Argentum Virgo Secundus

Planetary Data Summary

Criteria Data
Name Argentum Virgo Secundus
Segmentum Ultima Segmentum
Sector Sector Temerus
Subsector Subsector Argentum
System Argentum Virgo
Population 5,400,000,000
Class Civilised World
Allegiance The Imperium of Man
Tithe Grade Exactis Tertius
Planetary Governor The Right Honourable Nathaniel de Marne-Godwyn
Orbital Distance 1.46 AU (618 Terran days)
Gravity 1.05
Climate Temperate
Size Radius: 9275.671 km (1.4543 times Terra)
Daily Cycle 34.8 Terran Hours

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Argentum Virgo Secundus (often abbreviated to Argentum) is a temperate, self-sufficient world; with a high standard of Imperial technology rarely found so far from Terra. The planet’s surface is 66% water, with much of the land surface enjoying temperate climates and arable land. The planet provides enough food to feed itself, and can satisfy a respectable level of industrial production. Nevertheless, the planet’s real value comes from its role as an interstellar trading hub. Sitting at a crossroads of trade routes, with stable and relatively reliable Warp currents around the system, Argentum Virgo Secundus is the greatest commercial centre in the Subsector, and one of the premiere trading centres in the Temerus sector.

The capital city of Argentum, Marne’s Landing, is a large sprawling urban centre and home to forty million souls. Although not a Hive, the city nevertheless plays host to the same social partitioning that can be found on many Imperial cities, with the wealthy and powerful living in tall spires and palaces, whilst the poor live below in polluted industrial areas and urban decay.

Marne’s Landing is home to the planet’s primary spaceport, Lysander Spaceport. A large, bustling and closely regulated place, the spaceport is a visible sign of the wealth of both Marne’s Landing and Argentum; large, decorated and flourishing marketplaces and commercial hubs ring the port, and much of the surrounding area is prosperous, giving an appearance at least of affluence to visitors. However, the urban poverty and squalor is immediate the further one travels from the spaceport, especially in the choked industrial areas, which are kept as far away from Lysander Spaceport as possible.


Like much of Argentum, the political situation on the planet is heavily linked to commercial ventures. By long tradition and position of heredity, the ruling family of Argentum, from whom all Governors in recorded history have been drawn from has been the de Marne family. The de Marnes claim to be the traditional descendants of Tomas Marne, the legendary explorer and settler of Argentum (after whom the capital of Marne’s Landing is named). The real situation is far more complex, however.

Whilst the ruling family of Argentum is and always has been the de Marnes, the de Marne family is not a single unified body. There are, in fact, five branches of the de Marne family: the de Marne-Godwyn, the de Marne-Ronson, the de Marne-Heron, the de Marne-Quentin and the de Marne-Marius families. Whenever the Planetary Governor of Argentum dies, the position becomes hotly contested. Thanks to a quagmire of politics, bureaucracy and incomprehensible claims of inheritance, all five families are capable of putting forth a claimant and backing said claimant up with material ‘evidence’.

The situation is decided not by the families themselves, but by the various merchant guilds, cartels and corporations that flourish and prosper on Argentum. Whichever branch of the family can provide the most palatable offer to this class of society almost always ends up becoming Planetary Governor, thanks to the merchant class’s vice-like monopoly on the spaceport and all of the system’s trade, the lifeblood of Argentum. Of course, due to their having the final say in who actually runs Argentum, this monopoly can continue with little risk. The Governor does what he can to appease the merchant class, who in turn continue to grow wealthier and wealthier off of benefits and trade- wealth that very rarely trickles down into the poor, working classes who actually provide the materials and manual labour needed for these enterprises. This situation has remained unchanged for countless centuries, and has led to revolts and rebellions before. The people of Argentum are downtrodden and deeply resentful of an uncaring and wealthy ruling class that exploits them freely and without respite.

