Apostle Ardashir Charmchi
Name: Ardashir Charmchi
Class: Apostle
Gender: Male

Personal Description
A dark-haired man of Iranian descent, Ardashir is friendly and congenial with most, warm and usually soft-spoken; nevertheless he's far more hot-blooded than he appears and can be quickly aroused to anger, at which point he becomes near unstoppable. In combat he can be destructive and reckless and capable of shocking cruelty as he unleashes his power on his foes.

Ardashir possesses the basic abilities of an Apostle; but since Apostles were encouraged to experiment with their powers and find new methods of using them, he has grown to specialise in AT-controlled fire, energy and thermodynamic manipulation.

Ardashir has a curious fascination with the Ayanami pilots, for some reason, most likely limited to their mysterious AT Field powers despite not having Cores. He leaps at the chance to study material on them.


Name Value Bonus Training Level
Weapon Skill 55 5 Intermediate
Ballistic Skill 50 5 Intermediate
Strength 50 5 Intermediate
Toughness 50 5 Intermediate
Agility 50 5 Intermediate
Intelligence 55 5 Intermediate
Perception 40 4 -
Willpower 55 5 Intermediate
Fellowship 40 4 Simple
Synch Ratio 80 8 -

Wounds: 27
Fate: 2/2


CL: Ayanamis
CL: LN+10
CL: Military+10
CL: Pilots
Intimidate +10
Drive (Auto)
Drive (Heavy)
Drive (Motorcycle)
SL: AT Fields+20
SL: Thermodynamics+20
Speak Language (Farsi)
Speak Language (English)


-Proficiency Talents-
Apostle Proficiency Package (Guard Weapon Training, Basic Weapon Training (Bolt), Basic Weapon Training (General), Melee Weapons Training (General), Melee Weapons Training (Progressive), Melee Weapons Training (Force), Pistol Weapon Training (General), Pistol Weapon Training (Bolt), Two Weapon Fighting (Melee), Two Weapon Fighting (Ranged))
Basic Weapon Training (Flame)

-Weapon Talents-
Apostle Weapon Package (Arms Master, Bolter Drill, Gunslinger, Precision (Melee), Precision (Pistol), Rapid Reload, Unarmed Master)

-Melee Talents-
Core Lieutenant Melee Package (Berserk Charge, Furious Assault, Swift Attack, Takedown)
Precision (Melee): Touché

-Ranged Talents-
Core Lieutenant Ranged Package (Assault Shooter, Deadeye Shot)
Precision (Pistol): Execution

-Movement Talents-
Core Lieutenant Movement Package (Leap Up, Lightning Reflexes, Rapid Reaction, Sprint, Step Aside, Catfall, Drop Trained)

-Morale/Leadership/Willpower Talents
Strong Minded

-Fortitude Talents
Core Lieutenant Fortitude Package (True Grit, Iron Jaw, Hardy, Regeneration, Fast Healer)
I Cannot Be Defeated

-Special Traits-
Cleaning Flame (Enemies take -20 penalty to dodge fire attacks, never jams flamers)
Fire Master (Gains Flaming Territory, Blaze and Control Fire AT Powers)
Sword Lord (Blademaster, +2 damage w/swords)
Spirited (+5 WP, Fearless, Strong-Minded)

-AT Talents-
Apostle AT Talent Package (AT Extension, AT Focus, Scan Field, Synchronize Group)

AT Powers

-Spread Patterns-
Apostle AT Spread Package (Accelerated Territory, Barrier Field, Deflective Field, Layered Field)
Flaming Territory

-Offensive Powers-
Apostle AT Offensive Package (Blast, Cross Blast, Rising Cross, Wave)

-Enhancement Powers-
Apostle AT Enhancement Package (AT Funnel, Massive Momentum, Shield)

-Neutralisation Powers-
Apostle AT Neutralisation Package (Neutralize)

