Assets And Drawbacks

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At character creation, all Characters begin with 20 Asset Points which may be spent on anything below.
They may also take a number of Drawbacks, with each Drawback giving the character more Asset Points. They may take as many Drawbacks as they like, but they may only gain a maximum of 40 Asset Points from it.


Asset Name Effect Special Requirements Asset Point Cost
Academic Gain 3 Lores and the Talented (Lore) talent. - 40+ Intelligence 20
Athlete Gain a Conditional Fate Point which may only be spent to restore wounds, reduce damage or to remove all levels of fatigue. Automatically gain 2 successes when using Personal Training to improve Strength, Toughness or Agility. - No 'Wimp' or 'Overweight' Drawbacks 20
Catlike Gain the Stealth skill and Talented (Stealth). - - 10
Chameleon Gain the Mimic and Unremarkable talents. - - 10
Common Sense Once per session, may consult with a GM about a specific action, and be told if and how the idea is inherently flawed, in the context of what the character would be expected to know. NPCs with Common Sense may volunteer warnings if a PC is about to do something stupid. - 10
Cynic Gain the Scrutiny skill and +20 to Scrutiny tests to resist Charm or Deceive. - - 20
Driven Gain one conditional Fate Point to be used when facing a superior foe or exceptionally bad odds. - - 20
Eidetic Memory Gain the Total Recall talent. - - 10
Egghead Gain an Intelligence-based skill and the Talented talent for it. - May be taken multiple times, up to character's IB 10
Ego Aware Whenever you take Ego damage, reduce the amount taken by 1, to a minimum of 1. - - 20
Fast Increase your P-Scale movement speed by +1 AB. - - 10
Fearless Increase your Fearless trait by 1. - No 'Coward' Drawback 30
Gifted Choose a characteristic. This characteristic advancement category improves by one step. - - 20
Good History Gain Peer (1) with a group of your choice. May be taken multiple times, to an amount equal to your FB. - 10
Hardened Nerves Choose one category (such as, for example, 'Predators', 'Gore', 'Iron Guard', 'Natural Disasters', 'Explosions, etc'). You treat the chosen category's Fear rating as being one level lower than it usually is, to a minimum of 0. - No 'Coward' Drawback 20
Healer Gain the Medical skill and the Master Chirurgeon talent. - - 10
Hedonist Gain the Carouse skill and the Decadence and Talented (Carouse) talents. - - 10
High Endurance May test Toughness when incurring fatigue. On a success, you reduce the fatigue taken by 1, minimum zero. Increase fatigue threshold by 1. - No 'Chronic Pain' Drawback 20
Hyperactive You may spend a Fate Point in order to perform a single Half Action as a Reaction instead. This may be before or after someone else's turn, but nor during. - - 20
Incredible Sense Choose one sense (sight, hearing, touch, taste+smell); take a +20 bonus to Perception tests relying only on that sense. Stacks with Heightened Senses. - No 'Poor Vision' Drawback if chosen sense is sight 10
Innovative Gain one conditional Fate Point to be used when attempting a creative plan or unorthodox use of a skill. - - 10
Mad Skill If you incur Insanity, you may spend a Fate Point. For the next 5 rounds, you add +10 to all tests dependent on a single characteristic, chosen when the Fate is spent; you add another +5 per trauma, and +10 per Disorder, to a total of +50. At the end of the 5 rounds, roll on the Trauma table with a bonus equal to half your Insanity. - No 'Resilient Mind' Asset 10
Military Nut Gain the Lore (War, Military, Tactics) skills. - - 10
Paranoid Gain the Light Sleeper and Rapid Reaction talents. - - 10
Platonic Gain the Chem Geld trait. If you willingly enter into a romantic relationship with someone, this asset is nulled toward that person only. - 10
Polyglot Gain the Polyglot talent and three Linguist skills. - - 10
Privileged Name Your family is exceptionally well connected or wealthy, and their name is influential within a certain region. Within this region you're considered easier to identify, but local NPCs are likely to treat you with more respect. Gain the IOU (Political) talent. - - 20
Quick Healer Whenever you recover wounds, no matter the source, you recover +1. - No 'Slow Healer' drawback 10
Resilient Metabolism Gain the Carouse skill, the Resistance (Poison) talent, a +20 bonus to resist illness, and reroll toughness tests when hit with a Toxic weapon at P-Scale. - - 10
