Aline's Plan

(14:47:32) @Minaplo: [There had been something of an uproar in the days after Aline's return…-
(14:49:30) @Minaplo: [Yet she'd been rather insulated from it all, and for good reason. She'd been spending a great deal of time in the battleship's psychological ward, less for herself and more to help Shinji pull himself back from the brink. It was exhausting work, and the gains were, at the present, slight and mostly the result of heavy medication. For now, Shinji was far more tranquil; he definitely had
(14:49:31) @Minaplo: stopped attacking men who spoke to Aline. But at the same time, it was hard to engage with someone who, already rather shy and quiet, had now become much more so.-
(15:00:58) @Minaplo: [However, about five days after the 'incident' with Vercingetorix, she'd find herself in firearm practice with William- handguns first, then assault rifles, then long-ranged rifles…-
(15:01:14) @Minaplo: [When she'd receive a call over the PA. "Pilot Blanc to report to Technical. I repeat…"]
(15:07:04) * Aline looked over at William when she heard the PA call, lowering her rifle. She naturally hadn't done as well as he did, so this was really more of a chance to chat. She had mostly caught up with him rather than focus on the most recent trouble - Shinji - because she knew well enough to be cautious about topics of lovers. Or at least thought that was a 'knew well enough' situation.
(15:07:04) * Aline Either way… "Hm. I wonder what they could want…?" Aline was, though, already making way towards a place to store said rifle.
(15:16:24) @Minaplo: ["I'd like to know myself. Mind if I tag along?"]
(15:18:19) * Aline tilted her head briefly as she put away the gun, but then, soon enough, whirled around. "Ah, sure. The worst that can happen is that they tell you to go away."
(15:25:34) @Minaplo: ["True enough."-
(15:25:55) @Minaplo: [They stowed away their rifles, and then they were off.-
(15:27:30) @Minaplo: [A quick five minutes later, Aline and William entered Technical, where they found three people waiting for them.-
(15:27:34) @Minaplo: [There was Surov, as expected.-
(15:27:56) @Minaplo: [But sitting in a sophisticated wheelchair was none other than Doctor Luna Riel, looking grave.-
(15:28:39) @Minaplo: [And lastly, the mysterious Ezekiel- the Emissary of the Warmaster- sat primly, smiling serenely as they entered.]
(15:32:45) * Aline put on a smile - a gentle, subtle one - as she arrived, looking between the three figures. Probably not much to be happy about with only the Emissary smiling back, but best to keep up appearances for now. "So, what's the matter?"
(15:40:24) @Minaplo: ["You know what a Dysangelion is?" Asked Surov bluntly.]
(15:45:10) * Aline frowned rather visibly. "I know about the one the LN made…? I take it there's more, now."
(15:46:49) @Minaplo: ["Zhang turned up in the US." Said Surov. "She took control of EVA-04, and then was engaged by this-"-
(15:48:40) @Minaplo: [Surov didn't even gesture. He didn't move, and yet the fifteen-foot wide computer screen behind him began to show photographs of- well, it resembled an Evangelion, but it was- twisted, more 'birdlike' than an Eva was. Its armour didn't shine- rather it seemed like ossified bone carapace- and sharp, organic spikes jutted from its body at irregular locations. Its face was flat and near
(15:48:41) @Minaplo: featureless, with round, black, staring eyes and a pointed 'beak'. It was holding a massive two-bladed sword in its hands.]
(15:54:05) * Aline stared at the images for a good few seconds, absorbing the information… almost impassively. "I see. That seems like… like what I brought back the armor plating of."
(15:57:36) @Minaplo: ["Yes. We can assume that one or more of these were at the 'hidden base' you were taken to."]
(16:00:06) * Aline slowly nodded, looking around with vague askance. "So what can I do to help with this subject? Or is this more of a briefing… informative meeting… thing?"
