Talents List

Proficiency Talents

Category Talents
Weapon Proficiency Talents Basic Weapons Training, Basic Weapons Specialisation, Basic Weapons Mastery, Heavy Weapons Training, Heavy Weapons Specialisation, Heavy Weapons Mastery, Pistol Weapons Training, Melee Weapons Training, Melee Weapons Specialisation, Basic Weapons Mastery, Prog Weapons Training
Skill Proficiency Talents Infused Knowledge, Jack of all Trades, Skill Exemplar, Specialist, Support Training, Talented

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Combat Talents

Category Talents
Basic Combat Talents Ambidextrous, Armor Master, Arms Master, Critical Strike, Commission, Favoured Enemy, This Gun is Mine, Two Weapon Wielder, Two Weapon Wielder, Quick Draw
Melee Talents Advanced Disarm, Assassin Strike, Assault Jump, Battlemaster, Berserk Charge, Blade Dancer, Blood Frenzy, Brutality, Combat Master, Counter-Attack, Crippling Strike, Crushing Blow, Death from Above, Disarm, Double Team, Dual Strike, Flesh Render, Furious Assault, Gravity Kick, Hammer Blow, Heroic Assault, Irresistible Force, Killing Strike, Lightning Attack, Makeshift Murder, Precise Blow, Precision Melee, Street Fighting, Sure Strike, Swift Attack, Takedown, Thunder Charge, Unarmed Warrior, Unarmed Master, Vice Grip, Wall of Steel, Whirlwind of Death
Ranged Talents Assault Shooter, Barrage, Cleanse and Purify, Crack Shot, Covering Fire, CQC Gunplay, Deadeye Shot, Divine Bullet, Dual Shot, Eye of Vengeance, Flush Out, Gun Drill, Gunslinger, Heavy Suppression, Hip Shooter, Independent Targeting, Marksman, Mighty Shot, Overcharge, Precision Basic, Precision Heavy, Precision Pistol, Rapid Reload, Sharpshooter, Stable Shooter, Storm Charge, Storm of Iron, Target Selection
General Pointman Talents Dynamic Reaction, Guardian, Intervention, Sacrifice, Shield Specialist, Spotter
Melee Pointman Talents Force Move, Halt Advance, Maneuver Mastery, Tactical Blow, Tactical N2 Punch
Ranged Pointman Talents Maser Overload, Obscuring Barrage, Positron Burrow, Shell Shock

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Personal Talents

Category Talents
Interpersonal Air of Authority, Beyond Reproach, Charm Offensive, Chem Geld, Clues from the Crowd, Cold Hearted, Contact, Demagogue, Devoted, Disturbing Voice, Double Agent, Elite Agent, Eloquent, Enemy, Follower, Forward, you Dogs, Galvanising Presence, Great Leader, Inspirational, Inspire Emotion (Bravery, Fear, Friendship, Wrath), Into the Jaws of Hell, IOU, Iron Discipline, Master Orator, Mimic, Networking, Peer (X), Polyglot, Radiant Presence, Veiled Threats, You Owe Me, Unremarkable
Mental Battle Rage, Blind Fighting, Brilliance, Fearless, Foresight, Frenzy, Heightened Senses, Hotblooded, Indomitable, Insanely Faithful, Jaded, Light Sleeper, Mental Fortress, Nerves of Steel, Paranoia, Resistance, Sanity Grip, Strong Minded, Total Recall, Unshakeable Faith
Physical Bulging Biceps, Burst of Speed, Catfall, Dark Execution, Decadence, Die Hard, Drop Trained, Extreme Endurance, Extreme Resilience, Feat of Strength, Hard Target, Hardy, I Cannot be Defeated, Iron Jaw, Last Man Standing, Leap Up, Lightning Reflexes, uffled Armament, Rapid Reaction, Renewed Vigour, Second Wind, Silent Hunter, Sound Constitution, Sprint, Stalwart Defense, Stalking Predator, Step Aside, Stoic Defense, Swift Shadow, True Grit

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Specialist Talents

Category Talents
Operations Director Absolute Order, Advanced Analysis, Battlefield Command, Cut Synch, Delegate, Elite Retinue, Favoured Tactics, Feedback Tampering, Foster Teamwork, Just as Planned, Last Resort, Like a Boss, Logistics, N2 Strike, Pilot Surveillance, Plan A, Precision Targeting, Promote Assistant, Remote Care, Retinue Loadout, Surefire Ejection, Synchronized Maneuver, Tactical Genius, Tactical Legend, Tactical Exemplar, The Plan, Vigilance, When Suddenly
Support Talents Able Assistant, Combat Formation, Hunker Down, Lend a Hand, Low Profile, Marker, Mass Marking, On the Ball, Soak Fire, Wingman
Demolitions Talents Careful Work, Demolitions Expert, Fireproof Hands, Hit the Deck, Maximum Effect, Tamper Trap
Medical Talents Back Into It, Critical Aid, Hasty Aid, Healing Hands, Master Chirurgeon, Medic's Eye, Relieving Touch, Snap Out of It
Piloting Talents Adept Maneuvering, Aggressive Maneuver, Brace for Impact, Hotshot Pilot, Push the Limit,Rapid Repositioning, Reduce Profile
Technician Talents Applied Engineering, Careful, that's Dangerous, Jury-Rig, Master Engineer, Overclocking, Percussive Maintenance, Temporary Reinforcement

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Metaphysical Talents

Category Talents
AT Field Talents Act As One, Analyze Field, Angelic Senses, Assault Pattern, Assault Adept, Assault Master, AT Duelist, AT Extension, AT Focus, AT Maneuver, AT Rage, AT Reserve, Barrage Pattern, Barrage Adept, Barrage Master, Causality Control, Champion, Disruption Pattern, Disruption Adept, Disruption Master, Feedback Field, Heavenly Smite, Impossible!, Mimic Field, Offensive Mastery, Self Dilation, Spread Mastery, Synchronization Control, Quick Spread, Reinforce Ego, Scan Field, Spark of Genius, Synchronize Group
Berserk Talents Absorb, Advanced Berserk, Allied Eva, Berserker Vitality, Bestial, Beyond your Means, Breakthrough, Cannibalize, Carnage, Cruel Angel, Disturbing Anatomy, Eat and Run, Feast, From the Grave, Ghost in the Machine, I'll be Back, Loose Control, Lucid Eva, Please Move, Rampage, Ravenous, Restraint, Rip and Tear, Self Preservation, The Beast Within, The Dead Walk, Undying, Unleash the Beast, Unstoppable

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