Alessandro Parrino
Name: Alessandro Parrino
Position: Don of the Parisian Mafia
Sex: Male
Age: 63 (Born 1954)
Nationality: Italian
Place of Residence: Paris-2

Physical Details
Hair colour: Black and grey
Eye colour: Brown
Height: 6'2"
Build: Built

Personal Details
"I reward loyalty, and I punish failure. Given to you like that, you know what you have to do, eh?"

A tall, imposing and solid-looking man, Alessandro Parrino is the uncontested and ruthless head of the Parisian Mafia, and has been for twenty years, after the death of his father in 1997. From his father, Parrino inherited a small but faithful, well-organized and moderately influential criminal organisation that nevertheless fought for survival against a dozen other gangs and organisations.

All of this changed with Second Impact. The city was thrown into chaos. Parrino's mob- not prominent enough to suffer massive damage- but organised enough to retain much of its power- was capable of immediately capitalizing. It wiped out or drove away any rival criminals and offered clandestine support to certain government organisations. This allowed Parrino to enter the post-Impact world far more powerful and secure than he had been.

Parrino does not forgive failure, punishing mistakes and errors heavily, but he rewards skill and loyalty just as heavily. He is greatly ambitious and opportunistic, always seeking to expand his power base. He is infamously proud and will go far to avenge an insult.

Organizational Details

The Parisian Mafia is the most powerful criminal organisation in Paris-2. That said, it was once a little more powerful than it is now, having been damaged and eroded by NERV's presence in the city- with a skilled cadre of agents dedicating to making the city safe for NERV, the Parisian Mafia has had to change and adapt if it wanted to survive. Much of this has been altering its income sources, moving away from the traditional (and untenable) protection rackets into other areas, such as drug smuggling, theft and black market dealings.

In combat situations, the Parisian Mafia tend to be a balanced force with few weaknesses but few overt strengths. Although all members are expected to supply their own weapons, in essence they are all at least given a proper sidearm. The clandestine nature of the organisation leads to them favouring customised and irregular equipment. Most competent Mafiosi will possess an automatic weapon such as an assault rifle and some basic body armor. Their access to more modern small arms such as the railgun or maser is rare and limited to the most favoured members, whilst access to special firearms such as bolters or bolt pistols is absolutely unheard of. Similarly they tend to possess little true heavy weaponry. They're decent with firearms and competent in close combat, but are no match for a properly trained professional military squad.

The Mafiosi are aware of this, and act accordingly. When facing flatly superior forces such as a UN strike team or counter-terrorist squad, their primary tactic is to retreat, setting up ambushes and traps. Mafiosi are not afraid to use homemade bombs, flammable chemicals, molotov cocktails or other makeshift weaponry; more well-equipped squads will have access to proximity mines, grenades, plastic explosives and flashbangs.

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