Anna Reinder
Name: Anna Reinder
Position: Head of Wizard Army's Science group
Sex: Female
Age: 39 (Born 1978)
Nationality: Belgian Flemish/Libre-Citizen
Place of Residence: W Base

Physical Details
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Amber
Height: 5'9"
Build: Thin

Personal Details
"Science is so much fun in the middle of a jungle with half the equipment and a third of the staff."

Doctor Reinder was, before the fall of the LN, a member of Doctor Surov's staff. In fact, Reinder was part of both the cybernetics and genetics programs that helped to build the Third Generation Iron Guard. Hence, her main role is using her knowledge and capabilities of the Guard to assist in decision-making and solving any issues that might occur within the Guard stock.

As it stands, Doctor Reinder's capabilities are limited now due to having essentially lose the carte blanche she used to possess. In the LN, the scientists had unlimited resources; here Doctor Reinder works with scavenged technology and an environment that often turns into a warzone.

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