Angel Hunting

Angel Hunting

In Season 5, the time between Angel attacks plays out differently. Instead of the period being a passive passing of time decided by me, this time, it is you, the players, who decide when and where an Angel is fought.

In a fashion.

The Archangels are a different sort of enemy when compared to regular Angels. They are powerful and patient, interconnected by the Chantry of Light, which allows them to coordinate and plan. Despite this, they shy away from direct attacks on Paris, instead aiming to wear down NERV and humanity through other means. Why they act like this is a mystery, but it is almost certainly done with a plan in mind…

To this end, the Archangels keep low profiles, their AT Fields reduced to the bare minimum of power. The recent attacks by Angelspawn, as well as the presence of the Children of Adam cult, mean that in many cases, the Archangels' fields are camouflaged amongst the noise of dozens of other signals that all read as blue.

To find and destroy the Archangels, old-fashioned search methods must be used…

When does Angel Hunting take place?

During session time- when a session is not a battle, instead the players will be expected to meet up to handle Angel Hunting. An 'off-session' session RP will be provided as well, typically unrelated to the Angel Hunting.

How does Angel Hunting play out?

World Map
Angel Hunting takes place on the world map, linked above. The map is broken down into twenty regions. This map charts the location of detected AT Fields,

Angel Hunting is broken down into weeks, which are further broken down into three phases:
1) AT Field Detection. During this phase, the AT Interception Network detects all active, pattern blue AT Fields on earth. These may be Angels, Angelspawn or Children of Adam cultists- however, their nature cannot be discerned. As a note, however, there is a 1:5:10 ratio between Angels, Angelspawn and Cultists. Unidentified AT Fields are called 'blips'.

2) Satellite Detection. During this phase, NERV's spy satellites and detectors scour a particular area, revealing the nature of all AT Field blips in that area. There are three sets of Satellites, and all may be used during this phase, each on a different area.

3) Action. During this phase, both NERV and the Angel make actions. The Angel moves to an adjacent region (some Angels can move twice or three times).
Cultists and Angelspawn can also move- in any case, their blips will not be visible again until the next week. Angels will not move to areas that have been scoured by Satellites that week; if they literally have nowhere to go, they will instead stay put.

After the Angel, Angelspawn and Cultists have moved, it is then NERV's turn to act. NERV may do both of these at once:
3a) Interception. The Paris-2 Evangelions are deployed to a region to intercept an Angel or Angelspawn. They must go to the -target- Region, not to the place where the Angel or Angelspawn was. If the Angel is there, then the battle will be fought next session; If it's just Angelspawn, then the Angelspawn are destroyed and NERV receives 1 surplus per spawn destroyed. If both Angel and Angelspawn are encountered, both are fought next session; and if neither Angel nor Angelspawn are present, NERV takes a 2 surplus penalty for wasting time. Destroyed Angelspawn are replaced at a rate of 1 Angelspawn per 2 weeks.
3b) Suppression. NERV dispatches crack UN counterinsurgency teams to suppress cultist activity. select a Region. All cultists in the Region are destroyed. This costs 1 Surplus. Destroyed cultists are replaced at a rate of 1 cultist per week.

This may seem a little overwhelming, but it'll make sense in time.

However, you do not have unlimited time. Every Angel has a 'Doomsday Timer', measured in weeks. Should this Doomsday Timer hit zero, the Angel performs a particularly devastating action that will have long-term consequences- possibly even the death of major characters. Following this, a battle is forced- with the Angel at a significantly greater level of power than normal.

The Chantry Hacking

At the start of a period- before the first week- the 'Chantry Hacking' will occur. This is where NERV uses its technology to hack into the Chantry of Light and gains data on the Archangels. It's too dangerous to try to find the exact location as it takes too long, but a wealth of data can be gained instead.

This tells you the Angel's archetype. Furthermore, choose two of the following fields and they will be revealed.

1) Movement Capability
2) Regions it prefers
3) Personal preferences
4) Goals

Crisis Events

Crisis Events are special events that occur every week, rolled randomly on the chart below. They are generally negative and can even have long-term repercussions.

Roll a 1d100 and compare the result to the chart below. For every week that passes, add a +10 to the result.

Roll Name Result
1-30 Insurrection A cadre of Iron Guard and rebellious Liberated Nations soldiers stage an uprising in an area previously controlled by the LN (South America, North America, Africa, Oceania), and fiercely resist local security forces. Spawn 1d2 blips in one of those areas.
31-50 Civil War A company of Iron Guard and LN troops rise up in an area previously controlled by the LN, and gain support amongst some segments of the people, plunging the region into chaos. Spawn 1d3 blips in one of those areas, and gain no surplus for 1d3 weeks.
51-60 Independence A large force of Iron Guard and auxiliaries fully overwhelm the combined militaries of a particular area. Although the UN is quick to ruthlessly suppress the event, it costs time, money and big guns. Any unallocated WUP cannot be used for 1d5 weeks; spawn 1d5 blips in a LN area, and subtract 5 surplus.
61-80 Infestation Angelspawn populations are on the rise. Add 1d2 blips in any area that contains a NERV base.
61-100 The Biggest and the Strongest Isolated Spawn begin to converge on the Angel. When the Angel is eventually engaged, it will do so with an extra unit of Angelspawn.
100-110 Growing Strength The Angel is growing stronger. It gains a +5 to a single characteristic. (Max twice)
111-120 Rapid Adaptation The Angel is growing stronger at a much faster rate. It gains a +10 to a single characteristic. (Max once)
121-140 Observation The Angel -somehow- observes and learns from its enemies. Choose a single PC- it gains 5 talents that the PC possesses.
141-150 No More Eye in the Sky One of NERV's satellite arrays is destroyed. It costs 15 Surplus to replace.
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