Akagi Ritsuko

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Name: Akagi Ritsuko
Position: Head of Technical Division, AE-07
Sex: Female
Age: 33 (Born 1985)
Nationality: Japanese
Place of Residence: Tokyo-2

Physical Details
Hair colour: Blonde (originally dark brown)
Eye colour: Grey
Height: 5'5"
Build: Thin

Personal Details
"On the topic of mucking about in dangerous areas unsupervised disturbing that which ought not to be disturbed, I noticed you've salvaged the Psycho Dreamer Plug. Personally, I think you're crazy, and what you're doing is blatantly impossible, but if it works, it works. I can't argue with results…"

Dr. Akagi Ritsuko is the Head of AE-07's Technical Division. Her duties revolve around maintaining the Division's MAGI systems, Evangelions, and the facilities necessary to equip and support them. Before the formation of the UEF, however, Dr. Akagi was the head of the Evangelion Technical Division in NERV Japan, based out of Tokyo-2.

Ritsuko was born on the 21st of November, 1985, the daughter of Dr. Akagi Naoko, a well-known computer scientist and AI theorist. Ritsuko never knew her father, and growing up her mother was quite distant. For much of her childhood Ritsuko travelled with her mother, receiving a comprehensive but unorthodox education, especially in her mother's fields. By the time she was 12, Ritsuko was already acting as a sort of assistant to her mother, although even then their relationship was hardly close. Naoko was never cruel to her daughter, and was a good-natured mother, but she treated actual parenting as a matter of convenience over duty.

Naoko seems to have worked for Gehirn before it had even been formed, being involved with the foundations of the organisation even before Impact. In fact, she seemed to be quite familiar with the Ikaris even when Ritsuko was a child. After Impact, however, Naoko began operating openly as a part of Gehirn, and was assigned to the division that would eventually be responsible for the formation of the MAGI, working with the Riels. Ritsuko went with her, of course, working in her mother's shadow. It was during this time that Naoko began having an affair with Gendo and, in late 2001, gave birth to another daughter- Tsubaki. Naoko was convinced that Gendo would leave Yui, but Gendo refused; the rejection crushed Naoko, and she died some years later, only to be placed into EVA-03.

The entire affair angered Ritsuko greatly, especially when she discovered that the true purpose of the affair had been to 'test' a theory of Ikari's regarding the birth of E-Type children. Ritsuko never forgave Ikari for manipulating her mother for the purpose of an experiment, and the event made her highly cynical and suspicious when it came to Ikari, Gehirn and the entire edifice in general.

After this, Ritsuko began caring for Tsubaki, raising the girl herself whilst furthering her own education with formal training. Although Ritsuko had never wanted to be a mother, on some level the whole debacle with Naoko had changed Ritsuko greatly, and she was determined not to repeat the same mistakes her mother did. Tsubaki grew up feeling more included and loved than Ritsuko herself did… And also grew up idolizing her mother, since Ritsuko could never bring herself to speak ill of her mother without remembering the depressing spectre of broken-hearted Naoko.

In 2012, Ritsuko was formally given the position of Director of Technical's First Division (Evangelions, MAGI and Technological) at Tokyo-2. She executed the role well, as just about everyone expected- Ritsuko was definitely not one to be considered inefficient or inadequate. It was a role she'd been raised to fill.

In 2015, Tsubaki struck up a friendship with Sera de Pteres, a relationship that would involve Ritsuko sooner or later. Ritsuko herself came to quite like the young man, although from the instant she saw him some suspicion ran in her mind. Through some investigation and acquisition of medical records, she established the fact that Sera de Pteres was a clone of Elisha Caine.

As a professional, Ritsuko is competent, intelligent and skeptical, always the first to point out the flaws of an idea, even if it mostly means noting how utterly insane it is. As a person, she's a little distant, but well-meaning and good-natured, seeking to get along well with others and help them when she can.


Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship
20 30 20 30 30 60 50 45 25
Awareness, Deceive, Inquiry, Logic+20, Literacy, Scrutiny, Security+20, Tech Use+20(ST)
Common Lore (Science), Scholastic Lore (Evangelions, Magi+10), Speak Language (English, Japanese)
Characteristic Boost (Intelligence), Skill Boost (5), Touched by the Fates (1)
Engineer (+2 AP, +4 in Cover)
Melee (General), Basic (General, Maser), Pistol (General)
Infused Knowledge, Specialist (Tech Use), Talented (Tech Use)
Total Recall
Applied Engineering, Careful that's Dangerous, Jury-Rig, Master Engineer, Overclocking, Percussive Maintenance, Temporary Reinforcement
9 80 **Fed. Light Power Armour, Combi-Tool, Maspistol **

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