Resilient Mind Whenever you take Insanity Points, you reduce the amount taken by 1, to a minimum of 1. You may spend a Fate Point to automatically pass a Trauma test. - No 'Mad Skill' Asset, no 'Exposed' Drawback 10
Rugged Choose one environment (eg. Ocean, urban, desert, forest, ice etc). In this environment you take a +20 to Survival tests and reduce the DTV of Difficult Terrain by 2. If you choose a particularly hot or cold environment, you gain Resistance (Hot or Cold) respectively. No 'Sheltered' Drawback 10
Sexy Voice Gain +10 to Fellowship skill tests toward a gender of your choice. - - 10
Shrewd Gain one conditional Fate Point to be used in negotiations or social interactions. The Point may not be used to heal wounds, but it can remove fatigue if that fatigue resulted from social interactions. - - 20
Sociable You treat all Peer traits as being one rank higher than they really are. - - 20
Soldier Gain the Jaded, Arms Master and This Gun Is Mine talents. - - 20
Thrill Seeker Whenever you spend a Fate Point in dangerous situtations where you are outmatched or performing an exceptionally brave feat, roll a 1d10. On a 9, the Fate is regained. - No 'Coward' Drawback 10
Troublemaker Gain two of the following skills: Stealth, Security, Sleight of Hand. Authority figures take a -20 penalty to Charm or Command tests against you if attempting to make you do something. - - 20
Uncanny Luck Once per session, may subtract an already rolled test result by 2d10. - No "Unlucky" Drawback. 10

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Drawback Name Subname Effect Special Requirements Asset Point Gain
Amputee You begin with one less limb (either an arm or a leg). This does not affect your ability to pilot an Evangelion, but any vehicles or Superheavies with a conventional control scheme will incur a -30 Operate penalty. - - 30
Big Ego In any situation where someone else proves themselves to be more skilled than you, you must take a Willpower+10 test. On a failure, at the next available opportunity you must choose an action that has at least a -20 net penalty attached to it, preferably something flashy and attention-getting. On a Willpower success, however, you instead take a -10 penalty to Intelligence, Perception and Fellowship for an hour. - - 20
Cannot Live Without Choose one person. Fellowship tests from them to you auto-succeed. Take 2d10+10 Insanity if they die, appear to have died or become an enemy; you automatically fail any Trauma or Disorder tests and roll +50 on the Trauma table. - - 20
Chronic Pain Whenever you gain a level of fatigue, you must pass a toughness test or take an extra level of fatigue. - No 'Skinny' or 'Overweight' Drawbacks 20
Clumsy Take a -10 penalty to all agility or agility skill tests other than Dodge. - - 10
Compulsive Behaviour You have a compulsive behaviour; when triggered, you take a -10 penalty to all tests until you perform this behaviour. If the behaviour is conditional (eg. Holding a door open for crowds), you take a -10 penalty to all tests for an hour if you fail to perform it. - - 10
Coarse Gain a -10 bonus to Charm, Deceive, Scrutiny and Inquiry tests made when dealing with the authorities, socialite classes and in formal situations. - No Peer (Authorities, etc) 10
Coward Take a -20 penalty to Fear and Pinning tests. - No 'Fearless', 'Hardened Nerves' or 'Thrill Seeker' Asset 20
Cursed At the start of every campaign turn, roll a 1d10. If the result is higher than your Fate Pool, the GM Gains a Curse Point. This Curse Point may be applied to you or to allies around you in a shared mission as the GM sees fit. - - 10
Debt You have a debt that needs to be repaid to a specific character or organisation, decided with the GM at character creation. This debt may be finanical in nature, or it might only be repayable with actions, potentially dangerous ones. At some point, the group will demand a boon from you; refusal to grant that boon grants you the Foe drawback or Enemy (Group, 2) trait as appropriate. May be taken multiple times. If taken multiple times with the same group, the scale of the debt increases appropriately and you may expect to undertake riskier or more costly actions to pay it off. If you have multiple 'debt' drawbacks with the same person, and you spurn them, then expect the corresponding Foe drawback to be more intense; if a group, add +2 to the Enemy talent. - 10
Dark Secret Possesses a dark secret. If someone else discovers this secret, they react in an appropriate way as below: - - 20
- Anger For 1d5 campaign turns, the character will not willingly speak to you. If forced to, any Fellowship tests directed at them auto-fail, and they are treated as having the Short Fuse drawback in relation to you (if they already have it, they auto-fail tests to resist it.) - - -