The current ruling Governor is one Nathaniel de Marne-Godwyn, the head of the de Marne-Godwyn family. Having held the position for eighty-two years, he is generally a competent administrator, although he has done nothing to improve the political or social situation on Argentum. He is resented by most of the common people of Argentum due to draconian and ruthless policies to meet the various crises that have rocked the Sector during his rule.


Argentum’s position as a trading hub and functioning capital of Subsector Argentum means the planet is typically blessed with a significant military presence. The planet was used as a staging ground for the Damocles Crusade against the Tau Empire, and has repeated this function several times against many other foes. Subsector Battlegroup Tempestian is based out of Argentum, specifically on the military base on Starhold, Argentum’s 2nd moon. Argentum also maintains a well-equipped and expansive Planetary Defence Force (PDF), which acts as a recruiting ground for Argentine Imperial Guard regiments.

Much of the current military power of Argentum is focused on stemming Waaagh! Vladchuk in the nearby system of Petrova.

Subsector Battlegroup Tempestian

Based in Argentum and a subdivision of Sector Battlefleet Temerus, Battlegroup Tempestian is charged with the defence of the entirety of Subsector Argentum, including Argentum Virgo. It is a large fleet consisting of sixteen capital ships, twelve of which are currently out of system, involved in battles in and around the Petrova system.

The fleet is under the command of Admiral Pavel Lachance, an experienced Naval man with a record dating back fifty years, including conflicts against the Tau during the Damocles Crusade, against Hive Fleet Behemoth as well as several Chaos warlords. He remained behind in Argentum with one quarter of Battlegroup Tempestian to provide some line of defence for the system.

Fleet Register

No. Name Class Crew Commander Location
1. Superlative Emperor-Class Battleship 225,000 Admiral Pavel Lachance Argentum Virgo Secundus
2. Ascension Retribution-Class Battleship 210,000 Rear Admiral Lucius Tolan Petrova
3. Solidarity of Heroes Apocalypse-Class Battleship 200,000 Rear Admiral Anton de Marne-Godwyn Petrova
4. Gloria Dei-Imperator Armageddon-Class Battlecruiser 29,000 Captain Thaddeus Picon Petrova
5. Terra’s Spear Overlord-Class Battlecruiser 25,000 Captain Josiah Holt Petrova
6. Incorruptible Dictator-Class Cruiser 21,000 Captain Sasha de Marne-Marius Petrova
7. Macharius’s Wrath Lunar-Class Cruiser 20,000 Captain Julius Strategos Petrova
8. Silver Saint Lunar-Class Cruiser 20,000 Captain Varus Vulkus Argentum Virgo Secundus
9. Preeminent Proclaimation Lunar-Class Cruiser 18,000 Captain Euphrati Dumar Argentum Virgo Secundus
10. His Holy Domain Dominator-Class Cruiser 19,500 Captain Octavianus Regulum Argentum Virgo Secundus
11. Irascible Dominator-Class Cruiser 19,000 Captain Wilhelm Kinneas Petrova
12. Starlight Endurance-Class Light Cruiser 7,000 Captain Tomas de Marne-Heron Petrova
13. Celestial Purity Endeavour-Class Light Cruiser 6,000 Captain Hera Palatine Petrova
14. Angel’s Judgement Endeavour-Class Light Cruiser 6,000 Captain Adrian de Marne-Quentin Petrova
15. Undeterred Defiant-Class Light Cruiser 2,000 Captain Kim Hawthorne Petrova
16. Fidelis Imperialis Dauntless-Class Light Cruiser 1,500 Captain Vangan Patricius Petrova

Imperial Guard Regiments

Argentum Virgo Secundus is the home world of 221 Imperial Guard regiments, each one operating at roughly 5,000 men per regiment. Like most Imperial Guard regiments, very few of Argentum’s regiments are at home at any given time. There are currently nineteen located in Argentum Virgo Secundus, all of them at very low strength, having returned home to resupply and reinforce. Many of them will probably be amalgamated into each other.

The colours of the Argentine Guard regiments are a dark green, with silver hems and edges.

