Aline S Interview

[20:03] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> [Aline would enter the room to find a pair of burgundy armchairs, and a short young blonde-haired woman sitting in one already, a laptop on her lap. "Oh, you must be Aline Blanc. Please, sit down."]
[20:06] * Aline smiled a bit gently, and sat down. "That I am~"
[20:10] <@Sarah`Lerburg> ["Excellent, excellent. Ah, I’m Claudia Helman. Could I have your full name and age, please? Middle names too."]
[20:17] * Aline nodded politely, and spoke them. "Ah. Aline Fleur Blanc, age 16."
[20:22] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["Right, right." Type type. Claudia continued to glance up at Aline as she typed before looking back down. "How’re you feeling?"]
[20:24] * Aline pursed her lips a bit. It was a very… 'polite' question, so she had to think on how to answer it. "…Alright."
[20:27] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["Alright? What’d you eat for breakfast this morning?"]
[20:30] * Aline tilted her head the slightest bit in confusion. "An omelette. A pretty good one, actually."
[20:30] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["Do you often eat omelettes?"]
[20:32] <Aline> "…I eat a lot of different breakfasts, really. It’s just that Sophie happened to be cooking that this morning. I've had crepes, waffles, bowls of cereal, eggs and bacon with toast…"
[20:33] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["I see. Do you have a favourite breakfast food?"]
[20:36] * Aline continued to look a bit baffled at all of this. "Er? Not really. I take what I’m in the mood for."
[20:38] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["I see…" Type type! "And you live with a Sophie?"]
[20:39] * Aline quirked her face slightly. "I didn’t know that you didn't know that. Sophie Gagnier, my unit's tactical operator. I moved in to arrange better response times, and because she's nice."
[20:41] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["Nice?"]
[20:43] <Aline> "Kind, helpful, caring, that sort of thing." This did nothing to reduce Aline’s confusion on matters. "My mother's post-Impact traumas - diminished emotional affect mainly - and my father's constant work means it's a good arrangement."
[20:44] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["I see. What does your dad do, Aline?"]
[20:51] <Aline> "He does construction, or rather, runs a construction/demolitions firm, and has some work as an architect too." Aline paused. "Mostly responsible for Berlin-2, though, despite his being French and a Parisian even from pre-Impact. I think the Paris-2 contracts had been all bought out already by the time he was starting back up."
[20:53] <@Sarah`Lerburg> ["I see. You must’ve been pretty scared when Berlin-2 was destroyed."]
[21:01] * Aline sighed a bit, remembering unpleasant memories. "Less 'scared', and more… just terribly sorrowful. I at the time thought there was no way he could've survived - he had, of course. As had Asuka Langley-Soryu." A bit of a strange look of knowingness. "I'm actually AT-sensitive, so… I think, thanks to the amplification EVA-02 was providing, I was able to feel Asuka's cry of agony.
[21:01] * Aline It was… disturbing to say the least, to get the news about my dad right after that."
[21:06] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> [Claudia nodded, typing that down in her laptop. "So you know the German pilot, Langley-Soryu?"]
[21:08] <Aline> "Oh. A little. We’ve had meetings before, and I spoke with her a few times. There was sort of this… pilot solidarity thing we had talked about going into. The interviewer talking to Sera might get a bit more on it if they ask the right questions, but… we sorta tried to act like family to one another. Having to do difficult piloting while fighting aliens is… taxing enough to need all
[21:09] <Aline> the family you can get."
[21:12] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["Ah. I guess that makes sense. You’re an only child, or do you have siblings?"]
[21:14] <Aline> "Only child. My mother
[21:14] <Aline> * is pregnant again, but for now… well, not yet."
[21:15] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["Was it a lonely childhood for you?"]
[21:16] * Aline nodded swiftly. "Yes. Very. My dad was of /some/ help, though. He’s nice, even if he's busy a lot."
[21:24] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> [A nod. "You didn’t have many friends as a youth?"]
[21:26] <Aline> "Not particularly, no. Not to cater too much to stereotypes, but…" Aline poked up her glasses with a finger. "I easily slipped into the 'nerdy' role at school."
[21:28] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["Are you still, ah… ’nerdy'?"]
[21:31] * Aline smirked. "Some. I've had to deal with enough that I can't just focus on little obsessions like one'd expect someone like that to. That and the fame had at least some effect on how people saw me, too. I guess you could say I'm more like a scientist who's still in secondary school?"
[21:32] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["What do you mean?"]
