Aline S Makeover

10[06:59:12] <Aline> As was now to be expected, Aline remembered to dress light for this trip, in only a pale yellow dress - Tokyo, even in December, was not the coldest of places at all. She did bring a purse with her as she went, heading towards the last known location of Ayanami Sho, a certain wrapped present from Yanmei concealed in said purse. Best to get this out of the way early, Aline reasoned.
[07:07:19] <04@AdEvaGM> [Ayanami Sho had been last seen heading, of course, into her apartment- which was thankfully close to Tokyo HQ.]
10[07:12:15] * Aline was indeed thankful for that, making her way across and through the streets as discreetly as she could (which wasn't very, considering how her appearance likely made her stick out like a sore thumb). If nothing else, the bustle of the city continued to amaze (and slightly intimidate) her, as even with its resurgence, Paris couldn't match it.
[07:18:15] <04@AdEvaGM> [In any case, despite the many, many people, she'd find herself uninterrupted as she arrived at the apartment. The building was thankfully clean and, also surprisingly, mostly occupied. She could hear the odd jingle from an open doorway or the exchange of wellwishes…]
10[07:21:19] * Aline tried to smile to herself about that, though the coming awkwardness was messing with her ability to just do so on demand. She… really felt strange doing this - meeting an Ayanami, knowing what she did now. Especially in a heavily-monitored area. She stopped herself there. Justified or not, that's paranoid, sorta like how Yanmei is always on about espionage versus her, or at least twitchy and restrained. No. Aline would just remain calm, chat for a little bit like a guest should, then deliver the present. A knock on the door, after a full minute or so of conflicted internal monologue.
[07:25:17] <04@AdEvaGM> ["Coming~"-
07[07:25:26] <04@AdEvaGM> [The door opened. Aline was probably not prepared for the sight within.-
07[07:35:18] <04@AdEvaGM> [Ayanami Sho- a bright, blonde-haired Ayanami sister- was standing in the doorway, decked out in 'Christmas cheer', so to speak. She was wearing a bright red (if thin) coat with a white fur trim over a red, white-trimmed miniskirt that fell to mid-thigh. A santa hat sat perched on her head and little christmas tree earrings hung from her lobes. "Oh, it's Aline Blanc! I didn't know you were
[07:35:19] <04@AdEvaGM> in town!"-
[07:36:34] <04@AdEvaGM> [A big bright christmas tree had been set up in the corner of the apartment, in front of which, standing wearing a bright red kimono with green obi and flower patterns, her white hair tied up in a bun and her cheeks patted with rouge, was Tsubaki Akagi, looking tremendously out of place and near unrecognisable.]
10[07:45:07] * Aline suddenly felt a sinking urge to curl up into a defensive posture and mutter unintelligible noises, but she bravely fought that, not even letting out a mere 'guh'. Her smile was a bit forced because the space it wanted to rent had a prior occupant who went by the name of abject surprise, but Aline nonetheless /was/ smiling. "…W-well. It's the holiday season, so we're finally allowed to go out - I went here, the others are at Leningrad and… wherever William's monastery is." …The whole Ayanami thing made her think of the whole William thing now that she dropped his name. Oops. But it was only a minute shudder. "I see you have a…" Pause. She almost was going to say 'a guest', but then eventually realized who it was. "…Ah, you have Tsucchin over."
[08:01:09] <04@AdEvaGM> ["That's right!"-
07[08:01:22] <04@AdEvaGM> [Tsubaki gave Aline a vague wave, as though not entirely sure where she was.-
[08:01:39] <04@AdEvaGM> ["Why don't you come in?" Asked Sho.]
10[08:07:29] * Aline nodded curtly, dispelling prior awkwardness - well okay, most of it - with a single quirk of her lips into a more complete smile. "Alright, sure." And… with an equally-singular series of steps, Aline was inside, closing the door behind herself. "Getting into the spirit, I see?…" She vaguely glanced at Tsubaki again, allowing her mind to wander. Certain memories fired, but she managed to keep them from dominating. That said, knowing what she did about the girl, the sort of bleary(?) reaction was completely unsurprising.
07[08:17:30] <04@AdEvaGM> ["Of course!" Said Sho. She placed her hands on Aline's shoulders. "Now then. I am assuming you're here for the special Sho Showtime treatment? Let's see, I'm thinking something blue and flowy at the bottom to give you a bit of breeze- Tokyo is -so- hot, isn't it? And… Maybe something special up top…"]
10[08:23:53] * Aline squirmed almost immediately upon the contact. Call it unfair if you must, but touching she didn't start kind of unnerved Aline a little bit. "I uh… you'd do that?… Most designers charge and I'm not sure if I… uh…" A call to pull herself together came up. "Ah! I actually was delivering something."
[08:28:56] <04@AdEvaGM> ["But of course! I have all sorts of materials and garments on hand. It'd only take an hour to transform you comp- a delivery?"]
10[08:35:37] * Aline pulled her purse to the side, rummaging through it - all told, it wasn't exactly the most packed of bags, but its voluminous folds had a way of /hiding/ things. "Lesse…" A few false starts, and then! A small, rounded brick-like object, covered in festive - read: red with little christmas trees - wrapping paper. She held it out in one hand. "There. It's from Yanmei, actually. She told me to give it to you since I was coming out here anyway. Not that I uh, mind the company, it's just… best get the formalities out of the way, huh?" Her tone was starting to dip into nervousness.
[08:36:48] <04@AdEvaGM> ["From Yanmei? Huh." Sho frowned. "Is she sending this to every pilot?"]
