serum is capable of turning even the most average of humans into superhumans. Through the use of a feast of stamina-enhancing drugs, adrenaline cocktails and stimulants based off the remains of Angelic tissue and fluids, the Hercules Serum can be decisive when used. However, the Serum is extremely dangerous and has the veritable War and Peace of side effects. The imbiber of the Hercules Serum gains Unnatural Strength (6), Toughness (6), Agility (6) and Perception (6), and ignores fatigue. They gain Heightened Senses (all), and may, at the start of each round, choose one of the following benefits: gain an extra half action, gain two extra Reactions, or heal 1d5 wounds (but not critical damage). All of these benefits last for 24 hours. However, for each round in which the user performs any strenuous activity (such as attacking or running), they must make a Willpower test, taking 1d5 insanity if they fail it. If they gain a trauma during this time, apart from the usual effects, they also gain a special detrimental effect: roll a 1d3. On a 1, they must make an instant Fear (30) test, adding +30 extra to the Shock Table if they fail; on a 2, they must make a Willpower Test, rolling on the Hallucinogen table if they fail; on a 3 they frenzy, attacking all around them indiscriminately for 10-WPB rounds. Finally, the serum is extremely addictive and lethal to the user. Anyone who drinks of the serum suffers 1d10 levels of fatigue once the 24 hour window has passed; furthermore until the end of the next campaign turn they take a -30 penalty to all tests and have their Strength and Toughness temporarily halved as they painfully expel the serum and wean off the effects. As this period is full of extremely vivid nightmares, hallucinations and other such interesting events the drinker takes an extra 2d10 insanity from it. Three
Washington Juice Washington Juice is a blue-green liquid; any who drink at least 10ml of it must take a Toughness-30 test. On a failure, they become, within a number of minutes equal to their TB, almost incapable of deceit. In this state, when asked any questions the drinker will find themselves compelled to answer truthfully and in a forthcoming way; simply saying "I do not wish to talk" will not be enough. This will have a diminished or nonexistent effect on those with unnatural constitutions or alien biology, although it might provoke responses from soul-bound entities depending ont he nature of the entity and their owner. Two
Augmented Reality HUD Device A piece of headgear technology that looks like a pair of stylish sunglasses, but can be incorporated seamlessly into a powered helmet. The ARHUD grants the Sentinel armour quality. As a Half Action, you may analyse a single opponent you can see at least somewhat clearly; you learn their Characteristics, AP and Wounds. You take a +10 bonus to evasion tests and attack tests against Analysed targets, and you may track up to three Analysed targets even through walls etc. up to 100 metres away. One
Invisibility Cloak A set of garments, made up of two full-length cloaks with hoods, two scarves, two sets of gloves, two purses, two shirts, two trousers, two dresses and two jackets. The garments are controlled by a wristwatch, which can be subtly configured to activate any one of the items so long as it's within 100 metres; on doing so an electric pulse causes the item and anything within the item to become invisible; the cloaks actually project a small field around them that can safely obscure a single person. This 'invisibility' completely blocks sight, muffles (but does not block fully) smell and sight, baffles electronic sensors, and renders the wearer invisible to AT Pings of strength 8 or lower. Thus on activation, the hidden object or wearer becomes undetectable so long as they are standing still; even when they move, they still take a +30 bonus to stealth and attacks against them take a -20 to hit. One
AT Inhibitor The AT Inhibitor is a small device roughly 10cm long and wide and 5cm high. It can be activated as a half action, which requires setting it down on the ground; on doing so it unfolds to reveal an array and a small curious emitter of energy, which affects the tangible defensive abilities of AT Fields in the vicinity. The AT Inhibitor has a power level from 1 to 6, which is chosen on activation; it will then count as a use of the Neutralisation AT Power of that ATP on all things within 3dm. However, the device is fickle; at the end of every round in which the Inhibitor is activated, roll a 1d10; on a roll of 1 the device's power level drops by 1; on a roll of 10 it increases by 1. If this would reduce the device to power 0 it shuts down and requires a Tech Use Full Action to reestablish. On the other hand, if this would push the device to a level above 6, then the effects continue at that power rating; however for every point it possesses past 6, the device has a 10% chance at the end of each round of exploding violently, counting as a 2d10E Pen Power Level attack with the Blast (1) and Positron Qualities. If the device's power level reaches 10, then all entities within range without active AT Fields take 1 point of ego damage every round. The AT Inhibitor will operate for up to an hour, but after that its internal fuses are completely fried and require a full repair. Two