-Utility Powers-
Apostle AT Utility Package (Float, Kinetic Manipulation, Ping, Pull, Push, Repulsion)


-Melee Weapons-

Name Class Base Damage Real Damage Base Pen Real Pen Total Specials
Guard Force Sword Melee(1H) 1d10+2r 1d10+14r 2 2 Balanced, Guard, Force
Guard Combat Knife Melee(1H) 1d10+2r 1d10+12r 2 2 Guard

-Ranged Weapons-

Name Class Base RoF Real RoF Base Damage Real Damage Base Pen Real Pen Total Specials
Guard Bolter Basic S/2/4 S/3/5 1d10+8x 1d10+8x 6 6 Tearing, Guard
Guard Bolt Pistol Pistol S/3/- S/4/- 1d10+8x 1d10+8x 6 6 Tearing, Guard

-Ranged Ammunition-

Name Weapon Size per Clip Reload Time (Real) Qty
.75 Bolt Clip Bolter 28 1Half 2
.75 Bolt Hand clip Bolt Pistol 14/14 1Half 2


Name Body AP Arms AP Legs AP Head AP Special
Mk3 Power Armour 10 9 9 9 +20 Strength

Upgrade History

Creation: Cleansing Flame, Flame Master, Sword Lord (Blademaster), Spirited (+5 WP, Fearless, Strong-Minded)
Creation: Intermediate (WS, BS, ST, TO, AG, IN, WP), Simple (FE)
-Base Characteristics-

WS BS Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship Synch Ratio
45 40 40 40 40 45 40 40 35 80

Wounds: 27
Fate: 2

Special Power Explanations

Flaming Territory (Spread Pattern)

Activation: Half or Full Spread, maintain free
The Apostle's AT Field using a combination of molecular agitation and force redirection to ignite the air around the Apostle, shrouding them in fire. Despite this, they and their equipment remains unharmed.
So long as Flaming Territory is active, he is immune to fire damage, and takes half damage from Maser, Fusion and AT Field energy attacks unless they penetrate or ignore his AT Field (like Anti-AT Blast). Enemies attacking him in melee must test agility or be set on fire. Furthermore, Flaming Territory changes how many of his powers work:
The Massive Momentum and AT Funnel abilities now make attacks deal energy damage; enemies must test agility or be set on fire.
AT Field energy attacks such as Beam, Blast, Rising Cross and Cross Blast now force the enemy to test agility or be set on fire. Anti-AT Blast is unaffected.
AT Wave now has the Flame quality.

Blaze (Offensive Power)

ATP Cost: 2
Activation: Full Action
Range: 10m
Channeling his AT Field's properties into a specific area, the Apostle causes a conflagration to burst seemingly out of nowhere as a roiling explosion of flame consumes all it touches.
Blaze creates a Blast(1) attack on a square within range, dealing 1d10+2 Pen 2 damage to anything within the radius, forcing them to test agility or be set on fire, and setting fire to anything else flammable in the area.
Augmentation: For every 1 ATP put into the power, the range increases by 5m and it deals an extra +1 damage and pen. For every 2 ATP put into the power, the size of the Blast radius increases by 1.

Control Fire (Utility Power)

ATP Cost: Varies (See below)
Activation: Varies (See below)
Range: 10m
The properties of Beam Wrapping can be applied to other things too. Channeling his AT Field's qualities in order to manipulate heat and fire, the Apostle can shape and bend it to his will. On using this power the Apostle can do any of the following:
Double a general fire's area (Half), 1 ATP per 2 squares of fire
Halve a general fire's area (half), 1 ATP per 2 squares of fire
Spread fire at will (Half), 1 ATP per 4 squares to which the fire spreads
Make a fire burst, forcing all adjacent to test agility or catch on fire (Full) 2 ATP
Create a basic shape out of the fire, such as a wall or table (Full) 2 ATP
Create an intricate shape out of the fire, such as a flaming knight (full) 4 ATP

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