Asgard S Secrets

[18:09] <Sept> Despite everything, Sera had slept that night. Relatively well, too, given the circumstances. There was little left from the nerves of yesterday, now that he had plans. Enough plans for everything to fail today and for there to still be hope for tomorrow. But Sera was determined to make progress today. This was critically important.-
[18:12] <Sept> The bridge was up first. With any luck, Alexandre would already be there and they could get started.
[18:20] <Minaplo> ["… Captain, I'm not really sure my romantic situation is comparable to your predicament."-
[18:22] <Minaplo> [It was a slow day. Alexandre was sitting at his station, a half-eaten grilled wrap in his hands. He was talking to Hyuga, who was frowning, sitting in the captain's chair.-
[18:25] <Minaplo> ["But… But Langley-Soryu's got a forceful personality too, right?" Said Hyuga, who had a bowl of ramen sitting on his lap. "I just figured…"-
[18:26] <Minaplo> ["Captain, with all due respect, the problem isn't that Chiisana's forceful, is it? The problem's that she's a teenage girl and you're an unmarried 28-year old nerd who doesn't know how to handle women."-
[18:26] <Minaplo> ["… That was mean."]
[18:30] <Sept> "We all make sacrifices, Makoto." Sera adjusted his glasses, hovering around the centre of the room. "Ready to do science?"
[19:38] <Minaplo> ["Actually, we're eating lunch." Said Alex.-
[19:38] <Minaplo> ["I suppose you wanna do another synchronization test, though?"]
[19:43] <Sept> "Not yet. We're going to give 01 a new pilot." Sera grinned. "We're gonna need an fairly old or non-standard plug, if you have any lying around. Otherwise, we might be able to emulate one."
[19:44] <Minaplo> ["Old or non-standard?" Alex rubbed his chin. "We tried different plug combinations before, though."]
[19:53] <Sept> "I had no idea what I was doing, yesterday. The unit naturally has some tolerance for variations in synch technology, but if it's different enough, I -believe- it should shock 01 into re-evaluating any preconceptions it might have regarding my compatibility. Just to get my foot in the door."
[19:55] <Minaplo> ["Different enough." Alex took a bite of his wrap, thinking thoughtfully.-
[19:55] <Minaplo> [Eventually he swallowed. "Would 'unique' count, then?"]
[20:01] <Sept> "I'd hope so. What kind of tech are we talking?"
[20:05] <Minaplo> ["Old prototype plug models? With matching prototype plugsuits."]
[20:10] <Sept> "That absolutely works. I mean, I hope it will. And with you on the bridge, we should be able to create enough confusion. How long until we can try it out?"
[20:11] <Minaplo> ["Well, er… That depends."-
[20:13] <Minaplo> [He coughed. "On us finding the Plug. Look, it's, er, it's down in the very lowest Storage levels, and it's kind of a mess. Here's what we'll do. I'll finish this." He held up the wrap.-
[20:13] <Minaplo> ["Then you, me and the good Captain here will go down to Storage and we'll try to find it. Sound good?"-
[20:14] <Minaplo> ["Hm? When did you drag me into this?" Asked Hyuga, looking over with a frown.-
[20:14] <Minaplo> ["Captain, isn't it better to be digging around in Storage than it is to be stewing about all your lovelife problems?"-
[20:14] <Minaplo> ["Hmmm…"]
[20:15] <Sept> "We can give you relationship advice while we adventure for lost treasure, it'll be awesome," Sera said, with a hint of sarcasm.
[20:15] <Minaplo> [Hyuga looked sour at this.-
[20:16] <Minaplo> ["I should go, if only to make sure that the two of you don't get into trouble." He said grudgingly.-
[20:16] <Minaplo> ["Great." Said Alex, quickly finishing up his wrap.-
[20:18] <Minaplo> [And so, the three of them would find themselves on an elevator, the numbers above the door slowly ticking over…-
[20:23] <Minaplo> ["Storage Level Eight is about a kilometre and a half beneath the surface." Said Alex. "Some of the stuff is sensitive, some of it's junk, some of it is just prototypes that are too expensive for mass production… Some of it might be a tad dangerous."]
[20:23] <Sept> "Anything sentient?"
[20:25] <Minaplo> ["Emily from Technical swears that some of the old test scout drones down there started breeding and stalking people, but she might've just been telling tales. It shouldn't be a problem."]
[20:28] <Sept> "Anything we can scavenge for food?"
[20:31] <Minaplo> ["I don't think so. We shouldn't be in there that long."]
[20:31] <Minaplo> ["If we are, we can just eat Hyuga." Added Alex.-
[20:31] <Minaplo> ["Hey!"]#
[20:34] <Sept> "Wouldn't 'last survivor of a forbidden expedition' be a good addition to your relationship resume? 'Killed a Neospartan and an EVA pilot with his bare hands'?"
[20:38] <Minaplo> ["What? This isn't NERV Deathmatch…"-
[20:39] <Minaplo> [About five minutes later, the elevator finally rumbled to a stop, the doors sliding open.-
[20:43] <Minaplo> ["Here we are." Said Hyuga, stepping out into a well-lit foyer.-
[20:44] <Minaplo> [The foyer was about twenty metres long, and ten wide; they were at the northern end of it. There were three doors; one to the west, south and east each.-
[20:44] <Minaplo> ["We need the… Eastern door, I think." Said Alex. He pointed to a rack along the eastern wall, which contained several toolkits. "Don't forget to take a toolkit; they've got walkie-talkies and torches."]
[20:52] * Sept grabbed one, tried the weight and checked the contents. "Alright, let's do this."
[20:58] <Minaplo> [Within was a hefty torch, a walkie-talkie, a first aid kit, an electronic light/sound beacon rod, and a small camera.-
[21:02] <Minaplo> [And off they went- to the eastern door.-
[21:02] <Minaplo> [They found themselves in a warehouse, a huge one; of course, they couldn't see all of it, mostly because the area they could see was made up of huge shelves bulging with junk- or small corridors between the shelves.-
[21:02] <Minaplo> [Also, the lights were very dim.]
[21:04] <Sept> "…alright. -How- do we do this?"
[21:10] <Minaplo> [There were clicks as the other two turned on their torches- stark white beams of light illuminating distant walls…-
[21:11] <Minaplo> ["Let's split up." Said Alex. "We're looking for an Entry Plug. It won't look identical to any other Plug you know, but it'll still be a Plug."]
[21:15] <Sept> "Alright. Good luck, then. May the best man win."
[21:19] <Minaplo> ["Call us if you find it." Said Hyuga, before he struck off in one direction.]
[21:22] <Sept> "Will do." Sera headed off in another, recalling the first days on Skald Island, allowing himself to feel just a bit excited.
[21:27] <Minaplo> [Alex lay down his beacon rod- which emitted a low-pitched rumbling through the ground, and shot an intensely bright beam of violet light to the roof. It'd be visible for miles.-
[21:29] <Minaplo> [And then he went off in his own direction as well.-
[21:30] <Minaplo> [The shelves around Sera were overloaded with objects. Some were in sealed crates; some were lying exposed, covered in dust. Others were broken and lying on the floor around him, turning into obstacles.-
[21:31] <Minaplo> [Something went 'crunch' beneath his foot- flashing a light down, he'd see what looked like an early version of an A10 Interface Headset clip.]
[21:36] <Sept> He had to wonder how the hell this place was maintained. Whoever had stored these things here, surely there'd be some kind of logic to it? Sera decided to head some ways in and see if particular shelves had items with similar dates or types, to begin with.
[21:47] <Minaplo> [If there was a pattern, he couldn't quite figure it out. On one shelf he saw a proto-Prog Knife, probably one of the latest things to be stored here, lying next to a heat deflective armour plate with the words PROJECT E 2004 emblazoned in faded white letters over the surface… Just a total mess.-
[21:48] <Minaplo> [If there was one thing Sera could gauge, it was that this place was seemingly filled with broken and useless crap. Alex had been wrong, it seemed. This wasn't a storage house.-
[21:48] <Minaplo> [It was a junkyard.]
#6[21:53] * Sept didn't try his luck with trying to test the blade and take it with him for self-defense. It was very probably down here for a reason. So he just wandered on for a bit, keeping a straight path for now, and keeping an eye out for any larger objects that he might mistake for plugs.
[21:57] <Minaplo> [The air down here was musty and stale, and it reminded him of the tunnels beneath Paris-2…-
[22:01] <Minaplo> [Sera would hear something… From above. A whirr of servo-motors. And he'd see a sudden light- a red light.]
[22:04] * Sept froze, ready to act. A sensible person would've assumed it was a camera with a motion sensor. Sera often wasn't sensible.
[22:06] <Minaplo> [Something shifted, something… Alive.-
[22:06] <Minaplo> [There was the sound of shifting debris, and a small rain of scrap metal, dust and spare parts fell to earth below, followed by the instigator.-
[22:09] <Minaplo> [It was a squat, round object. It was green, with an orange stripe running horizontally around the middle, a glowing eye-like sensor embedded on one side of the round 'saucer section'. A small collection of robotic arms and manipulators- Sera was reminded of Surov's mechandendrites- dangled lifelessly from its undercarriage. It was flying- an engine built into the rear and bottom of the unit keeping it afloat, although it moved with alarming imprecision. It was practically weaving drunkenly.-
[22:09] <Minaplo> [It floated unsteadily over to him, and stared at him with that bright red eye.]
[22:10] * Sept refused to move a muscle.
[22:10] <Minaplo> [It was covered in dust…-
[22:11] <Minaplo> [It floated around him, in a clockwise direction, the hairs on his neck sticking up as he felt it moving behind him…]
[22:16] <Sept> He was running out of breath, couldn't hold it for much longer…
[22:17] <Minaplo> [He felt something cold and hard jab him in the back of the head.]
[22:29] * Sept jerked his head forward in surprise, swore and leapt forward a few paces, now facing the machine.
