Codename: Asmodel
ID: Fifth Angel
First Detected: 70km south of Paris-2
Date of Attack: 17th of April, 2015
Status: Defeated
Damage Bill: $110 Million US Dollars
Casualties: 0 Military Casualties, 0 Civilian Casualties

Physical Details
Height/Length: 79 Metres (259.18 feet)
Mass: 3,000+ Metric Tons
Maximum Speed: 144 kilometres per hour (89.4 miles per hour)

Personal Details
"We're… going to need some kind of weakness on this one. That armor looks really tough.""It's going to charge! Yanmei, pull back, quickly. You can't take that thing one-on-one without the other two Evangelions!"

A massive, lumbering creature, Asmodel attacked Paris-2 on the 17th of April, attacking from the south. Its AT Field, which was relatively weak compared to other Angels, was shaped in a different way, and it avoided NERV's AT Field Detection Net until it was 70 kilometres south of Paris-2.

Unlike Iadiel, which used trickery and trap-like tentacles, or Gazardiel, which used speed, Asmodel's strategy was to simply ignore that which couldn't harm it, and bring overwhelming force to that which could. Asmodel's armour and regenerative capacities surpassed that of any other Angel, especially when augmented by its armour-like AT Field.

Asmodel was the first Angel to damage the Geofront, smashing through 2 layers with its powerful, energy-sheathed claws.

Asmodel was destroyed in the end by Zhang Yanmei, who cracked open the core with her bayonet. Surprisingly, the Angel died but did not explode, leaving NERV with an almost completely undamaged Angel specimen to study.

Asmodel, Battle 3

Role: Frontal Assault
Locomotion: Ground
Size: Hulking

WS:   55 +5
BS:   20 +2
Str:  40 +4
Tou:  45 +4
Agi:  20 +2
Int:  20 +2
Per:  30 +3
Wil:  20 +2
Fel:  10 +1
SyR:  60 +6

-Body- (Bestial)
Location % to Hit AP Wounds
Head     01-10    5  7
R. Arm   11-20    3  9
L. Arm   21-30    3  9
Core     31-40    5  11
Body     41-80    5  25
L. Leg   81-90    3  9
R. Leg   91-100   3  9

Half Full Charge Run
4    8    12     24

-Standard Attacks-

Name            Damage   Penetration Properties
Power Fist     1d10+8r   6           Power Field

Name     Damage   Penetration Properties
Gore     1d10+6R  4           Unbalanced

1/1 Fate Points

-AT Powers-
Deflective Field
Neutralize AT
Massive Momentum
Layered Field

-Special Abilities-

-Traits and Talents-
Angel (TB 8)
Dark Sight
From Beyond
Fear (1)
Brutal Charge (+3 on a charge)
Superheavy Stance (-10 Agility but +10 to Strength and Toughness)
Stampede Stance (Charge speed doubled)
Furious Stance (-20 Toughness, +20 WS, 'Furious Assault' ability)

-Physical Description-
Arms: Stone-like Forearms
Hands: Claws
Digits: Abnormally Long
Eyes: Smoking
Face: Animal-like
Teeth: Metallic
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