Digital Weapon A Digital Weapon is a tiny weapon that can be disguised as a simple ornament- a ring, a necklace, a wristwatch, an earring, or other ideas. Despite the innocuous appearance, Digital Weapons are very dangerous; on being chosen, you choose a single Pistol or Basic Energy-based ranged weapon; the Digital Weapon now counts as one of these, but with a clip of 1. Alternatively, a grenade type can be chosen; the Digital Weapon will then be able to 'fire' the effects of the grenade at any point within Short Range (3dm); this does not destroy the Digital Weapon as only the effect is being mimicked- the Weapon itself is not thrown or any such thing. Once used, a Digital Weapon requires a Tech Use test to recalibrate, which requires an hour and an advanced power source, plus some advanced tools. Two
Holosphere A Holosphere is a small, round grenade-like object that can be thrown as such. Once activated, a Holosphere deploys a holographic image which is, to the eye, indistinguishable from the real thing. This image may either be pre-programmed, producing a specific image which acts in a specific way, or it can broadcast a 'live' image, so long as the thing being broadcast is fitted with 20 special receptors. The image produced can be very complex and also very large, up to four square metres in size. Holospheres can produce their image more or less indefinitely. Two
Portable Shield A Portable Shield is a small unobtrusive item, often a belt buckle or a bracelet. On being activated as a Free Action, the Shield protects the wearer with a kinetic sheath; this sheath counts as AP8 Cover, which functions like normal cover with one exception: it treats incoming attacks as though they were Penetration 0, unless the attack has the Positron quality. This means that if an attack hits the wearer and deals 10 damage with Pen 6, instead of the damage being reduced by 2 (8-6), it is reduced by 8; furthermore the attack's Penetration does not count towards depleting the cover. The attack still counts as having Penetration against the wearer's normal AP, however. The shield lasts for an hour, and refreshes back to full AP at the start of each round. The Shield requires 5 minutes of recharge time with an advanced power source for every 1 minute of use. Two
Pulse Pen The Pulse Pen resembles a small white retractable ballpoint pen with pocket clasp. When the button at the top of the pen is pressed, it generates a 50m wide field which temporarily disables most electronics. The duration of the disability depends on the design of the item; a security camera or security door might be disabled for hours or more, but a suit of power armour or an Android are typically only disabled for 1d5 rounds, if at all. Older technology is generally less likely to be affected. Weapon-wise, most ranged weapons except for General and Rail weapons fail. Positron Melee weapons lose the Positron quality, Prog and Hy-Prog weapons lose their Prog/Hy-Prog and Proven qualities. This weapon requires a period of charging after a single use. This period may be 30 minutes with a sufficiently advanced charger pack, or up to 8 hours if placed in sunlight (since it can be recharged through solar energy). One
Skeleton Key The Skeleton Key resembles a rather long USB stick with a small LED display built into its body. It has two ends- an Optodata port on one end, and a tiny series of holes on the other. The Optodata end can be activated over a computer system (often through a programming or USB port), which will automatically enter passwords and break through the computer's defenses. The other end is filled with highly sensitive sensors and thin prehensile fabrics. When swept over a keypad, it will (usually) discern the proper code and will display said code on the LED screen. When swept over a keyhole, the prehensile fabrics will reorganize themselves into the proper configuration of key with which to open the door. Any use of the Key takes a Full Action. Certain devices may be beyond the Key's use. Locks which use particularly heavy keys, or heavily protected computer systems- such as MAGI systems- will prove to be too difficult for the key's use. One
Terrorizer The Terrorizer is a gauntlet that straps to an arm, overlaid like a metallic skeleton; it ends with an emitter secured by metal hooks to the palm of the worn hand. As a Half Action, the Terrorizer can fire a bizarre mental effect with the Blast (1) Quality; anything hit by this must immediately make a Fear (10) test. Alternatively, the Terrorizer can be calibrated to strike only a single target, which must instead test Fear (20). The Terrorizer has ten 'shots' of fear, and requires two hours of recharging with an advanced power source per shot. Two

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