[22:31] <Minaplo> [It stared at him. It floated a little closer.-
[22:31] <Minaplo> [And then it spoke, in a distorted, twisted mechanical voice.-
[22:32] <Minaplo> [("B-B-Begininininining bibibibometric s-s-s-scan…")-
[22:32] <Minaplo> [("E-E-e-errororororor. Bioioooometricicicic senseeeeor ssssu-su-su-suite nonononon-opopoperativeveveve.")]
[22:36] <Sept> "Move on, already. I'm not what you're looking for," he muttered, still not sure if he shouldn't just wreck it. If they were operating on some sort of hive consciousness…
[22:37] <Minaplo> [("Rerererequesting maintentententetenance.")]
[22:42] * Sept took a quick look around him. It didn't seem very likely it was a trap. "Hmmm. I can try. Diagnostic mode..?"
[22:43] <Minaplo> [("Diagagagnostic mode enenenegaged…")-
[22:46] <Minaplo> [("Visisisual audaudaudial sensensensor package funfunfunctioning; mininior calibliblibrations rerequired. Vovovocabulator proprocessor rereporting acidic damage. Bioioiometric sensor su-su-suite non-opoperative, rerereporting damamamamaged comcomponents: facicial ananalysis lens desestroyed, rereremote bio-rerereader damaged."-
[22:46] <Minaplo> [("Warehouse mememory banks: 100% operational statatus.")]
[22:51] <Sept> "The rest of it can wait for a bit. Let's run the audiovisual sensor calibrations."
[22:55] <Minaplo> [("Initiating caliblibrations.")-
[22:55] <Minaplo> [The light switched off, and the drone floated to the ground, where the dangling legs came live, allowing it to scuttle, spider-like, on the ground.-
[22:56] <Minaplo> [After a minute or two of this, the light switched back on. ("Caliblibrations complete. Auauaudiovisual sensensensor package calilibrarated.")]
[22:59] <Sept> "Good as new. Disengage diagnostic mode, search warehouse database. Keywords: entry plug."#
[23:01] <Minaplo> [("Errerrerror: Sesesecurity clearararance ununknown.")]
[23:05] * Sept sighed. "Hold." He fished out his radio, pushing down the transmit button. "This is marmot is pigeon there over."
[23:11] <Minaplo> [There was silence.-
[23:11] <Minaplo> ["Which one of us is pigeon? Over." Asked Hyuga.]
[23:13] <Sept> "Irrelevant. I have a drone, is there a security clearance code for these?"
[23:18] <Minaplo> ["Oh, is that one of the old Curator Spiderpod test-types?" Asked Alex, curiously.]
[23:19] <Sept> "Spid- yes. Yes, it is."
[23:20] <Minaplo> ["Shit. That'd be really useful, but they were abandoned for a reason. They're keyed in to recognise only based on biometrics, and the only people with proper security access are… You know, dead."]
[23:25] <Sept> "Its sensors are fucked, anyway. No idea what it's been doing in here. Acidic decay and blunt force, at least. I'll keep looking."
[23:26] <Minaplo> ["Alright. Keep at it."]
[23:30] * Sept stored the radio again. "Does the system have alternate ways to establish clearance?"
[23:38] <Minaplo> [("Negegative.")]
[23:46] <Sept> "Can you help me look for something without clearance?"
[23:46] <Minaplo> [("Negativeveve.")]
[23:50] <Sept> "What are the responsibilities of a Curator?"
[23:52] <Minaplo> [("Catcatcataloguing warehouse inventory. Assisisisting in authorized retrieval. Maintenance and didididirection of Ranger hunterkillers.")]
[23:56] <Sept> "How many Ranger units remain operational?"
Session Time: Sat Jul 13 00:00:00 2013
[00:07] <Minaplo> [("Errorrorr: security clearance unununknoowowown.")]
[00:08] * Sept picked up the radio again. "Alex? Can we take on Ranger hunterkillers?"
[00:09] <Minaplo> ["Uhhh."-
[00:10] <Minaplo> ["I'd rather not. I fought Rangers back in training. They come in pairs- a small scout and a heavy weapon unit. Now, either these units have been stripped of their weapons, in which case we can just outrun them, or no one's bothered, which means we're dealing with old-style volatile lasers and guided missiles."-
[00:11] <Minaplo> ["However, we aren't doing anything that'll trigger a Ranger coming after us. As far as I know, don't attack a Ranger, don't attack a functioning Spiderpod, and don't take anything with a Spiderpod watching, and we shouldn't count as a threat."]
[00:18] <Sept> "Got it, will avoid. Carry on." And, turning back to the drone, "I'd like to report some new arrivals to the warehouse."
[00:19] <Minaplo> [The drone scuttled over to Sera, staring up expectantly. ("Proroceed.")]
[00:21] <Sept> "They were dropped off by the prototype entry plug earlier."
[00:26] <Minaplo> [The Spiderpod stared up at him.-
[00:27] <Minaplo> [("Errorrorrorr: Prototototype entry plugs number: 4.")]
[00:31] <Sept> "Correction. By the one dated most recent."
[00:31] <Minaplo> [("Ackacknowledgeded.")]
[00:34] <Sept> "That is all. Carry on."
[00:34] <Minaplo> [("…")-
[00:35] <Minaplo> [The Spiderpod didn't move. It kept staring.]#
[00:35] <Sept> "Are you waiting for something?"
[00:36] <Minaplo> [("Unidididentified strangers detetetected. Obobobservation takes priririrority.")]
[00:49] <Sept> "Alright. Maintenance. Stay still." Sera took out the beacon from his kit, and some tape. With liberal amounts of the latter, he went to attach the beacon to the Curator's backside.
[00:49] <Minaplo> [The spiderpod continued to watch him, but stayed still… And eventually it would, in fact, be tagged.]
[00:53] * Sept admired his work for a moment. Then, as he turned the beacon on, he started running, hoping for the light to make it more difficult for the drone to track and follow him.
[00:54] <Minaplo> [A bright, yellow light streaked towards the roof…-
[00:55] <Minaplo> [And the Spiderpod immediately began to run after him, eventually lifting itself off the ground and trying to fly. But the added weight of the beacon- and the tape- made it even more ungainly, and it quickly found itself back on its legs- forced to scuttle after him at a nevertheless rapid pace.-
[01:01] <Minaplo> [Sera wound find a good opportunity to slip away- there was some sort of E-Scale gun on a shelf, and the barrel was semi-covered by scrapped test armor. It'd be easy to hide inside.]
[01:03] * Sept slipped inside, hoping to encounter an equal or lower amount of spiders.
[01:04] <Minaplo> [No spiders lay within.-
[01:04] <Minaplo> [Sera could hear the clack-clack-clack-clack of the Spiderpod outside as it scuttled over metal and stone.-
[01:05] <Minaplo> [("Ununidentified strang-g-g-ger lost. Begin-in-ining wide-band biobiobiometric scan.")-
[01:06] <Minaplo> [("Error: Bioioioiometmetmetmetmet ricsensensensor suite nonononon-operererative full stop.")-
[01:07] <Minaplo> [("Disisisengaging oboboboservation protocols. Wireless sigigignature deployed. Acacactivating Ranger Hunterkillers in Search-and-and-and-Destroy mode.")-
[01:08] <Minaplo> [("New task-k-k: verify new-new-new deliveries.")-
[01:08] <Minaplo> [There was the sound of the Spiderpod scuttling away… Followed by the now-distant sound of 'beep… Beep…'-
[01:09] <Minaplo> [… And then, a very loud sound that reverberated in Sera's stomach- muffled by distance. It was the sound of something very very heavy and expensive falling over with a huge metallic crash.]
[01:12] <Sept> "Okay new developmjesusfuck-," Sera managed to speak into his radio before he was interrupted, clapping hands on his ears.
[01:13] <Minaplo> ["What was that? Sera? I heard a crash. What did you break? Sera? Sera?" Alex's voice.]
[01:16] <Sept> "Not me," he kept going in a hushed tone. "Rangers, probably. Curator's going for the plug right now, there's a beacon on it. No bibi- biometric sensors, so just stay out of sight if you get close to it."
[01:23] <Minaplo> ["Rangers? How'd you set them off?!"]
[01:26] <Sept> "The curator did after it lost me! I'm getting shit done over here, just be careful and we'll be out of here in no time!"
[01:28] <Minaplo> ["I appreciate this, guys." Said Hyuga dryly. "really, I mean it. Here I was feeling gloomy over awkward romantic entanglements, but you've put my problems into perspective by unleashing killer robots on us."-
[01:28] <Minaplo> ["That's Sera for you." Muttered Alex. "Yellow light, right, Sera? I think I can barely see it…"]
[01:30] <Sept> "Awesome. Should I distract the Rangers or do you need help moving that thing?"
[01:31] <Minaplo> ["Actually," Said Alex, "My plan was to slap a broadcast signal onto the Entry Plug and then come back later with cargo and AC suits to pull it out. I think you'll admit that's much safer."-
[01:32] <Minaplo> ["But, if you want to distract the Rangers, that's a good idea, means I can follow that Curator."]
[01:35] <Sept> "Alright. If something happens to my radio, I'll just head for the lift after a while."
[01:36] <Minaplo> ["Fair enough. Pursuing now."]
#6[01:37] * Sept climbed back out of his hiding place again, scanning his surroundings. Maybe if he could make a sufficient amount of noise…
[01:38] <Minaplo> [There was a -lot- of stuff around here. There was the gun he'd hidden in. Mountains of scrap metal that he could climb up to reach a higher shelf. He could see a pair of E-Scale nunchaku up the top- if he was able to push them down, they'd flail around and cause all sorts of really awesome damage.-
[01:41] <Minaplo> [There was also, on the shelf opposite the gun, an unusually-tidy kept set of very large gunmetal-grey spheres.-
[01:41] <Minaplo> [Their markings had faded, but one of them still bore its markings: "HIGH ENERGY BOLT SHELL PROTOTYPE 2006".-
[01:43] <Minaplo> [There was, of course, plenty of other junk around. He could try knocking one of the shelf supports down, for example. There were a series of pod-like glass-and-metal objects on a shelf nearby he could probably topple. There was a pile of what looked like Spiderpod parts in dozens of metal boxes…]
[01:52] * Sept would settle for just tipping over some of the piled scrap for a general indication of presence and then just moving loudly.