[21:33] <Aline> "Well. It means I still have interest in the sciences, a lot of the academic pursuits… But I’m not stuck in the shy, riduculed position… nor am I /that/ socially-impaired in other ways. I'm still no social butterfly, of course, but it's more closer to normal."
[21:34] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["Mmm… I see…" Tap tap tap. "Would you say becoming a pilot helped rescue you from your social rut?"]
[21:36] * Aline nodded, clearly affirming that. "Yes! Definitely. The change of scenery and change of status helped immensely."
[21:36] <@Sarah`Lerburg> ["So you owe a lot to NERV?"]
[21:38] * Aline waved her hand back and forth. "Nothing that isn’t being paid for by piloting 00, though I get what you mean."
[21:38] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["You don’t enjoy piloting?"]
[21:42] * Aline tilted her head to the side. "I wouldn't say that. I don't love it, simply because it's still all about getting into a giant warmachine and killing things that want to kill you and everything else. Even the kids who think it's just like their favorite videogame or something would probably /quickly/ change their minds on that after their first sortie. But I don't think I hate it,
[21:42] * Aline either. Every new AT Field technique I develop is pushing humanity one step further away from the limits we once thought our technology had. That reality itself once had."
[21:44] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> [Claudia tilted her own head to one side, smirking a little as she typed. "I -see-…"]
[21:45] * Aline smiled back, meeting the smirk. "If you like science, you begin to feel that sort of pride when your day-job includes creating universes and ripping holes in space-time."
[21:46] <@Sarah`Lerburg> ["So you’d describe yourself as a sort of pioneer, then."]
[21:48] <Aline> "A bit, yes. Hands-on researcher, maybe."
[21:50] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["I see…" Tap tap. "All things considered, even with the ’price', it must be a pretty heady thing for you, considering your area of interest."]
[21:52] <Aline> "Oh, definitely. I don't want to be too egotistical, though. That'd be… well, bad. Especially with the fact that the other two Paris-2 pilots generally have more mixed feelings about it." Aline frowns. "I don't like to be the only one who really gets that much joy out of it. It feels insulting to them."
[21:53] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["Mixed feelings? How so?"]
[21:57] * Aline looked about slightly - not shiftily, but more just to try to feel more relaxed. "Sera manages to get /something/ out of it through his obsession with the city, so he views himself as the personal guardian of Paris-2 or something. But good /god/ the social functions make me cringe at how much his social phobia triggers. And Yanmei…" Aline shook her head. "Yanmei doesn’t quite
[21:57] * Aline /hate it/, but you can probably tell she lost a lot of her dreams to do it. It doesn't help that an early accident had 00 jostled around during an earthquake and essentially crushing one of her legs - Yanmei was an accomplished runner back in China, you see."
[22:04] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["I see." Claudia rubbed her chin with one hand before going back to tapping away. "That’s horrible luck there. I hope she doesn't bear any grudge from it?"]
[22:05] <Aline> "No, no. I tried to help her through the injury as much as I could, though."
[22:07] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["I see. So she’s a pretty forgiving person, then?"]
[22:08] * Aline suddenly felt her face contorting. "…It's more that I had little to do with the accident…"
[22:09] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["I see. So she -isn’t- forgiving?"]
[22:12] <Aline> "Nnnnot very, no. She'll eventually drop it - maybe - but otherwise, gah." Oddly, Aline didn't really feel a reason to hold back, here. "She seems to /latch on/ to the chance to hate someone or something, and becomes obsessed with it. Only protecting her boyfriend gets her more obsessed about someone than when she's made an enemy. And she's sometimes considered the school bully, too, though
[22:12] <Aline> she's left me alone in /that/ respect. Probably because I'm a pilot too."
[22:16] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["The school bully?" Tap tap. "You and her don’t seem to get along. Have the two of you ever argued?"]
[22:18] * Aline instantly replied. "Yes!… Yeah, we argue somewhat often. Sometimes, it feels like it's not even anything I say, but like just that I exist and that I act how I do, instead of how… someone else would, that makes her angry. It makes trying to avoid arguments very hard."
[22:19] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["Mind giving me an example?"]
[22:23] * Aline sighed. "It’s a bit hard to come up with, but one example is how I said I was interested in trying to figure out what bothered a lot of the people at NERV and help them resolve their problems and so on. She was… I think, insulted by being treated like a project? But an attempt to apologize and say that how angry she was intimidated me just… made her huff to herself and say she
[22:23] * Aline didn't mind intimidating." Aline looked down for a moment. "I don't get people like that."
