Angel Metatron

Angelic Details

Body Type: Winged Humanoid
Size: Average
Role: All
Locomotion: Ground/Hover/Flight/Teleport


Name Value Bonus Modifiers
Weapon Skill 65 6 -
Ballistic Skill 65 6 -
Strength 50 5 -
Toughness 50 15 -
Agility 60 6 -
Intelligence 50 5 -
Perception 80 8 -
Willpower 70 6 -
Fellowship 50 5 -
LS 300 30 -

Wounds and AP

Body Part Hit Location AP Wounds
Head 1-10 12 50
Right Arms 11-15 8 55
Left Arms 21-30 8 55
Core 31-40 12 60
Body 41-70 12 75
Right Leg 71-80 8 55
Left Leg 81-90 8 55
Wings 91-100 8 60

Fates and Rerolls

Fate Points: 2/1


Walking Speed

AB Half Full Charge Run
6 12 18 24 48

Hovering Speed

AB Half Full Charge Run
6 18 36 54 108

Flying Speed

AB Half Full Charge Run
6 36 72 108 216

Normal Attacks

Burning Hand of God

Name Class Damage Pen Special
Burning hand of God Melee 1d10+5e - Ignores Defense, Tearing, Mindscan*
  • Affected Pilot is stunned for 1 round, and must test WP or take 1d10 insanity.


Name Class Range Rate of Fire Damage Pen Special
Purification Beam Array 80dm S/3/6 1d10+6e 5 Beam Array, Shocking (d)*, Sadistic**
  • Target tests toughness vs. stunning, -10 penalty per point of damage

** Affected pilot takes 1d10 insanity, and -10 penalty to all tests for 1 round




Name Effect
Angel Unnatural Toughness*2, Immunities to Fear/Pinning/Fatigue/Insanity/Ego, may Righteous Fury, gains +1 Fate Point
Angelic Senses Can sense anything within perception amount of dm, even if blind
Angelspawn (False Evangelions) Can spawn Angelspawn model: False Evangelions
Celerity Roll twice on the Initiative table and act on both results
Guardian Angel Ignores first Critdam incurred, sets wound to 0 instead
Fear (5) Forces those confronted by it to test vs. fear with a -30 penalty
Light of the Soul Can spend ATP without depleting ATS
Probability Shell All attacks vs Angel reroll twice and take worse result
Superior Action On burning last Fate Point, reduces Full Actions to Half Actions, Half Actions to Reactions. Gain 1 Free action that can be spent on a Half or Reaction action per round
The Stuff of Nightmares Ignore any Critical Damage result that isn't a killing blow or a limb-remover
Undeniable Will Neutralisation only reduces Deflection by 10% per ATP. ATS is unaffected.


Name Effect
Combat Master No gang up advantage vs talent user
Counter Attack May perform half action attack on a successful parry with a -20 penalty
Dual Field May spread 2 AT Field Patterns
Harmful Neutralization vs. Angel incurs an ATS*5 penalty to all tests to the neutralizer
Spread Mastery Gains all Spread Mastery talents
Wall of Steel Extra reaction for parries

AT Powers

Forewarning (Ability): Passive Ability. Gain an extra reaction, and a further +20 to any Parry or Dodge tests.
Precognition (Ability): Passive Ability. You gain a number of rerolls per round equal to your Willpower Bonus. These rerolls may be granted to allies within WPB*5dm.
All of them

Unique Powers

Princess Powers

Ability Name Action Range Damage Effect Special
Bloody Lance Full 100dm 2d10+6E P6 AT Pen 10. Beam, no to-hit, deals damage to everything it hits. Augmentable. +1 Damage and Pen per 2 ATP, to a max of +5. At 10 ATP, it deals +1d10 damage.
Hammerstrike Full 60dm 2d5+6I P4 ATP Pen 10. Concussive Quality, Blast (5). Augmentable. +1 damage and Pen per 2 ATP, to a max of +5. +1d5 damage per 5 ATP, to a max of +2d5.
Heaven's Judgement Full Orbital 5d5+6 P8 ATP Pen 10. Blast (4), hits 1d3+2 times, scatter 1d3km. Augmentable. +1 Damage and Pen per 2 ATP, to a max of +5. At 10 ATP, it deals +1d10 damage.
Imperial Lightning Full 20dm 2d10+6E P5 AT Pen 10. Shocking (4). Only half damage on dodge. Arcs to enemies within 5m, never hits same target twice Augmentable. +1 Damage and Pen per 2 ATP, to a max of +5. At 10 ATP, it deals +1d10 damage.
Force Tendrils Full 20dm 1d10+6I, Pen/2, AT Pen 10 Snare (3), hits three times. -

Queen Powers

Ability Name Action Range Roll Effect Special
Babel Curse Full - Pilot tests Perception, 3 times Test 1: On failure, global aphasia. Test 2: Warped vision, -20 to attack. Test 3: -20 agility, must test agility on charge/run. -
Curse of Infirmity Full 20dm Metatron WP opposed Pilot Toughness. On failure, pilot takes -5 to WS, BS, Agi, Int, Fel until rest. Augmentable. -1 debilitation per 1 ATP, max of -25.
Gemini Star Full 40dm - A shadow copy of one Evangelion is created. This Shadow has all of its original's characteristics and talents, but dies after being struck with a damaging hit once.
Curse of the Libra Star Full - - One Evangelion is selected. Until this Eva spends a Full Action to remove it, or until Metatron designates another, this Evangelion receives a single Curse Point per Round. -
Machine Curse Full 50dm Eva tests Toughness or Dodge. Eva is blinded or deafened, free Toughness per round to shake off. Mecha shut down. -
Metatron's Cube Full - Test Perception On failure, pilot's next attack is reflected against self. -
Metatron's Decree Full - Metatron WP vs Pilot WP On failure, pilot is forced to fail next test. -
Tempest Full 3KM - Massive storm. Vision for all except Metatron reduced to 5dm. BS tests at -20, those in Tempest must test Strength or only take half actions. -
Voice of God Full - Pilot tests WP, 3 times. Test 1: 1d10 insanity, Stunned. Test 2: 1d10 Willpower, -10 to all tests for 1d5 rounds. Test 3: 2d10E damage to pilot head, blinded for 1d5 rounds. 3+ degrees of failure on 3rd test: blinded for 1d3 weeks.

Empress Powers

Ability Name Action Range Roll Effect Special
Rains of Virgo Reaction - - Select one ally. Ally regains 5 wounds and recovers temporary negative statuses. -
Blessing of Alacrity Half - - Chosen ally regains may act again. 3 times per battle. -
Celestial Choir Half - - Spawns 3 Hordes/Angelspawn within 10dm. -
Mist of Pisces Half - - Select one ally. All attacks against ally now take -30 penalty for the next round. -
Metatron's Fury Half - - Select one Horde. It now goes 'Berserk' (mind puppet chart), but with +20s. -
Metatron's Grace Half 20dm - Selected Horde gains +20 toughness and replenishes 10% of max Mag per round. -
Shield of Cancer Half - - Select one ally. For the next round, its AP is increased by 5. -
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