Aline S Misadventures

#6[21:52] * Aline would make her way towards the east. At first, she thought she spotted some berries, but after spending a good hour or so looking for some… she was rather disappointed, and was forced to carry onwards. "Frustrating…"
[22:25] * Aline would later travel onwards… and found something she really really wish she hadn't, as she moved further inland. A pack of wolves! They even saw her… she couldn't run fast enough, they were tearing into her flesh, it… she had to make it stop. With a piercing cry, she… unleashed something maybe terribly unwise to let loose. A mask flashed before her eyes as she intentionally
[22:25] * Aline symbolized fear and /rage/ at the beasts. "YOU." She hovered into the air, and pointed at what looked like the alpha wolf. "Fuck you. GO AWAY! GO AWAAAAAY!" Images of a thousand horrors - banshees jumping from the shadows, the fire and devestation of monolithic Angels, explosions, debris - every damn thing she could think of, enhanced by the very power she was calling, thrown right into
[22:25] * Aline that wolf's psyche.
[22:26] <AdEvaGM> [The large wolf stared at her, animal mind offering it some protection- but not enough. It quivered and shook, whimpering, its pals howling at her in incomprehension.]
[23:42] <Aline> Time had passed. Aline had already traveled with Sera for a while, and now returned to a patch where she thought she had seen succulent fruit. It took nearly two hours, but she'd get some, finally. With an air of triumph, Aline would return to camp and deliver them, before going after Sera again!#
[01:51] <Aline> -
[01:51] <Aline> There had been a series of misadventures, mostly pertaining to lugging a big empty waterjug, filling it, and running away from a boar… but after putting away the jug and exploring a little… Aline would meet a wild dog!
[01:52] <AdEvaGM> [It was feasting on a rabbit…]
[01:59] <Aline> A scuffle ensued. Compared to the furious, decisive battles that Yanmei or Sera might fight… this one was more of a comedy of errors, with Aline flailing madly at it with her blade. But eventually, /eventually/, the dog lost interest, and Aline continued her explorations…
[02:14] <Aline> …explorations which lead her to find a small piece of glass suitable enough for magnifying - this ought to make fires easier - and almost tripping all over herself painfully, but thankfully only getting a small scrape.
[02:48] <Aline> …only for her to encounter, later, a goddamn /bear/.
[02:48] <AdEvaGM> [It wasn't hungry- it was eating an elk- but it looked up.-
[02:48] <AdEvaGM> ["…RrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRR."]
[02:50] * Aline tried to back away. Tried to do the nice, careful approach. But she was too tired. The situation was too dicey. She just didn't know how. A battle would ensue, one that was… ultimately, futile.
[02:50] <AdEvaGM> ["RRRRRR!" Claws, flashing…-
[02:50] <AdEvaGM> [By the end of it, she was alive. But only just. There was intense pain in her chest- she was barely conscious, lying in the grass.]
[02:52] <Aline> It was the most she could do to limp her way back to camp. To the medkit, to safety. To the only sure thing on this wretched hell island.
[20:46] <Aline> Let's just say that Aline was not having a good day today. She nearly cut a crucial artery trying to vaguely mend her wounds, she had to hold on for dear life to not die, and oh there was an /ocean of rats/ running through the camp. "Whover's responsble gon' die…" She burbled out blearily.
[20:49] <AdEvaGM> [They squeaked and chundered, water flowing from ruined containers.-
[20:49] <AdEvaGM> [Several of them ran up to her and began to bite her.]
[20:51] <Aline> Weak flails of her knife were Aline's reply, probably doing little but brushing one rat away to give room for others - rather than killing them. Though if one of them died… with the way her mood was, that'd be /super/.
[20:53] <AdEvaGM> [They knew enough not to mess with her, though, and left her to die in peace.]
[22:50] <Aline> —-
[22:52] <Aline> Later on, Aline would find herself doing /something/ to bide time. Namely, she was sewing with some rat sinew and suturing wire, to make… to make this pelt of hers into an honest piece of protective gear. And she was actually doing not half bad, but it took her eyes off of the gear. So… imagine her surprise when she discovered… "Oh hell no. Did they seriously take the… The…"
[22:52] <Aline> There were no tracks. There was also no medkit. "…What the hell."

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