[01:59] <Minaplo> [Underwhelming.-
[01:59] <Minaplo> [Ultimately, it'd have the required results… Albeit slower than he would've hoped. He was, at this point, still one of the noisiest things around, and something would find him.-
[02:00] <Minaplo> [A bright red light shone on him as he moved- and the source…-
[02:00] <Minaplo> [It was a floating black spherical drone, dominated by a red eye embedded in its equator. The rest of the drone was made up of compartments- unlike the curator, it had no legs or claws.-
[02:01] <Minaplo> [Its voice was horrid. It was loud and screechy and every word sounded like six foot-long nails being scraped along a thousand chalkboards. "UNIDENTIFIED HUMAN INTRUDER DETECTED. SEARCH PROTOCOL SUCCESSFUL."-
[02:04] <Sept> "Sup." Sera backed up a few steps to an intersection.
[02:06] <Minaplo> [A compartment slid open, revealing a little launcher. A projectile hurled itself out at Sera with minimum noise.-
[02:07] <Minaplo> [The projectile missed- whizzing by Sera's neck- impaling itself into the wall behind, where it revealed itself to be both a vicious spike- and a beacon light. It flashed a dizzyingly bright green, and emitted high-pitched, incessant beepeepeeepeepeepeepeeps…-
[02:07] <Minaplo> [CLANK.-
[02:07] <Minaplo> [CLANK CLANK.-
[02:08] <Minaplo> [Imagine the black round drone as the top of an L. The other end of the L was Sera's right. And now Sera would see the other half of the Ranger Hunterkiller pair.-
[02:09] <Minaplo> [It was three metres tall, and it was a living breathing piece of art, providing the art style was brutalism. The only round edges Sera could see belonged to the six-barreled gatling guns it had for arms, and the four-barreled missile launchers it held on its shoulders- which, Sera would see, were perfectly loaded.-
[02:10] <Minaplo> [Its head had no central eye but rather a glowing red 'sight band' that wrapped around the entire head, giving it 360 degree vision. It walked ponderously, slowly.-
[02:10] <Minaplo> [It turned to Sera.-
[02:10] <Minaplo> [It fell forward.-
[02:11] <Minaplo> [Or so it seemed. Instead, it seemed to actually -kneel-, but a second before the legs landed, the side plating of said legs receded, revealing four wheels bound by tank treads.-#
[02:12] <Minaplo> [Thus mobilized, it began to speed towards Sera at an intimidatingly fast rate for its bulk. Its gatling guns were spinning up…-
[02:12] <Minaplo> ["PRIORITY: EXTERMINATE."]
[02:15] * Sept paused for a split second, examining the machine for a moment as he figured out his path from what he remembered of the surroundings. There was no Spectre there to stop him this time. "And… go!"
[18:14] <Minaplo> [The Hunter zoomed after him, hovering above the ground, its red eye unerringly on him. "ANALYSIS: TARGET UNPROTECTED, UNSHIELDED, LIKELY FLAMMABLE. CONCLUSION: EXTERMINATE WITH LASERS."-
[18:14] <Minaplo> [The Killer tracked him with its guns- and opened fire. "EXTERMINATE."-
[18:15] <Minaplo> [A hail of laser bolts ripped through the air, some only narrowly missing Sera- but it wasn't like he wasn't warned.]
[18:21] * Sept cleared a corner, earning himself a short moment's reprieve from being targeted. So they were essentially announcing their attacks. That made his work slightly easier. He planned to do a bit of a detour before heading back for the entry beacon.
[18:27] <Minaplo> [The Hunter was still following him- the dratting thing was easily as fast as he was.-
[18:31] <Minaplo> [The Killer sped down the hall- and turned the corner slowly, its tracks making the action somewhat awkward. It was a little faster than he was on the approach, but if he took corners, he could probably gain enough of a lead.-
[18:34] <Minaplo> [There was, of course, a few things in his area that could help. There was another pile of scrap here; on a shelf ahead of him, six metres up, was an E-Scale dagger, lying on a coil of metal chain that fell to the ground; and directly ahead of him he saw a gap between the shelves where some of the metal had been roughly removed, leaving a jagged hole. He might be able to squeeze through and extend his lead, but if he failed he'd probably cut himself on the edges- and be stuck, of course.]
[18:40] * Sept dove for the gap, hoping to gain enough time to figure out his next course of action.
[18:45] <Minaplo> [It was a risky action, and Sera would find his shirt getting caught and ripping on one of the jagged edges-
[18:46] <Minaplo> [But he fell through, putting a large wall between himself and the HunterKillers.-
[18:47] <Minaplo> [There was the sound of something igniting- missiles. He had only -seconds- to get away…]
[18:53] <Sept> The target slipped out of the way, off to the side. This could be his chance. Sera eyed the surrounding shelves for a point he could easily climb. He had a few moments to prepare before the killer would be after him, surely…
[19:12] <Minaplo> [There were a few points. The pillars holding the shelves up had what -looked- like ladder-steps built into the side, but many were rusty and looked unsafe…-
[19:12] <Minaplo> [There was also a few shelves that had chains hanging off them as well.-
[19:27] <Minaplo> [The missiles hit the shelf Sera had crawled through.-
[19:28] <Minaplo> [The sound was -deafening-. Apart from huge parts of the shelf erupting then exploding outwards, sending shrapnel in all directions, the shelf itself began to bend slightly, causing dozens of objects to slide back- towards the Killer.-
[19:30] <Minaplo> [The shifting weight caused the shelf to move and bend in a more alarming fashion, the supports starting to give out- and now objects began to fall. Sera was, of course, safe…-
[19:33] <Minaplo> [But Sera would see, through the huge shelf in the wall, the E-Scale knife fall, bounce once, then land with a final dizzying -crash-, followed immediately by tons of scrap metal, rock, half-finished Curator chassis, what looked like rocket casings, and piles of small shuriken.]
[19:39] * Sept rubbed his ears and swallowed a few times, trying to get his senses working again. Despite the awesomeness of the damage, he did take a bit of time to back up to the next intersection. The hunter might've avoided the collapse, at the very least.
[19:45] <Minaplo> [Good news and bad news for Sera. At this point, he was by himself, not being followed by Hunters or being stalked by Curators…-
[19:45] <Minaplo> [He could head for the entrance, or try to find Alex or Hyuga relatively freely.-
[19:45] <Minaplo> [… On the other hand.-
[19:46] <Minaplo> [There was another explosion, and this time the damaged shelf gave way completely, sending hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of ancient products crashing to the ground.]
[19:55] * Sept admired his work for a moment longer, then began to walk away, taking out his radio again. "Progress?"
[19:58] <Minaplo> ["I'm hearing a lot of things falling over." Murmured Hyuga.-
[19:59] <Minaplo> ["I'm still following the curator." Said Alex. "I might be pretty close, or I might not be, I have no bloody idea. How's the distraction going?"]
[20:00] <Sept> "They're pretty dumb," Sera replied in a pondering tone. "But they make up for it in tenacity, don't they?"
[20:05] <Minaplo> ["That's what makes them charming." He replied cheerfully.-
[20:06] <Minaplo> [There was the distant sound of heavy -crunch crunch crunch- from the fallen shelf. Was the Killer climbing over the debris?]
[20:13] * Sept tightened up his pace. How was he going to stop it, if not with brute force like that? It began to seem like he'd need a kind of anti-armor weapon, improvised or not. Unless he'd be content to just leave it roaming down here…
[20:19] <Minaplo> [He couldn't see the Killer- and the Killer couldn't see him, but Sera could hear the humming engine of the Hunter coming closer…]
[20:22] * Sept tried to hurry towards the next corner before it saw him. Just kiting them would do for now, it'd be a fair while longer before he'd start getting too tired. If he had some concentrated explosives… but no, he couldn't trust himself not to screw it up under normal circumstances, let alone here.
(13:56:41) Fullmetal`Lulu: [… The vibrating hum of the Hunter’s engine and the massive stomping of the Killer suddenly tapered off…]
(14:04:24) Sept: Had they changed course? Surely, these machines weren't programmed to bluff. "Update - they're headed for the exit, I think. Stay away, I'll monitor. Starting to think this is the only pair." Sera turned around to track the robots.
(14:07:16) Fullmetal‘Lulu: [When Sera eventually found them…-
(14:07:46) Fullmetal`Lulu: [The Killer, its hulking form covered in miniscule dents and scratches, was standing in front of the doorway, the Hunter floating around its head.-
(14:08:25) Fullmetal`Lulu: [With a burst of lasers, the beacon was incinerated- and the area suddenly became much darker.]
(14:15:32) Sept: "…" Not much else for it. Sera wandered back into the darkness. If he kept the right distance, he’d be able to keep his sense of direction while still being far enough away to search for tools with the flashlight.
(14:16:32) Fullmetal‘Lulu: ["Found it." Came the walkie-talkie; Alex.]
(14:21:38) Sept: "That’s good news. But I've got a problem. They're camping out there, now, with the beacon disabled. Will have to disable or distract them."
(14:23:19) Fullmetal‘Lulu: ["I might have an idea." Said another voice- Hyuga.]
(14:24:32) Sept: "Yeah?" Sera stopped rifling through the shelves for a moment, unable to mask the surprise in his voice.
(14:27:27) Fullmetal`Lulu: ["Come over here and I’ll show you. I'm flashing my torch on and off for you."-
(14:27:49) Fullmetal‘Lulu: [And Sera did see it- barely. It was over near where he hid from the Curator.]