Of the active Argentum Guard regiments operating in the galaxy, many of them are currently assigned to Petrova, fighting the Ork Waaagh! There.

Argentine Imperial Guard regiments have had a long and varied history. Thanks to the planet’s influence and power they’re often utilised in the defence of the Subsector and the Sector at large, as well as being sent even further from home. Many regiments saw action in the Damocles Crusade against the newly discovered Tau Empire, sixty-five years ago. Because of the Imperium’s rapid withdrawal from Tau space following the invasion of Hive Fleet Behemoth, several Argentine regiments were abandoned on Tau worlds, where they were absorbed into the Tau Empire.

Planetary Defence Force

Argentum Virgo Secundus is home to a large and well-equipped PDF of roughly 1.5 million troops, all of which are sworn to the Planetary Governor. It is from the PDF that the Imperial Guard regiments draw their reinforcements and recruits, something that has been increasing recently due to several conflicts, most notably the Ork Waaagh!. As such, the PDF has had to turn to increased levels of conscription to make up the extra numbers.

The PDF is under the command of General Cornelia de Marne-Godwyn, who holds the position and has done so for thirty years, inheriting the position essentially from her father. She has little or no active combat experience except in large-scale riot suppression.


Argentum has had a long and varied history, although much of it has been lost to the mists of time.

Early History and Legends- Pre-M34

The original history of Argentum is unknown, with the earliest stored records dating back to the 34th Millennium; instead, there are many tales and myths about the founding and history of Argentum from before recorded history.

The earliest tales date back to the Dark Age of Technology, where according to legend, an intrepid explorer by the name of Tomas Marne found the planet, which he named Argentum Virgo, a High Gothic translation of his own vessel, the Silver Virgin. He surveyed the planet, declaring it perfect for colonisation, and became one of the first people to do so, along with a host of colonists. Where, exactly, Marne settled is unknown; but legend states that he landed and settled in what is now the city of Marne’s Landing; a wide-open field surrounded by a ring of high mountains.

Despite this, the actual date of settlement is unknown; it could indeed have been during the Dark Age of Technology, or possibly during the Great Crusade. The discovery of several STC fragments on Argentum seems to suggest the former, but nothing is certain.

Legend has it that the planet was reunified with the Imperium of Man after being rediscovered by the Blood Angels Legion, towards which it enjoyed (and still enjoys) a sense of friendship.

The planet is said to have remained loyal to the Emperor during the Horus Heresy.

Early History- M34

The first recorded history of Argentum stems from the Forging, also known as the Golden Age of the Imperium. It is during this time that Argentum started to rise to prominence, becoming the capital system of Subsector Argentum, and one of the major systems in Sector Temerus. The Ultima Segmentum is a sparsely populated region, after all, and densely populated sectors such as Temerus are rare.

Argentum Virgo was used as a staging ground for several campaigns, crusades and conquests. Argentine regiments were highly active in many of these actions.

Age of Apostasy- M36

The Age of Apostasy hit Argentum particularly hard. The increase of tithes resulted in extra pressure being placed upon all parts of Argentine society. There were several riots and large-scale rebellions from the people against the strain; at the same time there were worrying reports of Ork activity amongst the fringes of the Subsector, as well as raids from Eldar pirates. Building warp storms saw Argentum isolated from many of its neighbours; then as now, Argentum was primarily a trading hub, and this had disastrous consequences. With the situation rapidly worsening and Argentum’s economy collapsing, the Planetary Governor, Joseph de Marne-Marius, officially sundered ties with the Ecclesiarchy, throwing his lot in with Sebastian Thor and the Confederation of Light. He also turned to the merchant classes, begging them to assist him in managing the shoddy economic situation. They agreed, and for the years in which Argentum was isolated, the merchants both managed to achieve an adequate level of economic recovery as well as consolidate their own power.