- Avoidance For 1d10+2 campaign turns, the character will not willingly approach you or be within a few metres of you, and are visibly uncomfortable at your presence. - - -
- Denial The character gains a major delusion (Dark Secret is normal). They will try to change the topic should it come up and if their delusion is actively disproved, they roll on the trauma table, with a 50% chance of the delusion being maintained afterwards. - - -
- Disgust The character will never Assist you or enter a joint action (Synch Group, Double Team etc) with you. They must test WP to go through with an action intended solely to save your life. - - -
- Acceptance The character decides that their attachment to you is such that they are willing to ignore the shortfalls and stand with you. They are, however, treated the same as you by any other characters who discover the Dark Secret. - - -
Damaged Goods You take a -10 penalty to resist developing Traumas and Disorders. - - 10
Dependent Choose one person; if that person's opinion of you is ever negative, you take a -10 penalty until the end of the next campaign turn. After that, choose a new person to be dependent on. - - 10
Depressive At the start of each campaign turn, make a WP test. On a failure, you gain a level of fatigue that may not be removed until the start of the next campaign turn. - - 20
Dim You take a -10 penalty to Intelligence and Intelligence-based skill tests. - - 10
Disgraced Choose one group. You gain the Enemy (Group, 1) trait. May be taken multiple times. - 10
Diverse Troubles You gain a single negative background trait from a Background other than your own. May be taken multiple times. - 10
Duty of Care Select one individual as a dependent. If you ever believe this person to be in danger you must test WP-10 or rush to their aid, and you auto-fail if you can confirm they are in danger, although you gain a +20 to all tests in your frenzy. Should they be harmed you take 1 Insanity and a level of fatigue for 1 hour. Should they die or be permanently taken from you, you take 2d10+10 Insanity, you automatically fail any Trauma or Disorder tests and roll +50 on the Trauma table. - - 30
Ego Disconnect Whenever you take Ego damage, you take one point extra for every dice rolled. - No "Ego Aware" Asset 20
Exposed Whenever you gain Insanity points, you take one point extra for every dice rolled. - No "Resilient Mind" Asset 10
Fanatical Choose an organisation, cause or moral code. You will follow the tenets of that code, or orders from that organisation, even if it means danger or death. If you fail to attempt to do so (but not attempt and fail), a Fate Point is permanently lost. - - 20
Foe A character (either existing or new) hates you and/or seeks your ruin in some way. They may interfere at inopportune times or try to plot against you. - - 10
Frail Whenever you take a point of Critical Damage in P-Scale, you take one extra. - - 20
Gullible Charm and Deceive tests against you take a +20 bonus. - - 20
Hoarder You have a tendency to collect things just in case. Furthermore, unless someone uses a Charm, Command or Intimidate test on you opposed by your Willpower, you won't lend anything you own to someone else. - - 10
Impetuous You may not assist, aim, neutralise, retreat, delay or willingly do nothing in a battle without making a Willpower test with a -10 penalty. Once you have performed a Charge, All Out Attack, Full Auto or a ranged attack at Point Blank Range, then the test requirement is removed for the rest of the battle. - - 20
Inattentive You take a -10 penalty to Perception and Perception-based skill tests. - - 10
Ineptitude Choose one basic skill. You take a -30 penalty to the skill, and any bonuses you gain to the skill are halved. - - 10
Jealousy Select a character to be the object of your jealousy. In situations where you know or suspect the object to favour another more than you (even temporarily), you take a -10 to Intelligence, Willpower, Perception and Fellowship tests until the end of the campaign turn. If you witness something trying to influence the character, you must make a Willpower test or intervene in some way. - - 20
Lonely You take a -10 penalty to tests made when you are isolated with no other people around and you are not in contact with other people (such as through a comm system). - - 10
Low Pain Threshold Reduce your P-Scale Toughness Bonus by 1 for all intents and purposes. - No "High Endurance" Asset. 20
