And Then My Blood Rushed To My Face And Took My Eyesight Qui

[10:09] <Misato‘> [The trip across the Atlantic had taken A solid nine hours. It was a quiet trip, all told; Suzanne seemed to be trembling with excitement for most of the trip, and despite actually trying at some point, failed to sleep at all- the story was rather different with Rei, who had alternated between watching television, eating mediocre airplane food, and taking her catnaps.-
[10:09] <Misato`> [As the plane pulled into Logan International Airport, the chime of the plane’s speakers stirred Rei out of her rest- she looked up, blinking, before turning to Raphael. "Raffy-kun, are we here? Do I look ok?"]
[10:15] * Raphael smiles over at Rei for a moment, before reaching over and clearing a little bit of sleep out of her eye with his thumb. "You look fine, little one." He says as the rest of the passengers begin to fill the aisles.
[10:24] <Misato‘> ["Thank you, Raffy-kun." She says, with relief.-
[10:24] <Misato`> ["Hehehe. Reirei is all excited about meeting her Alli-chanchan~"-
[10:25] <Misato`> [Rei shot Suzanne a look, blushing red as she did so. "They’re starting to file out now- we should go too."-
[10:28] <Misato‘> [The flight attendants were quick to help Suzanne with her transport needs, and before long the three of them would be up and out of the gate. They had only 25 minutes until the connecting flight to Japan left. Rei was looking fretfully around as they left the gates…-
[10:28] <Misato`> [Collected their bags…-
[10:28] <Misato`> [Bought Suzanne six hash browns from a nearby fast food outlet…-
[10:29] <Misato`> [… And arrived at their new gate. So much so that she actually missed Alphonse, standing near a pillar, reading a book.]
[10:33] * Raphael did not have the extra degree of difficulty that came with being a fretful, lovesick teenager, however, and managed to shift all the bags to his other hand in time to tap Rei on the shoulder before she walked right past. Once she turns he nods in the boy’s direction.
[10:38] <Misato‘> ["-?" She turns and looks at him, then over at Alphonse- and she doesn’t quite sprint to him, but nevertheless there is something very speedy about her gait as she walks over to him. "Al-chan~" She says happily.-
[10:39] <Misato‘> [He looks up, blinking- then a warm smile spreads across his face. He closes his book up. "Hi, Reirei. How was your flight?"-
[10:39] <Misato`> ["It was really nice!" Says Rei breathlessly. "Um, Raffy-kun’s here-" She steps aside and gestures towards him.-
[10:39] <Misato‘> ["Ah, Sir Guillory. Good to see you again."-
[10:39] <Misato`> [Suzanne is simply smirking as she nibbles on a hash brown.]
[10:42] * Raphael simply nods, utterly straight-faced in comparison to Suzanne as he stands back and lets the two have their moment. "And you, Captain."
[10:46] <Misato`> [Alphonse nods in return before looking back at Rei. "I’m glad to see you're still looking your best." He says kindly. He shoots a nervous glance at Suzanne before lowering his voice a little. "I missed you."-
[10:47] <Misato‘> ["I missed you too." Says Rei bashfully, her hands clasped together. Her bag lies forgotten at Raphael’s side. "It's been a little lonely at home without you."-
[10:47] <Misato‘> ["Tell me about it." Says Alphonse, smiling. "The past few months have been rather painful-"-
[10:48] <Misato`> [There was the announcement- the announcement that their flight was now boarding. But neither of them seemed to have noticed.]
[10:52] * Raphael clears his throat as he leans down to add Rei’s bag to his growing collection - years of practice in command seem to have granted the action the unique ability to cut across the numbing white noise of hundreds of airport patrons. "We have to go, you two. You can talk on the plane, hmm?"-
[10:53] <Raphael> Special arrangements had been made to get Rei and Alphonse a seperate seat two rows back from Raphael and Suzanne's on the connecting flight to Japan, at Raphael's insistence.
[10:56] <Misato‘> [Alphonse gave Raphael a grateful look as they boarded before the two of them vanished.-
[10:56] <Misato`> ["This sure is going to be a long flight." Said Suzie, settling into her seat. "I wonder if they’ll start smooching before then~"]
[11:01] <Raphael> "They'd better not. Kissing leads to marriage and children, I'm told."