When the Age of Apostasy ended, Argentum had changed. Although it had always been a commercial planet, the merchant classes had never held so much power or control before. Nearly all aspects of life on Argentum were now run through the self-serving corporations and guilds, including politics. Governors lived and breathed on the support from the corporations- those who tried to change the situation were ruthlessly assassinated. This era has no official name, but a sense of irreverence has led to a witticism being used to describe it: The Age of the Commersariat.

The Modern Age- M40 Onwards

M40 was a turbulent time for Argentum, being marked with several violent revolts and rebellions. The most successful occurred in 844.M40, with numerous Imperial Guard regiments having to be deployed in order to restore compliance. The rebellions eroded Argentum’s prestige and power within the Sector- something that the Governors spent much of M41 trying to reverse.

Due to this drive, Argentum devoted itself to the Imperium’s efforts throughout M41, usually in a military sense. Argentine Imperial Guard regiments became widespread throughout the Imperium and acquired a reputation for martial expertise and high morale. Argentum devoted more time and resources to upgrading and refitting both their fleet and their shipyards.

Throughout the 41st millennium, Argentine soldiers saw action against Orks, Tyranids, Tau, Eldar and Chaos, as well as many other xenos and heretics. Of particular note was the Damocles Crusade against the Tau Empire, for which Argentum served as a staging ground for the Crusade forces. Many Argentine regiments served in the Crusade, and were abandoned in the withdrawal from Tau space.

In the current day, Argentum’s situation is one that has not changed for some time, although public dissent is increasing due to the harshness of the ‘Commersariat’ and the Planetary Governor. There is a general sense of fear hanging in the air- and even worse, word has reached the Inquisition that Argentum could be harbouring a heretical cult.

Notable Places

Marne’s Landing

A sprawling urban metropolis in the centre of the circular Rimidgean Mountain Range, Marne’s Landing is Argentum’s capital as well as its largest city. Home to a population of 40 million, Marne’s Landing is the home of Argentum’s government, military, most of its corporations, and all of the branches of the Adeptus Terra present on Argentum, including members of the Adeptus Arbites and the Ecclesiarchy.

Lysander Spaceport

A massive, bustling spaceport in the cleanest and most prosperous section of the city, Lysander is the final terminus for Marne’s Landing and Argentum. There are other spaceports on the planet, but none are as large or as prestigious as Lysander. It is here where Argentum ends and the great void of space between the stars of the Imperium begin. An unimaginable amount of people and goods flow in and out of its massive armaplas gates, feeding an enthusiastic ring of markets and stalls around its many structures. However, for all of its size, it is imprudent to think that Lysander is not monitored; every embarkation and disembarkation are marked and recorded, as well as every good and item. The merchants and adepts of Argentum are fastidious with their records, after all, and nothing escapes their keen eye.

Sanguinius Square

This large square stands in the very middle of the city, 30 km east of Lysander Spaceport. Designed as a testament to the power of the Imperium and the beauty of the city, as well as paying homage to the planet’s ancient friendship with the Blood Angels, Sanguinius Square is two kilometres long and two kilometres wide. It is tiled with the finest marble the planet has to offer, with a well-maintained road running around the edge of the square. But the true glory of the square stands in the very centre; a massive statue of the Blood Angels Primarch Sanguinius, standing 310 metres tall, staring up into the sky with a look of hope on his face. The statue is cunningly designed so as to catch the light of the sun on his upraised sword, which shines brightly on a clear, sunny day. The statue is also built to face the spaceport, which has a road leading directly to the square. As such, the Statue of Sanguinius can be seen the moment a person leaves the walls of the spaceport.

De Marne Palace

A beautiful and ancient structure, De Marne Palace has been the ancestral home of the Governor of Argentum Virgo Secundus for all of recorded history, and presumably before even then. It sits three kilometres north of Sanguinius Square, and is a magnificent structure, built more akin to a cathedral than a place of residence. It is a full four kilometres wide, and three long, taking up more space than even the Square. Its tallest spires sit at an impressive 1.5 km high, offering a grand view of the city and the Square.

