All Alone On A Deserted Island

All Alone(?) On a Deserted Island

As part of an ambitious team-building and aptitude exercise, the Evangelion pilots of Paris-2 have been dropped off on Skald Island, a pristine, beautiful, lush but cold island in the Atlantic. Normally far colder, Spring 2017 is shaping up to be surprisingly warm after the volcano of 2016.

They have been given the following materials:
3 Combat knives
1 Basic medkit
1 Gas lighter, good for 3 uses
1 Semi-auto Pistol with a full clip
Enough food for 3 days (9 meals)
Enough water for 3 days (18 litres)
3 canteens (Capacity: 2 litres)
2 water canisters (Capacity: 6 litres)
3 sets of terrain-appropriate clothing
1 water-resistant tent.

They have to survive 14 days on the island, with no outside help. The island is quite large, about 100km long and 50km wide. Their task is simple: survive.
They have other objectives beyond that, however. Rewards have been promised should they find particularly interesting sights. Furthermore, the more they explore, the more likely the chance they'll be rewarded.

The island is overlaid with a 100*100 square grid. Each square represents 1 kilometre of distance. Traversing a square is just like moving on a normal map, with the following caveats:

1) You use the Narrative Time chart below, using the Hour column.
2) Every time you enter a new square, there is a random chance of an Event occurring. The chance is 40% if it's an unexplored square, and 10% if it's explored.
3) Every day is measured in 10 hour slots, so every movement is measured by day.

Narrative Movement

AB Per Minute Per Hour Per Day†
0 12m 0.75km 7km
1 24m 1.5km 15km
2 48m 3km 30km
3 72m 4km 40km
4 96m 6km 60km
5 120m 7km 70km
6 144m 9km 90km
7 168m 10km 100km
8 192m 12km 120km
9 216m 13km 130km
10 240m 14km 140km

Assumes 10 hours of walking.

The square you start upon is called the Camp. You are required to return to this Camp by nighttime on the last day.

Although there is no restriction in allowing pilots to go off by themselves, they are required to meet up together again by nighttime.

There are several things you can do whilst on any given square. Each action takes half an hour, and you cannot do more than three things on any one square per day.

1) Forage. You look for growing foods, i.e. grains or berries. This is a Search, Survival or Inquiry test. On a success, you find 1 meal's worth of food.
2) Hunt. You go looking for animals to catch and kill. This is an Awareness or Search test, followed by a WS or BS (if you have a ranged weapon with ammo) test. Opposed Agility tests may be required for particularly fast animals- Silent Move and Concealment are also appropriate. Using Survival to set up snares is also handy. The amount of meals you can gather from any one animal depends on its size.
3) Fish. You go fishing. This requires a Search or Survival test to find a stream inland, but this is automatically passed on a coastal square. Once a source of fish has been found, you test Strength or Toughness. You take a -20 penalty without the appropriate tools.
4) Gather fresh water. This requires a Search or Survival test to find a clear stream or spring. You must have some way of carrying the water if you intend to drink it later.
5) Gather resources. This is a Search test depending on the sort of resource you want to find, with trees being an automatic success, whilst a certain type of flower would impose penalties.

1) You require 1 meal a day.
2) You require 1 litre of water per 5 hours of daylight travel. If you do not do any travel your require 1 litre anyway.
3) You require warmth and appropriate shelter at night.

Every time you fail to accommodate one of these requirements, you must test Toughness or Willpower or take a level of fatigue. You receive a -10 cumulative penalty if you fail to accommodate a particular requirement more than once.

This fatigue can be removed by satisfying all of the requirements for a day and resting.

1) Food uneaten for three days becomes spoiled.
2) Water drunk before it is boiled has a chance to make the drinker sick- test Toughness+20.
3) Meat that is eaten before being cooked has a chance of making the eater sick- test Toughness+20.

When you enter an unexplored square, there is a chance you could trigger an Event!

Events are broken up into ten categories, determined with a 1d10. Category 1 is the most beneficent, whilst Category 10 is actively dangerous. All events fall in between these two scopes.