[22:24] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["It sounds like she felt you were being kind of intrusive."]
[22:27] * Aline nodded. "It’s the response to trying to apologize that confuses me. The other part makes sense, really."
[22:28] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["I see." Chinrub, tap tap. "You said she had a boyfriend?"]
[22:30] * Aline nodded crisply. "Yeah! Last I heard, they were doing this… platonic love thing? I don’t really know why, but I guess she doesn't really feel ready to uh…" Aline tip-tapped fingers together. "Make if physical. I dunno if they changed that, but otherwise they're /really/ close."
[22:31] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["I see. And she’s protective of him?"]
[22:34] <Aline> "Yup. Exceedingly. The two are inseperable, and she protects him as strongly as that'd suggest."
[22:34] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["Exceedingly? As in, she’s smothering? Or over-cautious?"]
[22:34] <Aline> "Over-cautious."
[22:35] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["What does that entail, exactly? Teenage jealousy, or…?"]
[22:35] * Aline did hastily add, after that. "Given that he’s been shot at by a sniper before, she has good reason. And no I don't know why he was a target, it's still an ongoing investigation."
[22:36] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["…" Claudia quirked an eyebrow. "Who -is- he anyway?"]
[22:37] * Aline twitched slightly, not out of anger, but just becoming more attentive. "Ah. Isaiah Gabriel-Wei. I believe he’s part of NERV's nursing staff, actually."
[22:39] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["Interesting. Do they make a good couple, do you think?"]
[22:39] <Aline> "Definitely. He might actually even moderate her personality over time."
[22:40] <@Sarah`Lerburg> [Claudia chuckled. "We can only hope. Now~ What about you? Are you in a relationship?"]
[22:41] * Aline smirked back. "Yes! With I… Ah, I should use Western order. Shinji Ikari."
[22:42] <@Sarah`Lerburg> ["Oh, the pilot of 05! How do you find him as a boyfriend?"]
[22:46] <Aline> "He’s adorable, really. Used to be very shy and lonely and so on, but having more friends and the like's really helped him. And he's…" Aline just winked. "You know."
[22:46] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["Elaborate…?"]
[22:47] * Aline bluuuuushed intensely. "Skilled in… certain… things… that couples do…"
[22:50] <Sept> [The door opened suddenly, and a boy with clearly hi-fi, non-amateur headphones walked in, supporting himself with a polished, copper-hued cane that made a high metallic ting-sound whenever it hit the floor. It would’ve been difficult to determine which of those descriptors should've been used first when talking about him. He was about Aline's age, maybe slightly older. "Miss Blanc." He
[22:50] <Sept> stared at the pilot intensely.]
[22:51] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> [Claudia was smirking, but the smirk was suddenly interrupted as Caneboy made his appearance. "What-?"-
[22:52] <@Sarah`Lerburg> [A certain individual wearing a faintly put-upon impression was hovering in the doorframe. Aline would recognise the red eyes and grey-white hair of Kaworu Nagisa anywhere.]
[22:52] * Aline tuuuurned. "Wait, what? …uh. Who are you? And… wait. Wait… What’s going on?"
[22:55] <Sept> [The boy took his headphones off with a slight twitch in the corner of his mouth. "You had sex with Nagisa in Tokyo, didn't you? I don't have time to make sense of him right now, and I don't really care. A yes or no answer will suffice."]
[22:57] * Aline stared… stared longer… and looked downright mortified. "Why the hell are you asking? Who the hell are you?"
[23:01] <Sept> [An impatient scoff. "I'm W, I'm investigating the alleged assassination attempt of your friend's totally-platonic-I-swear life partner, and my authority comes directly from Commander Fontaine." W flicked out an ID card. "We'll all be out of here the sooner you answer my question. Yes or no?"]
[23:03] * Aline narrowed her eyes. "…I fail to see how this is relevant, but yes. Is that all?"
[23:03] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> [Kaworu was staring solidly at the roof.]
[23:05] * Sept put his headphones back on, and glanced at Nagisa. "That is all, Miss Blanc. We’ll meet again." The sound of the cane accompanied his departure, though he paused at the door. "What are they paying you to do these interviews?"
[23:05] <Sept> «W**»
[23:08] * Aline /glared/ at him. "They're paying me GET THE HELL OUT, that's what!"
[23:09] <Sept> ["Christ, I've seen some twisted cases, but this…" He tink-tinked out of the room, leaving Nagisa to close the door.]
