Asgard Debriefing



Turning Point Outcome

Turning Points Outcome
Destroy or Rout Enemy Forces. Achieved.
Protect Allied Forces. Achieved.
Control the Asgard Battlezone. Achieved.
Secure Operations. Achieved.
Secure Main Engineering with a character who possesses the Scholastic Lore (MAGI) skill. Achieved.
Secure Base Defense HQ. Achieved.

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Allocated Forces

Supreme Commander

Red%20Shadow%20Minipic.png?raw=1 Raphael Guillory
Status Fine

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Commander: SOS Commander: Harken's Hunters Commander: Tiger Brigade
Red%20Shadow%20Minipic.png?raw=1 Raphael Guillory Harken2.png?raw=1 Augustus Harken Liu%20Lin.png?raw=1 Liu Lin
Status Fine Status Fine Status Fine

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Independent Characters

NewAsuka.png?dl=00 Asuka Langley Soryu San%20Ayanami.png?dl=0 Ayanami San Shi%20Ayanami.png?dl=0 Ayanami Chiisana Surov2.png?dl=0 Barzilai Surov
Status Fine Status Fine Status Fine Status: Fine

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Special Circumstances

Turning Points
Armoured Units: The enemy possessed multiple vehicles.
Elite Forces: The enemy forces present were a mix of Phantoms, Solomons and Stormtrooper Veterans.
Limited Data: Circumstances mean that the map is shrouded in fog of war. Units may only see within their direct LoS, but have shared vision.
Maintenance Ducts: Asgard hosts a dizzying network of maintenance ducts, which may be entered through Hatches. Each duct is too narrow for a Horde; it may only be entered by Independent Characters of size Hulking or smaller.
Powerful Enemy: No Solomon Prime or Marshal Magistrate.
Unknown Enemies: Many Shadowmen encountered.

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Victory Effects

Victory Effects
3 CP gained.
Peace Cannon Corporation added to your resources. They count as an IB 5 Researcher; they grant a 10% Research Ability bonus to Weapons Engineering, Engineering Cybernetics and Materials Science.
Thruster Unity Corporation added to your resources. They count as an IB 5 Researcher; they grant a 10% Research Ability bonus to General Improvement, Weapons Engineering, Engineering Cybernetics.
Hammer of the United States Event to be triggered in Turn 5.
300 XP Gained due to Turning Points.
SPECIAL REWARD: Mohammed Walid Shire defects to the Federation. He will now join Wolf Squadron.

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Combat Advice and Tactical Data

Actor Dialogue

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Resource Summary

Actor Dialogue
Hannelore2.png?raw=1 "We gained 3 CP and no losses to have to repair this turn. Perfect!"

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Upgrade Advice

Surov2.png?raw=1 "So far our elite forces on the ground seem to be handling the situation well. Superior armour could never hurt, of course."

Pilot Status

Actor Dialogue
Tenma2.png?raw=1 "Nothing to report this time, Madame Chancellor."

