Aline Awakens

[17:02] <AdEvaGM> [Faint voices. She'd fallen asleep at some point, and now… Someone was speaking, barely audible… It was dark, she felt tired…]
[17:03] <Aline> Was she dead again? Everything was a mess. Dead and alive, Angels and Evangelions… her memories were a straight suite of fighting playing a 5-city tour in her head. It wasn't pleasant, because she could still remember the pain and the sorrow. "Nnn…gn…"
[17:04] <AdEvaGM> ["Wait, she's waking up-"-
[17:05] <AdEvaGM> ["About time." Came a curt, familiar voice.-
[17:05] <AdEvaGM> [She felt… Linens. A bed around her. Soft…]
[17:07] * Aline slowly opened her eyes, trying to stare out. The curt voice was… she didn't quite know but she felt troubled slightly by it. Nonetheless, Aline prepared herself for confronting the waking world.
[17:13] <AdEvaGM> [Blurry. Odd. Hadn't she had her eyes treated ages ago?-
[17:13] <AdEvaGM> [But now the voices were starting to become familiar. She could see the hard-to-see outline of Doctor Surov, speaking to… Doctor…-
[17:13] <AdEvaGM> [… Clement. That was it.-
[17:21] <AdEvaGM> ["… Been through a traumatic experience, you'll just have to wait-"-
[17:22] <AdEvaGM> ["Irrelevant."]
[17:25] * Aline stared even more, and sighed. "Doctors, it's fine. Sure there's been some trauma, but I'm sure I can get a workup later. I assume there's some science to be done, Doctor Surov?" Casual tone, belying the years she worked with him and got used to his nuances.
[17:27] <AdEvaGM> ["Assuming that your illusion was created from the shared gestalt knowledge base of humanity combined with that of the Angel's own intellect, I want you to begin to catalogue for me the scientific developments you saw created during that time-"-
[17:27] <AdEvaGM> ["Doctor Surov! She is my patient, I must ask you to leave!"]
[17:32] <Aline> In her somewhat bleary state, Aline wasn't quite getting the illusion explanation, though she honestly should've. She had this vague sense it was important. "Uh… I… well portable holography got better, and uh we did a lot of AT research, don't you remember the whole diamond arms thing? Seriously, you were there when I… left… Also I see you're going au naturale, that's pretty odd.
[17:32] <Aline> You were up to three." She blinked. Something wasn't right. Damnit, what was it?
[17:40] <AdEvaGM> ["Do you mean diamond arms as in weaponry? Armour? Cybernetic technology?"-
[17:40] <AdEvaGM> ["Blanc, listen to me, I know this is all very disorientating-"-
[17:40] <AdEvaGM> ["Up to three what?"]
[17:47] * Aline didn't quite realize what was going on, but was starting to get a clue. "The…" she waved a hand. "Things. Mechadendrites? Yeah, that's what they were called. Anyway I don't remember too much more. Computers improved, I think they finally finalized quantum computing but that isn't my field, no. I was doing simple physics and AT stuff, but /hell/ we can't replicate that, that's…
[17:47] * Aline h… h-h-…" Aline started to twitch.
[17:55] <AdEvaGM> [The light at the corners of her vision seemed to be twisting and warping…-
[17:55] <AdEvaGM> ["Out! Get out, you sociopath!"-
[17:55] <AdEvaGM> ["Mechadendrites? How? You have to tell me!"]
[17:57] * Aline reached up to hold onto her head. "Nn… metal… spine, they…" She grit her teeth. "N-no, stop laughing at me! Stop!" She looked around frantically, all of a sudden. "Where is she?!"
[18:04] <AdEvaGM> ["Where's who? No one's laughing at you!"]
[18:04] <AdEvaGM> ["A metal spine? Was it an adaptation to the nervous system?"]
[18:06] * Aline was trying to keep two conversations. "Padma, we've got to… no no it plugs into the nervous system, I…" She started to get up. "I can still hear her. Shut up! How many times do I have to die before you go down with me?!" Aline was starting to hyperventilate.
[18:08] <AdEvaGM> ["We have to sedate her." Someone was hitting a medic button, the light kept twisting…-
[18:08] <AdEvaGM> ["Plugs into-?"-
[18:08] <AdEvaGM> ["OUT!"-
[18:08] <AdEvaGM> [Someone was holding onto her shoulders, keeping her down…]
[18:10] * Aline was starting to wheel her arms around and squirm. The mention of sedation didn't even register. "I know I lost, you don't have to mock me after that, damn you!"
[18:10] <AdEvaGM> [There was a bit of a sharp pain in her neck…]
[18:12] * Aline could feel it, and was already starting to fade. If nothing else, her exact dosage of sedatives and tranquilizers was a matter of common knowledge in NERV - so chances are even this seemingly-random incident was well-timed. "Nnngn… damnit… what was it all… for…?" Slowly, Aline began to go limp.
[18:12] <AdEvaGM> [… And then, darkness.-
[18:20] <AdEvaGM> [The darkness was comfortable and welcoming…-
[18:20] <AdEvaGM> [And when it started to fade as Aline slowly began to retain consciousness, she felt cold and unsafe without it.]
[18:22] * Aline shivered almost instinctively. It didn't matter if she was actually cold or not, but… her first words showed more. "…I screwed up, didn't I?"