C1: Saving Finds

Roll Name Effect
1 Food Bounty This area is exceedingly rich with food- if you pass a food-finding test here, you gain 1 extra meal per degree of success.
2 Pure Water This area is home to perfectly healthy water that can be drunk without being boiled.
3 Snug Cave This area is home to a surprisingly hospitable cave that can keep people out of the rain more reliably than a tent, and keep the warmth in.
4 Fire Wood This area is home to an easily tapped source of firewood, either from fallen trees or the like. Wood can be gathered from this area without having to cut down trees.
5 Watering Hole This area is a refuge for animals, and any tests to find animals in this area takes a +20 bonus.
6 Swell of Fish This area is home to both a pool of water and a rich source of fish. Fishing tests here take a +20 bonus.
7 Solid Stone This area is home to easily usable sources of stone that can be used to create tools. +20 bonus to toolmaking with stone taken from this area.
8 Healing Herb This area is home to an amazing herb that can soothe and heal weariness and wounds. Gain 1d5-1 (min 1) amounts of Healing Herb, that can be ingested to remove 1 level of fatigue or 1d5 wounds (or 2 levels and 1d10 wounds if prepared with water first).
9 Repellent This area is home to some sort of repellent- either a foul-smelling gunk or the like- that repels animals. -20 to Hunting tests, but reroll any Event die that brings up the 'dangerous predators' result.
10 Land of Plenty This area is overflowing with resources of all kinds. +10 bonus to all tests to find food, water, resources etc.
11 Coal You find 1d5 kg of coal, which can be used to create extremely hot fires.
12 Salt You find 1d5 kg of salt, which can be used to preserve meat for a week.
13 Obsidian You find sharp and solid obsidian, which is hard to work with (-10 penalty to crafting tests) but creates weapons with +1 bonuses to damage and pen.
14 Iron Ore You find chunks of iron ore, which will need to be smelted, but provide you with 1d5 kg of iron to use for tools.
15 Gentle Land You find a land that is suited to rest and relaxation- the air is sweeter, the grass greener. Doubles healing rate for anyone who rests within it, and offers +10 to medicae tests.

C2: Prey Animals (roll on this chart when succeeding at hunting, as well)

Roll Name Effect
1 Mouse You find 1d5 Mice. You need five mice to make 1 meal.
2 Rat You find 1d2 rats, which will no doubt delight Yanmei. You need two rats to make 1 meal.
3 Bunny Rabbit You find a rabbit. Rabbits require an opposed Agility test to catch first, but if caught unawares are almost certain to become prey. 1 rabbit equals 1 meal. +10 to concealment/silent move rolls.
4 Game Turkey You find a turkey, an easily-caught flightless bird. 1 Turkey equals 1 meal.
5 Pheasant You find 1d5 pheasants, which require a ranged weapon and a -10 BS test to catch each. 1 pheasant equals 1 meal.
6 Beaver You find 1d2 beavers and a fresh water river. Beavers can be caught with an opposed Agility -10, or an Opposed Swim. Beaver fur can also be used to create warm clothes… If you're willing to do so.
7 Wild Boar You find a delicious, delicious wild boar. Wild boar require an opposed Agility +20 test to catch, then must be beaten into submission. By nature, wild boars are dangerous and are likely to fight back. 1 Wild boar equals 3 meals.
8 Goose You find a goose, which make for good eating. Geese require a BS test and a ranged weapon to catch and provide 2 meals.
9 Elk You find the king of all game creatures, an elk. Elk require an opposed Agility test to catch, or a BS test with a ranged weapon; they provide 4 meals.
10 Fair Game Roll again on the chart. You find the encounter twice (i.e. if you roll #3, you find 2 instances of running into a rabbit, not two rabbits at once)

C3: Interesting Sights (Record all interesting sights down for later)