(14:28:52) Sept: "On my way." He tried to move as quickly as he could without recklessly exposing himself.
(14:35:43) Fullmetal`Lulu: [Hyuga had grabbed a long piece of steel and had wedged it beneath…-
(14:35:57) Fullmetal`Lulu: [… One of the prototype Bolt shells Sera had seen earlier. "Hrrrrg. Help me with this."]
(14:40:46) * Sept did, presumably to leverage it. "I see… hgg- just hope they’re unoptimal and not unstable iterations?"
(14:44:21) Fullmetal‘Lulu: ["Something like that…!"-
(14:44:47) Fullmetal`Lulu: [With a final heave, the sphere was popped out of its slot and fell with a heavy, dull -thud- on the corridor floor… And began to slowly roll towards the other shelf.]
(14:49:34) * Sept went to stop it. "They seem to be wrecking everything they come across. I’m guessing we could just roll this thing in."
(14:55:48) Fullmetal‘Lulu: ["What, you think they’ll attack it?"]
(15:00:39) Sept: "They've attacked a lot of things, yeah. But it's not certain, and I have no idea what level of damage these things will inflict," he said as he gave the shell a gentle kick.
(15:02:17) Fullmetal‘Lulu: [… And it began to slowly roll in that direction.]
(15:05:04) * Sept walked after it to stop it again, then send it rolling backwards. "Were you thinking of a more elaborate plan?"
(15:06:47) Fullmetal`Lulu: ["… Not really."]
(15:12:43) Sept: "It’s worth a shot. You wanna stay here, or?"
(15:14:50) Fullmetal‘Lulu: ["No, I may as well see this out." Said Hyuga, hefting up his mighty rod.]
(15:19:31) Sept: "Alright. Go ahead and tell Alexandre, I’ll escort this thing." This was it. His chance to live the dream of being a star footballer. Gently prodding a potentially volatile metal ball along dark corridors.
(15:20:43) Fullmetal‘Lulu: [Hyuga nodded, taking out his walkie-talkie. "Alex, de Pteres and I are about to kick a prototype bolt shell at the Ranger pair."-
(15:21:28) Fullmetal`Lulu: ["Ah. So I suppose I’ll just follow the inevitable N2 explosion…"]
(15:23:37) Sept: "As you do. Textbook anti-tank tactics."
(15:27:24) Fullmetal‘Lulu: ["Ha."-
(15:29:44) Fullmetal`Lulu: ["Anyway, I’ve tagged the plug, so the sooner you do your thing, the sooner we can bring down some suits and get this thing out."]
(15:34:02) Sept: "Got it. See you in a bit." Onward they went, the orb gently rolling with them.
(15:36:01) Fullmetal‘Lulu: [Sera would know when he’d hit paydirt. They couldn't see the beacon, as it had been exterminated- but the Rangers' still had bright neon lights shining from their heads…]
(15:41:26) * Sept made some indecipherable hand signals to ensure Hyuga had noticed them, too. He motioned him closer, so they could give the thing a proper shove.
(15:44:21) Fullmetal‘Lulu: [Hyuga nodded, silently counted Sera off to three- then put his shoulder to the sphere and heaved. "Hrrragh!"]
(15:46:05) * Sept did the same with less noise, and then grabbed Hyuga by the arm to ensure he was running away, too.
(15:49:42) Fullmetal`Lulu: [No need to encourage him there- Hyuga threw the rod aside and began to run as the bolt shell picked up speed.-
(15:49:54) Fullmetal`Lulu: [The Rangers turned to look at the sphere.-
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(16:09:00) Fullmetal`Lulu: [The sound of missiles firing…-
(16:12:27) Fullmetal`Lulu: [Sera and Hyuga had sorely misjudged the force of the explosion.-
(16:13:32) Fullmetal`Lulu: [The bolt shell erupted with enough force to gouge the heart out of a city block. The expanding wave of force knocked down two shelves- which buckled into other shelves, causing E-Scale prog knives and blades to go spinning wildly in all directions, followed by other huge devices, piles of scrap and the like- around into the corridors.-
(16:14:02) Fullmetal`Lulu: [When the shockwave hit Sera and Hyuga it bodily picked them up and hurled them a good thirty metres away. Their fall was broken by a pile of Curator chassises.]
(16:19:57) » Quit: Raphael (~ua.moc.odod.lsd.citats.122-511-841-221|oaT#ua.moc.odod.lsd.citats.122-511-841-221|oaT) (Quit: Bye)
(16:20:00) * Sept rolled off the pile after a good few moments of groaning. He forced a few words out, his voice weak and interrupted by coughing. "…you alive..?"
(16:24:58) Fullmetal`Lulu: [Hyuga was groaning, and the shortness of his gasps seemed to suggest that he’d taken a bad injury. "M-My arm-"]
(16:29:48) * Sept got up to a sitting position with some effort, blinking for a while to let his eyes readjust to the darkness and to get all the dust out of them.
(16:35:45) Fullmetal‘Lulu: [Footsteps from the darkness.-
(16:36:25) Fullmetal`Lulu: [It was Alex. "Well, you blew up the Rangers. You ok, Hyuga? C’mon, let's get you up…"]
(16:41:39) Sept: As soon as he'd regained most of his strength, Sera would get up and help with escorting the man as well.
(16:49:25) Fullmetal‘Lulu: [Hyuga’s left arm was clearly broken, as were his glasses; he was grasping his shoulder with his right hand and groaning.-
(16:50:06) Fullmetal‘Lulu: [It’d take them about half an hour to eventually leave the warehouse- walking over the crater where the Ranger and the bolt shell had been- and up to the medical bay to check Hyuga in.-
(16:50:25) Fullmetal‘Lulu: [Once that was done, Alex took Sera back up to the bridge. "I’ve sent the suits down to grab that plug. Are you ready for this, Sera?"]
(16:52:19) Sept: "Yeah." Sera paused for a moment, pondering something.-
(16:52:50) Sept: "Thanks for humoring me on this, Alex. I had fun."
(16:55:07) Fullmetal‘Lulu: ["I’m glad you had fun." Said Alex, smiling wryly. He turned.-
(16:55:11) Fullmetal‘Lulu: ["Sera-"-
(16:55:29) Fullmetal`Lulu: ["No. Sept, I’m going to level with you. Do you know what the Entry Plug we found is called?"]
(16:56:11) * Sept looked at him expectantly. "I got nothing off the Curator, no."
(16:57:19) Fullmetal‘Lulu: ["It’s called the Psycho Dreamer."]
(17:01:29) * Sept scratched his other arm, frowning just a little. "And that's not just a randomised codename."
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(17:08:12) Fullmetal`Lulu: ["It’s not, no. I'm not great on the details, but… I do know this: everyone who has stepped into the Psycho Driver has achieved a flawless Synchronization."-
(17:08:25) Fullmetal‘Lulu: ["Every single one."-
(17:08:42) Fullmetal`Lulu: ["But each and every person has also died from it as well."]
(17:10:02) Sept: "Ahh," he said, nodding his head. "Any side effects on the Eva afterwards?"
(17:14:58) Fullmetal`Lulu: ["We… Don’t think so." Said Alex quietly. "… So if you're going to do this, you need to make sure you really -are- ready. Completely, absolutely ready."]

(16:03:52) Sept: "It's not like I wasn't prepared coming in, with my field as unstable as it is, but… what exactly happened to those people? I assume it's not just a technical issue with the plug, but something about the synch process - either the pilot's body malfunctioning with such sudden synchronisation or a reaction on the Eva's side."
(16:10:27) Fullmetal‘Lulu: ["… I might have to demonstrate with a few aides. Let’s get you into the plugsuit first, and then I'll explain, alright?"]
(16:13:24) * Sept laughed. "Yeah, 'let's get me in the plugsuit first'."
(16:15:29) Fullmetal‘Lulu: [Alex didn’t laugh.-
(16:19:40) Fullmetal‘Lulu: [Ten minutes later, Sera would find himself in a small, dark room, standing next to a pool that was about a metre and a half deep, full of a dark, orange liquid- darker than LCL.-
(16:19:54) Fullmetal`Lulu: ["You’ll need to take your clothes off and get in." Said Alex quietly behind him.]
(16:24:41) Sept: "Fair enough." He started with his coat and shirt, giving Alex plenty of time to call off the joke, but didn't really hesitate with following his instructions.
(16:30:40) Fullmetal‘Lulu: [Alex did not call off the joke.-
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(16:35:03) Fullmetal`Lulu: [The liquid felt heavier and thicker than water; if Sera were to put a hand in and take it out he’d find that it would ooze slowly off his hand. It was also quite warm.-
(16:35:13) Fullmetal‘Lulu: ["You’ll need to completely immerse yourself." Said Alex.]
(16:35:40) Sept: "Should I be holding my breath?"
(16:40:31) Fullmetal‘Lulu: ["No."]
(16:45:08) * Sept climbed in, moving an arm back and forth in the substance. He took a deep breath and sighed. "Alright," he said, and fell in backwards, letting the goop take him.
(16:46:13) Fullmetal`Lulu: ["Stay there until I say ’out'."]
(16:46:19) Fullmetal‘Lulu: ["And don’t speak."]
(16:46:24) Fullmetal‘Lulu: ["Just nod."]
(16:48:25) * Sept nodded, slowly, trying to stay relaxed, eyes closed.
(16:50:06) Fullmetal`Lulu: [Ten minutes later, Sera would feel something like a mild electric shock. His entire body would jump slightly.-
(16:50:10) Fullmetal`Lulu: ["Alright, Sera, out you get."]
(16:56:48) * Sept got up with a bit of a hurry, coughing both to get the foreign substance out of his system and because the shock had thoroughly surprised him.
(16:59:27) Fullmetal`Lulu: [Sera would realise, as he stood, that a film of the liquid had stuck to him, hardening somewhat. It now felt almost literally like a second skin; one single membrane pulled tight over his body.]
