Aline S Investigations

[22:17] * Aline arrived on the scene without fuss or fanfare. She had visited the science department a few times off and on to verify AT-related test results… so at least she somewhat knew her way. All she had to do was check for anything -amiss-.
[22:20] <Dorian> [The science hall was fairly quiet, except for a few scientists wandering around. There was another team here! Or part of a team. Sophie was here, looking about. She looked over at Aline. "Oh, hey- looking for clues?"]
[22:21] * Aline nodded. "We all are, no?" She… was being friendly, but at the same time her eyes were -hunting-.
[22:23] <Dorian> [She might, then, espy a scrunched up piece of paper, sitting on the ground under a desk!]
[22:24] * Aline slowly edged a bit closer to the desk. Edge, edge, edge.
[22:24] <Dorian> ["Whaatcha doin~ Aline~" Came a voice over her shoulder. Sophie staaaaaared.]
[22:26] * Aline shrugged. "Trying to get a better view of things." Damnit, how was she supposed to head people off when they were there watching?
[22:28] <Dorian> [The door opened. Asuka entered- almost tripping right over poor Dr. Gabriel as they both entered. "Hey! Don't be- so hasty!" "Shhh, li-" they both looked up to see Aline and Sophie. "Ah." "H-hey, you're here already, First Child?"]
[22:32] * Aline nodded. "Yeah? With this many teams, each with 3 people each, it's a mathematical certainty that multiples would be around, no?" One you neglected to think of yourself, silly! She leaned against the desk in question… and tried to step on the clue-paper with one shoe, disguising it as simply stretching.
[22:35] <Dorian> ["But there's no certainty that -you'd- be here." Pointed out Asuka, staring at Aline. "I bet you're the one, First Child."-
[22:36] <Dorian> [Meanwhile, Dr. Gabriel headed off, grabbing one of the nearby technicians on duty and asking a few questions. ("… Outside of the crew been here?") ("Ah, yeah, Dr. Ikari came in sometime around 11, I think…")]
[22:40] * Aline twitched her ear slightly, if she could hear it… "Ah, ah, then if that's the case why don't you pair me with a weapon and a motive and let the truth decide whether you're right?" She did, though, wink. "And I'd avoid betting while in Paris-2. If Frederic even -smells- a bet going on…" She made a little hand-gesture, waving in front of her face, as if to mime wiping away
[22:40] * Aline sweat. "I mean, seriously. He regularly bets on everything from how each Angel attack goes, to really little things like the dish of the week on Friday - which is Mystery Day in the cafeteria. I can't play his game, and I don't know if you'll want to, either~"
[22:42] <Dorian> ["The scary thing is, he's almost always right." Muttered Sophie.-
[22:43] <Dorian> ["…" Asuka noted this. "So that 'Frederic' guy likes a bet, huh…? And that was one of the motives! But you, eh… If I had to say, I'd say you used a pillow, and you did it to impress a boy." Asuka nodded firmly. "There's not enough proof yet to prove anything, but I'll be the first to find the culprit!"]
[22:46] * Aline smiled softly. "Well yeah. That said, I don't think much finding-first can be done when we're all crowded around in an empty office, no? I mean, you all likely split up your teams, so everyone right now has someone sifting through each location. That's a lot of boots on the ground to outrace, wouldn't you say?" …Her smile remained small, and genial. "Myself, I needed a second
[22:46] * Aline to think after checking the labs."
[22:48] <Dorian> ["I haven't even done any looking around yet." Said Asuka, who started over towards one of the scientists. "Hey, tell me about Dr. Riel!" "Er, ok…?"-
[22:49] <Dorian> [What exchanged was a small, but detailed conversation that led to the hapless technician telling Asuka whispered, but frantic go-away-you-scary-girl details about Dr. Riel's supposed motives, before Asuka finally left.]
[22:53] * Aline scratched her chin, leaning a bit further back, thinking. She had gotten relatively good details on Yui from Dr. Gabriel's conversation, and enough to know that Asuka was more or less still flailing… So it was down to Sophie. Hopefully, her bunny would be less competitive and hawk-eyed-paranoid… Just… reach down to check that your shoe is in place… and grab the note…
[22:53] * Aline Gently! Paper makes noise! …Once it's got. "Mmm, I think I know where I'll go next. Just between you and me, after all her showiness in the earlier rounds, I sorta just wanted to wait for her to go." Aline confided to Sophie.
[22:55] <Dorian> ["Oh yeah? Haha, she's pretty full-on." Agreed Sophie… Who, unfortunately, did in fact hear the sound of paper. "… Whatcha got there, Aline~?"]
