Albert St Francis

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Name: Albert St. Francis
Nicknames: Albert St. Fraction
Position: USS Liberty Bell Chief of Security
Sex: Male
Age: 19 (Born 1999)
Nationality: Canadian
Place of Residence: USS Liberty Bell

Physical Details
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Grey
Height: 6'0"
Build: Tall and Wiry

Personal Details
"No… Don't say I'm being used. It's symbiotic. She gets someone who's not afraid of getting his hands dirty, someone who can protect her and do exactly what she needs me to do. And in turn I get to benefit from the fruits of her genius, I get to influence things much greater than me- things I'd never be able to do without her."

Albert St. Francis is President Minerva Linden's chief of security on board the USS Liberty Bell. A former Companion like her, St. Francis served as Linden's bodyguard and XO during her invasion of North America. An extremely serious, joyless individual, St. Francis has few friends. Most people would say that he's married to the job, whilst some who knew him better would say that he merely wishes he were. A thin, wiry, tall young man with a handsome face and a constant frown, St. Francis is much, much tougher than he looks, and has a physical tolerance for pain that borders on the unnatural. He is known for having long blonde hair tied into a braided hair bun- as the story goes, he grew it out during the NeoAlexander Project in an attempt to compete with (an utterly oblivious) Alphonse Wellesley. Linden told him long hair didn't suit him, but instead tied his hair into a braided hair bun, which she said suited him much better. As a result he's maintained the hairstyle religiously ever since.

St. Francis' life is one that seems to be marked by a cruel form of luck, one that takes and gives with equal measure. St. Francis was born in Victoria, Canada- a coastal city on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, a city which was flooded and destroyed during Impact. Unfortunately, his parents were killed during the chaos. Fortunately, St. Francis himself had been left with an aunt and uncle deeper inland at the time. Unfortunately, his aunt and uncle weren't able to support him and their own children at the same time, and after several years of hardship, sought to pass him off to someone else. Fortunately, an orphanage in Vancouver itself was able to take him in and indeed, seemed to seek him out. Unfortunately, the orphanage turned out to be a front for the NeoSpartan project- and considering the eventual survival rates, it was likely that the project would've killed or decorporised him. Fortunately, an astounding clerical error ended up redirecting him elsewhere. Unfortunately, that elsewhere was the NeoAlexander project. When, a year later, this error was located and noticed, the planners in charge of the two programmes apparently didn't care enough to rectify the problem- what was one child out of a few thousand?

The problem was that St. Francis was never really suited to the NeoAlexander project in the first place. A physically active boy gifted with strength and a robust constitution, he nevertheless despised sitting still, had difficulty focusing, and hated studying, the latter of which was compounded by dyslexia. Naturally, he fitted in not at all with the other Companions, many of which could read and write fluently, often in multiple languages, at levels far above their typical grade. Compared to them, he seemed slow and fumbling, and was often mocked for it. One popular, stupid, nickname that stuck to him early on was 'St. Fraction'; as in, he could only do a fraction of what the others could do.

One Companion who didn't mock him, however, was one of his roommates, Minerva Linden. She took him under her wing, helping with his studies privately. She taught him how to read, write and speak German, a language he seemed to have relatively less trouble with than English. She never chastised him for his clumsy reading, or his slow progress. And as a result, he improved greatly.

St. Francis never forgot this act of kindness. In fact, it's fair to say the opposite happened. From that time onwards he was Minerva's in heart and mind. He loves her with the utter completeness of someone who doesn't have very much to call their own at all.

Nonetheless, St. Francis grew into a rather taciturn and defensive individual, his experiences with the Companions making him highly sensitive to insult, both real and imagined- and considering the Companions, the insults could be subtle indeed. He was markedly mediocre in just about every element of the Companion programme except in physical education, where he was one of the few who excelled (which only encouraged the nasty hostility between him and the 'smart' Companions). One of the few Companions capable of contesting him was Alphonse Wellesley.