Roll Name Effect
1 A grave Wasn't this island supposed to be uninhabited…? Can be checked for discerning details.
2 A graveyard A -yard- of -graves-! Possibly haunted… Can be checked for discerning details.
3 A strange clearing Something about this clearing just feels artificial… Can be checked for discerning details.
4 Mouldering huts You find shards and collections of broken, mouldering huts. Can be checked for discerning details and possibly items.
5 Stone huts You find a collection of stone huts, uninhabited for reasons unknown. Roll a 1d10. On a 3 or less, the huts are undamaged… Can be checked for discerning details or items.
6 Stone Dais You find a raised stone dais. Roll a 1d10. On a 1-5, it's the foundations for a now-vanished building. On a 6-10, it is deliberately a stone dais with certain other details as determined then and there. Can be checked for discerning details or items.
7 Shipwreck (Coastal only) You find a large shipwreck! Amazing. Roll a 1d10. On a 1-3, it hasn't been overly looted by treasure hunters or animals. Can be checked for discerning details or items.
8 Engraved Pillar You find an ornate and well-preserved pillar covered in ancient writings. Can be checked for discerning details.
9 Art Cave You find a cave where the walls are daubed with well-preserved ancient paintings. Can be checked for discerning details.
10 Waterfall You find a beautiful waterfall flowing over a cliff side.

C4: Helpful Items

Roll Name Effect
1 Stone shard A brittle stone shard. Not much good for hunting, but can be used as a chopping or scraping tool. 2 uses before it breaks apart. May count as an improvised weapon.
2 Vines Can be used as rope to tie things together but they aren't very durable. Lasts for one day, with continuous strain. May freely support 4kg without falling apart.
3 Magnifying Glass A shard or piece of glass that can focus sunlight and set wood alight. Can create fires without matches, but only works in good weather. Furthermore, it's a time consuming process and takes 1 hour to use.
4 Clay A handful of clay that can be used once as an adhesive or a bug repellent. Rendered useless if it rains.
5 Pot A hardened clay pot that can be carried with ease and holds 2kg of solids or 2 litres of liquid.
6 Stone Shovel An old but useful stone shovel that can be used to dig holes.
7 Stone Axe An old but useful stone axe that can be used to cut trees and other things; also useful as a weapon.
8 Sling A handy and surprisingly sturdy leather sling that can be used to throw stones as a weak ranged weapon.
9 Fur clothes a set of surprisingly well-preserved fur clothes that can keep you warm at night.
10 Bronze Knife A sharp cutting knife made of bronze, handy as a weapon and general implement.
11 Bronze Cuirass A tough chest-plate made of bronze.
12 Bronze Greaves Bronze leggings to cover the legs.
13 Bronze gauntlets Bronze gauntlets to cover the arms.
14 Bronze helmet A slightly ill-fitting but workable bronze helmet.
15 Fishing net You find a fishing net made of old but still handy twine. Gain an extra fish per degree of success.

C5: Give-or-Take Events

Roll Name Effect
1 Rain A rain sets in for the day. Can gather water freely, but unable to create fire in an uncovered area.
2 Dead Animal You find a dead animal. Roll on the Prey Animals chart; you can gather meat from this animal, but if eaten uncooked, imposes a -30 test instead of a -20 test; if eaten cooked, requires a flat test.
3 Friendly Animal You find an animal that is surprisingly eager to please. Can be killed and eaten, but with a +30 Wrangling test can be tamed and provide bonuses. Wrangling test will be done in secret; if it fails, the animal will seem to be tamed, but will run and steal something from you at the worst possible moment.
4 Fearless Fauna The animals on the island suddenly no longer fear humans. No longer need to chase animals down to hunt them; however, there's a significant possibility that you'll be attacked by the island's inhabitants. Whenever you are in a situation where you roll on the Prey Animals chart, you roll a 1d2; if you roll a 2, you roll on the Predator Animals chart instead.
5 Heat wave The island suddenly heats up for 1d5 days. No need to keep warm at night; however, if you travel more than 4km, you must test Toughness or take a level of fatigue.
6 Mating Season It's mating season! Hunting now automatically succeeds to find animals; however, those animals are now treated as being berserk.
7 Flowering The flowers and plants are blooming and the amount of foraged food has sharply increased! For 1d5 days, +20 to all tests to find foraged food; however, there is a 15% chance, rolled secretly, that the food you gather will be poisonous in some way.
8 Adorable Baby Animal You find a lost adorable baby animal, rolled from the Predators list. The animal seems to bring good luck; whomever has possession of the baby animal, when rolling tests, roll twice and take the preferred result. However, after 1d5 days pass, the mother will come looking…
9 Dense Forest This square is covered in a dense forest, teeming with life. All food-gathering, hunting and water gathering tests receive a +20; however, you must make a Navigation or Survival check when leaving the square or become hopelessly lost, moving at max speed for an hour in a random direction.
10 Attack of the Apex Predator A predator is at work on the island, driving the local wildlife mad with fear; all hunting tests to find animals automatically succeed. However, any time you roll on the Predator chart, add a +2 to your result.
11 Hey, that's mine! You find an old lost item… Guarded by 1d3 monkeys. Roll a 1d10. On a 4 or less, the monkeys are armed with guns.