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Mala Fides

Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - Narendra awoke. It was a new morning. The sheets were twisted around his legs and a faint sheen of sweat sat on his body. A typical morning.
JB%20Pog.png?raw=1 - What was less typical, however, was the man Narendra would see on exiting into the living room. JB stood in Narendra's kitchen, cooking up breakfast- bacon, eggs, a pair of buttered hot croissants with honey and jam.
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - It has been three weeks since JB had moved in… And Narendra still couldn't help but feel uncomfortable about it. There had been arguments. Confrontations. Narendra had avoided flying off the handle ever since that first evening, thankfully, but…
JB%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "Good morning, Narendra. Hope you slept better last night."
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "Hope in vain, JB."
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - JB chuckled, and Narendra felt a little sliver of irritation that was part tiredness and part frayed nerves. JB was a nice enough man to live with, but his duty was officially to watch Narendra for signs of 'abusive' behaviour towards Caine's brutal pets. It meant that for the last three weeks, Narendra had felt as though he were being judged, critiqued and watched 24/7. It was wearing him thin.
JB%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "What's got you down today, Narendra?"
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "How do you know something's bothering me?"
JB%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "You get this face going on…"
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - Narendra sighed and sat at the kitchen bench.
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "Money trouble."
JB%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "Money trouble? I thought you Marshals were paid well?"
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "It's only about 100,000 a year."
JB%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "Hmmm… Money trouble. Do you owe someone some money, then?"
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "As a matter of fact, I do."
JB%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "If I can help…"
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "No. Thank you, but this isn't the sort of problem you go begging hat-in-hand to your local priest with."
JB%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "Hmm…"
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - Narendra sighed to himself. He accepted his plate of food from JB and ate in silence.
JB%20Pog.png?raw=1 - JB sat down next to him.
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "So what's your plan today? Just following me around again?"
JB%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "As always. I have to make a few detours, however."
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "Detours. Why?"
JB%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "They've finally sorted out my observer expenses account. There are a few things I need to buy."
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "Like those candies of yours?"
JB%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "Haha. Yes, quite. I'm down to my last few."
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "Heaven forbid. How would you seduce little boys if you ran out?"
JB%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "I was thinking I could do it by feeding them bacon and eggs. What do you think? Is it working?"
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - Narendra snorted.
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "How much does an observer expense account hold, anyway?"
JB%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "It's supposed to last me for daily living expenses for a year, plus diplomatic pocketbook expenses, plus emergencies, plus a few things here and there for taxes or what-have-you, but the total is about nine million."
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - Narendra choked. "N-Nine Million?!"
JB%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "Yes, it's fairly… Generous. Nonetheless…"
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - But Narendra was only half-listening now. Nine million… That was more than enough. Hope, warm and surging, flared in Narendra's chest. They finished eating, and once JB had headed off on his 'detours', Narendra seized upon JB's bedroom. Before long, he found a datapad the UN had loaned JB, along with a bank card. Breaking into JB's datapad had been something Narendra mastered two weeks ago; he quickly logged in. It wasn't hard to find JB's account details: he still had the message and probably hadn't changed the default codes.
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - Pulse pounding, Narendra quickly left- he wouldn't need the card.
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - A few hours into his shift overseeing Operations, Narendra excused himself; he entered his Director's Office, which had its own computer console. He quickly opened a secured external line.
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - Narendra's ruse was thus: ordering the MP Evas at Asgard to stand down would be suicide if he did it from the Synfront. It was too easily traceable. However, if he sent the command codes to a clandestine third party, they could activate them themselves and dismiss the Evas, leaving Narendra with plausible deniability. The first part had gone fine. That was when Narendra ran into problems: the third party had tripled their fee up to 2 million UN credit.
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - Narendra had no idea how to find such money. Backing out would not have gone down well, either; Narendra would have to change the command codes, and changing them without reason would draw attention. He had resigned himself to having to skim some money from the UN somehow… But the fool priest had saved him without realising it.
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - The payment went swimmingly. Narendra returned to his station.
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - A few days later, the Synfront was alerted to an attack on Asgard. Three enemy Evas! But the UN's MP Evas had suddenly retreated, jaunting… Somewhere. They lost contact with them and had no trace of them; they had to summon Aline to find them.
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - The UEF quickly established a lock zone. Reinforcing Asgard would become a nightmare; by the time UN forces overcame the Evas, Asgard would be UEF territory. It was a shame, but they would simply have to swallow their losses…