(16:01:59) @Minaplo: ["We need your help." Said Riel.-
(16:03:14) @Minaplo: ["The combat data we obtained presents us with a massive tactical disadvantage." Said Surov. "Apparently these enemies are durable, extremely fast, can fly unaided by AT Fields and can seemingly teleport at will."-
(16:04:32) @Minaplo: ["One on one, they're more than a match for an Evangelion and can be deployed to a battle within minutes, if not seconds. What you need to do is find out how to stop that."]
(16:10:38) * Aline pondered that. Nothing like getting hard ones right off. "Well. Once engaged, I - and possibly other AT-Tactician-specialty pilots - know of an AT field effect that helps prevent their /escape/. That, while mostly unhelpful, could be the difference between a mess of armor fragments and little else, or a dead Dysangelion. But…" The frown widened. "Other than that, I suppose the
(16:10:38) * Aline best course of action is to try to find out where they're deployed /from/."
(16:17:26) @Minaplo: ["We don't know. We might not find out for some time, since our 'source' there is unreliable at best." Said Surov.-
(16:23:55) @Minaplo: [Ezekiel was still smiling. "Do you know how teleportation works?"]
(16:27:49) * Aline scratched her chin a little, now thinking further. "I know at least one form - the one referred to as a 'Dirac Jaunt' - relies on expanding a pocket dimension, then exploiting its unusual relationship with space to emerge elsewhere. I /imagine/ that the kind of teleportation we're worried about is either actually similar in operation, or failing that relies on a fold of space or
(16:27:49) * Aline other 'shortcut'. So a means to disrupt the distortion of space - like the AT Field effect I alluded to - would prevent it from occuring."
(16:36:21) @Minaplo: ["Yes." Said Ezekiel quietly. "It is an imperfect explanation, but your people and their lilimcraft do not understand of the sympathy of the music of light, so it is to be expected. Imperfect as it is, it is- correct." He said hesitatingly. "Stop the distortion, or stop the- notes- the 'sense', and stop the movement."]
(16:40:16) * Aline /briefly/ raised a brow at 'lilimcraft', but nodded. If only because she still remembers the last person to say that word. "Indeed. The question then becomes… a means to do it other than an AT Field - because having an active Evangelion constantly 'silencing' the area in that way would be dreadfully impractical when we're not talking about a preventing-escape scenario.
(16:40:19) Aline: "
(16:44:25) @Minaplo: ["It is impractical in any way." Said Ezekiel. "From what I sense and gather, you would need to lock an area with a radius of… 500 kilometres to buy yourselves… half an hour of time."]
(16:49:26) Aline: "…Mm." Aline frowned again, looking at the two scientists. "So, what then? If it'd be grossly impractical to deny them, do we just wait for an engagement and try to finish them off? Make sure we don't have isolated Evangelions? This is troublesome."
(17:07:39) @Minaplo: ["An interruptible attack, or an absolute defense, rely on controlling the enemy." Said Ezekiel. "You can deflect, or you can redirect."]
(17:16:45) * Aline began to think on that, though she looked pensive. "Draw them out…"
(17:22:21) @Minaplo: ["This isn't useful." Said Riel. "We need parameters. We need to know what we're trying to do."-
(17:22:26) @Minaplo: [Surov sighed.-
(17:22:45) @Minaplo: ["We need to buy us twenty minutes of time to perform a lightning raid."]
(17:34:28) * Aline continued to frown, and had a distinctly 'I'm out of my depth' look on her face. "As best I can tell, we'd have to find some way to provoke them and then lock them in place while we go about our other business. Even then, it's suboptimal."
(17:42:04) @Minaplo: [Ezekiel had a troubled expression, his smile fading. He walked over to Aline and deftly pulled a hair from her head.]
(17:46:50) * Aline could feel the sting, and winced slightly. "…Like that?" She managed.
(17:47:17) @Minaplo: [He shook his head.-
(17:47:27) @Minaplo: [He held up the hair, gossamer-thin and nearly invisible. "This is your hair?"]
(17:50:25) * Aline nodded. "Yes, it is." She looked a bit upset, or maybe more accurately ashamed that she wasn't being of as much help as she could.
(17:50:41) @Minaplo: ["It is in my hand, but it is still your hair?"]