(17:12:02) * Sept poked at his arm testing the consistency of it, still wary of speaking. Moving the digits of his artificial hand felt more awkward than it did for his other hand - the uneven parts weren’t playing well with the omnipresent substance. He could just avoid using it for now.
(17:13:20) Fullmetal‘Lulu: [Alex held out a series of hard plasticesque sculpted pads. "Attach these to wherever you want to preserve modesty."]
(17:18:12) * Sept shrugged, but fashioned some primitive underwear from the things.
(17:21:45) Fullmetal`Lulu: ["This is your plugsuit." Said Alex. "The Psycho Dreamer plug works on a… Simple premise. It dissolves you into a sort of super-concentrated consciousness bereft of a physical body."-
(17:22:32) Fullmetal`Lulu: ["… So basically it’s a plug designed to turn you into LCL, and when the battle's over, we pull the membrane from the plug and since it keeps your LCL- and your consciousness- within, we can then reincorporise you much more easily. Theoretically."]
(17:23:47) * Sept nodded. This wasn't that far from the likely consequences of his original plan. And it even sounded like there'd be some semblance of a safety net… dead previous users notwithstanding.
(17:25:53) Fullmetal‘Lulu: ["There are a few caveats. The membrane still acts as a sort of conduit- that is, it’ll be merging your consciousness with that of the Evangelion in a very intimate way. You won't just -feel- what the Eva feels; for all intents and purposes, the Eva -is- your body."]
(17:26:54) * Sept nodded gravely.
(17:30:56) Fullmetal‘Lulu: ["Furthermore, something… Happens to the pilots when the synchronization begins. Whatever it is, they feel extreme pain, so be prepared for that."]
(17:33:43) * Sept smiled a little, but didn’t react otherwise.
(17:34:41) Fullmetal‘Lulu: ["And… Again, we’ve never actually recovered anyone in this process, so… Yeah. For you it could be even more dangerous- you might be permanently absorbed into the Evangelion."]
(17:39:00) * Sept waved a hand left and right. Already a risk anyway.
(17:40:58) Fullmetal‘Lulu: ["So… Do you still want to do it?"]
(17:43:55) * Sept crossed his arms, going through his reasoning one more time.-
(17:43:58) * Sept nodded.
(17:47:46) Fullmetal`Lulu: ["… Alright then. Head down to the entry plug docking bay and I’ll guide everyone through it."]
(17:51:08) * Sept gave him a little wave, and walked off.
(17:59:31) Fullmetal‘Lulu: [Fifteen minutes later, Sera would find himself within the Psycho Dreamer.-
(18:04:22) Fullmetal`Lulu: [It was… Uncomfortable. There were no controls, no way to keep him fastened; the seat looked as though it had been installed as an afterthought.]
(18:14:20) Sept: Interesting. Recognising the actual function of the plug, Sera soon abandoned the idea of attempting to sit, rolling around gently as he could in that cramped space.
(18:24:36) Fullmetal`Lulu: [("Removing stop signal plug-")-
(18:24:51) Fullmetal`Lulu: [("Stop signal plug removed, installing Psycho Dreamer Prototype Plug.")-
(18:25:06) Fullmetal`Lulu: [The Plug shifted, sliding into EVA-01’s spinal cavity.-
(18:25:18) Fullmetal‘Lulu: [("Commencing phase one connections- LCL inundation commence.)"-
(18:25:49) Fullmetal`Lulu: [The LCL rapidly poured into the Plug, as per usual… But this time, Sera wouldn’t feel it on his face or in his hair…-
(18:25:58) Fullmetal‘Lulu: [("Everything alright, Sept?")]
(18:28:14) Sept: "Mm." He raised a thumb, settling partly onto the "seat", lying on his back as his gaze shifted around the plug.
(18:39:28) Fullmetal`Lulu: [("Alright. Starting secong phase connection-)"-
(18:40:20) Fullmetal`Lulu: [The sudden force smashed the back of Sera’s head into the wall of the Entry Plug with enough force to nearly concuss him; as it was, he would've started seeing stars- if he hadn't suddenly gone blind.]
(18:46:36) * Sept twisted away from the pain reflexively, trying to shield the spot from further harm. Some part of Sera's brain -the un-self-aware part- told him the pain hadn't been -that- bad.
(19:06:20) Fullmetal‘Lulu: [He couldn’t hear Alex anymore…-
(19:06:32) Fullmetal‘Lulu: [His head was slammed again, violently, into the plug’s side. Again, and again, and…-
(19:07:10) Fullmetal‘Lulu: [His vision started to return now, just enough to see that it wasn’t random force. Someone was standing in the plug, a hand covered in blood gripping him by the hair and smashing it roughly backwards.-
(19:07:15) Fullmetal‘Lulu: [Viviane…]
(19:14:21) Sept: A few more hits taken, Sera’s scream muffled as he couldn't even move his mouth properly.-
(19:15:29) Sept: And she'd been right the last time. That's why it hurt him so much to have to stop her. A mechanical arm tried to find her.
(19:29:16) Fullmetal‘Lulu: ["Do you want the pain to stop?"]
[09:15] <Sept> "Not finished-" he managed to splutter, still reaching out for her, trying to pry her hands off him.
[09:24] <Fullmetal`Lulu> [With horror, he’d find that his hands did nothing- except sink right into her arms as though her body was clay, or mud- mud that would not give up its prize. He was stuck.]
[09:30] * Sept choked, panic starting to well up. "-Please-. It's not- it's not over yet..! It's -not- hopeless!"
[09:32] <Fullmetal‘Lulu> ["Pain is a small price to pay to you, then?"]
[09:34] <Sept> "Y-yes…" The fight went from his limbs. He was all but exhausted from the pain, the disorientation and the struggle.
[09:36] <Fullmetal`Lulu> ["So many prices to be paid…"-
[09:38] <Fullmetal`Lulu> [Slowly, his arms began to sink deeper and deeper into Viviane- as though being absorbed or digested. The sensation was mind-breaking; he felt Viviane’s hand on his head; or rather, he felt himself touching his head, as though her hand was his. For a split second he both saw Viviane and he saw himself, the same space, seen by opposite sides.-
[09:38] <Fullmetal‘Lulu> ["Is there no price you will not pay?"]
[09:50] <Sept> The question distracted him for a moment - or rather, gave him something to focus on in the flood of conflicting information. "A Spawn is not created deserving life - I would sacrifice everything to find it, were it not for -him-. Until I break free, I’m bound to the purpose he set for me. I can't -not- follow those two to my death."
[09:53] <Fullmetal‘Lulu> [She continued to absorb him. ’His' arms and 'her' arms were meaningless distinctions. Their chests were starting to merge, now…-
[09:56] <Fullmetal‘Lulu> ["Fool."-
[09:56] <Fullmetal`Lulu> ["Fool for your words, for your thoughts. It is not he who binds you- it is you yourself that binds you."]
[10:00] <Sept> "And I’m still searching for the difference between those two."
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[10:01] <Fullmetal‘Lulu> ["Then you may as well search for the mercy in Mary Caine’s heart."]
[10:03] <Sept> "What is it that you want from me..?"
[10:05] <Fullmetal‘Lulu> [Sera’s body had been devoured. There was nothing left but his head, being held by Viviane's hand.-
[10:05] <Fullmetal‘Lulu> ["Everything."-
[10:06] <Fullmetal`Lulu> [-
[10:06] <Fullmetal`Lulu> [-
[10:06] <Fullmetal`Lulu> [-
[10:07] <Fullmetal`Lulu> [He was warm, and… Secure.-
[10:08] <Fullmetal`Lulu> [He was curled up against himself, floating in a blissful void. The universe around him was defined by dark orange membranes, gently convulsing and pulsating, keeping the heat in, keeping him healthy and safe and suspended.]
[10:19] <Sept> There was no hurry, then. He could easily stay and forget and sink further into the bliss. It was the same sensation he remembered from somewhere in time, when he’d been taught to associate that name with this place, with its safety and warmth. The one that led him to trust Freya, to trust Ginevre… 'Sept'.-
[10:20] <Sept> There was no hurry, and he still knew there were things he had to do.
[10:21] <Fullmetal‘Lulu> [But as safe and quiet as this place was, it was not invulnerable nor impenetrable. One of the sides began to distort, buckle-
[10:22] <Fullmetal`Lulu> [And tear. A large human hand the size of Sera’s entire body burst through the surface, letting the painful chill into his safe world.-
[10:23] <Fullmetal‘Lulu> [The hand’s fingers unfurled slowly, and it held itself towards him, palm outwards. Something shifted, twisted, convulsed beneath the skin- and eventually the flesh of the palm split open, revealing a single wide eye…]
[10:27] <Sept> He looked at it, wary, and carefully reached out.
[10:36] <Fullmetal‘Lulu> [The hand didn’t react. The eye turned to stare at him…]
[10:49] <Sept> "…Protector?"
[10:49] <Fullmetal‘Lulu> [No.-
[10:51] <Fullmetal`Lulu> [The hand grabbed Sera, roughly, and began to pull him towards the breach. Each pull sent waves of pain and nausea through his body- he desperately wanted to stay, his body wanted to stay, where it was warm…!]
[10:58] <Sept> But it wasn’t right to stay there forever, either, making him conflicted and confused on top of being nauseated and disoriented.
[11:00] <Fullmetal‘Lulu> [Then the hand would make the choice for him.-
[11:01] <Fullmetal`Lulu> [With a single, final, violent tug- accompanied by a burst of pain- Sera would be ripped bodily from the protective womb within he dwelt…-
[11:01] <Fullmetal`Lulu> […-
[11:01] <Fullmetal`Lulu> ["Run to mother, run to mother…"-
[11:07] <Fullmetal`Lulu> [He lay in green grass, beneath tall, prospering trees of a rich deep brown, their branches swaying in a breeze. Silvery-cool moonlight illuminated the sky, sharing its majestic court with a billion billion stars…-
[11:07] <Fullmetal`Lulu> ["Run to mother, run to mother…"]
[11:12] <Sept> "That’s not… what I came here to do." The sight was exceedingly beautiful, captivating.