[18:24] <AdEvaGM> ["No no." Said a voice quietly. Dr. Clement's.-
[18:24] <AdEvaGM> ["You're alright, Aline, you're safe." Another, one she didn't recognise so well…]
[18:26] * Aline opened her eyes again, hoping that the unfamiliar voice wasn't another stressor. She was starting to feel silly - and beginning to reclaim some grasp of reality. They had fought Raphael again and defeated it. That… that didn't line up with… no. That meant that the… Duh, of course! The illusion. Like 00 said.
[18:39] <AdEvaGM> [Someone handed her her glasses. "How are you feeling?"]
[18:51] * Aline shook her head a few times, and looked around. "Really confused. I… forgot which world was real for a moment."
[18:52] <AdEvaGM> ["It's to be expected." Said a man who had been dead for twenty years- Doctor Castillo-Delgado.]
[18:56] * Aline stared wide-eyed at him, but then nodded. "…Ah. I imagine you… haven't heard much about the events that happened in it, have you?"
[18:57] <AdEvaGM> ["I've heard a little. But you don't have to talk about it if you don't wish to."]
[19:01] * Aline slowly nodded. "As long as you're… calm and don't get too distracting, I should be fine. I figure there's some things to know just for uh… therapeutic reasons."
[19:02] <AdEvaGM> ["I'll be happy to help."]
[19:08] * Aline nodded. "Well, first of all, I guess something to go with is that it was… very depressing. A lot of it made me feel irrelevant to the world."
[19:12] <AdEvaGM> ["I'm sorry." Said Dr. Castillo. "I wish this hadn't happened to you…"]
[19:18] <Aline> "Mmm." Aline sighed deeply. "What's done is done. Though it was a surprisingly elaborate attack, all said. I don't know how accurate the future there would be, but we should avoid it if at all possible."
[19:22] <AdEvaGM> ["It'd have to be realistic in some form to be convincing. Realistic and damaging."]
[19:32] <Aline> "…Yeah." Aline confided. "It… it was realistic in other ways, though. I… I earned an illusionary doctorate. I still remember a lot of it…" She looked around a few times, as if expectant.
[19:32] <AdEvaGM> [Castillo looked at Clement, who returned his look of mild helplessness.-
[19:33] <AdEvaGM> ["Well, Doctor Surov seems to believe that there's a chance that the rules of the illusion were realistic, and so anything you learned is also, er… Realistic."]
[19:35] * Aline chuckled darkly. "Looks like I have some equivalency exams to fill out.
[19:36] <Aline> *" But she frowned now. "Still, that means some of the things I've seen might be feasible. And the ending… ugh."
[19:37] <AdEvaGM> [Castillo reached out and squeezed her hand. "Steady, now."]
[19:40] * Aline almost recoiled from it, but remembered to breathe, and then calmed down because of it. "My, I've… forgotten how calming your voice can be. Age isn't fr… false age isn't friendly to one's memories."
[19:43] <AdEvaGM> ["I can't imagine I lasted long."]
[19:47] * Aline shook subconsciously, but then tried to smile. It was nervous. "N-no. I didn't want to mention it, I thought it'd bother you."
[19:49] <AdEvaGM> ["My dear, I'm 83. I'm not that worried about dying anymore." Castillo gave her an encouraging smile.]
[19:51] * Aline scratched the back of her head. "Sorry! W-wow, I th… and here I thought piloting an EVA at age 40 made /me/ feel old."
[19:51] <AdEvaGM> ["Well, there's probably a few reasons for that. Sometimes, being old is merely a thing of the mind."]
[19:53] * Aline looked down a bit. "Now I think I know how Raphael felt back when /that/ happened."
[19:53] <AdEvaGM> ["That's not a surprising reaction. I imagine you changed quite a bit in two decades."]
[19:56] <Aline> "Yeah, I did. But I find it ironic that, against everything else, I was still a pilot when I…" Aline stopped sharply.
[06:52] <AdEvaGM> [Felix didn't respond, not yet- he gently held her hand and gave her the choice of when and if to speak.]
[06:54] * Aline squeezed the hand a little. The fear and nerves of the young were crashing into the memories of the old. "…When I died." She finally murmured.
[07:05] <AdEvaGM> ["It must have been a terrible experience. Was it… In battle?"]
[07:08] * Aline nodded rather morosely. "Yeah. It was essentially a hopeless one, too."
[07:10] <AdEvaGM> ["The worst kind, I feel."]
[07:16] <Aline> "Mm." Was the reply, and it took Aline a fair while to say it. "But… here I am, alive, young, and hopefully ready to prevent that from happening again."
[07:28] <AdEvaGM> ["That is what counts." Said Felix. "What do you want to do now, Aline? Do you want something to eat? Or to sleep for a little while…?"]
[07:31] * Aline gradually let herself smile. "I think I'll have something to eat."
[07:31] <AdEvaGM> ["Very well. Why don't you wait here with Doctor Clement, and I'll bring you something?"]
[07:36] <Aline> "Ah, alright then." Aline said pretty plainly. She was still smiling gently, but it was also still a bit tenuous.
[07:39] <AdEvaGM> [He gave her a nod, and then left the room, leaving Aline alone with Clement.]
[07:44] <Aline> And so Aline was alone with him. She didn't really say anything more, instead letting her mind wander… today had been strange, she considered after a fairly long while. She was still getting used to being young again, and the pain of her memories was getting to her. But more than anything, she didn't /quite/ feel like Raphael did. No. Aline wasn't just some old person trapped in a
[07:44] <Aline> teenager's body. She felt more like a time traveler, someone who had been given another chance to live her life /better/…

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