Archy Hamilton

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Name: Archy Hamilton
Position: Wallabadah Chief in the Eureka Resistance
Sex: Male
Age: 19 (Born 1999)
Nationality: Australian
Place of Residence: Undetermined

Physical Details
Hair colour: Dark Brown
Eye colour: Grey
Height: 5'8"
Build: Wiry

Personal Details
"Up to, Jackaroos! Tallyho, here we go! There's work to be doing, and when it needs doing, then we'll keep doing it 'til it's done!"

Archy Hamilton is the young chief of the Wallabadah Light Horse, the name given to the best horsemen in the so-called Eureka Resistance. Although considered as-yet unable to command the main Light Horse body, he has more than enough ability to justify making him the chief of the Wallabadah. An eager, permanently clear-eyed menace to sloth, his active and energetic personality has led to jokes that he sleeps less than the horses do.

Like many in the Light Horse, Hamilton grew up in the most rural of rural Australia, on the great 'stations' where sheep and cattle are stocked. These stations can be huge, covering thousands of square kilometre, and are much too big to be manageable without a faster form of transport. Vehicles are useful, but many were raised to ride on horses, covering their stations on their tough, durable stock mounts. This was a hard existence, with long working hours in the hot, relentless sun, going months without seeing an unfamiliar face. It was a life where due to the distances, most children didn't attend physical schools but took their lessons over the radio, and it was a life where stations were expected to have their own cache of medical supplies on hand because the only medical service available has to travel by plane. Stockmen working these stations have many jobs, caring for their cattle, driving them when necessary, and protecting their property from wild animals such as kangaroos. Many Stockmen become fine riders, solid bushmen and good shots.

And that was before S2 Radiation inundated the continent and unleashed several types of mutant animal on the population. The UN's policy to suppress details about Impact Ferals may have worked for most of the world, but trying to enforce it on such a wide, desolate landscape has proven next to impossible. The modern stockman has to contend with a myriad of terrifying dangers, from violent, predatory 'blood' kangaroos to acid-spitting snakes to giant eagles carrying off sheep to giant spiders the size of houses tearing through properties and devouring families. It is thus not surprising that the stockmen of rural Australia end up possessing skills seemingly more suited to brutal guerrilla warfare than to cattle rearing.

Archibald ('Archy') Hamilton grew up on the Tartan Downs Station, a cattle station covering over 9,000 square kilometres (a size comparable to Cyprus or Puerto Rico) with over 5,000 cattle. Luckily for his parents, Hamilton was physically gifted, with excellent coordination and a true talent for sprinting and horseback riding. From a young age he was doing plenty of both sprinting and horse-riding, and by the age he was 13 he'd already won several awards and prizes in races. Unfortunately, Hamilton also grew up in a time of turbulence for rural Australia. The global climate shifts had stabilized Australia's weather patterns, which made the work of food production easier, but it was also a time when most food production in Australia was controlled by the Chinese. Chinese demand for food pushed stations and farms into unsustainable practices, and many of them were ruined due to sustained damage to the land. Furthermore, Chinese restrictions forced farmers to sell directly to the government instead of to whoever could pay the most, leading to lean incomes for most stations and farms. Failure to comply with these rules and other strict demands would see harsh penalties inflicted on the disobedient, and Hamilton himself saw his family and colleagues punished severely several times for perfectly innocent breaches. It was a state of affairs that angered the young man greatly.

Hamilton began working as a stockman at Tartan Downs when he was 14, replacing a stockman who'd been torn apart by a vicious blood roo. Hamilton only remained for a year. At the time, John Brown's 'Eureka Resistance' had begun recruiting talented horsemen from wherever they could find them. Hamilton, who'd been raised idolizing the man who'd "Stuck it to the Chinese", jumped at the call, leaving behind most of his savings and taking his horse, Paddy, with him. Although he really did want to help his parents on their station, he believed they'd be better off in the long run without the restrictions placed on them.

Hamilton's a gifted rider, a fast runner and a decent shot with his maspistols and carbine. His energetic attitude ensures he's constantly busy and, whilst his men might grumble, they much prefer his constant pressure to perform and act over someone who doesn't give a damn.


Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship
30 45 30 45 50 30 50 35 25
Athletics+10, Awareness, Dodge+10, Intimidate, Parry, Stealth+10, Survival+20, Literacy
Speak Language (English)
Characteristic Boost (BS, Toughness, Agility, Perception), Extra Talents (2), Touched by the Fates (1)
Pathfinder (+10 Agility, Reduce DTV by 1)
Melee (General), Basic (General, Maser), Pistol (General, Maser), Two Weapon Wielder (Ranged)
Ambidextrous, Quick Draw
Gunslinger, Hip Shooter
Catfall, Hard Target, Leap Up, Rapid Reaction, Sprint, Step Aside
Jaded, Resistance (Heat)
12 73 Fed. Light Power Armour, Mascarbine (+1 Damage, +1 Pen, +50% Clip), two Maspistols, Scatter Maser, Waler Horse

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