[11:05] <Misato‘> ["But that’d be fun!" Protests Suzie. "I'd be able to wear a pretty dress and everything."-
[11:06] <Misato‘> [The flight took a further twelve hours, and they were long hours.After a connection in Seattle they progressed west across the Pacific.-
[11:06] <Misato`> [Suzanne’s bounciness rapidly evaporated after fifteen straight waking hours, and she promptly passed out, leaving Raphael alone.-
[11:07] <Misato‘> [She wasn’t alone. If he'd had the chance to check- either to go to the toilet or just to see how they were going- he'd find Alphonse and Rei both sound asleep, Rei's head on his shoulder- and his head on her's.-
[11:08] <Misato‘> [By the time the plane touched down in Tokyo-2, it was 1 PM- they’d left at 8, travelling against the sun.]
[11:17] * Raphael had taken a brief nap shortly after Suzanne had passed out - somewhere around hour 15 - but he was wide awake again by the time they reached Japan, an assortment of tiny bottles of airline vodka had been stolen away from his tray table shortly before descent. So it was left to him to gently shake Suzie awake, one hand on her shoulder. "Come on, hon. We're here."
[11:20] <Misato‘> ["Muh." Suzie rubbed at her eyes groggily, looking up at Raphael blearily- and catching sight of the sunlit airport outside. "S’daytime…"]
[11:22] <Raphael> "It is." Raphael murmured agreeably, craning his neck over the chair to check on Rei and Alphonse. "Long plane flights will do that to you."
[11:24] <Misato‘> [They were still asleep- or at least, Alphonse was. As the chime went over, Rei’s eyes flickered upon, but it seemed as though she preferred to simply enjoy the moment for a bit before reluctantly shaking Alphonse awake.-
[11:27] <Misato‘> [And thus a few minutes later, Raphael, Suzanne, Rei and Alphonse would be up and out the gate, through immigrations- and on Japanese soil.]
[11:30] <Raphael> There was no frantic glancing around this time, though. Absolutely not. It was the slow, reserved searching one reserved for looking for a colleague as they head towards the baggage carousel.
[11:33] <Misato`> [Alphonse had headed quickly off somewhere, because Rei had admitted to being hungry, and Alphonse was nothing if not a gentleman.-
[11:34] <Misato`> [However, despite Raphael’s no doubt measured searching, he'd receive a tap on the shoulder from Rei, who politely pointed him in a certain direction.-
[11:36] <Misato‘> [And there, leaning casually against a banister near the carousel, dressed in a neat black miniskirt, black high-collared top and bright red jacket, wearing sunglasses and a smile, was one Misato Katsuragi.]
[11:45] * Raphael (Calmly) follows Rei’s finger, and let's out a cough. "A-ah… uh, thank you, Rei." He mumbles, shooting the girl a smile before taking a few steps closer. "Hello there, Captain."
[11:47] * Misato‘ reaches up, taking off her sunglasses. "Hello to you too, Group Captain." Her smile grows a little brighter. "How was the flight?"
[11:50] <Raphael> "Pretty quiet once Suzanne managed to get to sleep. I’m happy for the chance to stretch my legs, though."
[11:51] <Misato‘> "I’m sure you are." She says playfully. "I'm a little surprised it was quiet, though. All those cute stewardesses- I thought a playboy like yourself would be right at home."
[11:54] <Raphael> "Well, I suppose there was one…"
[11:56] <Misato‘> "W-What?" The comment takes Misato by surprise, her eyes growing wide for a moment. "Raphael, I don’t believe you-!"
[11:56] <Raphael> "Joking, Misato."