[22:59] * Aline breathed in slightly. …She'd just have to deal with it, and hope Yanmei was more canny about things. "Ah, a piece of paper I stepped on." She unfolded it, and -very- quickly looked at it, before starting to turn around. "Figured if I grabbed it while Asuka was in the room she'd be half-liable to claw it out of my hands just on principle~" …And she pocketed it -right- after
[22:59] * Aline reading it, stuffing it into one of the tiny little pockets on the workout-grade shorts she was wearing. Hopefully Sophie wouldn't get too pissed~
[23:04] <Dorian> ["May I have a look, Liiiinie? Pleaaaase?" Sophie pouted.]
[23:06] * Aline …okay, she wasn't about to say no to that. "Ah, alright. In fact, go ahead and keep it. I already have what I needed." …And she passed it over!
[23:07] <Dorian> ["Thanks~" Said Sophie, who took it, and read it. She then very clearly tucked it into her breast pocket, where it would be safe.]
[23:08] <Aline> "Right, I'll be off now. Good luck! But not all the luck, since we are still competing against one another~" …And Aline was off! Next stop: MEDICINIA, KINGDOM OF DRUGS.
[23:13] <Dorian> [The Medical Ward, of course, was a place Aline'd be familiar with. She came here every week for her psychiatric counselling, and besides she'd come here when Yanmei'd hurt her leg, several times.-
[23:14] <Dorian> [She wasn't alone here, either. Dr. Ikari was here, eyeing Frederic Gosselin, who looked harried. A few doctors were milling about- some of them looking slightly amused.-
[23:15] <Dorian> [("You're not going to tell me about what you found out in the HQ, Gosselin-san?") ("Er… No. No I'm not.")]
[23:17] * Aline for her part decided subtlety was the better part of cunning… Hm. That didn't have the same ring as the discretion-valor saying. Either way, Aline figured it would be wiser to try to slip by unnoticed, and instead look around for things out of place. And she certainly did know when something -was- in place!… Not that being a regular patient of the psych deparment was a mark
[23:17] * Aline of pride…
[23:22] <Dorian> [There wasn't an awful lot left 'out of place', per se. Aline did eye one of the amusing doctors trail off and enter a nearby door, where a cheap paper sign saying 'AUTOPSIES' had been duct-taped onto it.]
[23:25] * Aline grinned at that, since that meant more than likely it was properly game-centric, rather than her accidentally running into an actual autopsy station. I mean, this is NERV. With what she knew, she'd count herself -lucky- to not stumble on something like a wall of Angel tissue samples or something in the -real- autopsy station. Brrrr. Instead, instead Aline would just sidle on
[23:25] * Aline by, and glide through the door as quietly as possible~
[23:26] <Dorian> [("And, I believe it was b-") ("Oh shi-")-
[23:26] <Dorian> ["… Er, I mean, hello there, Aline." Dr. Clement smiled cheerfully. "W… What a coincidence."-
[23:26] <Dorian> [An awkward ragdoll sat between them, red paint smeared across the body.]
[23:29] * Aline giggled. "What a confluence of plans, yes~ Now then." While she wasn't -quite- out of the woods vis a vis her mood swings, Aline did have enough gumption to pull out an order of ham massive enough to break kosher conduct from proximity alone. At least, compared to how she normally acted. So in truth, more of a single ham cold cut. "I believe there is… Information. Information
[23:29] * Aline I could…" Grin widened. Tone raised. "…Acquire, no?"
[23:31] <Dorian> ["…" "…" "Dr. Leclerc, tell no one of the autopsy reports. That's an order." "Yes sir." REPORTBLOCKED]
[23:34] * Aline …frowned. "Awww, come on. I practiced that in my head for a whole second or two!" …And then she amplified it into a pout. "Come ooooooon, I'll even take acting lessons if you make a teeny tiny liiiittle exception!"
[23:38] <Dorian> ["D-Doctor, that face-" "No, Leclerc, ignore her monstrous charms! She is a spawn of Lilith the Temptress! Ignore the beast! Back, demon! Back!" Dr. Clement was, at least, the sort of person who knew how to farce-ham it up, which was ironic, since he was now thrusting a Star-of-David necklace at Yanmei.]
[23:45] * Aline decided… to just run with it. Who cares if she won or lost now? She already succeeded in tricking Asuka, and now was entertaining the doctors! Clearly this was a victory. So… With her face twisted in wide-eyed shock, Aline stared back. "W-what?! You saw it that easily?!" And… Aline entered a mock-fighting stance, though one that shared altogether too many similarities
[23:45] * Aline with a cutesy pop-idol *shine~~* pose. Complete with little finger gestures and big bright smile. "But you can't stand against the true power of the forbidden moemoe school! Nobody with the human affliction of compassion and love can! Do your worst!" …And as if on cue, the smile brightened -even more- and her pose, despite looking 'active', dropped all pretenses of aggression, instead
[23:45] * Aline looking immensely playful.