Bona Fides




Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "I won't lie, it's pretty, uh… It's… An imposition. An intrusion, even. But what am I to do?"
Choi%20Hyun%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "It sounds pretty unreasonable! To have the observer literally move in… They couldn't put him somewhere else?"
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "I'm sure they could, they just didn't want to. No need for it, of course, I'm not bringing anyone home these days, let alone Phantoms…"
Choi%20Hyun%20Pog.png?raw=1 - Choi Hyun gave Narendra an odd look. His innards turned to ice.
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - (I sound like a loser.)
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "Haha. I'm… Just busy. I am extremely busy these days. There's a war on."
Choi%20Hyun%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "I know, Director. We reviewed the intel on the defenses of my homeland yesterday, remember? In case we had to invade it?"
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - (KILL ME)
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "I… Yes. That… Was in poor taste."
Choi%20Hyun%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "Oh, lighten up, sir. I was having a joke!"
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "… Doctor Choi, sometimes you have a pitch-black sense of humour."
Choi%20Hyun%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "I'm working on it. It'll help me if you guys go wild and wipe out my family, right?"
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "… Hahaha. Yes. That… Would be a virtue!"
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "… I'm sorry, Doctor Choi, but I genuinely don't know if we're joking or not right now."
Choi%20Hyun%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "Come on, Director. We were both there for that talk, right? General Wu said China'd capitulate long before Korea became a big deal, it's fine. What did you think of him, by the way?"
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "He seemed competent enough. I can't fault the man's style, at least. He has a lot of… Well, let's just say he and Marshal Caine are peas in a pod in more ways than one."
Choi%20Hyun%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "No kidding. UN high command… A smorgasbord of eye candy."
Choi%20Hyun%20Pog.png?raw=1 - She beamed. Narendra locked up.
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "Uh, yes…"
slezak%20pog.png?raw=1 - Narendra, lost in his own awkward thoughts, didn't hear the heavy footsteps of Stormtroopers until they were literally behind him. After all, they were a common enough sound…
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - But he felt the hairs on the back of his neck prickle. He turned.
slezak%20pog.png?raw=1 - Investigator-Magistrate Bohumir Slezak was a bull of a man; he stood six foot six and his shoulders were very broad. He was muscular and stocky, which gave him an air something like an Iron Guard. He had short cropped dark brown hair shot through with grey, and a stubbly goatee. He wore an impressive and unique set of power armour overlaid with a type of mantle.
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "Magistrate Slezak. Good day to you."
slezak%20pog.png?raw=1 - Although Narendra outranked Slezak, Narendra had good reason to show respect to Slezak. Slezak was an Investigator-Magistrate: although capable of it, Investigator-Magistrates did not focus on military command, but rather focused on internal affairs, and they had a considerable level of authority to search, remand, requisition and arrest if need be. Beyond that, Slezak was a man with a grand record. Like Narendra, he had fought in the LN War. Like Narendra, he had been an Iron Guard Hunter, one of the best.
slezak%20pog.png?raw=1 - "A very good day, yes. A very good day indeed, Gadhavi. But not for you."
slezak%20pog.png?raw=1 - But unlike Narendra, Slezak was not weighed down with guilt and shame over helping kill thousands of his own allies.
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "Oh?"
slezak%20pog.png?raw=1 - "I'm here to arrest you, Gadhavi." He smiled in relish.
Choi%20Hyun%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "What?! Why…?!"
slezak%20pog.png?raw=1 - "This doesn't concern you yet, Doctor, so I dare not utter it in public. But. Are you going to come quietly, Director? Or are you going to give me an excuse to break your legs? Please. Please. Give me that chance."
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - Narendra eyed Slezak's flunkies warily. Six Stormtroopers. Back to Slezak. Then around at the surroudnings- they were dead centre in the middle of the Synfront's busiest mall, and now everyone's eyes were on him.
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "That won't be necessary, Inspector-Magistrate. I will go along quietly, although I hope for your sake you have something to justify wasting my time."
slezak%20pog.png?raw=1 - Twenty minutes later, Narendra sat on an uncomfortable plastic seat inside an interrogation room, his hands cuffed to the table. Slezak stood opposite, his cold blue eyes shining with satisfaction.