[11:14] <Fullmetal‘Lulu> ["Run to mother, run to mother…"-
[11:14] <Fullmetal`Lulu> ["Every pilot runs to mother…"]
[11:17] <Sept> "But they don’t have to." He stood up, still facing the endless stars.
[11:19] <Fullmetal‘Lulu> ["Every pilot runs to mother…"-
[11:19] <Fullmetal`Lulu> ["Runs to, runs to, runs to mother…"-
[11:19] <Fullmetal`Lulu> ["Returns, returns, returns to mother…"-
[11:20] <Fullmetal`Lulu> ["Seeking warmth, seeking protection, in the womb of mother…"]
[11:27] <Sept> "But the mother does not have to be the Evangelion."
[11:30] <Fullmetal`Lulu> ["They are all running to mother… All of them, running to mother, whether one mother, or the other, or a mother of their own…"]
[11:38] <Sept> "I want to change that."
[11:39] <Fullmetal`Lulu> ["You do not."]
[11:43] <Sept> "What do you mean?" He demanded of the sky.
[11:46] <Fullmetal`Lulu> ["What do you mean?"-
[11:46] <Fullmetal`Lulu> [The voice was coming from Sera’s right, and he heard footsteps in the grass.]
[11:55] * Sept turned to face them. "I want to not be in the dark."
[11:57] <Fullmetal‘Lulu> [It was Shinji Ikari, naked, walking through the grass at a gentle, slow pace.-
[11:57] <Fullmetal`Lulu> [… Or was it? No, there were subtle differences. The jaw, the face…-
[11:58] <Fullmetal`Lulu> ["Is that what you care for? Simply to illuminate yourself?"]
[12:05] <Sept> "It’s a start. A modicum of independence."
[12:06] <Fullmetal‘Lulu> ["A start to what?"]
[12:13] <Sept> "A life."
[12:20] <Fullmetal`Lulu> ["Life and death. Death and rebirth…"-
[12:20] <Fullmetal`Lulu> [A new voice, a female voice, from Sera’s left.-
[12:20] <Fullmetal‘Lulu> [It was Rei Ayanami, naked, walking through the grass at a gentle, slow pace.-
[12:21] <Fullmetal`Lulu> [… Or was it? Her eyes were green, her hair brown, and she was shorter, a little; there were slight, almost imperceptible changes around the cheeks.-
[12:21] <Fullmetal`Lulu> ["All pilots live and die and are reborn every time they enter the Eva…"]
(13:51:48) * Sept glanced at each of them. "And why is it that way?"
(14:05:43) Minaplo: ["But you already know why."]
(14:09:35) Sept: "You cannot claim running to mother is the only option still open to us. It’s primitive and insulting."
(14:13:15) Minaplo: ["We are children in a struggle of gods. What can children do if not run to mother?" Asked the not-Shinji, who began to walk towards the not-Rei.]
(14:21:45) Sept: "-We- are children who have been allowed to know the gods ruling over us. There must be power in that. The Dysangelion transcend most of our accomplishments, but they have their limits. I feel we can do better."
(14:23:51) Minaplo: [The not-Rei began to walk, too, towards the not-Shinji. "How?" She asked. "The Evangelion?"]
(14:34:36) Sept: "By now, most of the pilots are intimately familiar with their Evangelion. Some of us are as familiar with the ones inhabiting them. The reason running to mother was ideal was because there was no one in the world who understood AT fields in any practical way. As a consequence of having to use young pilots, they also could not be trusted with any real decisions. The Evangelion was unavoidably better suited to being in charge, but these things have now changed."
(14:36:28) Minaplo: [The couple reached each other, entwining their arms around each other.-
(14:36:52) Minaplo: ["You do not place your faith in the Evangelion?" Asked not-Rei.]
(14:51:02) Sept: "I barely place my faith in myself. I shouldn't want to place any more in Elisha. Our relationship is not set in stone, this can still work."
(14:51:44) Minaplo: ["You repeat yourself. You and Elisha are one and the same- you must realise this." Said not-Shinji.]
(14:56:58) Sept: "I disagree. There is more here. A fragment maturing in the sterile environment of an Evangelion is different. I fear what I've found will be lost again if this continues."
(15:00:02) Minaplo: ["Nothing will be lost. You try to quantify eons' worth of spiritual power as something less than what you have gained in a palty handful of years." Said not-Rei, shaking her head, clearly pitying him.-
(15:00:17) Minaplo: ["Do you really seek to free yourself from Elisha Caine?" Asked not-Shinji wonderingly.]
(15:06:01) Sept: "As you said, I don't have your undying faith in him," Sera said, shaking his head.
(15:06:25) Minaplo: ["I think that's enough for now." Murmured a third, new voice, from behind Sera.-
(15:08:35) Minaplo: [It was a young man, and this time Sera really didn't know who it was. There was something familiar about him, yet… He couldn't place it. He had keen, aquiline blue eyes and straight black hair; long, clever white fingers; he wore a dark green robe with a hood upon it, and under neath his right arm he held a large book. Finally, he wore a white opera mask that covered the right side of
(15:08:36) Minaplo: his face as well as the area around his eyes.-
(15:08:54) Minaplo: ["Come, boy. To your feet."]
(15:13:03) * Sept said nothing, doing as asked as he looked the man up and down.
(15:13:39) Minaplo: ["Well done."]
(15:15:40) * Sept tilted his head slightly, not sure if he should be offended or not.
(15:18:44) Minaplo: ["What, no questions? Questions are good. That's how thinking beings begin to learn."]
(15:20:56) Sept: "Have we met? I don't recognize your choice of form."
(15:23:33) Minaplo: ["A curious question. We have met, yes, on both levels- this form and more intimately. Although I do not blame you for not remembering the source of either. This face, however, much like those two thoughts behind you, mirror your memories- and in my case, I wear the face of Mortimer Mazarin, as he was when you and he first met, before the world of Men was broken forever."]
(15:32:41) Sept: "Seeing how the Dreamer was successful in doing its job, the issue that brought us here doesn't seem to be about my soul, but about our disagreements. Is that right?"
(15:33:33) Minaplo: ["Do you mean the disagreements between you and me specifically, or the disagreements between you and the entity within the Evangelion, or the disagreements inherent within your own soul?"]
(15:36:26) Sept: "My own conflicts will be at the root of it, but I mean the ones with 01."
(15:38:00) Minaplo: [He pondered this for a moment.-
(15:38:52) Minaplo: ["I suppose you are correct there." Said the man slowly. "But at the same time, your many agreements far outweigh your disagreements, I think you yourself would have to admit that is true…?"]
(15:40:08) Sept: "Yes. That's why I haven't just given up."
(15:41:40) Minaplo: [He nodded, and he opened his book.-
(15:42:35) Minaplo: [He flipped through the pages for a few seconds, before he took something out and held it out to Sera- it was a mask, dark green, shaped like a butterfly.]
(15:45:15) * Sept took hold of the mask, examining it. "The purpose of this?"
(15:46:41) Minaplo: ["It is your true face. As close as one such as you may have. Elisha Caine wears many masks- the mask of a god, of a beast, a boy, a destroyer, preserver, a creator, but this is where his heart truly lies- as it does in all of the Children."]
(15:48:39) * Sept wore it, then, wordlessly.
(15:50:28) Minaplo: [The world changed, subtly. It felt more… Real, but also more changeable, less universally defined, as though with a bit of effort and willpower, he could turn that tree over there into something else…-
(15:51:24) Minaplo: ["I was delighted when I heard you admit to wishing to be free." Said the man, with a smile.]
(15:51:59) Sept: "What -are- you?"
(15:52:34) Minaplo: [He smiled wider.-
(15:57:50) Minaplo: ["I am the companion that walks beside you, from your first breath to your last. I am the thought that guided the first hand to write the first words to ever exist. I am the wisdom in the hearts of leaders, the experience of the old and the insight of the young. I am the first thought, the first plan; what begins as ambition is, through me, turned into reality, drawing on the power of
(15:57:50) Minaplo: millions. When life is created, I am there; and with me life redefines itself. When danger arrives, it is I who calms the animal spirit within and brings tranquility to fear. I am the one who first defined the light of the soul, and within that boundary is where I live, for I am the the tree that bears the Fruit of Knowledge. I live inside every living thing in the universe, and where my
(15:57:52) Minaplo: light does not shine, you find ignorance, and blindness, and untrammelled instinct. I am the dream the Ancients dreamed when they reshaped their world, built their spires, gathered the lore of a billion stars."-
(15:58:04) Minaplo: ["In the words and vague concepts of humanity I am named Logos."-
(15:58:09) Minaplo: ["I am Reason."]
(16:10:21) Sept: "I see," he said slowly. "Then you understand. Can you tell me if it's possible to take absolute control away from the Evangelion, to even compromise on it? It seems like that's the challenge facing me right now."
(16:11:18) Minaplo: [Logos pondered.-
(16:13:43) Minaplo: ["A curious question." He said, and with a wry smile, added: "You don't care much for the idea of being at the whim of the Evangelion?"]
(16:20:30) Sept: "The Evangelion was supposed to be the way for us to achieve independence from Lilith. Now, with these new options available to us, things have changed. I can't decide to follow him or anyone else if I don't know which thoughts are mine."
(16:21:06) Minaplo: ["They're all yours." Said Logos, simply. "Unit 01 is dormant 90% of the time."]
(16:23:58) Sept: "I see. That should be comforting. Staking my Evangelion on any possibly dissenting decision worries me, too. If he can just refuse to cooperate or negotiate…"
(16:26:51) Minaplo: ["There are ways of dominating Evangelions completely." Said Logos slowly. "Isaiah Gabriel-Wei understands how, and Aline Blanc needs only reach out and grasp that knowledge. But understand that it is not the Evangelion here that is your main obstacle."]