[23:48] <Dorian> [There was a long howl of laughter from the two doctors at that. "Oh my goodness." Gasped Dr. Clement in between breaths. "W-what's a moemoe?"-
[23:48] <Dorian> [Eventually, they were able to bring themselves together, enough to show Aline the corpse.-
[23:48] <Dorian> ["As you can, hehehe, see, there're bullet- snrrk- bu- snrrrkkkkkkkk-"-
[23:49] <Dorian> [Dr. Leclerc sinks into the corner and giggles for the rest of this entire session.-
[23:49] <Dorian> ["Bullet wounds." Said Dr. Clement, trying to maintain a straight face. "Yes. Which tells us that the weapon was a gun."]
[23:51] * Aline nodded. "Thank you~" *shine* And, before she left… "Some Japanese thing about cuteness and vulnerability I think? I've been reading up on it a lot. But yeah, thanks again, it was really nice of you. And your love and compassion was nice too~~ Anyway, AWAAAY I GOOOOO!" …And she actually did (making sure to get the door out of her way) charge out of the room.
[00:01] <Dorian> [Outside! … Dr. Ikari and Frederic have been drawn by the sound of hilarity. Frederic's already running off, whilst Dr. Ikari gives Aline a little 'I was spying on you and now I know!' smile.]
[00:02] * Aline on the other hand delivered a 'I don't care because I'm that awesome' grin.
[00:04] <Dorian> [Dr. Ikari riposted with 'We'll see'.]
[00:07] * Aline just let that stand. For now… It's time to… …okay, where the hell were they supposed to rendezvous? She had no idea!… Let's wander aimlessly! YEAH.
[00:13] <Dorian> [To the cafeteria!]

[02:58] * Aline made her way to the offices, immediately scouting out for a receptionist or similar! If she found one, she'd start right-off with a "Ah, hi, another question… Have you seen Dr. Clement, or Vice-Commander Thomas, come by? Preferably earlier on, near 11am, but any times would do…"
[03:01] <Dorian> ["Ah…" The Receptionist looked up. "Let's see… Dr. Clement, no, but VC Thomas came by at, hm." The Receptionist paused. "Quarter past 11 or so…?"]
[03:02] * Aline nodded. "…And did he seem to do anything like wait around, or head to the office blocks, or something of that sort?… Just try to remember clearly… And did he spend long, or did he leave within 1-2 minutes of arrivale?"
[03:04] <Dorian> ["Hm. Hm…" The Receptionist pondered. "He said he had something for the Doctor, something private? It was a bag with a NERV logo on it. He came out carrying it, though, so I guess the stuff in it he left behind."]
[03:06] * Aline did a little bow - remembering politeness rituals to make Yui more comfortable seemed to have an effect on her - and then smiled. "Alright, I think I'll pop in there one more time, eh? Dr. Ikari's office, that is. I promise I won't do anything untoward."
[03:06] <Dorian> ["You have a minute."]
[03:08] <Aline> "Right~" And she headed off to take just that amount of time. Extra-quick scan to look for a certain revolver. If found, she'd basically bee-line to it and, using some vague knowledge from movies, disengage the cylinder, to examine how many rounds were chambered. In her remaining seconds, she'd quickly look around to see if there was anything present that'd look like a gift or other
[03:08] <Aline> sentimental item from a non-Ikari person (that is to say, family photos and the like were passed over.)
[03:14] <Dorian> [The revolver is there! The clip is… Completely full. All 6 rounds.-
[03:14] <Dorian> [And otherwise, there weren't any 'gift' items; the room was rather sparse, after all. Except for…-
[03:15] <Dorian> ["…" Jeanne Simon was standing in the -fucking corner-.]
[03:17] * Aline paused. And waved. "Oh, hi there! Checking this one too?"
[03:18] <Dorian> ["Not exactly. Doing the Doctor a favour. She noted that someone had planted a gun in her room and she wanted to know who it was." Jeanne Simon left the corner now, looming over Aline.]
[03:20] * Aline nodded. "Ah…" Okay, screw it. Full disclosure. "Yanmei was following up on things, and saw the gun there. We compared notes and found its placement odd, compared to everything else. I just checked back to talk with the receptionist about timetables… and to see if any shots were missing from the chamber." She shrugged widely. "The fact that it has all 6 probably means that
[03:20] * Aline we were right in thinking it was a plant."
[03:22] <Dorian> ["I see…"]
[03:24] <Aline> "Uh-huh. So it was a bit of a home-stretch evaluation. I assume your side of things has been going well?" …Her discomfort at being around Jeanne was not longer hidden, unfortunately.
[03:24] <Dorian> ["Fairly well."]
[03:25] * Aline nodded. "Ah, good, good. As per the rules I'm on a mite of a timer so I should probably go, yes?"
[03:26] <Dorian> ["You should."]
[03:27] * Aline … did so then. Well.

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