Aline 2

[17:01] <AdEvaGM> [NEON GENESIS EVANGELION. Aline 2. Date: 5th of June, 2027.]
[17:05] * Aline furrowed her brows. She knew enough about the girl to know that she just seemed to /do/, without the level of rigor Aline had come to expect from herself. But Padma's inability to explain things properly was starting to get to Aline. She hadn't yet replicated the pattern herself, and hadn't yet thought of a good way to go about it. She almost wished she could go back in time to
[17:05] * Aline harass her younger self - then maybe there'd be more results. But for now… "I'm sorry for pressing, it's just that it's completely unprecedented, and a bit shocking that you really can't explain it…"
[17:10] <AdEvaGM> [Padma shrugged helplessly. "I'm sorry. It's a little bit like trying to explain colour to a blind person."]
[17:25] * Aline smiled… and seemed ready to talk, but something fired in her head. She lightly muttered something about "…blind…" and "…if I can't…" before taking a sharp breath. "Ahem. Anyway, I think I might want to arrange something with Science Team, but we're done here for now. I think I might know where to proceed, though… Thanks for your patience." If nothing else, she still had
[17:25] * Aline her schoolteacherly politeness, even if she wasn't really ever much of a conventional teacher.
[17:25] <AdEvaGM> ["Alright. See you."]
[17:31] <Aline> While Padma was allowed to leave however she wanted, /Aline/ made her exit with a plain rise, and a surprisingly purposeful march. She just had an idea to report, after all. So her next destination was Dr. Surov's office.
[17:33] <AdEvaGM> [Surov was busy, crafting… Something. He was standing over a lab table, blowtorch in hand, shield over his face, long strips of metal and bolts and other things laid out about him.]
[17:37] <Aline> Given her knowledge of Surovmancy, Aline knew one of the dumbest things would be to just interrupt the man in the middle of a project. Perhaps, were her relationship with Shinji a bit more communicative, she'd be worried about getting home early, but it's been years since the last time it's been that urgent. Instead, Aline had all the time in the world to wait. At least, a number of hours.
[17:40] <AdEvaGM> [And so an hour passed.-
[17:42] <AdEvaGM> [Eventually, Surov headed over to her, the product in his hands. It was a long, presumably prehensile metal tendril of some kind, with one end being composed of a tool (in this case, one of the flashlight-screwdriver-spanner combi-tools that modern society so loved) and the other end being composed of some sort of socket. "How would you like a third limb, Blanc?" He asked, his eyes staring at her unblinkingly. It was unerringly like the look of a famished person on a deserted island alone with another person.-
[17:43] <AdEvaGM> [Except where that person presumably saw steak or chicken, Surov saw science.]
[17:46] * Aline chuckled softly - maybe a bit nervously. "Aheh, I actually do fine with my two. I actually came to inform you about a planned resource usage for the project you have me working on. It's more or less last-ditch, but I know it will actually produce results - if at first temporary." She paused only for a breath. "Namely, bringing together units 00 and 23 with me and Padma to attempt
[17:46] * Aline a field-copy maneuver."
[17:55] <AdEvaGM> ["Potentially dangerous, high chance we might learn something. Approved."]
[17:58] * Aline smoothly nodded. There was an urge to laugh, but she kept it to herself (successfully). "Alright. Anything else you might've wanted to say, or are we done here?"
[18:00] <AdEvaGM> ["When are you intending to perform this act? I need to be present in case a situation arises in which I am required to administer electric shocks."]
[18:05] * Aline thought for a moment, then answered. "Exactly one week from now, as a post-Synchronization-Test event. That should give everyone ample time to get things into position, and conveniently ensures your attendance."
[18:06] <AdEvaGM> ["Make it two weeks. That gives me time to install my mechadendrite."]
[18:08] * Aline - as usual - let that just pass. "Fair enough then. I'll do the necessary paperwork, then." She stepped backwards once, as if preparing to leave. Doing the 'anything else' bit too much was a bit of a drag.
[18:13] <AdEvaGM> [He departed and let her get on with it.-
[18:13] <AdEvaGM> [19th of June, 2027.-
[18:17] <AdEvaGM> [The Evangelion units were set up outside in the Geofront landscape- doing it inside HQ was a terrible idea. EVA-00 standing about 300 metres away from EVA-23.]