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "Out with it, Inspector."
slezak%20pog.png?raw=1 - "Do you know how long I've waited for this, Gadhavi? How long I've chased you, hoping you'd face justice for what you did to my brother."
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "This still, Inspector? I tire of your accusations. You're looking for the traitor-soldier of the 32-Day Disaster? Keep looking. Now, uncuff me."
slezak%20pog.png?raw=1 - But Slezak was not listening.
slezak%20pog.png?raw=1 - "What would the punishment be for such a thing? Imprisonment, perhaps… Ostracism, absolutely… See you a pariah by all those fools out there who cannot see you for what you are- a traitor and a coward."
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "How am I a coward?"
slezak%20pog.png?raw=1 - "A braver man, when he realised what he'd helped do, would have put his sidearm in his mouth and ended it honorably. You did no such thing."
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - Despite the pounding in Narendra's chest, he had the calm and poise to roll his eyes.
slezak%20pog.png?raw=1 - "so imagine my joy, imagine it, when I found evidence implicating you in that Rakshasa incident at Asgard?"
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "Oh, please."
slezak%20pog.png?raw=1 - "I hardly need to tell a fellow Magistrate what the punishment for such a crime is."
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - Slezak was right, he didn't. The punishment was death.
slezak%20pog.png?raw=1 - "A week before the incident, you met with a private courier in Dar Es Salaam. Several days before the incident you made a monetary transaction using Father de Sauveterre's observer account… A transaction of 2 million credits."
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "What a stupid thing to say. Are you saying I stole his account, then made a payment with it? If you observed a payment from his account, it was probably him doing the paying."
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - Narendra knew the payment would not go unobserved; he did it under a guest code, which wouldn't give him away. It obscured the trail… And put blame on JB. Yes, this would probably lead to JB's dismissal as a spy and double-agent. At worst it would cause a massive diplomatic scandal, but…
slezak%20pog.png?raw=1 - "Did you know certain consoles in the Synfront are genetically coded?"
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "…"
slezak%20pog.png?raw=1 - "I can see from your face that you did not. Or rather, you did not realise you'd used one coded to you. No matter. You used a guest code, which was smart, but the console recorded you making the transaction."
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - Narendra's insides turned to ice. He was doomed. How had he been so foolish? The console hadn't been obvious about its genetic coding, but… This place. This fucking place. Everything here was a snare. His own stupidity had condemned him.
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "It's… Not what you think! I… I have a relative. A sister. She… She got out of jail not six months ago, and she cannot find any work. She racked up gambling debts, borrowed from banks, loan sharks. I needed to help her! I asked JB for help, and he gave me the money! I didn't steal it! He watched me do it!"
slezak%20pog.png?raw=1 - Slezak touched his comm-collar. "Sergeant Tafari, bring Father de Sauveterre to the interrogation room."
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - A lie. An easily disprovable lie…
slezak%20pog.png?raw=1 - "You've tied your own noose, Gadhavi."
JB%20Pog.png?raw=1 - JB arrived 15 minutes later. His expression was cool, unreadable. "Director. Inspector Slezak, you called me?"
slezak%20pog.png?raw=1 - "Just wanted to ask a question, father."
JB%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "Go ahead and ask."
slezak%20pog.png?raw=1 - "Gadhavi has been caught making a clandestine payment to someone unknown. This is what I believe happened: he sent his Director command codes to a third party, then stole your account and paid them to do it, to remove the MP Evas from Asgard and leave it open to Federation attack."
JB%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "I see."
slezak%20pog.png?raw=1 - "He claims that he did no such thing. He claims that he came to you for help, that his sister was in debt with gambling and other things. He maintains that he came to you for help, and out of the kindness of your heart, you gave him 2 million credits from your observer account…"
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - Narendra hung his head. Images flashed in his head. Striking Amala. Forcing her Phantoms into quietmind, the candies dropping from their emotionless hands. His rage. Alcohol on his breath… He was a failure. A pathetic, stinking failure, the sort of man JB had been sent to root out. This was it.