St. Francis grew to loathe Wellesley, who seemed to be frustratingly good at just about everything. St. Francis by comparison only excelled in a few areas- which Wellesley excelled at as well! It wasn't fair. It didn't help that St. Francis, with little glory to call his own, had long since taken to internalizing Minerva's achievements as his own; with Wellesley one of the few who could consistently hand Minerva a defeat, it's honestly no wonder that St. Francis hated Wellesley as strongly as he did. Minerva's habit of obsessively planning and focusing on Wellesley on the days and weeks before one of their mock battles was pretty much the pumpkin spice at that point.

When the NeoAlexander programme ended, the graduates were turned over to the Companion Agency. The Agency was charged with placing Companion graduates into military careers. This often saw them embedded into militaries around the world. Many became mid-rank officers, lieutenants and captains, with a handful being incorporated into NERV to serve as Ops Staff for the Directors. Indeed, St. Francis had hoped for this to be his fate- he knew that Minerva was flagged to be given a Director's position, possibly at Boston or Britain, and he wanted desperately to serve with her. Unfortunately, this was not to be- St. Francis's final scores made him, in the eyes of his instructors, unfit for any such service. In the end he was incorporated into Joint Task Force 2, a Canadian special forces unit. He found his posting to this elite unit to be a massive disappointment, and he made exactly zero friends and plenty of enemies. After a period of no more than four months, JTF2 sent him back to the Companion Agency, declaring him unfit for service. The Agency doggedly promised St. Francis that they would ensure him a career. To that end he was handed over not to a pure military unit, but to a police force- the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

To the surprise of many, St. Francis seemed to make good for himself in the RCMP. He seemed happier, at least, and even made friends and earned some recognition for his skills. In truth, the high visibility of the RCMP, its natural prestige, and its need for every sort of person meant that the work environment was actually fairly positive for St. Francis.

He served in the RCMP until 2016, when he heard that Minerva Linden's plane had been shot down over Somalia. The same day, he resigned from the RCMP; by the next day he'd gathered weapons, supplies and all of his finances; by the day after that he'd left Canada. He wouldn't, of course, be able to go straight from Canada to Somalia due to the war; instead he landed in Morocco and made his way across the continent in an epic journey over months, a journey that would naturally make for a grand tale in its own right, one that would have earned him great respect. After all, this was a tale of a man doing whatever it took to find and rescue the love of his life from the clutches of an enemy force…

Of course, by the time he encountered the LN, Minerva had actually changed to their side and had no need of rescuing, so the only real benefit of this journey was that he was reunited with her. Despite abandoning a good job and risking life and limb several times, he decided that he'd gotten the better deal. Unfortunately for him, the reunification with Minerva would not lead to the alluring dream of their relationship finally resolving and his love for her being recognized. He told himself that this did not bother him, although as it turned out, there was a sliver of bitter resentment at all he'd given up after all.

These days, St. Francis serves Minerva loyally as the security chief of the Bell. His affections for her have only continued to strengthen, and he is at this point utterly, painfully lovesick for her. Unfortunately for him, it's not a case of Minerva simply being oblivious to his feelings- she knows full well how he feels, but isn't sure how to respond to it. In truth, she's deeply fond of him- but not in the romantic sense.

Neither of them are aware of the irony of a serious soldier pining after Minerva as she pines after a different serious soldier. It has managed to foster resentment for Raphael Guillory in St. Francis' heart, however, a trait which St. Francis knows is stupid, and hates having… But nevertheless persists.

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Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship
45 40 50 50 50 25 40 30 20
Acrobatics, Athletics, Awareness+20, Dodge+20, Literacy, Parry+20, Survival
Speak Language (English, German)
Sergeant (+10 to WP, +1 TB)
Characteristic Increase (WS, BS, Strength, Toughness, Agility), Extra Talent (1), Unnatural Toughness (1)
Basic Pistol, Basic General, Pistol Bolt, Pistol General, Melee Training, Prog Training, Two Weapon Wielder (Melee), Two Weapon Wielder (Ranged)
Ambidextrous, Armor Master, Arms Master, Quick Draw
Berserk Charge, Furious Assault, Lightning Attack
Assault Shooter
Hard Target, True Grit
18 85 Fed. Heavy Power Armour, Commando Bolt Pistol, Commando Bolter, Prog Sword

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