[23:09] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["Come on, Double-chan~" Said Kaworu sing-songedly. "Angering everyone is only funny the first time around." He waved apologetically at the others before closing the door.]
[23:11] * Aline fumed… "…Do you want to let me explain that?" She left that question with a dreadfully bitter tone. The kind that made it sound more like an order than a request.
[23:12] <@Sarah`Lerburg> ["Go -right ahead-."]
[23:17] <Aline> "Whoever the hell that was, was an asshole. I don’t feel it right to hold back the foul language for that… Oh. The one asking the questions, that is. As for the actual things mentioned?" Aline finally managed to settle down from her rage… to sound regretful. "It was while I was recovering from an injury in Tokyo-2. I had a bit of an accident during the tour of the facility and had to
[23:17] <Aline> be hostpitalized briefly. I was very stressed already, and the kid… And the Kaworu he meant was actually that white-haired boy Mr. "W" brought in. But he… had strange talents. I'm not really sure what happened, but between how sad I was from the pain elsewise, and how awkward I felt recovering from the more literal pain, he sweet-talked me into it. I felt… disgusted by it, because
[23:18] <Aline> he really is a nice - if a bit strange, again - person, and I don't like having him be the one I had 'indiscretions' with." Aline looked legitimately sad. "I sorted it out with Shinji afterwards. He was mad - you kinda have a right to be - but we finally talked it out and I've been trying to keep myself from feeling that vulnerable again."
[23:22] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> [Tappy tap tap. "I see. So when you were weak, Mr. Kaworu was there, huh."]
[23:23] * Aline narrowed her eyes. "…That’s a summary worded to make me sound even worse that I already am, yes."
[23:26] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["Who is he, exactly?"]
[23:32] * Aline tilted her head. "That’s a damn good question. He used to be the secretary of the late Captain Atticus Nelson, and he turned up helping NERV security and investigation, and is now palling around with an agent claiming to be taking direct orders from the commander. Seems like an international-man-of-mystery type." A pause. "…Also, I suggest you exclude the whole cheating thing
[23:32] * Aline from the film, not just for my own reputation, not just for my own relationship, not even for the fact that NERV PR division will probably have your screenwriters' heads…" She seemed almost nonchalant saying that. Hm. "But that Shinji doesn't need to get tweaked into a rage by seeing it on screen for international audiences."
[23:36] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["I’ll make a note of it." Said Claudia. "But would you say Shinji nevertheless satisfies your emotional needs?"]
[23:39] <Aline> "He does. Distance relationship makes it a bit complicated, but I talk to him regularly. Even do videoconferencing a few times each week. Keeps some of the edge off."
[23:41] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["Keeping the edge off is important." Said Claudia. "What does he have to handle?"]
[23:46] * Aline drummed her fingers together. "Well, as pilot of 05, he’s helping to protect Tokyo-2, so he has a lot of the same training and official functions that we do, though far far less attacks. And some of the same loneliness I had to deal with, too. Oh, and music! He's a cellist, and I've done at least one video accompaniment session with him on my violin. But… well. His father's job
[23:46] * Aline keeps /him/ away from him, too. So there's a lot of loneliness and distance to deal with."
[23:51] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["I see. He does sound rather lonely. But you play the violin?"]
[23:52] <Aline> "Yeah, I do. I probably can’t say I'm the best or that good, but yeah, I do. Longterm member of the school music club too."
[23:52] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["Interesting. Do any other pilots play an instrument- besides Shinji?"]
[23:53] * Aline thought on that a little… "Oh, well, Sera picked up the flute not too long after transferring into our school and joining that same club."
[23:53] <@Sarah`Lerburg> ["Oh? Why don’t you tell me a little about de Pteres?"]
[00:02] * Aline leaned back. "…He's a strange one. Apparently used to live on the streets for a while as an orphan, and knows a lot about parkour and streetfighting and stuff like that. Compulsive hoarder, too. I swear, he has more knives than most of us do pieces of kitchenware!" But she smiled a bit. "Of course, being a hoarder who likes weaponry and has the license to get it thanks to being
[00:02] * Aline with NERV, can actually help. The battle with… lesse here. 12th angel, 'Malchediel', The Angel of Death… yeah I think that's all of its names. But when we were trying to get to NERV to deploy the EVAs, him and Group Commander - though he was just a Wing Commander at the time - Guillory helped cart out some of his arsenal for us. We'd probably all be dead if he wasn't obsessed with
[00:02] * Aline collecting weaponry, since all those guns upon guns upon guns helped immensely." But Aline sighed. "Er. Spent a bit too long on that one. But he's also really afraid of groups of people, obsessed with protecting the idea of Paris, that sort of thing. And he has this /really/ strange train of logic sometimes, though it's been becoming less… weird lately. I don't have words that can describe
[00:02] * Aline it. No sentient being but Sera can probably describe it properly. But er…" Aline then giggled a little. "I'll admit, though, as a last aside? Seeing the bus ad for the movie made me amused by his portrayal on it - If nothing else, him looking on longingly at a Parisian building is /dead-on/ with his love affair with the city. It's a good thing he has a girlfriend, or I'd be afraid he
[00:02] * Aline might try to get intimate with the city itself."
