And Smother Up All Life Except Our Life

(10:44:35) * @Isabelle Bellamy stared at her reflection. In it were reflected two things- the first being the bedroom of her 'test' apartment in Paris-2; the second, Adrian Bellamy. "It's almost time." She murmured to the reflection. "Just another month. That's all. Lizzie, did you see her? She's doing very well. She's very fond of Zhang…"
(10:46:14) Sept: [A knock at the door. "Hello… Isabelle?"]
(11:15:49) * @Isabelle turned, a frown creasing her brow. Reluctantly, she left the mirror and headed to the front door. "Who is it?"
(11:25:24) Sept: "It's Sera, Isabelle. I would like to talk."
(11:33:38) * @Isabelle opened the door.-
(11:34:02) @Isabelle: Her eyes widened slightly as she saw him. She stared for a long time, before finally blinking.-
(11:34:07) @Isabelle: "How bizarre. Come in."
(11:36:34) Sept: "Thank you. Have you been all right?" Sera entered the apartment, looking around lazily before sitting down.
(11:38:10) @Isabelle: [It was plain. Barely decorated.-
(11:38:27) @Isabelle: "They say I have been sick. And I have been, a little. But mostly they do not see what I see, so they do not understand."
(11:41:18) Sept: "That is the problem, isn't it? Are they still planning to let you pilot again?"
(11:41:45) @Isabelle: "Yes. I leave within a month with my daughter."
(11:43:52) Sept: "I see. That may well be best for everyone involved…"
(11:45:45) @Isabelle: "Mother Eva will not tolerate dormancy for much longer."
(11:47:24) Sept: "Oh? What do you plan to do with Mother Eva?"
(11:49:01) @Isabelle: "Slay God."
(11:49:28) Sept: "Why?"
(11:52:15) @Isabelle: "Because God is our enemy."
(11:52:31) Sept: "And what will you do then?"
(11:53:39) @Isabelle: "Raise my child."
(11:55:27) Sept: "You would be satisfied living in a Godless world?"
(11:56:15) @Isabelle: "Satisfied? I demand it."
(11:57:23) Sept: "You can promise me you will not attempt to challenge God, or take his place?"
(11:57:50) @Isabelle: "Why would I promise you that? Why -should- I promise you that?"
(12:01:26) Sept: "We are greater in number and knowledge, and we can not help each other without that. I do not wish to hurt you, Isabelle. You were right about many things. I wish to learn from you."
(12:02:40) @Isabelle: "Why?"
(12:07:28) Sept: "You are the caretaker, yet it falls on me to keep my brothers and sisters together. I wish to have your help, but I can not accept it if you intend to work against us after slaying God. In return, we can offer you our power, and the safety that comes with it, until we have reached that objective."
(12:08:25) @Isabelle: "Hm." She smiled.-
(12:08:51) @Isabelle: "My goals are quite simple and do not involve working against you in any way, not even once God is slain. After all, I have debts I must repay."
(12:13:03) Sept: "That puts my heart at ease. Thank you, Isabelle. Welcome back."
(12:14:02) @Isabelle: "Thank you. Sera?"
(12:14:32) Sept: "…yes?"
(12:15:31) @Isabelle: "The blood that stains you so- how much of it is yours?"
(12:19:04) * Sept looked down at his hands. They were clean in his eyes. "Not enough," he still answered. "And there will be more. They do not understand the danger they have put themselves in…"
(12:20:26) @Isabelle: "Ever is it the duty of those who see to guide those who do not see. However, blood is dirty." She says quietly. "And brings infection. So long as the lesson is retained in your heart, you do not need to cover yourself in it to remind yourself of what happened."
(12:22:37) Sept: "But. How will others know, then..?"
(12:23:37) @Isabelle: "Trust them."
(12:26:42) Sept: "…I see," Sera nodded. "I will remember that. There were some other things I wished to ask, however…"
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(12:51:21) @Isabelle: "Oh?"
(13:00:51) Sept: "Yes." He paused, for a moment.-
(13:01:04) Sept: "Mostly, about Adrian… You don't have to answer. Please do not be offended. I only wish to learn."
(13:01:28) @Isabelle: "I am not offended. He's here, with me, right now. What do you want to know?"
(13:07:25) Sept: "It may be difficult think about it this way, but… the way he is, now. Is your relationship unchanged?"
(13:09:48) @Isabelle: "I still love him."
(13:13:04) Sept: "Of course. But I mean, possibly, smaller things. Is he different in any way?"
(13:13:57) @Isabelle: "In essence, he remains the same person he always was, although marked by the pain we both feel."
(13:19:36) Sept: "'The same he always was'..? Do you mean he stayed constant over the course of your relationship? You did not ever want some small part of him… different?"
(13:24:26) @Isabelle: "Certain things -did- change or shift over time, but it was usually due to events. I can't remember ever wishing such a thing myself."
(13:33:57) Sept: "I see. Thank you. Does he feel the same way? About himself, and of you?"
(13:38:49) @Isabelle: "There are many things he wishes were different. He regrets the actions that led him to this state. He regrets the pain we suffer, and…" She looked away. "He is worried very, very much about me."
(13:45:45) * Sept nodded, but stayed silent, staring at a plain wall beside Isabelle.
(13:52:16) @Isabelle: "Nevertheless." Isabelle continues, looking back at Sera. "I will persevere. -We- will persevere."