JB%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "Yes, that's quite right. Purnima Gadhavi, that's her name. She'd… Why, she'd owed money to loan sharks, I believe. Yes, a common enough story, but tragic, and of such scale… I gave him the two million myself, Inspector. I watched him make the transaction."
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - A hot fire suddenly sprang to life in Narendra's chest. Conversely, Slezak's face fell.
slezak%20pog.png?raw=1 - "You're sure? But- two million credits?!"
JB%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "Everyone deserves a second chance, Inspector, no matter how expensive buying that chance is."
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "Satisfied yet, Inspector?"
slezak%20pog.png?raw=1 - "… This isn't over, Gadhavi. There's still plenty of leads to chase up. I'll be seeing you soon."
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - Gadhavi was released. Rubbing his wrists, he and JB made their way home in silence.
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - It was only after Narendra had set up his anti-bugging pulse-net that he finally turned to JB.
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "Why did you do it?"
JB%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "Do what?"
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "I stole from you. I stole two million credits. I broke into your account, your datapad. I… Why? Why lie for me?"
JB%20Pog.png?raw=1 - JB sat, quiet and calm. He gave JB a small smile. "Asgard fell, but hardly anyone died. The UN forces retreated unharmed, the Federation peacefully occupied it and put down some nasty spawn on the way. No harm done."
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "But that was a mistake! I was-… I was hoping they'd…"
JB%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "You were hoping Shire and Amala would perish in the fighting. Because Shire stood up to you at your worst, and because Amala snuck in and left a death threat on your pillow."
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "… Yes."
JB%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "And yet events conspired to do the opposite. Shire defected. Amala is safe at home, injured, but happy for her lover… You nearly committed a most grievous sin, Narendra. But at the last moment, a greater power intervened to give you a second chance."
JB%20Pog.png?raw=1 - JB stood up with a sigh. He poured out two glasses of wine, and handed Narendra one.
JB%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "Your life has been one of misery, death, deceit and ruin, Narendra Gadhavi. But now God has given you a second chance. A chance to put it all behind you. I said once that there is a good man in you. This is your chance to see that man realised."
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "Why… did you lie for me?"
JB%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "Two million credits is a cheap price to pay for the chance to redeem your soul, Narendra Gadhavi."
JB%20Pog.png?raw=1 - JB drained his glass, and headed for the door. "I'll leave you alone for now. A chance to collect your thoughts. A chance to decide where to go from here."
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - "…"
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - Narendra sat, dumbfounded. He did not move, he did not speak. His glass of wine sat undrunk in his hand.
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - (He thinks he knows me? He thinks he knows my soul? My whole life I've fought against calamity after calamity. Impact… The wars… The LN… That damned fucking apostle! The Bioexotics!)
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - (He rants about nonsense, saving my soul… Look at what I've become.)
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - The glass fell from Narendra's hands. He lowered his head against his chest and squeezed his eyes shut.
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - (I can't sleep at night for nightmares. I can't speak to people unless I'm drunk. I can barely communicate with the woman I love. I'm a drunk. I'm a raging frenzied fool who trashes his apartment over a random comment. I abuse my power to get back at a pair of NOTHINGS!)
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - He covered his eyes with his hands; he began shaking back and forth.
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - (I'm reduced to stealing from priests. I'm nothing. They would have killed me. Executed me. I would've died. I should've died!)
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - (Instead… This man bought my life from them. He gave me my life when I should've died. He says I'm worth it, the chance of redemption, but how could he possibly know? He's gambling on a drunken imbecile…)
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - (… But he's always treated me with kindness.)
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - (I owe him my life. I… I don't know what to do. What do I do now? Dear God, what do I do?)
Narendra%20Pog.png?raw=1 - His grip tightened on his own face. Narendra shook ever more violent; then he began to sob.
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