Medicated Choose one characteristic that is not WS, BS, Fel or SR. You have a condition that threatens this characteristic and requires special medication. In any week in which you did not take medication, you reduce the chosen characteristic by 1d10 until you regain medication and take rest. Even then, you take 1 permanent point of damage to the characteristic per week without medication. - - 10
Meek You take a -10 penalty to Fellowship and Fellowship-based skill tests. - - 10
Overweight You reduce your P-Scale AB by 1 for the purposes of calculating speed. P-Scale Contortionist tests take a -20 penalty. - No "Athlete" Asset 10
Pacifist You cannot willingly take actions that lead to the death of another human being. If somehow you cause the death of another, you take 2d10+10 Insanity. - - 20
Phobia You gain a single 'Phobia' Severe Disorder. - - 10
Physically Challenged You may only crawl without the aid of assisting equipment (crutches, wheelchair etc). With this equipment, your speed is half normal. This does not affect your Eva. The stress on your body also imposes a further -10 penalty to Toughness tests. - - 30
Poor Vision You halve your perception for sight-based skills and halve the range of ranged weapons. - - 20
Prejudice Choose one group. You will not willingly tolerate their presence, and all interaction tests with them outside of Intimidate take a -20 penalty. - - 10
Repellent You only use half your Fellowship when interacting with a gender of your choice. - - 10
Sadistic Whenever you have the clear chance to inflict pain (physical or emotional) on someone and are reasonably sure you can get away with it, you must. If you choose to let the opportunity pass without incident, you must take a Willpower test. On a failure, one unspent Fate Point is considered spent for the rest of the session. If you and the target are on bad terms already or you have special reasons for wanting them to suffer, you take a -30 penalty to your test. In some cases, you may choose to make this only apply to a single subgroup. The Prejudice penalty applies to this drawback as well. - 20
Second Fiddle Choose one person. Fellowship tests from them to you auto-succeed. You go after them in Initiative if you roll higher and take a -10 to all tests for an hour if they scorn you. Take 2d10+10 Insanity if they die, appear to have died or become an enemy; you automatically fail any Trauma or Disorder tests and roll +50 on the Trauma table. - - 30
Sheltered Choose one environment (eg. Ocean, urban, desert, forest, ice etc). Outside of this environment you take a -20 to Survival tests and increase the DTV of Difficult Terrain by 2. Exposure tests to heat or cold take a further -10 outside of your chosen environment. - No "Rugged" Asset 20
Short Fuse Whenever you are confronted or otherwise stressed or agitated, you must pass a Willpower Test or fly into a rage, taking it out on the environment and/or people around you. - - 10
Shy You take a -20 penalty to Fellowship tests when interacting with strangers or in crowds of people. - - 10
Sickly You take a -10 penalty to resist poison, illness or the effects of substandard food. - No "Resilient Metabolism" Asset 10
Slow Healer Whenever you recover wounds, no matter the source, you recover -1. - No "Quick Healer" Asset 10
Submissive Charm, Command and Intimidate tests designed to coerce you into an action take a +10 bonus. - - 10
Suicidal You have no survival instinct, and will not retreat from combat of your own will. If you are asked to, or would have a motivation to retreat from a fight that isn’t your own well-being, you may test Willpower to act normally. - - 10
Unlucky Whenever you would spend a Fate Point, roll a 1d10. On a 9, the fate is spent but you get nothing in return. - No "Uncanny Luck" Asset. 20
Unstable Every time you gain a Trauma you also reduce your Synch Ratio by 5 for the duration of that trauma. - Eva Pilots only 20
Vengeful Whenever you are significally harmed (physically, mentally, etc) in some way- such as taking critical damage, being denied an objective or having a goal stymied- you must make a Willpower-10 test. On a failure, you seek to harm the character who harmed you. In combat situations, this means you will attempt to wound the character at least once before retreating. In other situations, however, it might mean scheming against them or hurting them when they were vulnerable. - - 20
Wimp Reduce your P-Scale Strength Bonus by 1 for all intents and purposes. - No "Athlete" Drawback 20

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