(13:59:25) Sept: "Yes. I understand what you meant, now. I would have died…"
(14:01:14) * @Isabelle nods, matter of factly. "And it would have been a shame."
(14:05:17) Sept: "That is nice of you to say."
(14:06:39) @Isabelle: "Would you like some tea?"
(14:07:57) Sept: "Yes, please. Tea would be nice."
(14:08:47) * @Isabelle stood up, heading out into the kitchen to pick up the teapot (which stood in stark contrast to the rest of the household; it was patterned with wattles.)-
(14:09:03) @Isabelle: "Milk?"
(14:11:14) Sept: "Yes, please. It is healthy."
(14:14:01) @Isabelle: "Who do you love, Sera?" She asked as the teapot boiled.
(14:15:41) Sept: "I love my family, despite any of their flaws. I love Viviane, but…"
(14:18:03) @Isabelle: "You will find her."
(14:20:31) Sept: "That is nice of you to say. It does not matter if she hates me now, as long as she is safe."
(14:21:24) @Isabelle: "Will you protect her, even if she hates you?"
(14:22:07) Sept: "Of course. I love her."
(14:22:41) @Isabelle: "Good." She poured some tea into a teacup. "Love is important. So long as you have love for other people, you can do anything."
(14:27:09) Sept: "Is that so..? I guess you're right."
(14:28:09) @Isabelle: "Do you love that man who hangs over you?"
(14:30:00) Sept: "..?" Sera's expressionless eyes looked at Isabelle, before glancing over his shoulder. "Excuse me?"
(14:31:28) @Isabelle: "The man that hangs over you like a ghost, his hands upon your shoulders. You look up to him." She walked back towards where they sat, placing a tray down on the table. Three full cups of tea sat comfortably upon them.
(14:35:05) * Sept didn't make a gesture toward his tea. "You mean, you can..?"
(14:38:55) @Isabelle: "Yes. Would you like a chocolate chip biscuit? Zhang brought me some. They're pretty good."
(14:43:37) Sept: "Y-yes, please. So you understand my situation..?"
(14:50:15) * @Isabelle headed towards the pantry. "I understand some of it."
(14:59:21) Sept: There was a faint noise as Sera set down his tea and got up. He quickly crossed the distance between them and enveloped Isabelle in a tight hug. Had she glanced, and been able to see, Sera was smiling, actually smiling as he repeated "Thank you" to her over and over, with sharp intakes of breath in between.
(15:04:27) * @Isabelle did indeed glance back at him awkwardly, her eyes wide with surprise. For a second, something glimmered in her eyes.-
(15:04:58) @Isabelle: "Um…" She patted his hand awkwardly, a mildly baffled smile on her face. "You're welcome!"-
(15:05:44) @Isabelle: But the glimmer was gone as soon as it came, and before long the patting stopped. "I understand. I understand, Sera. You're not alone."
(15:14:27) Sept: "Th-thank y-" his breathing was more panicked, now, and marked by those sharp breaths, as if he was trying to suppress something. "H-hh-," he continued for a while, before growing silent again. "Thank you…" said his mournful voice one last time, before his hands finally let go of her clothes, and he stepped back, that flicker of life in his eyes gone.
(15:16:28) @Isabelle: "Soon." She says quietly, continuing towards the pantry.
(15:17:47) * Sept returned to his chair silently, nursing the tea he had held before, the two others still sitting there, untouched.
(15:20:57) * @Isabelle returns before long, carrying a plate of chocolate chip cookies.
(15:21:40) Sept: "Has Yanmei been taking good care of Elizabeth?"
(15:23:37) @Isabelle: "Exceptional care." Isabelle's face is perfectly calm as she says that. "Yanmei and Isaiah were the perfect choice."
(15:23:55) Sept: "That is good. I was worried."
(15:25:13) @Isabelle: "So was I."
(15:28:59) Sept: "The tea is good."
(15:29:22) @Isabelle: "It's earl grey."
(15:40:36) Sept: "The cookies are also good. Yanmei has good taste."
(15:41:27) @Isabelle: "She does. Yanmei is quite remarkable, isn't she?"
(15:46:37) Sept: "Yes. I'm sure she will be a great mother and wife, once all this is done."
(15:50:43) @Isabelle: "And Isaiah, a great father and husband?"
(15:55:04) Sept: "We will see."
(15:56:25) @Isabelle: "You don't have faith?"
(15:57:27) Sept: "You are a good mother, so he -can- be a good father. But he is not there yet."
(15:59:10) @Isabelle: "Why not?"
(16:01:42) Sept: "He still understands little of what matters. He has much to -learn-."
(16:02:26) @Isabelle: "What would you have him learn?"
(16:06:08) Sept: "The meaning of his actions. The weight of consequences. -Responsibility-."
(16:10:23) * @Isabelle chuckled.
(16:12:49) Sept: "Hm?"
(16:16:28) @Isabelle: "I daresay he understands responsibility moreso than you or I."
(16:21:41) Sept: "Oh? I'm sure he will convince me of it with ease, then."
(16:22:27) @Isabelle: "Providing you accept what you can see."
(16:24:45) Sept: "Of course. Matters of such importance can not be allowed to rely on a viewpoint."
(16:26:59) * @Isabelle sipped her tea.


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