[12:11] <Misato‘> "Oh." She glowered for a second before trying to laugh it off. "H-Heh. Heh heh heh."-
[12:12] <Misato`> ["Hi, Misa-bachan~" Rei and Suzie had come over now to say hello, Rei smiling brightly and Suzie grinning. "Hi, Miss Misato~"-
[12:12] <Misato`> "Heeey~ If it isn’t little Reirei and Suzie." She patted Suzanne on the head, reaching into her pocket and dropping a box of Japanese chocolate into her lap. "I thought I'd bring you a little treat~"-
[12:13] <Misato‘> ["Ooh! Thanks, Miss Misato!"-
[12:13] <Misato`> "You’re welcome." Chuckles Misato, looking up at Rei. "So~ Where's this ~special guest~ of yours, huh? I'm dying to meet him."-
[12:13] <Misato‘> ["Oh, he’s off finding lunch." Says Rei cheerfully.]
[12:16] <Raphael> "…" Raphael's eyes widen slightly as the realization hits. "Wait, Rei, you didn't tell her about…?"
[12:18] <Misato‘> [It was at that moment that Alphonse returned, bearing a box of hot chips. There was an evil gleam in his eye as he looked at Misato. "Hello, Captain."-
[12:19] <Misato`> [Raphael could see Misato’s face and emotions change in real time, as they went from broad smile to a sort of slackjawed surprise- then her eyes narrowed, a vein throbbing in her forehead. "C-captain Wellesley! What… What a surprise. Heh. Heh."-
[12:19] <Misato‘> [Rei turned to Raphael. "I wanted it to be a surprise." She said innocently.]
[12:22] * Raphael eyes Misato with a look of worry. "I… think you achieved that, Rei."
[12:23] <Misato`> [Rei simply beams.-
[12:25] <Misato`> "Well!" Misato smiles, but it’s clearly a smile that serves only to hide her shock. "Well. Let's… let's get going! Too much waiting around and we'll be caught up in the rush hour."
[12:28] <Raphael> "Good idea." Says Raphael, still looking a little uneasy as he smiles back before heading over to collect their bags and pulling Alphonse along to "help".
[12:30] <Misato‘> [Which leaves Rei, Suzie and Misato to head off to the car unhindered.-
[12:30] <Misato`> [The car- it’s blue, and it looks robust, clean and actually somewhat stylish. Misato opens the boot for Raphael to put the bags away.-
[12:31] <Misato‘> ["Wow, Misa-bachan." Says Rei, helping Suzanne into the back seat. "You gave it a new coat of paint!"-
[12:31] <Misato`> "I sure did~"-
[12:31] <Misato`> ["And you fixed the squeaky back wheel!"-
[12:31] <Misato`> "That’s right!"-
[12:31] <Misato‘> ["And you cleaned out all the trash from the back, too!"-
[12:31] <Misato`> "… Aheh heh." She shoots Raphael a glance. "Our little joke."
[12:37] * Raphael hauls their luggage into the boot, hiding his smile. "Oh, of course, Captain."
[12:39] * Misato` shoots Raphael a suspicious look before climbing into the driver’s seat.-
[12:39] <Misato‘> [Before long, all five of them are packed in, with Alphonse taking the middle seat in the back, Rei the right and Suzanne the left- leaving Raphael the front passenger’s side.-
[12:40] <Misato‘> [The trip was far from peaceful, as Suzanne, now fully awake, was taking in the scenery of Tokyo-2- pointing at the large crowds of people, the high rises, gawking at all the cars- continually bugging Misato and Rei to translate the signs that adorned the buildings.-
[12:41] <Misato`> [Before long, however, they pulled into Misato’s apartment building, parking the car in her own reserved spot. The apartment building seemed familiar- of course, that would be no surprise, considering it was essentially identical to the recessive apartment buildings of Paris-2.-
[12:44] <Misato‘> [Raphael would have some help this time with the bags, Misato taking Rei’s and Suzanne's. After a quick trip in an elevator, they'd arrive at Misato's apartment- her name written on the front in Japanese and English.-
[12:44] <Misato‘> [At this point, Raphael would notice the heat, tropical in its humid consistency- especially coming from wintry Paris-2. And now that it was a lot quieter here, he’d notice the loud cries of the cicadas.-
[12:46] <Misato‘> "Here we are! Home sweet home~" Said Misato cheerfully, opening the door and stepping inside. She glanced towards something- then quickly grimaced, dropping her bag and vanishing. "Whoops! Hehe-" there was the sound of someone scooping something into a trash bag.