C6: Poor Environments

Roll Name Effect
1 Difficult Terrain (Only on first entry) The terrain here is rough and uneven. The square counts as 2 km for purposes of traversing it. Furthermore, roll a 1d100 vs 50 for every square around it. On a failure, that square also counts as 2 km for purposes of traversing it.
2 Impassible Terrain (Only on first entry) Sheer cliffs, twisty forests or some other geographical nightmare keeps you from continuing on. Draw a border around this square in every direction except the way you came; you cannot pass over this border.
3 Great River (Only on first entry) A massive river bars your way- it covers more than 1 square, and the squares it does cover will be randomly generated when discovered. The river requires a swim test to pass (or some way to ford it) but also offers a permanent source of water.
4 Barren (Only on First Entry) The square is scarce in animals or edible plants, or even water; no water or food can be found here.
5 Predator's Territory (Only on First Entry) You stumble across a predator's hunting ground- roll on the Predator list. Whatever the result, you now encounter 1d5 of them.
6 Everything looks alike! You're snared in terrible, confusing terrain and get lost. You lose all of your remaining kilometres in this hour; if you have no km left, you lose a full hour instead.
7 Impenetrable Thicket The area is full of places to hide, and finding anything in this place is a chore. -20 to all search tests.
8 Rough terrain The area is rough. Take an agility test; if you fail, take 1 level of fatigue as you slip.
9 Dangerous terrain The area is naturally dangerous. Take an agility test; if you fail, take 1d10I damage ignoring AP as you slip and fall.
10 Lethal terrain The area is utterly lethal. Take an agility test; if you fail, take 1d7 critical damage (ignoring AP and Toughness) to a random body part as you slip and fall in a bad way.

C7: Pests!

Roll Name Effect
1 Foraging Animals (Once a day) An animal gets into your foraged food stores and steals 1d5 foraged meals from you or from camp.
2 Necrophage! (Once a day) An animal gets into your meat stores and steals 1d5 hunted meals from you or from camp.
3 Accursed Monkey! (Once a day) A monkey steals a random tool from you. If you do not have any items, then this event happens to your fellows. If they do not have any items, the items are taken from camp.
4 Thirsty Animal (Once a day) An animal steals one water container from you or from camp.
5 Bloody Insects! Insects buzz around you, biting you and irritating you. -10 to all tests, and you test toughness or take 1 level of fatigue.
6 Where did the wood go? (Once a day) An animal or collection of animals sneaks into camp and steals all 1d5 units of stockpiled wood.
7 Beware the two-legs! (Once a day) Word spreads of your existence. All tests to find animals for hunting takes a -30 penalty.
8 Who's been fishing? (Once a day) Someone has gotten to the fish before you. Any attempts to fish today take a -30 penalty.
9 Bloody Insects! Part deux (Once a day) Insects attack you and all your friends, but now they're even worse. -20 to all tests, and you test toughness -10 or take 1 level of fatigue.
10 Plague of Rats (Once a day) Rats rush your camp and eat all of your food and ruin every container.