(17:54:08) * Aline nodded again. "Insofar that it was once a part of me, and could be proven to not have been a part of you." She began to think a bit more. "Are you suggesting we do something with a part of them…? Maybe even trace them?"
(17:59:53) @Minaplo: [He shook his head. "How do you 'jaunt'? You need power, and the Formless Space, but you also need something else?"]
(18:01:01) Aline: "…An idea of where to go."
(18:02:38) @Minaplo: [He smiled.-
(18:03:07) @Minaplo: ["I say, 'this hair belongs to your head'. I have 'image' of the hair, and I have image of your head, so the path is clear."-
(18:03:29) @Minaplo: ["But… If there were two of you, the path would not be so clear."]
(18:06:03) Aline: "…And in all technicality, there almost is." But Aline waved her hand. "So there has to be a clear path, and so far they've been regularly getting them. We'd need to make things /un/clear, to frustrate their movement."
(18:17:12) @Minaplo: ["Yes. If they have the 'image' idea, create many identical places, and the notes become disharmonic."]
(18:21:37) * Aline nodded. "Or for that matter, identical things. Thank you for explaining." She lowered her head a little bit, as if making a polite bow, but only going so far.
(18:31:22) @Minaplo: [He smiled and placed the hair back on Aline's head before sitting back down.-
(18:31:40) @Minaplo: ["How would we manage this?" Asked Surov.]
(18:39:03) * Aline leaned back on thin air, or more effectively just changed her stance a little. "It depends a lot on what we plan on doing? But my suggestion is to make mock-ups of either an operation site that we're going after, or perhaps - if we think they'll seek the EVAs, of them. I'm sure Marketing's design teams have been without straight work long enough that they'll be chomping at the bit
(18:39:03) * Aline to perform."
(18:45:44) @Minaplo: ["Will Marketing be able to create something so good that it'd fool something like a dirac jaunt, though?" Asked Riel.]
(18:48:16) * Aline let her shoulders sag. "It has to be accurate enough to fool the mind's eye, is our criterion. I just mentioned people who make lots of mockups and fakes." But she briefly looked off the the side. "I imagine there might have to be some firm rigor to form this trap, since it may well be fooling an Angel in human guise, if the Dysangelions are piloted by who my hunch says they're
(18:48:17) * Aline piloted by."
(19:05:41) @Minaplo: ["Explain it to me again." Said Riel. "You need a clear mental image of a place when you're jaunting, right?"]
(19:08:27) * Aline nodded. "Yes. Enough to be able to focus properly on the location and distinguish it from anything else. Usually, places you've already been are easiest, but either inexact ideas - like 'low earth orbit' can have a general image conjured for them - or failing that, obvious images like being fed a picture or live feed."
(19:10:08) @Minaplo: ["…"-
(19:11:04) @Minaplo: ["So if you had a place in your head," Began Surov, "But you also had a picture or feed of a place that's very much alike, is it possible that you might end up reflexively relying on that picture and making an error?"]
(19:19:22) Aline: "Yeah, it's certainly possible. And while they probably use familiarity to /return/ - which is not the issue - they may well rely on pictures or similar data to /deploy/."
(19:25:27) @Minaplo: ["What if you projected an image of your dummy directly into their heads?"]
(19:36:28) * Aline 'plipped' in surprise. "That might work! It'd definitely be very confusing even if it didn't."
(19:39:58) @Minaplo: ["It wouldn't be very hard, would it?"]
(19:46:12) Aline: "Well, I'd need to open a telepathic link to them, expanding the range considerably… it's certainly possible, yes."
(20:00:30) @Minaplo: ["You could global broadcast it." Said Riel.]
(20:06:06) * Aline …smirked. "I had been, before, experimentally toying with the extent of a broadcast, and I definitely could. It's well within the power of 00 to create an impression in every mind on Earth."
(20:16:11) @Minaplo: ["Then we have a plan." Said Riel.]
(20:18:41) * Aline clasped her hands together. "That we do."
(20:19:49) @Minaplo: ["Alright. Let's go to work on the details…"]

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