[12:53] * Raphael glances curiously over the railing, waiting until the sounds of cleaning have stopped to follow Misato inside with Suzanne in tow. "It’s lovely, Misato." He says, glancing around as he lowers his own bags to the floor in a much more gentle fashion.
[12:55] <Misato‘> "Thanks." Says Misato warmly. "Alright, alright~ this is the dining room, and over there’s the bathroom. The living room is out there. Wellesley, see that couch?"-
[12:55] <Misato‘> ["Yes?"-
[12:55] <Misato`> "That’s where you'll be sleeping~"-
[12:55] <Misato‘> ["… Noted."-
[12:56] * Misato` turned around and beamed at Raphael. "I already set up your bed and Suzie’s bed in the spare bedroom, and Rei already knows where she sleeps~ Same place as always, Rei."-
[12:56] <Misato‘> ["Right, Misa-bachan." Says Rei cheerfully, looking about. "Wow, it’s a lot cleaner than I remember, Misa-bachan…"-
[12:57] <Misato‘> "Yes, well. I’ve had a bit of free time." Says Misato. "So! I hope you all settle in nicely- I thought I might prepare dinner here tonight for you all. I even bought your favourite, Suzie-chan~" She winked at the girl.-
[12:58] <Misato‘> ["Really?" Suzie asked, eyes wide. "Hehe- isn’t she the best, Raffy?"]
[13:02] <Raphael> "Perhaps she just figured out that the easiest way to your heart is through your stomach, little one." Raphael says with a smirk. "Do you want an extra set of hands with dinner, Captain?"
[13:06] <Misato‘> "That’d be great!" Says Misato. "Do the rest of you want to wash up or something? It'll be about 45 minutes to dinner."-
[13:06] <Misato‘> ["That sounds like a good idea do me." Says Alphonse.-
[13:06] <Misato`> ["I’ll help get Suzie settled in." Says Rei.-
[13:06] <Misato‘> ["Aw, but I wanted to help Misato cook!"-
[13:07] <Misato`> ["Like you help Al-chan by ’testing' his food?" Asks Rei with a grin, pushing Suzanne off towards the living room.-
[13:07] <Misato‘> ["Maybe~"]
[13:10] * Raphael watches the two girls disappear into the next room, wearing the special smile he seems to reserve just for them. "Thanks again for having us, Misato. Suzanne’s been looking forward to it for months now."
[13:11] <Misato‘> "It’s no problem. Suzie's a good girl." Says Misato, heading into the kitchen. "And if you're here, it means I can keep an eye on you and stop you from getting into trouble."
[13:16] * Raphael makes a sound that bears an unmistakeable resemblance to 'pft'. "I'm a very responsible person, Captain. If anybody needs to be monitored here it's you."
[13:19] <Misato‘> "Hmph~ I’m a perfectly mature adult, thank you very much."-
[13:19] <Misato‘> [… there was the sound of a yelp of shock from the bathroom, followed by a crash.-
[13:19] <Misato`> [A few seconds later, Raphael would find himself looking down at the visage of Pen-Pen, fresh from the bathroom. "Wark."-
[13:20] * Misato` beamed. "I knew I kept you around for something, Pen-Pen~"-
[13:20] <Misato`> ["Warrrrk."]
[13:24] * Raphael sighs. "The two of you should at least -try- to get along while there’s no work to get in the way."
[13:27] * Misato‘ gives Raphael a look. "But he’s just so… Urgh. I guess I can make the effort." Mutters Misato- before she looks around slyly and slides over to Raphael. "Rei and Wellesley, huh~?"
[13:30] <Raphael> "It seems that way. Not that either of them are willing to say as much yet." He says, meeting her sly look with a rather serious one of his own. "With that in mind, don't give her too hard a time just yet."
[13:34] <Misato‘> "But it’s only my duty as a woman to guide her down the thorny path of romance~" Says Misato with a grin. "How bad are they at this point? Give me something to work with."
[13:34] <Raphael> "What do you mean by 'bad'?"
[13:38] <Misato‘> "Have they gotten to the point where it’d be better off if they just kissed and got it over with?"
[13:38] <Raphael> "…"-
[13:39] <Raphael> …-
[13:39] <Raphael> "… no?"