[18:25] * Aline was standing there, already in her familiar plugsuit, which thanks to the magic of that automatic size-to-fit function, was actually not all that different from her old one save for having slightly more modern synchronization technology. She waved over to Padma as the girl arrived, though, smiling softly. "Thanks for coming out here for the test~"
[18:35] <AdEvaGM> ["No worries." Padma's own suit was a sort of soft pink. She headed for the scaffold to enter her own unit.]
[18:42] * Aline gave a little nod, and climbed up into her EVA as well, moving with calm ease. Fortunately, this trick didn't require a sky-high ratio, so she could deal with a mere average one. And she knew she had ways of getting spare energy if she had to… All should go according to plan.
[18:45] <AdEvaGM> [Surov's picture appeared on their screens, wearing an adapted labcoat to allow for his mechadendrite, which was connected, apparently, to his spine. It was hanging over his shoulder and whirring menacingly. Sophie was staring at it with obvious dislike.-
[18:45] <AdEvaGM> ["When you're ready, d'Orleans, activate your field."-
[18:48] <AdEvaGM> [The air around Padma stiffened, her AT Field coming into existence- then it began to shimmer oddly as it expanded.-
[18:52] <AdEvaGM> ["Reading consistent with the Anti AT-Field we saw earlier." Said Frederic.-
[18:52] <AdEvaGM> ["d'Orleans, I want you to repeat your diamond transmutation act." Said Surov.-
[18:52] <AdEvaGM> ["What do you want me to create?"-
[18:53] <AdEvaGM> [Surov paused.-
[18:54] <AdEvaGM> ["A lifesize model of EVA-23."-
[18:54] <AdEvaGM> ["Whoa." Frederic turned. "That's gonna be huge! Where are we- how do you even know she can?"-
[18:54] <AdEvaGM> ["I don't. I am about to find out. Begin!"-
[18:55] <AdEvaGM> ["Alright." Padma closed her eyes and began to concentrate. As the air around her sparkled and shimmered, Aline would slowly see the diamond feet of an Evangelion statue appear…]
[19:01] * Aline took a deep breath, and pushed her own AT Field out, scanning carefully. Fortunately, she knew exactly what to look for, and with careful focus… began to assume the same field traits, focusing some of her mind on following the same patterns of construction. Formulae ran through her head for a brief moment, but she remembered the original epiphany, and threw them out. Even if she
[19:01] * Aline had to borrow sight, she'd see the color of this magic.
[19:09] <AdEvaGM> ["EVA-00 spreading field." Said Sophie. "Matches that of EVA-23."-
[19:10] <AdEvaGM> [Surov waited…-
[19:10] <AdEvaGM> ["Are you unable to create the statue, Blanc?"]
[19:15] * Aline didn't respond - not with words, not yet anyway. Instead… she extended her concentration, and began to match moves with Padma. She was analyzing the field closely enough to know where the much younger pilot was working, and simply assisted, moving more material in place, practically handing her the converted matter, and flowing neatly into the same waves. Other than the process
[19:15] * Aline speeding up by a fair margin, nothing /seemed/ different to the naked eye. But…! "Assisting… understand it…" For a second her concentration slipped, but it restored itself when she took another breath. Just like focusing for a shot. Breathe in, breathe out.
[19:19] <AdEvaGM> [At least, that was the intended effect. The reality was rather different.]
[19:21] * Aline looked down, and starting to feel troubled. "Uh…" She held out her hands, not quite stopping the effect yet, but starting to slow down. "Something's wrong on my end."
[19:23] <AdEvaGM> ["Explain."]
[19:24] <Aline> "Losing sensation in my hands…" She stared at them even more worriedly than before. "Considering cutting my side of it if it worsens."
[19:25] <AdEvaGM> ["Are you feeling anything like that, Padma?" Asked Surov.-
[19:25] <AdEvaGM> ["No."-
[19:25] <AdEvaGM> ["Abort. This is an aberration in the effect." Said Surov immediately, his finger hovering over the electric shock button.
[19:25] <AdEvaGM> ]
[19:27] * Aline tried to end her own side of the field effect, dropping the probes of Padma's field, and moving to a safer field before lowering it… At least, that was her intent.
[19:28] <AdEvaGM> [And the field obeyed her…-
[19:29] <AdEvaGM> [Before long she was safe, staring at the manifesting diamond EVA… But she still couldn't feel her hands.]
