Ambroise Dupont
Name: Ambroise Dupont
Position: Mayor of Paris-2
Sex: Male
Age: 67 (Born 1950)
Nationality: French
Place of Residence: Paris-2 1e Arrondissement (Mayor's Hall)

Physical Details
Hair colour: White
Eye colour: Grey
Height: 5'5.5" (166.2cm)
Build: Portly

Personal Details
"Well, now. I mean, the Evangelions -are- a newfangled, dangerous, even intimidating thing, of course! But I have always held that sometimes we need to find new ways to protect our old ways, don't you think?"

The kind, portly old grandfather of Paris-2, Mayor Dupont seems like the sort of man who belongs to a bygone era. An era when Second Impact wasn't even dreamed of, when the wise were respected, the leaders of the people were upright gentlemen, and everything worked. Indeed, Mayor Dupont brings this feeling with him- applying a touch of old class to his administration. He's such a trustworthy, cuddly chap after all.

The truth of course is rather different. Mayor Dupont is a remarkably shrewd and cunning politician, who has more or less invented a comfortable persona and coupled it with an actually rather effective, efficient administration. That he has clandestinely paved his road to success on the metaphorical bodies of his opponents is merely a regrettable, but necessary, side effect.

The real truth, hidden even to the Mayor, of course, is that despite his belief in being a self-made man, Mayor Dupont was only elected due to the MAGI's intense manipulation of political events to ensure his election. He is, in a sense, an indirect NERV puppet, yet nevertheless contains a degree of actual power.

The Mayor approached Sera de Pteres after the Press Conference in the wake of the Gazardiel battle, offering the boy some political aid.

Ch.   Rating  Bonus
WS:     25    2                
BS:     25    2        
S:      30    3                
T:      30    3        
Ag:     30    3                
Int:    30    3        
Per:    30    3                
WP:     30    3        
Fel:    40    4 

Wounds: 9

==Basic Skills==
Deceive, Charm, Inquiry, 

==Advanced Skills==
Blather, Speak Language (English), Literacy, Speak Language (French)

Peer (Paris-2 Local Government), Master Orator
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