[13:45] <Misato‘> "Wow." Misato beams, and looks as though Christmas has perhaps come a week early. "This is going to be a fantastic two weeks~" She crows, before she pulls out a chopping board, and ferrets about in her fridge for a minute. Out comes chicken strips and a paper bag of bacon- before she pulls a canister of rice out of the pantry. "Can you chop up that chicken for me, Raphael? Also- I bought that bacon for Suzie, so that’ll be your department as well."
[13:50] * Raphael searches for the cutlery draw, finding himself a heavy kitchen knife and chopping away in silence for a few minutes. "Why don't you just let -them- work out what they want to do with their relationship, Misato? It's just like what we talked about with Isaiah and Yanmei."
[13:57] <Misato‘> "Geez." She shoots him a look as she sets up the rice cooker. "It’s not like I'm going to start locking them in rooms together. I'm just curious to see how it develops, that all. And be on standby to give Rei any advice she needs~" The rice cooker is filled with water. "Or would you prefer she asked you? That'd be the sight to see~" She made a serious face. "'No romance ever.'"
[13:58] <Raphael> "My advice has been perfectly open and encouraging, thank you very much."
[13:59] <Misato‘> "Oh?"
[14:00] <Raphael> "I told her to go for it if she’d found someone that made her happy. She's just shy."
[14:03] <Misato‘> "And they do that? They make each other happy…?"
[14:03] <Raphael> "As far as I can tell."
[14:04] <Misato`> "Heh." She smiles a little more softly. "Well, that’s good at least. For Rei to find someone who makes her happy…"-
[14:05] <Misato‘> Rice goes into the rice cooker. "So, I bet you’re interested in the itinerary I have planned~"
[14:10] * Raphael 's knife pauses mid-slice for a moment. "I admit, I hadn't thought much further ahead than actually getting the four of us here. I suppose we -are- on holiday."
[14:10] <Misato‘> "That’s right~" Says Misato gleefully. "You're familiar with the expression, 'When in Rome', right?"
[14:11] <Raphael> "Yes…?" Raphael says slowly, a bit of worry creeping in now
[14:12] <Misato‘> "Do you remember what the Hakone region is famous for, Raffy-Raffy~?"
[14:12] <Raphael> "I don’t think s-"
[14:13] <Misato‘> ["Wark."]
[14:13] <Raphael> "… you didn’t."
[14:14] * Misato‘ clapped her hands. "A trip to the hot springs will do you good~"
[14:15] * Raphael sighs. "Well, Suzie will certainly enjoy it. I’m sure Alphonse and I will find something to talk about…"
[14:17] <Misato‘> "And I’m sure Commander Ikari will stop Alphonse from trying to sneak a perv, too~"
[14:20] <Raphael> That knife pauses again, but this time it's due to his grip tighening around it until his knuckles show through. "… I'm sorry, what?"
[14:21] <Misato‘> "When I told Rei, she asked if she could bring her father along. What was I to do? Say no?"
[14:22] <Raphael> Slowly, the chopping starts again and Raphael manages to smile. "I… I suppose not."
[14:23] <Misato`> "Besides, look on the bright side."
[14:23] <Raphael> "There’s a bright side?"
[14:24] <Misato‘> "You’ll be able to play wingman to poor Alphonse as he tries to get into his future father~in~law's good graces." A gleeful smirk. "A flyboy like you is no doubt practiced at that."
[14:26] <Raphael> "… Oh -God-. That poor boy." Raphael mutters, looking horrified now.
[14:31] <Misato‘> "And to think, only a wooden wall separating him from his one true love~" She beamed. "I hear the imagination goes wild at that age…"
[14:35] <Raphael> "And you set all this up before you even knew who this new boyfriend was?"
[14:36] <Misato`> "Of course." She smirked. "Can you look after the rice? I’m going to go see if the girls are settled in~"
[14:38] <Raphael> "That's terrible." Raphael says hopelessly, shaking his head even as he moves over to check the rice cooker.
[14:39] <Misato`> [Which left Raphael alone…-
[14:39] <Misato`> [… With a penguin for company.]

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