(16:34:07) Sept: "I'm not looking for domination. I want… stability, I suppose. If control wasn't binary, I could find a way to really communicate with him, understand his reasons more. If there's a single truth of what the best path is for me -and- the world, I might find it much more difficult to hesitate."
(16:34:40) Minaplo: [Logos blinked.-
(16:35:29) Minaplo: ["Understand his reasons? But you of all people should know that. What have you been doing, if not retracing his very same steps for your entire life?"]
(16:40:25) Sept: "I see what you mean. And I still find myself wanting something more. What did you mean by my main obstacle?"
(16:48:12) Minaplo: ["It requires some explanation. You are aware of the Ancestors, the Ancients who dreamed the dreams of gods, but they had a conceptual awareness of the soul which, to translate into your words, defines the soul as being made of a balance of four elements. Will you permit me to explain?"]
(16:49:52) Sept: "Go ahead."
(16:53:38) Minaplo: [He nodded.-
(16:55:52) Minaplo: ["The first element is the Life Drive, what humans dub 'Eros'. It is responsible for creative impulses- such as art or invention- and curiosity, and is the root of love, reproduction, and the seeking of happiness and fulfillment. It is the source of the 'Libido Effect'."-
(16:58:07) Minaplo: ["Opposite the Life Drive is the Death Drive, or 'Thanatos'. It is responsible for destructive urges- warfare, anger, aggression- as well as the awareness of death, caution, and fear. The ability to destroy- that is the work of the Death Drive."-
(16:59:16) Minaplo: ["The third element is yours truly- Reason, 'Logos'. It is as explained earlier: the rational mind, logic, memory, thought, organisation, non-emotion. When you remember things, it is Reason's doing, and that is why souls remember things from past lives which the brain has never experienced."-
(17:01:30) Minaplo: ["And the fourth is the Will, or 'Psyche'. It is free will, the ability to make decisions, the ability to choose, to shape oneself and the world around it. Without Will, we are animals. It is the seat of consciousness- when you think, you think with this. Without Will, the other elements are simply mechanical actions."-
(17:02:27) Minaplo: ["And herein lies the problem. Elisha Caine divided his soul into four parts. Eros, Thanatos, Logos, Psyche. Eros became EVA-00, the 'Creator'; Logos became EVA-01, the 'Preserver'; Thanatos became EVA-04, the 'Destroyer'."-
(17:04:45) Minaplo: ["And Psyche became Sera de Pteres, the Will to Live. For all intents and purposes, you are Elisha Caine. When EVA-04 goes berserk, it is -you- going berserk. When EVA-01 is damaged in battle, it is, truly, -you- who are injured, and when EVA-00 spreads its light and creates another miracle, -you- are the one doing that."-
(17:05:33) Minaplo: ["The problem here is that you, Elisha Caine, are fast approaching the point where you are trying to separate from yourself. You are not trying to detach yourself from Elisha Caine; you are doing the opposite, detaching the other portions of his soul from you."-
(17:08:31) Minaplo: ["Simply put, if left unchecked, your state as Psyche will override the soul's natural urge to reunify, and when that happens, you will kill the Evangelions."]
(17:10:33) Sept: "Well." He crossed his arms. "That seems like a problem."
(17:19:23) Minaplo: ["It is. Should this happen, then the future is all but inevitable. The hope to free humanity from Destiny will be extinguished forever, and Mary Caine will ultimately reign triumphant. Humanity will come to an end."]
(17:24:11) Sept: "And that's why I have to instead admit to being him?"
(17:25:13) Minaplo: ["You -are- him." Said Logos patiently. "And if you embrace that… Well, that can wait."-
(17:26:23) Minaplo: ["What is important now is your future. You say you want something 'more'. What is it? It is time for you to consider your desires, in full."]
(17:40:14) * Sept paused, with a difficult expression on his face. "I want to see that Elisha Caine repents for his wrongs. I want to taste life and see it unfold on this world. That… is all."
(17:41:39) Minaplo: ["His wrongs?"]
(17:42:43) Sept: "Alexandre and Ginevre suffered a lot for him."
(17:46:02) Minaplo: ["And who will make you answer for your wrongs, when all is said and done?"]
(17:48:52) Sept: "If you're right, maybe I will. But I'm outnumbered, aren't I? And I've made those choices already. So what's going to change, when all is said and done?"
(17:53:35) Minaplo: ["…"-
(17:53:51) Minaplo: [Logos opened his book, and he flipped through several pages, before closing it again.-
(17:53:56) Minaplo: ["There is another option."]
(17:55:18) Sept: "Tell me about it."
(17:55:49) Minaplo: ["So far, you have interpreted this conflict as one between 'Sera de Pteres' and 'Elisha Caine', am I correct? A contest of ultimate wills."]
(17:56:50) Sept: "Though 'we' may agree on things… yes, that's what I'm worried about."
(17:57:51) Minaplo: ["You are forgetting a third entity."]
(17:59:06) Sept: "A third entity?" He wasn't sure if he liked the sound of adding more dimensions to this.
(17:59:19) Minaplo: ["The original entity."-
(17:59:23) Minaplo: ["The Solemn Exarch."]
(13:55:53) Sept: "I suppose you're right. Whatever Elisha figured out from him must be factored into his plans. So I've often treated them as one and the same. Or are you just saying the dilemma exists on that higher level, too?"
(13:56:28) Fullmetal‘Lulu: [Logos shook his head.-
(14:01:58) Fullmetal`Lulu: ["To treat Elisha Caine and the Solemn Exarch as one and the same is both accurate and wrong." Said Logos. "Elisha Caine, generally speaking, has lived for a few decades, and though he draws on memories taken from his soul, he is not truly the Solemn Exarch. In that sense, if you treat the Exarch and Caine as one and the same, then by that logic, you and Caine are also one and the same-
(14:01:59) Fullmetal`Lulu: which, in reality, is again both accurate and wrong."]
(14:09:07) Sept: "Mm. But this wasn’t part of the Exarch's plans, was it? How much of this could he have foreseen?"
(14:13:55) Fullmetal‘Lulu: [Logos chuckled. "Foresaw everything? Perhaps not, but he foresaw a great deal. He knew all too well that there was the risk that two Seeds might land on the same planet. He placed a weapon in each Seedship that would activate and disable Seeds if they attempted to devour one another. The Lance of Longinus, for example, belonged to Adam- and the Lance of Cassius to Lilith, although Cassius
(14:13:55) Fullmetal`Lulu: was destroyed in the First Impact." Said Logos patiently. "Beyond that, it is not sure what the Exarch truly foresaw."-
(14:14:46) Fullmetal`Lulu: ["One thing is clear, however. The Exarch would want to enact a scenario in which Lilith and Adam remain separate, but neither is destroyed, and permitted to go its own way. As for humanity…"-
(14:15:12) Fullmetal`Lulu: ["Well, it is possible that humanity has created something to earn its place in the cosmos, is it not?"]
(14:21:58) Sept: "Yeah, it is. Does Elisha’s plan happen to fit all these criteria? Can Adam and Lilith survive it, as well?"
(14:22:47) Fullmetal‘Lulu: [Logos opened his book, and flipped through the pages. He came to a certain page, then closed the book.-
(14:22:56) Fullmetal`Lulu: ["Yes."]
(14:25:45) Sept: "…"
(14:28:07) Fullmetal`Lulu: ["What is it?"]
(14:34:09) Sept: "There’s going to be a lot more pain for following that path. Betrayals on both sides, more battles with friends and family. I let myself believe we could avoid that."
(14:35:14) Fullmetal‘Lulu: ["I am sorry." Said Logos. "I am not very good at maintaining illusions. Metaphysically speaking, I am not the sort of spiritual construct you would take to the magician’s act."-
(14:43:36) Fullmetal‘Lulu: [But Logos turned and put his hand on Sera’s shoulder. "There is no progress without pain, my friend. It is regrettable, but without that progress, the pain could be much, much greater. But if you want for the crimes of the past to be redeemed, for life on this world to flourish, then there is no other path."]
(14:45:16) Sept: "I'll figure something out," Sera said weakly.
(14:45:39) Fullmetal‘Lulu: ["Oh?"]
(14:46:47) Sept: "Maybe alcohol."
(14:52:51) Fullmetal`Lulu: [Logos gave him a wry look. "If I may offer words of consolation?"]
(14:54:05) Sept: "From you?" He paused for a moment. "Fine. Go ahead."
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(14:56:48) Fullmetal`Lulu: ["Betrayal, battles, conflict between brother and friend- these are all inevitable regardless of the path you take. In fact, it has happened before, in previous lives." Said Logos. "The one you call Yanmei has killed you more than a few times, for example… And indeed, you have returned that favour as well. And yet the possibility always remains for friendship and peace in the next life.
(14:56:49) Fullmetal`Lulu: If anything, cling to that- that if you cannot ensure peace in this life, then ensure it for the next."]
(15:01:04) Sept: "Yeah. I used to think that way, but… things got in the way. I’ll keep it in mind."
(15:01:26) Fullmetal‘Lulu: [Logos nodded.-
(15:03:24) Fullmetal`Lulu: ["Have I helped?"]
(15:07:06) Sept: "You’ve helped the Exarch. Let's hope you're the reason I've been killing my mind trying to delve further and further into those memories. More than that, let's hope you're right."
(15:07:24) » CakeyCake is now known as Yanmei
(15:10:11) Fullmetal‘Lulu: ["I usually am, although you should know by now that in this universe, Reason is not always perfect."]
(15:18:57) Sept: "Yeah, yeah, nothing is."
(15:20:58) Fullmetal`Lulu: ["The Exarch was." Said Logos, sadly. "Once. He had to be."]