C8: Disasters (Once a week, global effect)

Roll Name Effect
1 Storm A heavy storm plagues the island. For the first day, all movement is halved and for every hour spent without adequate cover, you test Toughness or take a level of fatigue. Wood remains damp for the next three days.
2 Drought For some reason, water becomes hard to find and the island seems that much drier. Attempts to find water or foraged food take a -20 penalty for 1 week. (Flood and Drought cannot happen together)
3 Flood Heavy rains and water surges causes flooding to devastate the island. For the entire week, movement is halved and any Great Rivers expand to all adjacent squares. +20 bonus to finding water, however. (Flood and Drought cannot happen together)
4 Cyclone A devastating cyclone lashes the island for a week, causing the Storm and Flood disasters together. Furthermore, test agility every hour or be knocked down, taking a level of fatigue.
5 Wildfire A voracious wildfire rips across the island, starting in the square where the player triggered it. Attempting to pass through a wildfire square is extremely dangerous and requires an agility-20 test or take 1d20 (ignores TB and AP) energy wounds. Burned squares cannot be used.
6 Illness An illness spreads amongst the pilots, lasting 1 day. Everyone tests toughness; on a failure they take a -20 to all tests, 1d5 fatigue and take a level of fatigue for every km they move.
7 Earthquake An earthquake shakes the island, causing disruption amongst animals. For 1d3 days, all hunting tests are a -20; furthermore, when Earthquake is triggered, all pilots must test roll a 1d3, with the results corresponding to #8, #9 and #10 of the Poor Environments chart.
8 Blizzard A wintry push of air disrupts the delicate balance of the island, unleashing a blizzard upon the land. For 1d3 days, all squares count as 3km each, and to keep warm at night you need a consistently stoked fire and proper shelter, not a tent.
9 Tornado A tornado rips through the island, smashing trees and ruining the area. There is a 10% chance of everything in your camp being destroyed; furthermore, for 1 day afterwards, every square you enter counts as having the Rough Terrain trait.
10 Tsunami A mighty tsunami floods the coast. Anything on the coast is washed to sea; if this includes a pilot, they must make an agility-10 test or take 1d7 critical damage.

C9: Unnatural Events (Once a day)

Roll Name Effect
1 Disorder Roll Willpower. If you fail, for the remainder of the trip you possess a new, minor disorder.
2 Disorder Trigger Roll Willpower. On a fail, the PC in question has their disorder(s) triggered.
3 Poltergeist…? Random objects start to go missing. At the start of the next day, roll a 1d10. On a 3 or less, a random item from camp is either gone or destroyed…
4 Bizarre Animal You encounter an animal that seems just like any other animal, except for one thing that just seems… Off. Roll a 1d2. On a 1, you roll on the Prey chart; on a 2, you roll on the Predator chart. Roll to determine the animal in question, then roll a 1d5. On a 1, they have Unnatural Strength; on a 2, they have Unnatural Toughness; on a 3, they have Unnatural Speed; on a 4, Unnatural Senses; and on a 5, they seem intent on killing the person who triggered them and will chase them until either its target, or it, are dead.
5 Forest Shadows Test Willpower. On a failure the forest seems to close in on you, sending you walking in aimless directions and getting you absolutely lost. You appear on a random square in the Island at the end of the day.
6 Evil Scent The area all around you is full of an unnatural perfume. Test willpower; on a failure you lie down and go to sleep for 1d8 hours. Who knows what could happen…?
7 Hostility The square just seems to reject you. Shadows are areas of danger, trees leer at you, the ground beneath you seems to be -alive-… Test willpower. On a failure, an hour passes; you take a -10 penalty to all tests for the rest of the day and find yourself shunted off the square- probably because you can't stand being there anymore.
8 Iron Guard! This island is not as safe as thought. An Iron Guard has infiltrated the island…
9 Angel Spawn This island is not as safe as thought. An Angelspawn stalks through the foliage…
10 Angel This island is incredibly dangerous. You come across an Angel…!

C10: Predators

Roll Name Effect
1 Eagle You gain the angry attentions of an eagle.
2 Snake You've angered a powerful and poisonous snake.
3 Wolverine You've earned the wrath of an infamously persistent wolverine.
4 Wild Dog You encounter one of the island's wild dogs, who is quite willing to demonstrate the wild part…
5 Wolf You encounter a true predator; a wolf.
6 Lynx A big cat, beautiful, majestic, hungry for man-flesh.
7 Monkey with a Gun Monkeys are not native to the island. Neither are guns. And yet here it is. A monkey with a semi-auto pistol.
8 Wolfpack You encounter 1d5 wolves, and they encounter lunch.
9 Infuriated Swan You encounter an infuriated swan. It knows no fear nor remorse.
10 Brown Bear You encounter a terrifying brown bear…
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