[00:10] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["Hahaha." Claudia chuckled.-
[00:10] <@Sarah`Lerburg> ["I suppose it’s the only home he's known. But you said he has a girlfriend?"]
[00:11] <Aline> "Yeah. Viviane Fornier. She… was kidnapped during that terrorist attack on the school and has yet to be found, sadly. I've heard tell that she escaped or something?" Aline frowned very visibly. "It's pretty sad, though."
[00:11] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["The same happened to Shinji as well, didn’t it?"]
[00:14] * Aline nodded sadly. "Yeah, it did. He was… actually forced to fight against us. They have some nasty brainwashing and torture techniques, and I for one am happy that he managed to recover without need for extensive therapy…"
[00:18] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> [She nodded her head slowly. "It’s impressive that he came back from that."]
[00:19] <Aline> "It is, it really is. He might seem shy, but he has terrifying inner strength hidden in his soul."
[00:23] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> [She nodded. "Intriguing. Well! Tell me something. Is there anything about yourself that you’d really like to see on the big screen?"]
[00:25] * Aline scratched her chin a little. "…Hm. Hmmmmm. You know, I'm not sure I know of anything offhand that I'd /want/ to see. I'm just me, eh? No real reason to control my image any more than I already have."
[00:26] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["Oh? No hobbies, no particular scene…?"]
[00:32] <Aline> "Oh! I thought you meant personality aspects and the like. Ooops." She thought on that… "As far as good scenes, I know the battle with Qaphsiel is probably going to be my ’spotlight' moment. Otherwise, well… I do play videogames and wouldn't mind that being framed in a positive light, even if it's only like a very incidental scene… and…" She had a sorta odd look on her face then.
[00:32] <Aline> "I am on the swim team, and well… I don't know whether it'd be /more/ fanservicey or /less/ than the plugsuits, but I think your art directors have already gone with that? Er. Anyway it's not like I'm that hostile to the whole fanservice thing, I just want to be clear I'm not /going for it/ explicitly. I mean, how could I be so hostile to it after knowing what the Japanese doujinshi
[00:32] <Aline> market makes. Yeeesh." Aline seemed shifty. "Sorry. That was a tangent."
[00:34] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["Mmmhmm, mmhm." Type type. "One last thing. Have you ever felt scared whilst in the Eva?"]
[00:38] * Aline nodded firmly. "Yeah. Especially on the first mission, simply because it was unfamiliar, but… there’s been a lot of numbing effects since." She didn't sound proud of it. She had no reason to. "…And that's just on the surface. Did you know that some of the Angels - especially Voriel and Malchediel - are capable of using their AT Fields to /force/ you to feel fear? Even after
[00:38] * Aline just the act of piloting finally felt normal, I got to have them make me hallucinate terrible things, or feel the fear of an entire city that was running from flesh-ripping monsters designed solely to kill human life. It's… not pretty."
[00:41] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["I can’t imagine." Said Claudia sympathetically. "Well, thanky ou for your time, Aline. It's been very enlightening." She offered a hand to shake.]
[00:42] * Aline extended hers as well. "I hoped it would've been."
[00:50] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> [Shake! "You’ve been a lot of help. You're free to go now! Unless you want to ask me something."]
[00:50] * Aline thooooought. "Ah, well, I don't think so."
[00:51] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> [She nodded. "That’s fine."]
[00:53] * Aline smiled a bit more~ "That's good then. Thanks for being patient with the interruption, too. I assume that whole 'one last thing' means this is all then?"
[00:53] <@Sarah‘Lerburg> ["That’s right!"]
[00:54] * Aline stood up and headed for the door. "'Kay~" She extended her hand to the knob/control/whatever… AND OPENED IT.
[00:54] <@Sarah`Lerburg> [It opened!]
[00:56] * Aline left the room~~

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