Argentum Virgo Primus

Planetary Data Summary

Criteria Data
Name Argentum Virgo Primus
Segmentum Ultima Segmentum
Sector Sector Temerus
Subsector Subsector Argentum
System Argentum Virgo System
Population 11,000,000
Class Death World
Allegiance The Imperium of Man
Tithe Grade Solutio Tertius
Planetary Governor The Right Honourable Clement Rufus
Orbital Distance 0.66 AU (187.65 Terran Days)
Gravity 1.14G
Climate Hot and dry
Size 0.878 times Terra
Daily Cycle 29.31 Terran Hours (rounded to 30)
Satellites None

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Argentum Virgo Primus (usually referred to as Primus) is a hot, dry and dangerous world, capable of supporting only a small population of around 11 million. The world is infamous for its incredibly harsh conditions, as well as the mettle of its people. All permanent settlements are concentrated around the large seas, the only places that can support any sort of visible life. 80% of the population is nomadic, and gather once a year in the capital city, a place known as ‘The Forum’.

The dangers of Primus are many. Nearly all forms of plant life or fauna are poisonous or deadly in some way, from poisonous pollen to semi-sentient python vines that can disintegrate a man’s skeletal structure within minutes. The animals of Primus are incredibly toxic, with the Forum Land Spider being known as one of the most lethally toxic creatures in the entire Segmentum. Other creatures are known for prodigious strength, such as the 15 metre tall Desert Bear, a beast of muscle and claws that can tear apart a tank, or the Night Squirrel, who, despite the innocuous name, is rightly feared, as this 7-foot-long beast is infamous for hiding in trees and falling upon its prey, locking them into a death grip and snapping their necks. But perhaps the greatest threat lie in the jungles, where large and ferocious bands of Feral Orks reside. These Orks launch continual attacks against Imperial settlers and nomads; the result is a society continually required to protect itself. Primus-Argentine children often learn how to operate a weapon by the time they’re expected to walk, and a great many adolescents earn their adulthood via Ork hunting.

The people of Primus are often extremely hardy, determined, highly confident, and will dedicate themselves fearlessly to any task asked of them. They are also known for their hospitality and welcoming nature; despite the dangers and constant alertness of their homeland, the people of Primus know that their real enemy is the desert and the other creatures- a war all Primus-Argentines fight together.

To the Imperium at large, Primus offers three things of worth: first and foremost, despite its dangers, the planet is highly prized for its mineral wealth. Many of the resources of Primus are mined, and most of them end up in the factories of Secundus.

The second are, intriguingly, the very animals that are the nightmares of its people. Whilst murderous and dangerous, several of the animals (or their hides or meat) are highly valued for various purposes; Desert Bears’ hides are a mark of prestige, wealth and power on Secundus, whilst Forum Land Spider venom is used to outfit sniper darts for Imperial Guard regiments.

The third resource is, unsurprisingly, the people themselves. Although Primus is too small to field a large number of Guard regiments, it nevertheless manages roughly 15-30, all of them made up of stubborn and extremely tough individuals, and are usually paired up with Secundus regiments. The fact that nearly everyone on Primus is a born fighter almost renders the need for a local Planetary Defence Force moot; nevertheless, one exists. The planet’s most famous contribution, manpower wise, however, is as an important recruiting world for the Angels of Deliverance Space Marine Chapter. This marks the entire star system as under the aegis of the Angels of Deliverance; a tremendous boon for any system.


Much of the political driving force on Primus tends to relate in one way or another to Secundus. After all, Secundus is a large, wealthy, populous planet, to which Primus may as well be something of a political satellite. Nevertheless, the Primus-Argentines are a proud people, reluctant to view themselves as subordinates to the Secundus-Argentines, and this is reflected in its leader, Planetary Governor Clement Rufus, who talks of the ‘partnership’ between the two planets.

Rufus is seen as a rather competent leader. He tends to interfere little in the lives of his people, preferring to let them manage themselves mostly. His main role tends to be representing Primus to the other planets in the Subsector.


The transient nature of most of Primus’s people, and a generally low population count, makes sustaining a large and organised standing army difficult. Thankfully, it’s a given that any Primus-Argentine past his eighth year can operate a lasgun effectively and efficiently, which means that the entire population essentially doubles as an ad-hoc militia force.

Nevertheless, Primus maintains a genuine military, consisting of a stable Planetary Defence Force of around 100,000, as well as 15 Imperial Guard regiments, the most famous of which being the 1st Argentum Virgo Primus Regiment, also known as the Tim Tam Raiders.

The planet also plays host to a small detachment from the Angels of Deliverance. Many of them are initiates who have not yet earned their place amongst the fully accepted Marine ranks. In amongst these initiates are a handful of fully elevated Space Marines, to whom it falls to train these initiates into the finest warriors of the Imperium.

Notable Places

The Forum

The capital city of Primus, and also its largest city, The Forum usually supports only a small population most of the time, numbering within the hundreds of thousands at most. It is a somewhat large, fortified city, with high and thick defensive walls. Numerous weapons emplacements stud the walls, with longer-range artillery batteries sitting snugly within the city itself. The buildings of The Forum are all universally durable and fortified, each one doubling as a fortification if need be.

Most of The Forum seems empty and quiet for a city of its size, and it is, most of the time. Of the entirety of the city, only about ten percent is used with any regularity. The reason for this relates to The Forum’s true purpose: a meeting place for all the people of Primus, where, once every three years, the nomads return to The Forum, and the people of other settlements send representatives or the like, an event known as the Reunion. It is during this time that decrees or new laws are put into effect, the Governor communicates with the people, hearing their suggestions and reports, and where fresh recruits for the Planetary Defence Force and Imperial Guard are attached to their respective forces.

The Reunion is a time of celebration and festival, as old friends are reunited, new friends created, marriages planned and children introduced to the greater Primus-Argentine community. The Reunion lasts for roughly two to three months, during which the Trials of Salvation are run. The gruelling, highly unforgiving tests of strength and endurance last for three days, during which the young members of Primus- often eight to thirteen year olds- compete for glory and fame. The families of the winners are given great prestige and respect, whilst the winners themselves receive something far more important: the attention of the Angels of Deliverance.

Notable People

Governor Clement Rufus

Captain Galen Atma of the Angels of Deliverance 4th Company

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