[19:31] * Aline worriedly commented… "It's not going away. I… uh… think I need medical attention." The tone was, despite the note of concern, surprisingly flat.
[19:32] <AdEvaGM> ["Send the teams."-
[19:32] <AdEvaGM> [Ten minutes later, she'd be removed from her plug and taken to the medical district, Surov following.-
[19:33] <AdEvaGM> ["What seems to be the problem?" Asked Dr. Paget, on duty.]
[19:36] * Aline looked over, rather obviously frowning. "Possible paralysis of the hands. AT experiment-related." …It was an almost sheepish tone. She felt bad having something blow up in her face like this. At least she was alive.
[19:37] <AdEvaGM> ["Alright. Let's remove your plug suit first, just in case there are any complications." Said Dr. Paget, grabbing a medical gown and pointing Aline to a changing room.]
[19:39] * Aline slowly nodded, walking over towards the changing room, and more or less just patiently waiting for help. Her mind was racing. Was this going to be permanent? Was the replacement technology going to be able to solve this?… … Could she ensure Surov lets her have hands rather than a multi-tool tentacle on each arm? The last one was a /bit/ unserious, but she was still worried.
[19:41] <AdEvaGM> [As the plugsuit was removed, Dr. Paget gasped.-
[19:41] <AdEvaGM> [Aline still had her hands.-
[19:41] <AdEvaGM> [They were now just made of pure diamond.]
[19:43] * Aline looked at them now, and… blankly stared. "See, the… uh, test was… to help transmute matter into… well… diamond. I didn't think I'd mistarget, though…" Really damn sheepish. And freaked out.
[19:44] <AdEvaGM> ["… This isn't my department." Murmured Dr. Paget. She placed the hospital gown on Aline.]
[19:48] * Aline frowned again. "I didn't think so. Let's hope the replacement-limb gods are charitable. I kind of miss real hands already."
[19:51] <AdEvaGM> ["What's the diagnosis?" Asked Surov from beyond the curtain, clearly impatient.]
[19:54] * Aline turned about, and called out to him. "…Uh…" She looked at Dr. Paget. "Well, it's basically not a standard medical problem. I seem to have somehow transmuted my own hands into solid diamond. Which, sadly, makes them useless."
[19:55] <AdEvaGM> ["I suspected as much." Said Surov. "We'll study them, amputate them and replace them with cybernetics."]
[19:57] * Aline nodded, unable to contain her obvious nervousness at major surgery. "R-right."
[20:01] <AdEvaGM> ["I would prefer to study them now."]
[20:05] * Aline nearly jumped at that, she at least allowed herself that much through the cover of a curtain. But she slowly walked out, arms down. "Okay…" She felt somewhat used, or maybe even abused, but if she wanted to have any hope of getting a good recommendation for future work (Non-NERV research had been starting to look better and better lately), she had to basically constantly attend
[20:05] * Aline to this man's personality.
[20:13] <AdEvaGM> [He took her back to the Technical Division, to one of the lab tables.-
[20:13] <AdEvaGM> [The study took hours- after an already long day as it was…-
[20:14] <AdEvaGM> [Eventually, Surov let go of her hands. "I am done."]
[20:19] * Aline slowly nodded. She was by now extremely stoic compared to her normal demeanor, probably from sheer stress, and so came on unusually monotoned when she asked… "So, your findings…?"
[20:19] <AdEvaGM> ["It's growing."]
[20:24] * Aline paused, and visibly shuddered. Her voice didn't really reflect that, though. If anything, she sounded like someone who was broken, but hiding it under a simple veneer of calm. But it was only illusory. "That's… troubling, especially since I should be out of the field effect by now. What now?"
[20:27] <AdEvaGM> ["This is beyond my knowledge, or yours. Only Padma knows how to undo this." Said Surov flatly. "Surgery is out of the question. If I had to make an educated guess, I would say that you somehow changed your AT Field fundamentally. It grates on me to say it, but this knowledge seems to be beyond our comprehension."]
[20:33] * Aline sighed deeply, very deeply. "I understand, frustrating as that is. I guess I'll just ask for some help around the place while we go get her…" At least her tone wasn't as destroyed-ly flat. Still, this was a very long day, and at least it had some hope of ending right. Maybe.

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