10[08:42:56] * Aline shook her head a little. "She said something about group leaders, actually. And… don't worry, I anticipated this and… uh…" She added a smaller little ball of wrapping paper around… some kind of enigmatic object. "This one's from me. It's an accessory, but /I/ think it's a decent little addon."
[08:43:45] <04@AdEvaGM> ["Oh, you didn't need to do that!" Said Sho glowingly, taking the gift and unwrapping it.]
10[08:49:45] <Aline> The first and larger gift was a cellphone, and a surprisingly simple one at that. It was black, and a standard clamshell design, with no real logos or adornments. The one Aline said was from her, though, was… a phone chain, ending in a chibi Master-type EVA doll not much larger than a thumb-tip. "It's okay. It felt wrong to give a gift from someone else and /not/ have something from me. I wish mine could've been custom-built like hers was, but I don't think a brick of RDX explosive makes a good stocking stuffer…"
07[09:00:00] <04@AdEvaGM> ["No, I guess not." Sho eyed the phone curiously, putting it down- but she cooed at the doll lovingly. "Awww, this is adorable. Thank you~" She pecked Aline on both cheeks. "Let me make it up to you."]
10[09:04:27] * Aline blushed, perhaps out of mere instinct, but allowed herself to… well, /try/ to resume a calm, airy feel. "You're welcome! And… oh?" …Her mind briefly flashed with the possibilities inherent to this - 'complete transformations' indeed. While Aline didn't shudder at that, she somehow felt a bit more vulnerable.
[09:05:15] <04@AdEvaGM> ["I bet you're going off to see Shin-chan later today, huh?" She winked.-
[09:05:24] <04@AdEvaGM> ["Shin-chan, Shin-chan." Hummed Tsubaki idly.]
10[09:12:19] <Aline> Another blush, this time a bit more 'honest' than before. "Y… yeah, pretty much. You have something in mind, I take it then?" Aline stared out from behind her glasses rather… not stunned-ly, but with a certain sense of tentativeness and wonder.
07[09:14:51] <04@AdEvaGM> ["I do, of course~" Said Sho with a big grin. It was… Very anticipatory. Almost as though Aline were a gift in and of herself… Or a canvas. "Trust me, and I'll make you shine~"-
07[09:28:37] <04@AdEvaGM> [About an hour later- an hour which involved Sho washing Aline's hair, then blow-drying it, then letting Tsubaki absently brush it for fifteen minutes before curling the edges a little- Aline would finally be allowed to look at herself.-
[09:30:53] <04@AdEvaGM> [Her hair sat bouncily on her shoulders, the edges curled up into little ringlets. Her outfit was, by and large, similar to Sho's in principle- it was primarily red and white trim. The coat had been turned into something of a capelet, however, that fell down to around her elbows, whilst beneath that she'd been placed into a green jacket with a low-cut neckline, accentuated with a white-trimmed
[09:30:53] <04@AdEvaGM> red corset. Rouge had been dabbed onto her cheeks, and finally, thigh-high white socks had been practically forced upon her.-
[09:31:02] <04@AdEvaGM> ["Tada! What do you think?"]
10[09:43:45] * Aline looked around herself, stretching and bending this way and that. Her mind was racing, and her face colored a little bit in a way that /wasn't/ caused by rouge, but… "Well… I think it's pretty." She finally said, letting a smile cross her face again. She had somewhat awkwardly regarded Tsubaki through the process, but otherwise seemed fairly okay with it, if a bit reserved.
[09:47:33] <04@AdEvaGM> [Tsubaki had, once the brushing had finished, curled up on the couch and sang 'God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen' to herself, replacing half the words with mumbled nothing.-
[09:48:02] <04@AdEvaGM> ["It's definitely pretty. It looks good on you!" Said Sho glowingly. "It accentuates your natural beauty without overpowering it, just like a good curry."]
10[09:54:25] * Aline nodded, now. "Ah, thanks~" There was a brief pause in her thought process at the mention of curry, but Aline generally paid /that/ no mind. "So you do this often, I take?"
[10:01:39] <04@AdEvaGM> ["As often as I can! People are usually pretty busy, though. Ever since Chiisana went I haven't had many good Objects to practice with."]
10[10:08:55] <Aline> "Ohhhh, I see!" Aline was starting to let herself feel a bit more enthusiastic through her nerves. "Ah, so /you're/ responsible for her fashion sense, I was wondering…"
[10:16:36] <04@AdEvaGM> ["That's right! I -do- miss her…" A sigh, but then Sho shook her head. "I bet you have enough to be getting on with, though."]
10[10:21:00] * Aline reached over, suddenly, and patted Sho on the shoulder. "Nah, I wanted to be good guest anyway, get to know you a bit better… That sorta thing!"
[10:23:29] <04@AdEvaGM> ["Oh- you're serious?" Sho blinked- then grinned. "Well in that case, I'm about to have lunch, you can stick around and help me pick gifts for people."]
10[10:35:41] * Aline clasped her hands together with a light smile. "Yeah. I'm pretty sure I could be at least of /some/ help there." She candidly added.
[10:38:37] <04@AdEvaGM> ["Right. I'll go put lunch on~" Sho hurried off to the kitchen.-
[10:39:06] <04@AdEvaGM> ["What does Shin-chan want?" Asked Tsubaki dreamily. "Misato-chan gave me Mr. Magic Eight Ball for my birthday, but I ask him and he is no help at all."]
10[10:46:48] * Aline mmed calmly, thinking a bit. "Well, I know he likes doing music a lot…" She said to Tsubaki, still regarding the girl a bit awkwardly - probably because of the rather out-there tone.
[10:51:37] <04@AdEvaGM> ["So I should give him music…"]

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