It is the official residence of the Governor of Argentum, as well as the Argentine Court, the semi-official body of courtiers and nobles who mill about looking to catch the Governor’s favour. The Court also possesses representatives from the Adeptus Arbites, the Ecclesiarchy, the Adeptus Mechanicus, the PDF and the commerce guilds.

It is also a solid, fortified structure, capable of withstanding even a long barrage of Earthshaker rounds before collapsing.

The Precinct Courthouse of the Adeptus Arbites

This imposing, fortified structure occupies its own corner of the city, a grim structure that casts its influence across the entire city. The Courthouse of the Arbites is designed not only to be a place of enforcing Imperial Law, but also its own self-sufficient fortress. There is a Courthouse in nearly every major city on the planet, run by Marshals of Court. Each Courthouse is capable of deploying, garrisoning and sustaining a full and independent Adeptus Arbites army- a powerful tool for a powerful organisation.

The Holy Cathedral of the Saint Victor

A beautiful and ornate building with spires rising high into the city skyline, the Holy Cathedral of the Saint Victor is both a building of worship and a building of power. Thousands flock to its doors every day to receive the benedictions of the priests of the Imperial Creed, and important individuals come to its leaders to ask for advice. It is also the official seat of the Ecclesiarchy, and the seat of the Cardinal of the Diocese of Argentum, His Grace Waldemar Kurzman.

Virgin’s Rest

A city of moderate size that sits about 220km south of Marne’s Landing, Virgin’s Rest is a rather gentrified place, known more for being home to artisans than to factory workers or merchants. The city also supports a thriving agricultural industry. Virgin’s Rest’s greatest claim to fame is being the traditional home of the de Marne-Godwyn family, the current rulers of Argentum, who have taken pains to beatify their home city.

Campus Vesper

The largest city on the half-desert island-continent of Picatheus, Campus Vesper sits on the northern coast of the island. Known for its excellent military training facilities and a Schola Progenium with a high pedigree, Campus Vesper is usually considered as the ‘home’ of the Argentine Imperial Guard. It is the traditional home of the military-minded de Marne-Marius family line.


A massive bustling industrial city on the continent of Regius, Azaropolis is the 2nd largest city on Argentum, and the single largest concentration of industry on the planet. All manner of item is made here, from tanks, guns and aircraft for the Imperial Guard and the PDF to consumer goods and luxuries. The city’s 37 million live in desperate squalor, and is a hotbed of growing resentment and public unrest. The city is also the traditional home of the industrialist de Marne-Quentin family.


A relatively quiet city on the northern coast of Argos, Victoria is a highly religious city of 11 million, known for the humble piety and determination of its people- people who can also be relied upon to defend their Emperor and His holy domains from heretic and xenos alike. The people of Victoria tend to be seen as serious, stern, but dependable and utterly loyal. It also serves as the home for the de Marne-Heron family.


A large and prospering city on the western coast of Argos, the city is said to have been the location of a supposed legendary battle between the Blood Angels and an Ork horde. The city is named in Sanguinius’s honour. The city is generally known for its honourable and sturdy people. It also sits as the homeland of the de Marne-Ronson family, who haven’t ruled on Argentum for over 1500 years.

Notable Persons

Governor Nathaniel de Marne-Godwyn

PDF General Cornelia de Marne-Godwyn

Cardinal Waldemar Kurzman

Admiral Pavel Lachance

Grand Marshal of the Courts Alexander Meir

Hektor Maradelles, High Chairman of the Argentum Virgo Secundus Guild of Commerce

Sophia de Marne-Marius, Matriarch of House de Marne-Marius

Aristotle de Marne-Heron, Patriarch of House de Marne-Heron

Gaius de Marne-Quentin, Patriarch of House de Marne-Quentin

Laurence de Marne-Ronson, Patriarch of House de Marne-Ronson

Jean Armadellos, Master Praetor of the Marne’s Landing Urban Regulation Precinct

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