(15:26:45) Sept: "Maybe I’ll understand him one day."
(15:27:30) Fullmetal‘Lulu: ["Perhaps I can help. I can tell you many stories. Have you heard the one about how the Solemn Exarch saved existence itself?"]
(15:37:54) Sept: "…no, I haven’t. I wonder how much of this I'll be able to retain past reincorporation."
(15:39:47) Fullmetal‘Lulu: [Logos smiled. "A curious question. Of course you’ve heard the story. You were the one who saved existence… But as you yourself have noted, it is easy to forget these things."-
(15:43:32) Fullmetal‘Lulu: ["But this raises another question. How did you intend to reincorporise yourself after your experience with the Psycho Dreamer, exactly?"]
(15:48:34) Sept: "I… saw no obstacles to taking some control of the Eva. I’d hoped it would be possible with something more than 01's animal soul guiding the field."
(16:13:00) Fullmetal‘Lulu: ["So you intend to use the AT Field power to directly rebuild you."]
(16:13:21) Sept: "That was my plan, yeah. Do you think it’s feasible?"
(16:14:50) Fullmetal‘Lulu: ["Absolutely." Said Logos. "That is the difference between you and the ones who came before you- none of them realised that reincorporisation is a godly act."]
(16:21:39) Sept: "Makes sense. We can’t blame unexperienced pilots for thinking that."
(16:22:24) Fullmetal‘Lulu: ["No, we cannot. Although when Elisha Caine used the Psycho Dreamer, I suspect he knew quite well what he was doing…"]
(16:26:09) Sept: "Was that part of how he fragmented himself?"
(16:30:57) Fullmetal`Lulu: ["Yes." Said Logos. "He used the Psycho Dreamer to plunge so deeply into the Evangelion that he merged with the core… Whatever came back, came back missing something. And then he repeated the process- and again…"]
(16:41:46) Sept: "Yeah, I get it. That’ll have been painful, too."
(16:42:29) Fullmetal‘Lulu: ["Extremely."]
(16:50:51) Sept: "Then, how do we go about getting me back out there?"
(16:52:19) Fullmetal`Lulu: ["That seems more like a task for Psyche than Logos."]
(17:03:10) Sept: "Right. I’ll try. Thanks for the assistance, anyway."
(17:06:43) Fullmetal‘Lulu: [He inclined his head.]
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(17:13:55) * Sept sat down, crossed his legs and closed his eyes. With a deep breath, he concentrated on waking up, much as he had with any other construct. He concentrated on the dreamy transience of the place, the pain he’d felt at Viviane's hands, all of his experiences synchronising with EVA-01…
(17:22:26) Minaplo: [The world around him began to fade, like paint being stripped from a wall, washed away…-
(17:23:30) Minaplo: [There was a faint tightness in his arms, as though something was gripping his arms…-
(17:23:35) Minaplo: [But there was nothing there.-
(17:25:23) Minaplo: [As the world was washed away, only one thing appeared to fill the void. A figure in armour of dark green and faded orange, draped in robes; a hood framed its face, which was completely covered with a mask- a mask of the Evangelion, the forehead plate resembling a butterfly.]
(17:30:34) * Sept gave himself a good few moments to try and ground himself. "So, I need your help."
(17:32:19) Minaplo: [The figure's head tilted slightly to the left.]
(17:40:16) Sept: "It seems like denying you isn't an option. We're the same. We-" A pause. "-need to work together, and I need to get back out there."
(17:47:43) Minaplo: [The figure nodded, slowly.]
(18:04:03) Sept: "Is there something you need from me?" It seemed like the words were difficult to get out.
(18:04:21) Minaplo: [The figure slowly raised a hand and tapped the mask.]
(18:05:57) Sept: "I have to take it off?"
(18:06:55) Minaplo: [He nodded.]
(18:07:13) Sept: "There's no way I can keep it?" he said, in a resigned tone.
(18:09:06) Minaplo: [He nodded.]
(18:13:28) * Sept removed the mask, a bit hesitantly, and held it out. His hand was shaking.
(18:14:08) Minaplo: [The figure tapped the mask again. His own mask.]
(18:21:46) Sept: "You've used words -before-," Sera complained, donning the mask again and taking a deep breath. He approached the figure.
(18:24:51) Minaplo: [The figure just kept tapping its own mask…]
(18:28:17) * Sept reached out to remove it, hands a bit steadier again.
(18:29:03) Minaplo: [And the mask came away smoothly, revealing- his own face, smiling a little, staring back.-
(18:29:16) Minaplo: [A second later, the face vanished, and the robes and armour crashed to the ground.]
(18:35:58) * Sept thought about that for a moment. This void..? He felt the robes, picked them up when they didn't seem dangerous, and put them on, hesitantly.
(18:36:24) Minaplo: [They were warm, and comfortable, and felt instantly as though he'd been wearing them for years…]

(15:47:11) * Sept examined his outfit critically. He turned the Evangelion mask around in his hands.
(15:53:39) Fullmetal‘Lulu: [It felt solid, and although it had no string or fastener, he knew it’d remain on his face until he wished it not to.]
(16:04:47) * Sept took off his mask again, looking like it wasn't absolutely painless. "Is this what I wanted?" he wondered as he hung his mask on a hook in the armor and put on the Evangelion's mask.
(16:08:02) Fullmetal‘Lulu: [It covered his face perfectly.-
(16:08:04) Fullmetal`Lulu: […-
(16:08:24) Fullmetal`Lulu: [And the first thing Sera-Eva felt was the pain of something smashing his head into a solid object.-
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(16:15:37) Fullmetal`Lulu: [The Evangelion had not been where he had left it. In fact, the area around him looked rather… Destroyed.-
(16:17:01) Fullmetal`Lulu: [Gantries had been torn apart carelessly, huge fists had left huge gouges in the armoured wall- bakelite containers had been punctured, splashing liquid plastic everywhere- which was quickly hardening.-
(16:17:21) Fullmetal`Lulu: [It wouldn’t take Sereva long to realise that the cause of this mess had been him. Or rather, the Evangelion.-
(16:17:31) Fullmetal‘Lulu: [… Actually, at this precise moment, there wasn’t any difference.-
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(16:20:01) Fullmetal‘Lulu: [The major clue was that another Evangelion had clearly been given the task to pacify his berserk. EVA-03, Tsubaki doubtlessly within, had slammed EVA-01 against the wall. 01’s right arm was pinned up against the wall, in fact, whilst the left arm bore the telltale signs of deep AT energy wounds.-
(16:20:42) Fullmetal‘Lulu: [EVA-03’s free arm was spent on gripping EVA-01's head in a vise-like grasp. Every second, EVA-03 slammed 01's head deeper into the wall. Thrash!-
(16:20:44) Fullmetal‘Lulu: [Thrash!-
(16:20:46) Fullmetal`Lulu: [Thrash!]
(16:32:40) Sept: The Evangelion continued thrashing for a moment before going limp, but only for a moment. One clawed foot gouged the wall, gripping it tightly, while the other sought out Sangouki’s legs. At the same time, 01's AT field pushed outwards, trying to get that grip off him, or at least send them both to the ground.
(16:35:54) Fullmetal‘Lulu: [It was enough to break 03’s grip- EVA-03 stumbled backwards, and for a moment, Sereva was free.-
(16:36:09) Fullmetal‘Lulu: [There was a sudden burst of light from 03’s eyes, a corona of rainbow light-
(16:36:25) Fullmetal‘Lulu: [And a blast of AT energy ripped across 01’s face, burning half the helmet off in a single searing shot.]
(16:40:29) * Sept flinched, but still sprang off the wall and took a running step towards her. There -was- something off about 01's movements, its upper body heaving in a manner largely unbefitting a machine.-
(16:40:44) Sept: It would make more sense for Tsubaki, who could hear Sera's laughter.
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(16:43:03) Fullmetal‘Lulu: ["W… What?"-
(16:43:36) Fullmetal`Lulu: [EVA-03 froze, the burning sparks in its eyes suddenly dying down. "Sera? … Onii-chan, are you really there? I’m not going mad, am I?"]
(16:48:13) * Sept responded with a fierce Eva glomp.
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(16:53:32) Fullmetal‘Lulu: ["Kyaa!"-
(16:53:55) Fullmetal`Lulu: [An Evangelion is a 40 metre tall war machine capable of saving or ending civilizations. It can take a blow.-
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(17:01:31) Minaplo|Out: <Fullmetal`Lulu> ["Kyaa!"-
(17:01:31) Minaplo|Out: <Fullmetal`Lulu> [An Evangelion is a 40 metre tall war machine capable of saving or ending civilizations. It can take a blow.-
(17:01:31) Minaplo|Out: <Fullmetal`Lulu> [But it still exerts a huge amount of force. The ’glomp' is enough to send EVA-03 staggering backwards, slamming into the side of an Eva cage, tearing a pylon from the wall and several gantries, along with a few elevators, technical buggies and equipment trolleys.-
(17:01:46) Minaplo|Out: ["Onii-chan! It's you! It really is you! You're back!"-
(17:01:50) Minaplo|Out: [("What?! Impossible!")]
(17:01:58) » Quit: Fullmetal‘Lulu (~032.801.511.101|olpuluL#032.801.511.101|olpuluL) (Ping timeout)
(17:02:07) » Minaplo|Out is now known as Minaplo
(17:13:00) Sept: "I… thought we got past that word… years ago," the voice sneered over the comms. There was an intermittent kind of static over the audio, but it was unmistakably Sera’s voice.-
(17:14:26) Sept: "Get the medical team ready. You may want to sedate me for a bit after this."
(17:22:04) Minaplo: ["(Sept? I… Alright, you heard him. Team, get to it!)"]
(17:53:24) Sept: "I'll see you around, Tsubaki." Sereva got up and took the few steps over to where he used to be held (though it was all the same now, with the state of the chamber). He took off his mask, and the life went from his eyes.

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